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Big Brother Season 23-Live Eviction Week 7 8/26

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Previously, on Big Brother, Sarah beasted her way to power so looking to protect his secret cookout alliance her bestie Kyland pushed her to target Derek X and SB put up two pawns with her sights set on a backdoor.

The high rollers room re-opened and DX turned down a chance to compete for safety, but Alyssa seized the moment and won chopping block roulette. With the swimwear designer saving Derek F, a spin on the roulette wheel put another member of the cookout on the hot seat

After DX had a chat with SB about her plans, he finally realized he was in trouble and his worst nightmare came true when he was not picked to play veto. At the veto competition, X claimed the power and three punishments.

After X saved himself at the veto meeting, SB stuck to her backdoor plan. Tonight, with the Cookout divided on who should be the target, will it be Baby D or Claire sent to jury? And who will capture the next HOH? Find out right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and it is Day 51 and we pick up after the veto meeting and X says DX does not realize he was the biggest target after Christian left. Claire says thinks the house wants DX out.


SB says DX is on the block and she can breathe a sigh of relief and he can pack his bags. Tiff says Claire is her girl, but DX is a comp beast and he might be able to get her further in the game.


DX is frustrated because he barely lost to SB in the HOH comp and now he is on the block with Claire and he needs to fight to stay this week. Tiff is talking to Azah and Hannah and they are discussing maybe flipping the votes.


Hannah talks to X and she tells him she thinks Azah and Tiff want Baby D to stay and he says he is being handed to them on a platter. X says why would they keep the strongest competitor outside of the Cookout around.


Azah is telling X that DX’s target would be SB. X says they are getting too late in the game to keep a threat around. X says Azah is back on board, but he does not think Tiff will be as easy to convince.


Ky talks to Tiff and Tiff says she is not going to let Ky guilt trip her about DX. X wants to talk to Tiff without Ky. X asks Tiff is Ky getting on her nerves and she says a little. Tiff says they never thought SB would be the one to take DX out so he is not untouchable.


X says Tiff seems on board to get DX out and Tiff says the conversation is over, but the game is still on. Tiff is talking to Azah and they are discussing Ky might be the first of the six to go.


They talk about the guys have too much on their resume and they want to take credit for everything. Tiff says it is time to start planning on how the ladies can take the wheel.


SB gathers everyone in the living room. X will be locked in the have-not room for the next 24 hours and he is not allowed to come out until he is called to vote for eviction. He is told to grab food and water and head upstairs. He says goodbye to everyone.


X has a limited amount of food, a toilet that is a bucket in a tent, and water. He says please let the Cookout keep it together for one vote. Tiff is telling DX that he is going to have to argue his case because she needs him here.


Tiff says Azah could give DX a pity vote. DX says he needs four votes and right now he is counting on Tiffany, Hannah, and Kyland and he thinks he might be able to get Azah’s vote. DX says this is the most optimistic he has felt all week.


DX is pitching to Azah and he says he knows if he stays in the game he will not be there long, but he wants to try and level the playing field before he leaves. Azah says she will think long and hard about it and it is a convincing argument.


DX gets emotional and Azah comforts him. Azah says Baby D willing to stay and be a shield could be a game changer. She says he could be an ally she could value and love.


Azah says she needs to figure out if this is the best game play this week. Azah says she was so certain until 30 minutes ago because he brought up good points.


It is time for the live eviction! Claire does her shoutouts. She says it has been such a pleasure and this is an individual game and if she can be an asset to them then please vote to keep her here. She is not a veto queen or king, but she would like to stay.


Derek X does his shoutouts. He says in BB there are inflection points that can change the game. He says he made a move that was not great for his personal game, but it was better for the house. He sees that point again and he can take out someone else for balance.


It is time for the live vote!

Alyssa votes to evict Derek X.

Hannah votes to evict Claire.

Ky sadly votes to evict Claire.

Derek F sadly to evote Derek X.

Tiff with a very heavy heart votes to evict Derek X.

Azah sadly votes to evict Baby D.


Xavier is released from solitary confinement and heads directly to the diary room to vote.

Xavier votes to evict the swagadelic Derek X.

By a vote of 5-2, Derek X has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He hugs everyone and tells SB no hard feelings.


Julie says DX lost a week ago he lost to SB and then he did not play chopping block roulette and then did not get picked for veto. How does he feel? DX says he was thinking about long term game without realizing his short term game was at risk.


Julie asks what he has to say to America and he loves America and he thanks people for voting for him and he apologizes for letting people down. Julie asks about Hannah and he says she is amazing, but he was focused on the game and not a showmance.


Julie asks if dating outside the house could happen and he says expect the unexpected. When we come back the HOH competition will begin!


The HG are sitting around and the memory wall says BB NFT’s will be dropping soon. They see gifs of themselves such as Alyssa getting slimed and Ky kissing DF. They see Brent from the bowling comp and Christian doing backflips.


The HG know these will be important for the HOH comp. They are laughing and watching the gifs. Tiff loves seeing the NFT’s, OTEV, the facemasks, but this is not all fun and games. She needs to memorize these videos in order to win the HOH comp.


It is time for the HOH comp! There will be 7 true or false questions. If they are correct they stay in the game and if they are wrong they will be eliminated. Then they each have a chance to get BB bux and will grab an envelope to open in the high roller room.


True or false: In the masks NFT, Christian was wearing the veto medallion. X, Azah, and Claire answer false and everyone else says true. The correct answer is true and X, Azah, and Claire are eliminated.


True or False: In the slippy slidey NFT, Britini was seen searching through the orange jelly. Hannah, Tiff, and Alyssa answer False and the others answer true. Hannah changes and then changes back. The correct answer is False and Ky and DF are eliminated.


Tiff, Alyssa, and Hannah remain. True or False: In the flippin’ NFT, an inflatable pink flamingo was visible. Alyssa seems unsure but all three answer true and they are all correct.


True or False: the spin NFT was shown in sequence before the moonwalk NFT. Tiff answers true and Hannah and Alyssa answer false. The correct answer true and Tiff wins HOH!


The HG need to grab their envelopes with BB bux on their way back into the house. The HG are hugging and Tiff wants a group hug. Tiff is looking forward to pics and a letter. Claire is grateful to be there. There will be no have-nots this week.

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