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Sunday, August 29, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:09AM BBT

In the backyard, Tiffany, Azah and Claire are enjoying the hot tub while Kyland chats with them from the side.

Big D just finished playing a game of pool with X, and now Xavier and Alyssa are playing pool.


12:30AM BBT

Big D is cleaning up the kitchen. In the backyard, Alyssa tries to make a trick shot and moves the ball about 2 inches.


12:34AM BBT

Xavier and Alyssa settle in the hammock for cuddle conversation.

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1:15AM BBT

Xavier and Alyssa are talking in the hammock. Alyssa says she wants to win HoH and have the room and the robe and everything.

X- God this game sucks...it's so long.

Sarge- Xavier, please move your microhpne higher.

X says he wants to go to bed because there is nothing else to do. Alyssa suggests that the DR will call him in. Alyssa doesn't want to go to bed, yet. Alyssa complains about the length of the game, too.

X- What's on your mind.

Alyssa- It's just long and repetitive and I'm losing interest in it.

X- I like the game and watching it. But, living it...

Alyssa- It's a lot. There is a lot of laying around.

X- I feel lazy and schemy and...

Alyssa says they can't really be themselves in the house.

X- We have to be game versions of ourselves 80% of the time. Who Xavier is in here is not Xavier out of here.

Alyssa says she is not used to holding things in. SHe typically will talk with people about htings, but in the house, they can't. "I feel like I'm at the point in the game where I would love to win, but if it's my time to go..." (she would be fine with leaving)


1:40AM BBT

Ky and Claire are talking about Big D running the oven on cleaner mode every day. Claire says it fucks up the house, "it makes it smell bad." Claire says she is going to shower nand go to bed. Azah comes in and chats with Ky who says they have made him more adventurous in the kitchen.


Big D is playing pool with SB in the backyard. Chaddha is in the DR. Tiff, Azah and Claire are in line for the shower (in that order). Tiff says she will be lickity split. Tiff claims that a relative came to say hi to Tiff via a floating unicorn in the pool that frightened her when it unexpectedly turned. Claire and Azah begin cuddling on a bathroom lounger. Azah is playing with Claire's hair.


1:47AM BBT

Kyland is int he kitchen snacking on just about everything he finds: someting from the fridge then Oreos then chips. He begins talking with Xavier about how it's good that the girls have won something because they will now feel comfortable sitting next to people on the block.  [These guys! -MamaLong]

Xavier says he didin't really want to win anything this week. [Wait, what? Wasn't he pouting about losing the veto earlier?  -ML] X says he will be pissed if there is a Battle Back. Ky thinks there will be a Battle Back and a double eviction. Ky says they just flawlessly won all three of those powers, "That's what they were made for."


2:03AM BBT

Tiffany talks game with Xavier in the YBR.

Tiff- I'm not gonna keep you long because I don't want him come looking for me. I just found out from Claire that he is trying to get the veto used on him. He is trying to keep her And SB get votes for you. I know that's not going to happen, but why is he trying to get the veto used on him? Have you talked to Chaddha?

Xavier says he told Chaddha if she wants to use the veto on him she can, great, but no pressure. She is going to talk with Tiff and Claire about it.

Tiff- Oh, if she wants to use it on you, I don't care about you (getting veto used for him)


2:10AM BBT

Kyland asks Tiff to come talk in the HNR.

Tiff- How you doing? What's up?

Ky says he is feeling okay.

Tiff says hi to Stanley and says he is kinda cute.

Ky- Stanley is chill. He is easy to talk to.

Tiff asks Kyland to request teeth whitening.

Ky- okay, I can do that.

Kyland tells Tiffany that he was talking with Claire about the veto and what does she think Chaddha will do. Claire said she will probably not use it. He asked CLaire to put in a word for Ky to Hannah to use the veto on him. He says she was off putting, "not mean, but not pleasant...she said 'I am assuming it is still Tiff's HoH and want to respect that'"

[Apparently, Claire's demeanor has alerted Kyland and he is feeling the paranoia.  -ML]

Kyland rambles on about this in what he calls "layers", but the details do not change. Kyland tells Tiff that he would prefer to be off the block on Thursday "for my resume...And I think you are the one most likely to get that done (meaning influence Hannah to use the veto) I've been glad for you for winning HoH, but also glad for us because it builds that incentive for you to not have doubts about bringing  me because it adds to your resume. I still feel that most likely I would lose to you....you, with or without my vote...well, first of all, you got my vote...but, I think you would still win. 

Ky tells her that he is more worried about Chaddha and wants to talk about his doubts. "I'm committed and I want to know."


2:19AM BBT

Tiff says needing reassurances in the house is a natural thing because things change in the game every day.


Ky says for reasons he can't explain "I will if you want me to, but I would rather not. I feel that I would lose to both you and X but I would feel more comfortable losing to you because I want to lose to the person who approached me first for a final two and whose game I respect." 
tiffany- What do you mean you would lose me or X

Ky- No, lose to you or X

Tiff- I don't want to sit next to X. IF he sits in one of those final two chairs, he will win 1000%

Ky- I agree...and that's why I want it to be you (Ky assumes he will be in a final 2 chair, too) My point is right now that we are moving from 9 to 8 and maybe to 7

Tiff says what if they move from 7 to 5, "It wouldn't be us 6 in here together?"

Ky- But I think it would be this week we go to 8 and next one we do eviction and Battle Back and then we do the double.

Ky says that he will make the case to Chaddha that if she, Claire and Tiff are targeting SB then it shouldn't matter if he gets off the block. He adds that he has a good chance of winning the next HoH and veto so he will deal with Chaddha that he will use a veto on her down the line.

Tiffany lets out a big sigh

Ky says he is looking to get Tiff and him to the end and since Claire has had an interaction with him, he has a reason now to put up Claire and Alyssa. Ky is suggesting that he be pulled off and Alyssa go up.

Tiff says that she told Alyssa she would not be going up this week. Ky argues that Tiffany is no longer the HoH. Tiff counters that she has been leading others to believe she was the one who won Coin of Destiny.

Tiff shakes her head and tells Ky that Claire knows her target is SB and she cannot change that projectory.

Ky tells Tiffany that he is mad he lost the veto today because he was so close and what prevented his win was him taking time to check his work. He thought any of them had the chance to win so his win would be because of his speed.


2:37PM BBT

Chaddha enters the HNR with tea for Tiffany. Ky takes it, and Tiff corrects him that it is meant for her.

Ky says just a sip was perfect for him, and he congratulates Chddha on her win. Chddha says she went slow but was going for accuracy.

Tiff- How many times did X hit the button?

Hannah- he said 8

Tiff- I knew it was you.

Ky- And it had to be you that got drawn. Anyone else it it would have been a different week.

Hannah- Thank you for pulling me (Ky pulled Hannah's chip, which SB made him feel guilty for earlier

Tiff asks Hannah where she is sleeping. Hannah says the boat room (YBR). Tiff says that every time she tries to go to bed she can't because Big D is rumbling on the other side of the wall. They all agree that Big D is so loud and just does not know how to be quiet.  [Very true! - MamaLong]

Hannah says Big D needs to watch his mouth, "because he said all 6 of us need to hit the slopes (Hannah gave him a look) then he said all 16 of us need to hit the slopes"

Ky- Come on Big D! Just a few more weeks.

They begin discussing what they think will happen in the upcoming weeks with Battle Back and Double Eviction and the possible competitions. They also discuss how all of them are annoying after watching them 24/7. They all think the next HoH will be Slip-N-Slide. Ky is confident he will beat any of them in that competition. The girls suggest Azah could do well.

Hannah- that might be here comp

Tiff- I would love for her to win it

Ky agrees that Azah needs a win 

Hannah says it is not Big D's comp and they all laugh at that visual.


3:00AM BBT

Tiffany tells Hannah she has the black girl magic with her veto win. 


In the kitchen, Azah and SB are looking at the memory wall and quizzing each other are game details.


3:20AM BBT

Hannah is brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed. She turns and talks to the cameras saying that she is excited she won the golden power of veto. She plans on taking X off the block, "Tiff and I need to convince Claire" and that will allow her to demonstrate her loyalty to Xavier who will then be more inclined to reciprocate later. She says Ky is an information and transparency player, so she plans to be honest and forthcoming with Ky so he will be more likely to take her to the end. 'Ky is so overconfident and arrogant that he will be most confident he will beat me" (of all others in the CO). She says she will continue to maintain her personal friendships with Azah and Big D so they are good with her and she is good with them. "As a BB super fan, I have dreamt about winning a multi power veto. I am ecstatic, over the moon...and I have a hand in sending little miss Sarah Beth to jury. I want all 6 players of the Cookout playing against Alyssa (in final 7). If one of us can't win then one of us deserves to go home. We are either going to send Claire or Alyssa out getting to top 7. I'm on cloud 9 right now. This is my favorite game. I am having a blast here." She says she feels guilty over losing DX but knows the Cookout is something tangible to hold onto. "Like, this is why I needed to lose DX. The Cookout is what I pledged my allegiance to week one. I love Big Brother. Good night."


4:17AM BBT

Kyland is getting settled in the Have-Not room. He is talking to himself.


4:30AM BBT

All lights are off in the BB House and all HGs are sleeping.

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10:03AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles for Wake Wakey Houseguests


10:19AM BBT

Kyland heads to the SR for batteries


10:22AM BBT

Xavier is lounging in the LR. Many HGs are still in bed.

Sarge- Azah, Hannah, there are fresh batteries in the  storage room


10:27AM BBT

Alyssa joins X in the LR and falls back to sleep on the couch


10:30AM BBT

Claire joins Xavier in the LR for morning chatter


10:45AM BBT

Big D is working out in the backyard


11:02AM BBT

Tiffany is out of bed and getting clothes to change into for the day


11:40AM BBT

Alyssa and Hannah are talking on the backyard couches.

Hannah and Alyssa both call SB ruthless for sending DX home after he gave her $5K

Tiff and Claire are talking in the hammock.


12:16PM BBT

Azah and Xavier are silently  cuddled on the couch.

It looks like Xavier has fallen asleep

*WBRB Bubbles


In the backyard, SB, Alyssa and Hannah are talking about Hooters. Alyssa says she had never been to a Hooters before she applied.


12:32PM BBT

Claire joins the girls in the backyard while Alyssa is talking with them about the difference in bartending the outside bar versus the inside bar. She says the inside bar is mostly families but the outside bar is more singles and regulars. She goes on and on, but the summary is that Hooters is a lot of fun to work at.


Alyssa describes the process for making it to the Hooters calendar. There is a try out process, but she didn't make it the first time she tried. Then they do charity work. Hooters of America does the international calendar and that often involves trips. She went to the Bahamas with about 20 girls on a huge yacht to shoot a calendar. Some girls just make the "pull out poster" which only features local girls.

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12:57PM BBT

Xavier gets up from the couch and heads to the YBR to talk with Big who says he is just in there chilling. He tells Big D that Ky has been in the DR for at least 3 hours.

Big D- what is he up to?

Xavier- He doesn't want to be on the block on Thursday.

They discuss that each of them would want that, "but they all need to accept the reality." Ky wants to "build his resume" and they are annoyed at Kyland's ways. 

Big D- he is stressing me out

X- he is stressing everybody out; if he comes down, who goes up? Alyssa!

They discuss that it benefits Ky to get rid of Alyssa over SB.

X- He wants to be able to say he wasn't on the block eviction night. This is another time when his own self interest come before the group 

Big D- I'm not even thinking about my fucking  'resume'....I work with whatever I'm dealt with

X- That's what he is doing....He wants to get to the 6 but do it in a way that makes him look as great as possible. And he doesn't really care if it pisses us off or not. He is really a very self interested person, and that is extrememly problematic. And it has been evident in his actions. I know he has already talked to Hannah about using it on him.




1:04PM BBT

Hannah tells Tiffany that she is freaking out.

Hannah- We need to convince Ky and X that we are the better duo to take to final three.

Tiffany- I agree

Hannah says she wants to use th eveto on X because he is all about loyalty and will more likely reciprocate later. "Right now I don't think he trusts anyone in the Cookout."  (He = Kyland)

Tiffany tells Hannah what Kyland was proposing last night. "He was confident that it was me and him for final two." She tells Hannah that she told him she wouldn't take X or Chaddha.

Hannah says they have to find a way to pit Ky and X against each other. Tiffany says that Ky will be pissed if she uses it on Xavier. Hannah is prepared to remove him saying he was a third nominee that wouldn't have been there if not for the punishment.

Tiffany says that she already told Alyssa she wasn't going on the block this week. 'It doesn't take any  sense to take Ky off the block to anyone by Ky."

Hannah- yeah

Conversation stops because....

SB walks in and sees that Tiff is in her bathing suit, "Are you going in the pool."

Tiffany says she just needs to go our and let her hair dry. Claire enters the bathroom, too, saying it is too hot.

Tiffany says she guesses she will just have to be outside by herself, "y'all don't care about me."


1:14PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


1:16PM BBT

Hannah and SB are talking about the movie they watched yesterday.

Hannah- It was so good

SB- so cathartic

Sarah Beth says it's a movie she wouldn't have watched on her own. She doesn't like watching things that make her cry.  [I still do not know what movie they watched. -MamaLong]


1:20PM BBT

Back in the YBR, Big D says with Ky acting this way, the girls will put him up next week

Xavier- If it gets down to two of us up, I am losing him because I'm not losing you

Big D- I know that


1:24PM BBT

In the backyard, Tiffany tells Claire that Ky and SB are two of a kind: "so slippery"

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1:51PM BBT

In the backyard, Claire, SB and Alyssa are discussing creating an obstacle course for the houseguests. They are calling it BB Olympics.


2:00PM BBT

Xavier is working out in the backyard. Hannah and Kyland are talking in hte kitchen about heat, humidity and sweating

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2:36PM BBT

Kyland is talking to the cameras in the HNR. He says we don't understand him, but Stanley does understand him.  

He begins to give a tour, "Welcome to Cribs...BB House style."


2:39PM BBT

Claire is talking to Chaddha about Kyland in the coral reef room and how he was pushing her to talk with Hannah about using the veto

Hannah- if you want something done with a power, you should probably talk to the person who has the power

Claire- Obviously

They agree he is overconfident and arrogant in this game.

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3:00PM BBT

Hannah is giving Azah and Big D an update in the YBR. She is letting them know she may pull down Xavier from the block. Big D encourages her to do what she feels is right. Azah says her decision should be based on SB thinking Tiff is the anonymous HoH.

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3:42PM BBT

Big D tells Hannah that he appreciates her having a long talk with them. Hannah says she appreciates being invited because, normally, no one talks to her. Big D teases that he won't forget about the movie (the she didn't take him). Hannah says he would have talked through the whole movie and wouldn't have liked it. Big D says Ky was probably cuddled up with SB during the movie. Hannah verifies.

Big D- That devil bitch...Oh my God, I'm gonna break up with him.

The girls laugh.


[It is now clear they saw the movie Dear Evan Hanson in the HoHR. -MamaLong]


3:48PM BBT

Tiffany is talking with Claire in the backyard about how special her son, Christian, is. She said he is an angel and was extraordinary from the moment of conception. His birthday is 9/11/07, and he started making note that his birthday was a peculiar day as early as 3 years old. Tiff tells him it is an important day in history, not just because it was a day he was born, but because it's the anniversary of day when so many were hurt. He was a gift on a day of remembrance. "If I could pick any day (for him to be born) it would always be 9/11." She comments that she will never say his birthday outloud in an airport, she says "the month before October; the day after the 10th" 


4:00PM BBT

Hannah, SB, Claire, Alyssa and Tiffany are talking in the backyard about daydreaming and zoning out because Azah has an amazing talent to stare at the ceiling for hours at a time daydreaming. Claire says she has been zoning out in the house mid conversation with people if it's a long sentence or there are a lof of conversations going on around her. 

SB- I feel like I am worse about it in the house. I feel like I am not a person who zones out a lot, but I have been doing it in the house.  [I'd say no comment, but y'all know I have to..."Kyland"  -MamaLong]


4:05PM BBT

Claire is writing a goodbye version for the Lucius song. (it's pretty good) "Say Goodbye to Lucius"




Say Goodbye to Lucius 🎵

Say Goodbye to Lucius


His hair, his swag

It's in the bag


His shoes always shine

I wish that he was mine


He walks out the door

Leaves them wanting more


Look at his hips sway

As he walks away


They all say...


Say Goodbye to Lucius 🎵

Say Goodbye to Lucius

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5:45PM BBT

Kyland is talking with Hannah on the backyard couch. Ky tells Hannah that Claire wanted him to talk ot her about using the veto. Ky delivers a pitch to Hannah to use the veto on him.

Ky says he would tell Claire that he is putting up X and Alyssa "but I won't really do that"


[It seems to me that Kyland wants to be able to tell all of the jury members he did not vote them out. He put up Brit, but he did not vote her out. He did not vote DX out either. This guy! -MamaLong]


Hannah says that she hears him and understands what he is saying, but Claire is under the impression that Ky is the one who masterminded DX's exit, and she doesn't think Claire will be in favor of using the veto on him. Ky says he talked to Claire, and she said she had no reason to oppose him going down.  


Hannah asks if he wants her to pitch all of this to Claire. He says that "the established precedent is that if this isn't done, she knows for a fact I'm coming after her."

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6:02PM BBT

Ky tells Hannah that he wants to make sure no one has an issue with it. 

[They all have a n issue with it, folks.  -MamaLong]

Ky- if Big D was gonna keep you safe then obviously make the deal with him. What am I missing.

Hannah- Well yes, I guess if I use the veto you could then use it on me. It really depends on the competition.


Hannah tells him that she understands that he views himself as a more versatile player (compared to X) which means in the future your odds of winning the veto in th efuture are higher than other people.

Ky- essentiall, and maybe I'm wrong. He could win every veto moving forward. I think X is faster and stronger than me, but I feel I am better at details. But, I don't know anything about this game. That's my thoughts for this week. 

Ky asks, "what is the price to use the veto?"

Hannah tells him all of her decisions so far have been for the collective of the team.


Kylands suggests to Hannah that he already has other member of the CO stating their final 3 and some do not mention her. 'I'm by no means...$750K will make a difference in my life but it won't change my life like it would for someone like DX....it would help me support the cause and with student debt, but with what I'm going to do in 5 years, it has minimal impact. It's the game that I love. That's where I sit. I don't know where you sit."

Ky tells her he would play the game for free.

Hannah points out that a lot of people are probably looking to carry Azah to final three because anyone would win against her. Ky says that's not what he is hearing but admits they could just be masking their game.


6:20PM BBT

Ky explains to Hannah that Claire told him in week 2 that he seemed really honest in the game but needed to realize that they (production) did not cast 16 of him.

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Ky- I have a higher likelihood of losing to you three (Hannah, Tiffany and X0) than the other two. But I feel good about you guys' ability to win things and want to go to the end with good competitors.

Hannah said her default understanding was that they would get rid of Azah and Big D for the final 4, but she is shocked that they are considering taking her over Big D

Ky jokes maybe they are overestimating her. He says he is operating with the assumption that they do not want to take Big D and Azah.

Hannah- so final four would be me, you, X and Tiffany?

Kyland confirms.

Ky- Maybe we truly are overestimating you but I feel there are a lot of games coming that play to your advantage

Hannah- we don't know

Kyland- yeah, we don't know

Ky asks her where her lack of confidence is. Hannah says she is not an athlete and she has never been competitive.

Ky asks about dance, knowing she is a dancer. Hannah says dance operates a bit different than team sports.


Kyland says if three weeks is something she would consider, he could do that, "or maybe more"

Hannah says she wouldn't ask for more and will think about his offer.

7:00PM BBT

Hannah tells Ky that she doesn't want to step on any Cookout toes.


7:10PM BBT

Claire and Azah are playing with the house camera. Xavier is putting the awnings back down at productions request after they heard that the HGs are planning BB Olympics later


7:12PM BBT

In the kitchen, Hannah tells Claire that Ky took up two hours of her time. SHe heads to HNR to talk with X.

Hannah- Welcome to Hot Takes with Hannah which was delayed

X- yeah because we got delayed two hours

Hannah says that they are saying they are having a Hot Takes episode but hey are really there to talk game. Hannah tells Xavier that Ky presented a bunch of layers, but they are not valid.

X- But there are not really that many layers. It's dog shit

Hannah- He wants to give her a vote (SB) to give her more hope this week

X- We are past giving hope  (Xavier is so done with Ky...really frustrated with his arrogance) 


7:30 PM BBT

Xavier- He wants Alyssa out

Hannah- I know

Xavier- I do know what he is doing. It's jury management (X mentions Ky's votes, so he is thinking the same thing I was thinking) It's pissing me off. It's so frustrating, and he is making himself more and more of a liability.

Hannah- I know. The issue is that he feels you me and Tiff are closer to each otehr than we are to him, which is actually true.

X- yeah because we don't do sketchy shit

Hannah- He is a sketchy person. If not for the Cookout

X- Yeah, he would be gone!


7:45PM BBT

Ky is now talking with Big D in the living room. He is petitioning Big D to see his thoughts on his plan to have Hannah use the veto on him. "Do you see a reason why it would be better for us (to have X come down and give a sympathy vote instead?" Big D says it doesn't really matter. Ky says that Hannah said it doesn't matter, too "but it matters to me."

Big D- That's a you and Hannah decision

Ky- No she said she wants to know what others think

Big D- I think the best scenario would be for him to stay up there. Maybe I'm doing this wrong. I'm not thinking about jury. I lost my person a long time ago. 

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Kyland tells Big D that he has actively ruined jury votes for the sake of the Cookout. "I have actively ruined votes for me. I don't want anyone saying I am making decisions for myself when I am the only person in the house who is actively ruining jury votes."

Big D- I don't think anyone is thinking that way

Ky- I think that's a lie

Big D repeats, " I don't think anyone is thinking that way"

Ky- I fthat's what you think, okay. I'll believe you

Big D says it's better to just be straight and say that it is better for their game to leave him up there.



7:56PM BBT

Xavier and Alyssa are talking in the bathroom. Alyssa says she wants to finish her conversation with Hannah because it got interrupted.

Hannah comes in and asks Alyssa if she is ready to talk. Xavier offers to leave so they can talk in the bathroom

*WBRB Bubbles


7:59PM BBT

Alyssa and Hannah pass through the kitchen where Azah is prepping chicken tenders for dinner. They are on their way to the hammock.

Alyssa tells Hannah she knows she has been talking a lot today. Hannah says yes, but she is not going to do Hot Takes (her talk show). Alyssa points out that she was (Hannah) was caught up with Ky-conversation for two hours. Hannah tells Alyssa she still wants to use the veto on Xavier. Hannah says SB hasn't talked to her about the veto at all.

Alyssa- Why hasn't she talked to you

Hannah- It's weird. I don't know if I should be insulted by that.

They decide that SB thinks Ky is the target


8:05PM BBT

ALyssa tells Hannah that Ky sees them as inferior because =of their age and gender. She confides in Hannah that Ky told her that Hannah is smart and know the game of Big Brother "but doesn't know people." Alyssa repeats that Ky doesn't see them as competition for him. 


8:08PM BBT

Alyssa says she knows Hannah is aligned with others, but she proposes to Hannah that they would be a good final three with Xavier, "I am good at physical and you are good at mental...X is not good at mental."  Hannah agrees and says she will think about it. Alyssa says, ideally, they would be able to go to final 3 with Azah. Hannah says it's just not realistic that the three of them could get past Xavier and Kyland.


8:15PM BBT

Tiffany and Xavier are talking int he storage room. They are annoyed with Kyland and his antics. Tiff asks if he heard that Ky feels like now he has to win the next HoH. Xavier confimrs. Tiff says that she wants to win the next HoH "so bad" and put Ky up with Alyssa. Xavier leaves the SR telling Tiff to stay so she can cool off. Tiff looks at the camera and says, "That's y'all boy, Kyland. Kyland is playing the game. I am not mad. Kyland is playing the heck out of this game. However, we got to be solid. You can't be in here campaigning against X."


8:25PM BBT

Kyland has been petitioning Azah in the YBR. She says it doesn't matter to her as long as it's not detrimental to the 6. He thanks her and leaves.


[I'm out for the night. Sweet dreams everyone. -MamaLong]

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9:24pm Big Brother Time

Sarah Beth and Hannah are on the hammock.

Sarah Beth is presenting her case to stay in the house.

Hannah tells Sarah Beth that she cannot guarantee 100% that a vote from her would go in Sarah Beth's favor, she will have to hear what Kyland offers her before she decides.

Kyland is talking to Alyssa in the lavatory. 

Alyssa says he is being selfish about wanting to come off the block, and she is being selfish because she doesn't want to to on the block.

Kyland, “but does it even matter?”

People are coming into and going out of the room.

Kyland mumbles his Kylandisms, unfinished thoughts, trying to get agreement from Alyssa for his unfinished thoughts,  agreeing before sentences are finished.....

Alyssa says she will have to talk to Xavier, she says her name has been mentioned, and she will feel more comfortable talking about it later.  Alyssa says she wants to keep things to herself for now, until she figures them out.

In the Have Not Room Claire and Hannah are talking about a conversation Hannah had with Kyland. Kyland told Hannah that he thought Claire is the anonymous HOH and she (Hannah) said she didn't think that was the case.''

Hannah says she thinks Kyland plans to approach Tiffany, Claire and Hannah with some offer.

Hannah repeats that Kyland thinks Claire is the anonymous HOH.  She thinks Kyland will offer something like safety during  week or a veto being used on them.

(Kyland is trying hard to get pulled off the block)

Claire says if he is offering not to put them on the block, and if they don't agree he would..they should just vote him off and be done with it.  She says it is the craziest thing she's ever heard.

Hannah says she told Kyland if she uses the veto on him and Sarah Beth goes home she only wins one favor.  If she uses it on Xavier, she gains two favors.
Hannah says he has no real motivation to keep them off the block and he has broken trust with Claire already.

Xavier announces himself, then opens the door to tell them dinner is ready.

Big D comes,says everyone is waiting for them at dinner.

general goofing around the table, singing and laughing.



House guests go to the back yard to play "olympics"

10:45pm Big Brother Time

In the back yard house guests are watching themselves on the go pro.

Big D is in the kitchen, he is alone...but leaves and joins the others.
(Big D has refused to enjoy the activities, but he does agree to twirl the jump rope.

More games are planned.


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