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Friday, August 27, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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7:34AM BBT WBRB for Wakey Wakey


8:33AM BBT Tiff talking to America. Good morning, it feels amazing to wake up and still be HOH and realize it was not a dream. I have pretty much made my decision on what I am going to do today. I am hoping that all the powers are in my hands this week. That’s a lot to ask for.


In the Destany Toss I hope that if someone does win it, it is someone working with me so my nominations same the same. I would really hope to win the veto as well, up against some strong competitor players.

I have tried to be as straight forward as I can in my one-on-one discussions with the houseguest.


America, you already know what my goal is. It’s not a personal thing it is a lot of factors that goes into my decision to nominate, I am only go to tell you guys because everyone else probably already knows or assumes. But I am going to nominate Kyland and I am going to nominate SB. It is what is best for the Cookout, It is what is best for my personal game. Hopefully, everything goes as planned and the Cookout is one step closure to getting us here (she puts up 6 fingers)

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11:03AM BBT

After the nomination ceremony, Tiff talks to the cameras in the HoHR

"Oh my gosh, so I feel good. I just hope everything goes according to my plan because I have one mission this week....one mission...one goal...one  job. I started it now I got to finish it. Let's see how it goes. Be on my side America. Be on my side."

Tiff shouts out her love to family and friends.


11:11AM BBT

SB is talking with Tiffany in the HoHR. Tiff says that she didn't tell anyone her end goal until the nomination ceremony today. SB tells her that long term, she doesn't trust Alyssa but trusts Tiffany and Claire.


11:29AM BBT

The feeds moved to WBRB Bubbles and then RCHS  


12:44PM BBT

The feeds return to Tiff, Claire, Big D, Ky, Hannah and Xavier preparing food in the kitchen.


12:55PM BBT

Azah and Tiffany go the YBR to talk game. They are giddy with joy.

Tiffany- your hair is poppin

Azah- thank you, Boo

They talk about Alyssa being loyal to them over SB.


1:12PM BBT

Azah and Tiff are still talking in the YBR about Sarah Beth

Tiff- I can't wait for DX to see her come through that door....Alyssa is probably not even breathing under the bus Sarah Beth threw her under (SB approached Tiff last night about Alyssa)


1:21PM BBT

The feeds cut again for the High Rollers Casino and the final game, Coin of Destiny.


2:58PM BBT

The feeds are still on RCHS

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7:15PM BBT

The feeds have returned

Tiffany, Claire and Hannah re talking in the HoHR

Claire- people know I played

Tiff- Don't say anything to Derek

Hannah- Do you think Big D played?

Tiff- yeah

Tiffany is gathering her things from the HoHR

Hannah- We are going to have to make a couple trips downstairs



7:17PM BBT

Sarah Beth is crying in the coral reef room to Kyland

SB- I feel defeated...unless I am just missing something; unless I am just completely clueless of what the dynamic of this house is

Ky- It's just about understanding what is happening; first when the veto. You can pick yourself up, dust yourself off. Win the veto like you came here to do. 


Back in the HoHR

Claire- well, uh, Fuck! Sorry Tiff!

Tiff- It did say immediately, right?

Hannah- yeah


It seems that Claire won Coin of Destiny. Tiff tells her not to tell anyone and says she will mention to Big D that she (Tiff) played "I know it will get out that way."

Hannah wonders if Claire will get to name the houseguests choices in veto ahead of time

Claire- I don't think they will have houseguest choice

Claire says it sucks that they only got the room for one night

Hannah- at least we all got to enjoy it

Tiffany- We did!


[The Coin of Destiny allowed the winner to toss a coin and call the flip. If correct, the winner could become an anonymous HoH and overthrow the original nominations. It seems Claire has won and named Kyland and Sarah Beth leaving no change in Tiffany's nominations. SB does not think it is Claire, claiming she didn't have enough money. I was equally surprised that Claire was awarded $100 last week. Her envelope and this week's BB cash allowed her to play. -MamaLong]

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7:44PM BBT

Hannah and Tiffany are in the sea glass bedroom.

Hannah- What if next week is a double

Tiffany- I still could put up Alyssa

Hannah- if Alyssa comes down, you would have to put up Claire

Tiff- That's not a good situation


7:45PM BBT

Tiffany calls Kyland into the sea glass bedroom, "It was me that won it."

Ky- Oh, okay. Cool.

Tiff- I was gonna tell DF



7:51PM BBT

Tiffany is in the YBR telling Xavier and Big D, "I played"

Xavier- and you won?

Tiffany- I won but I didn't (Tiff did not win but is taking the blame to better explain the noms not changing)

Xavier- oh, so Claire won?

Tiffany confirms

Both Xavier and Big D are happy with this news. Tiffany tells the boys they have to play to win next week because it will be a double eviction. Big D says it has to be a guy to take out Claire "and in the double it will be Azah or Hannah" (to win)

Tiffany- yeah, that will be good


8:16PM BBT

In the living room, Xavier is teaching ALyssa and Claire the Lucius strut.

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8:18PM BBT

Tiffany has put her belongings back in the sea glass bedroom. The anonymous HoH means the HoHR has to be forfeited. Kyland is talking with Tiffany about SB in the coral reef room. He says she was really sad because when the noms didn't change she assumed it was personal. Kylands says he feels really bad about how SB is being affected. Tiffany reminds Ky that his mom told him to do whatever he has to do to win, "in this game, there are going to be casualties, and that's okay as long as it's not you."



8:41PM BBT

In the coral reef room, Tiffany talks to the cameras. She tells us that she is okay with her HoH being overthrown because she still gets what she wants: SB on the block. Tiffany thinks America for the $100. She says she still couldn't lay the game, but SB couldn't play in Coin of Destiny either. Tiffany says she is eligible for the next HoH, and she hopes to beat Xavier, Kyland and SB in the veto tomorrow.


[I'm out for the night. I bet grannysue will be here soon. Night night! -MamaLong[

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8:48pm Big Brother Time

House guests are sitting around the table asking questions about NFT

General Chatter.

Earlier Kyland approached Tiffany in an attempt to garner pity for Sarah Beth.  It did not go well. 
Tiffany let him know that she had no reason to change her target this week. She let Kyland know that she would not process excuses for Sarah Beth and ended the conversation by telling him, “Kyland, I have to go.” and immediately exited the coral bedroom.

Alyssa is with Big D in the anchor bedroom, she is worried about being a replacement nominee.
Big D tells her he knows for sure that Xavier will win the veto, he feels it. Big D says Sarah Beth begged to make it to jury, she made it to jury.

They commiserate together about the pressure in the house and the worries about how they have performed this season.  He wonders if the fans think they did well, he says other seasons started out with fans being excited, but ended in another way.

Cameras move to the kitchen, then to the living room area where Alyssa has landed on a sofa, Hannah has claimed one end, Xavier another. 

Alyssa asks Xavier a question, both of them have muffled voices.

Kyland yells (in front of the house guests), “Xavier stop conspiring over there.”
Xavier doesn't answer.
House guests ignore Kyland.
Alyssa leaves the sofa and disappears from the room.

(Kyland never does anything he doesn't think about, and certainly does nothing that will not (in his mind) further his agenda.  This could be a way to deflect the Cookout towards Alyssa and away from Sarah Beth—Grannysue)

Bubbles stops by, we can be okay with her visit, there is nothing going on we can't live without seeing or hearing.

When feeds return no one has moved and the conversation is general.

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9:15pm Big Brother Time

The house is very quiet. No game talk, no real chatter either.

9:41pm Big Brother Time

House remains quiet.

10:00pm Big Brother Time

Big D, Alyssa, Azah and Sarah Beth are talking about what will happen when they leave the house and see the phones. They wonder about messages they might receive from people no longer in their lives.

General chatter in the bedroom, Claire and Kyland still playing chess.

After Alyssa leaves the room Sarah Beth asks Azah how she is feeling this week.
Azah tells her that she is feeling okay, she is good with Tiffany but she worries about her friends in the house.
Azah asks Sarah Beth how she is feeling.

Sarah Beth says she is surprised that when the coin toss was won and she remained on the block with Kyland.  She says she knows her perception of the house is not what she thinks it is.
She says if it was personal, she doesn't know how she can fix it and work to stay.
Sarah Beth says the game doesn't look good for her, even if she stays this week. She is afraid that people will view Kyland as being stuck by himself and her as being able to integrate more.
Sarah Beth says she is finding it hard to figure out what to do.

Azah says the veto is tomorrow, she doesn't know who got the coin toss, but that person might be going to put up another person up if someone is taken down.  She tells Sarah Beth that the person could be trying to remain as anonymous as possible.

Sarah Beth is grabbing at the possibility the secret HOH might be waiting to make changes. She asks Azah if she (Azah) put her up.

Azah tells her she got only 200, and didn't play in any of the games.
Sarah Beth says she got 50 from America, and 100 from an envelope so did not have the money to play.
They both wonder if America doesn't like them.

Cameras move to kitchen for a minute then back to the bedroom.

Sarah Beth says she probably didn't deserve to get 100 from America, Azah says she was a little upset about it.
Sarah Beth tells Azah, “That means we are bottom three of all the guests.”
Azah, “yep. Nothing I can do about it, I'm not gonna go get some pots and pans.”

Azah says she just needs to make peace with that, and Sarah Beth says she made decisions she thought best and can't expect more from herself.

Sarah Beth thanks Azah for talking to her, not everyone is giving her that same treatment. She hugs Azah and leaves the room to remove her makeup.

Azah is alone in the room, she says she has spent a lot of time today questioning herself and she doesn't do that outside the house.  She says watching the game at home she had much to say about the people in the house, and all the personalities.  She says she walked into the house confident with a strategy, with her excel sheets, but she hasn't won a competition.  She says she questions her alliances and her team.
She says you flip a card for three weeks and America....the first week you say okay, the second week you wonder and the third week your insecurities really come out. (she got 50 from America each week).
She says she has a lot of game left, she is halfway, there is a veto tomorrow, she has to really try to win, she wants to win, to build a resume. She wants the HOH, she wants to see her family, get a letter from her dad, and she really wants to win the game.
She plans to keep playing, pray and stay focused. She wants to win the money and the game.
She speaks to her family, she says she wants to win the game, she wants to win it for,”us”. She asks her family to pray for her, and help her “stop being a little b**tch”, she falters before she says it, then says “sorry for cussing.”
Azah prays.

(Being familiar with the power of prayer, but knowing at the same time that God does not help us with some desires (game shows, football wins, lottery wins and the such), Azah's prayer is a prayer of the passionate and faithful. I do believe that God always answers prayers in some form children, but when we feel he has not, it is because we see a very small picture and he views the landscape.--Grannysue)

Azah leaves the room after her praying is done.

Camera moves to Sarah Beth and Alyssa in the lavatory.

Sarah Beth is very concerned that America hates her, Alyssa says she doesn't think America hates Sarah Beth, America is upset because Sarah Beth took out the favorite player.
Sarah Beth says if America doesn't hate her, then she will say, “oh, okay.”
Alyssa says being in the duos has not helped either of them.
Sarah Beth continues her makeup routine, and Alyssa tends to the loo.
Alyssa washes hands and leaves Sarah Beth to it.

10:40pm Big Brother Time

Girls are around the dining table, general talk.

Xavier is in his bed, Alyssa comes in and repeats a conversation she heard earlier between Big D and Sarah Beth.
She says Sarah Beth told Big D not to gun for the veto, she wants to win it, even though she will lose Kyland on Thursday.

Sarah Beth is in the bedroom with Big D.
Big D tells Sarah Beth he has to look out for his own game, he says he could be on the block himself.
Sarah Beth asks Big D if Kyland told him Alyssa wants Sarah Beth out of the house.
Big D pretends to try to remember, he tells Sarah Beth to ask Azah, she may have some information.
Sarah Beth repeats the question, Big D pretends to misunderstand the question, and mixes up the days.

The question is: Kyland told me that you told him Alyssa wants Sarah Beth out of the house.
Kyland pretends the question is did he talk to Alyssa yesterday.

(Big D is really good at this, he pretends he has no idea if he had a conversation with Kyland when she repeats the question, he confuses the days.)

Sarah Beth says “maybe he misunderstood you. I am glad I asked you.”

Big D continues to “think” about what he did yesterday “after one on ones”. He continues to say he doesn't recall.

Guess who shows up in the room???? Kyland.

Big D says he can't remember, did he say to Kyland that Alyssa wants Sarah Beth out?
Kyland, “Yes.”
Sarah Beth, “Did you think you misunderstood?”
Kyland and Big D, “yes, uh huh.”
Big D goes on a tangent about all kinds of conversations yesterday, none of which included Alyssa.
Kyland says it was a passing conversation.....
Big D says she should have a conversation with Alyssa to make sure they are on the same page. He says he usually remembers everything, but he is struggling after being shot down. 
Big D says he threw about 30 coins, and did not do well.  He says he has no idea who won the flip, he says he would have made a big deal about it.

Kyland asks if Big D had any conversations with Tiffany after the nominations, Big D says he did not.
He says he is bummed about something that has nothing to do with the game and came to his room earlier.
Kyland says he has talked to Tiffany after the nominations, but only as long as Sarah Beth has.

Kyland says Xavier is a shot no one might get again.
Sarah Beth says “People are coming after KY and me.”
Kyland, “who else has his name in their mouth?”
Kyland tells Big D that Azah is playing the veto for Xavier. He asks if Big D is going after Xavier, Big D will not confirm or deny.
Kyland leaves the room.

Big D says he needs to get himself together he will have the time to think, he wants to play in the veto tomorrow, but how much he could help is in question. He says if he does play their odds of winning increases.
Sarah Beth says Azah told her she would have left the nominations the same, Big D says she is going low key after leaving Britini.
Sarah Beth says if she gets “house guest choice” she would want to choose someone that would take one of them down.
Big D says if he plays she has a better chance to win, but if  he wins he will help her.

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11:07pm Big Brother Time

House guests are winding down early tonight.

Big D says he wants the house to remain “fun” and hopes they can do the BBC tomorrow night.

Kyland is in the lavatory area talking to Hannah. He tells her he is okay with the move to take out Sarah Beth. He feels bad to give her hope, but doesn't want to take hope.  He says Sarah Beth is feeling down, and giving hope is good for her, hard for him.

Azah says that Britini leaving affected her as well. (she is off camera). She says she feels “icky” because they are building relationships with people then double-crossing them.
Kyland says it feels like they are making promises,but they are not because they made other plans first.
He says the care for the people is real, but they are committed to what they are doing. He hates the idea that people are watching and thinking that he thinks the people who have left are not worthy of his love and care.

They continue to talk about their commitment to bring an African American far into the game, and their success at moving forward for a group of people instead of an individual.

Tiffany comes into the room, asks Kyland how he is feeling, he says he is okay, he is going to go to bed. Big D comes into the lavatory.

Tiffany tells Azah she wants Alysssa and Sarah Beth to think she (Tiffany) won the coin toss.
Big D tells them Sarah Beth asked him to play for her, he says he warned her he would probably not do well, and she responded with, “I will tell them I picked you because I could beat you.”

Camera moves to Kyland and Sarah Beth in the bedroom.

Kyland is comforting her, she is concerned about her feelings of anxiety. They are also talking about who to choose for veto if they have the chance.
Sarah Beth says she asked Big D, and when she talked to Azah, Azah told her that she would have also made the same nominations, but because she would have had a bigger target in mind.

Sarah Beth says she thinks Claire might have won the coin flip today, she thinks Claire would have kept the nominations the same.  She is having buyers remorse for playing the first week.

Sarah Beth continues to repeat her earlier conversations with Tiffany, Big D and Azah.

Kyland tells Sarah Beth that she needs to get some sleep, but Sarah Beth says she thinks she needs to cry a little bit. She gets herself cuddled with Kyland, who says he might just cry too. They decide the cuddle is not quite right, finally move to the couch (They are in the Have Not Room). Sarah Beth has on her sunglasses.

She says maybe America didn't give her money because she is always “mean mugging” the cameras. She mentions what might happen, Kyland says when they get to jury they will be able to relax, maybe come back, and maybe not. He says they aren't going to die, they are just going to the jury house, and they can't lose perspective.

Kyland continues to comfort her, but he has to leave to find Sarah Beth some tissues. 
He tells her he will go tell Big D they can talk tomorrow.

(Sarah Beth is crying, she has a very used tissue in her hand.  First Kyland digs through his pocket, he comes up with a used tissue.
 Sarah Beth declines, “I will just use this.”  Then Kyland searches the cupboard and comes up with a red rag (looks like a garage rag), 
Sarah Beth,(remember she is crying), “no I don't want to use that. That's not what it is for.” Kyland, “we can wash it after”, Sarah Beth, (crying), “where will we put it?” 
Kyland “I'll take care of it, put it in my laundry.” 
Sarah Beth, “ewwww.”  
Kyland searches again, finds a dirty paper towel and offers it to Sarah Beth, she stares at him through her sunglasses. Kyland, “never mind, I will go find, umm, tissues, and tell Big D I will talk to him tomorrow.”

Now children, what makes this so comical is that the two of them have decided that Sarah Beth has decided to cry (she actually decided to cry), they try three positions (lying on the cot, sitting on the cot, then to sitting on the couch) before settling in.)

Hannah has gone to the bedroom to wake Xavier up, she says she really needs to talk to him.

Xavier follows Hannah to the lavatory, tells them that Kyland I coming back.
When Kyland joins them they make the Cookout official with a football team style circle.


12:00am Big Brother Time

My dears it is time for me to find my way to my room.  A new day is beginning, let's all be grateful it was given to us.  hugs-Grannysue

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