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Wednesday, August 25, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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4:20PM BBT

Baby D has been talking with Azah in the yacht club bedroom since 3:45. Azah says she is not sure if she should do what the HoH wants, which is to send him out or stand against SB and keep Baby D. Derek X says that he can't tell her who, but he has 3 other votes.


4:27PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles.

We have RCHS on the feeds. I imagine this is to lock Xavier in his solitary confinement punishment lockdown (from the veto competition). He will be locked away in the HNR until the live eviction tomorrow night.

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The feeds came back with no volume but Xavier in the bathroom. 


5:30PM BBT

The audio is back for the feeds now.

5:40PM BBT 

We have RCHS on the feeds again


5:56PM BBT

The feeds return to Xavier in solitary confinement in the HNR

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Xavier has a toilet in the HNR. It's basically a pop up tent with a bucket inside and roll of toilet paper. X is moving the furnishings around for maximum comfort.


6:03PM BBT  RCHS has returned to the feeds


Feeds return to Xavier saying "Bathroom, bedroom, living room....it's coming together people."


6:06PM BBT

Alyssa, Big D and Azah are studying comps in the yacht club bedroom. Alyssa knows them all. 

[Very impressive!  -MamaLong]


6:08PM BBT

After reciting all of the comps and numbers perfectly, Alyssa turns to Azah and says, "Okay Azah, let's go. Ready?" Azah's face falls and Big D starts laughing.

Azah begins...slowly with lots of errors. Alyssa and Big D are committed to helping her memorize everything.


The houseguests were shown a "movie" so we have a memory comp coming.


6:13PM BBT

In the gym, Claire and Tiffany are also doing some intense studying.

Claire and Tiff join DX and Hannah in the sea glass bedroom to study the video details

Tiff- I want to see those videos again.

DX- Will they show them again?

Tiff and Hannah say "no" in unison

Hannah says they can break down each video because Hannah says she was paying close attention.

Hannah- you and I will study


It sounds like there were pricetags on images of HGs in various competitions.


6:28PM BBT

Hannah is reviewing one of the videos with Tiff and Tiff comments that she is fucked on that one

Hannah tells her they will study all night


6:31PM BBT

Kyland is now doing a one-on-one with Claire and studying in the parlor.

Ky- I basically said fuck it to the details

Claire- I know you were walking away and I wa slike, Ky...Ky

Ky- they are gonna ask us 7 questions or 9 questions

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6:43PM BBT

In the HNR, Xavier is still moving things around and putting out caution tape saying he is expecting guests.

"Everything is organized now for the guests. I think I'm done."


6:52PM BBT

Xavier is giving a tour of his isolation digs in MTV Cribs style. He is putting prices on the furnishings as if they belong in a mansion. 

X- I know you are wondering, 'How much did this tent-a-potty cost?'....it was roughly around $625 million dollars (He explains the zippers are from Wakanda and the material is Olympian leather from the Gods themselves)

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7:33PM BBT

Kyland is still talking with Claire in the parlor. Claire says this upcoming comp is not her specialty. Kyland drones on ..... to my nerves, so I'm switching rooms  (Sorry, Morty)


7:34PM BBT

Alyssa and Hannah are studying together in the sea glass bedroom


[The HGs are studying who was in each image, what they were wearing, what the competition was and what price was associated with the image. They are also studying the order in which they appeared and which were shown together. -MamaLong]

7:40PM BBT

Hannah and Alyssa have finished their studying session. They both feel confident. Alyssa says that Ky doens't feel confident at all. They begin laughing about Kyland and the way he was acting during the videos

Alyssa- he was sitting in the living room during it

(Alyssa mimics Ky during his thinking process rather precisely at 7:41:33 - 7:41:40 ...great photo/video op)

Alyssa-  so stupid....I think anyone could get it, though. I'm so excited

7:51PM BBT

All cameras are on Ky still droning on to Claire.


[Time for me to head to bed. My minimal coverage today is because my dad had a second, unexpected, surgery this afternoon, and I am dealing with massive overload and stress due to TX HB4545. Nighty night, y'all!  - MamaLong]

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8:47pm Big Brother Time

Tiffany and Azah are studying for the veto

Hannah and Big D are laughing in the bedroom, Hannah is insisting that her and Derek X have a platonic relationship in the house.  She says she has a crush on him, but he has said nothing to her.
Big D says maybe it will sort itself out in jury. He also mentions looking forward to being with “him” in jury. (does not identify “him”).

Bubbles interrupt, when feeds return Big D is quizzing Hannah for the upcoming eviction.  Hannah thinks it will be true or false. Big D wonders if it will be A or B, he says there are 20 questions.

Alyssa comes into the room, Hannah is called to the diary room.

Cameras move to the kitchen, Azah and Tiffany are in the area Tiffany is studying.

Derek X and Kyland are in the chess room, there is game talk, but none of it is new.

Kyland is talking about being in the final two to Derek X, he is whispering so very little of what he is saying is audible. 
Derek X is frustrated, Kyland continues to agree with him about how unfair this week is, but he hides behind his sunglasses.  Derek X mentions the 100 dollars that he received from America, then he asks Kyland in a half joking way, “wait!! why did you only get 50??”  Kyland laughs, mumbles something about doing everything wrong.

Sarah Beth comes to the chess room and lays beside them.

Camera returns to kitchen/dining room area.

Claire, Azah and Tiffany are cooking and studying...

Camera moves to Alyssa and Big D in the bedroom, Big D is sharing pipe dreams about winning HOH tomorrow night.

9:22pm Big Brother Time

Cameras on Xavier.
Lying on a cot in the Have Not Room, staring into space.

Tiffany is making a chart with colored cereal on the dining room table.

9:33pm Big Brother Time

Studying in the house continues.

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9:45pm Big Brother Time

House is still studying

10:00pm Big Brother Time


10:15pm Big Brother Time

Azah is talking to the camera.

She is upset because everyone in the house is using Froot Loops to study.  She says she kept that quiet, and now Derek X has shown the process to others.  She says she is annoyed because has no edge now.
Alyssa interrupts Azah's rant,

Alyssa says using the Froot Loops will be something they will have to rely on and leaves the room.

Azah says she just has to rant a little bit, she says she knows America loves Derek X and so does she, but she says she went to get the Froot Loops but people were there so she grabbed a paper towel instead.  While she was waiting for people to leave so she could sneak the cereal, other people pulled out the Froot Loops and started using them.

In the HOH Kyland is instructing Big D in his vote.  He says that Derek may tell him he only has one vote, but he will have two votes (Kyland and Hannah), so he (Kyland) wouldn't want Big D to make a “mistake” and vote to keep Derek X.

They start studying for the HOH competition tomorrow.

Cameras in the kitchen/dining area continue to show house guests studying and snacking. Some insincere laughing.....

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10:30pm Big Brother Time

Big D in HOH listening to music.

Hannah, Claire in dining room area studying.

Derek X is going to the HOH room to have a one on one with Big D.

Azah is in the bedroom talking to America, (or herself, because cameras come and go).  She is saying she has her doubts about Kyland.

In the HOH room Derek X says that Big D is aware of the four people, (Xavier, Alyssa, Kyland and Sarah Beth).

Derek X asks him, of the people left in the house, who would be the most likely to win the HOH.
Derek X asks Big D if he has ever been asked to be a pawn for Xavier, Alyssa, Kyland and Sarah Beth)
Big D deflects, says he doesn't know what he is going to do between Claire or Derek X and the vote tomorrow.
Derek X says at some point they will have to turn (Xavier, Alyssa, Kyland and Sarah Beth), Big D agrees, but says that he doesn't know how long that would be.

(They are using the chess board to illustrate).
Big D says this is difficult, he never expected Derek X to be on the block.
Derek X asks if Big D felt safe next to Britini, Big D says he did.  Derek X asks how Big D would feel sitting next to him (Derek X).

Derek X shows Big D what will happen if Big D goes up against Claire again, he calls it 50/50 that Big D would go home.
Big D says that if he went against Derek X, Derek X would win veto.
Derek X, “People don't put me up. They back door me.” He asks Big D who is the person that can stay this week that ensures his safety more.
Big D repeats his complaint that both Claire and Derek X wanted to keep Britini over him last week.
He says as far as he is thinking, either of them can go.
He does know that putting his bet on Derek X is better for him.
Big D says he is worried about the battle back. Derek X says if there is a battle back, and Big D follows him (Derek X) into the house, there is a low chance of him (Big D) winning his way back in.  Big D says once he gets to the jury house he is done as far as he is concerned.

Derek X tells Big D that even though he believes it, no one else in the house has the money to play the game next week.  Big D says he believes there are two other people that have the money and are going to pin a win on him.  He says he has to flush out those people.
Big D says he is going to think about what to do.
Derek X asks if he can build back his trust with Big D, he says he would not do anything to hurt Azah.
Big D asks if he is the deciding vote, Derek X pauses for a minute, and says he does think Big D will be the deciding vote for him.

Sarah Beth comes to the door, they offer to leave the room, (People coming and going are trying to spy/stop conversations between Derek X and anyone in the house, this is the third person to interrupt).

Derek X says that although he wants to win the game, he also wants the person that wins to be an underdog.
Big D asks him not to take his vote personally, if there is a battle battle back he would not say no to working with the returning house guest.

Big D mentions Claire and Derek X wanting to keep Britini instead of him (This is all he really has to toss out there, he is trying to do what Xavier and Kyland are telling him to do (and that is to protect the Cookout).  He continues to tell Derek X it is 50/50 between them.)

Big D thinks he is in a position where no one wants to get rid of him, but he doesn't know that for sure. He knows he has gone up and stayed.  He repeats that he would like to work with the person who wins a battle back.  Big D says people are lying about how much they have, but he (Big D) says he knows how much they have.  He says he will out whoever tries to blame him if he wins and uses it.

Derek X tells him no pressure, just think about what he is doing, and he asks Big D to tell him either way what he is doing.  Big D says he will talk to Derek X tomorrow afternoon. Big D says he doesn't owe anyone in the game anything, he will make a decision based on what is best for himself.

They end their conversation and agree to speak again tomorrow.

In the hallway bedroom Azah, Sarah Beth, Claire, Kyland and Tiffany are talking.  Azah is telling about a community market she shops in.

Someone passes wind, and they all laugh about it, then talk about how they generally react to the sound and the odor. Tiffany does a comical commentary about it.

In the HOH room, Hannah is asking Big D what Derek X talked about.  Big D tells Hannah that he told Derek X he thinks other people have the money to play the third round of BB High Rollers.
He downplays the conversation, says Derek X made valid points.
Big D says Derek X wants to protect her and that is his reason to stay.

Hannah and Big D both say that Kyland knows not to win HOH next week, and if he does win “his ass is on the platter.” 
Hannah says she feels guilty.
Big D says she didn't do anything wrong.

Big D is called to the diary room, he says he is not coming back up so the room is hers.
He tells Hannah she needs to cry after Derek X goes, then come join him and Azah. Hannah says she has not cried in this house, adding that she will not.

Hannah tells the camera that this is her competition to win, so she better win. (I love it when house guests claim a competition before it happens. The truth is, no one knows who will win until they play. But a positive attitude never hurts I suppose—Grannysue)

In the Hallway bed room conversation continues to be targeted on “wind”.

11:00pm Big Brother Time

Alyssa tells Derek X that she has not decided how she is voting, she is open to hear his platform.  She jokes that Derek X took out “my man.”

Alyssa asks if Derek X will give Hannah a kiss if he leaves, he says “probably not.”  He teases her and says “that would be THE surprise.”

Alyssa offers to listen to anything Derek X has to say, she says she is surprised that Sarah Beth took a shot at him.
She wonders if Kyland is more adept at the days than he lets on. She says he does things with his hands that make it seem he is having trouble keeping track. 
Derek X thinks he is “playing the game.”

Derek X tells Alyssa that he has cuddled with Hannah, but he didn't come here for a showmance. He says Hannah is cool, they will see what happens outside.

Alyssa says she worries since Christian left, and she pays attention to who doesn't talk to her in the house, she says she has tried to be truthful with him.
They end their conversation.

In the HOH room Hannah continues listening to music.
Alyssa comes into the room, they decide to do eyebrows and nails.
Alyssa tells Hannah she was trying to find out if Derek X has a crush on her (Hannah).  Hannah tells her she isn't interested in the Dollar Tree version of a showmance.

Alyssa tells Hannah that Derek X waited until late to talk to her because he couldn't think of anything to say to her about it, but she offered to hear him out.

Alyssa, “You know you're not alone if he leaves.”
Hannah, “Thank you I appreciate it.”
Alyssa, “I can say that for X as well.”

Hannah says Sarah Beth wasted her HOH, she has a bigger target on her back than before.
They don't understand why Sarah Beth put Derek X on the block since she is close to Kyland,

They continue to whisper, can't really hear them.

11:17pm Big Brother Time

Alyssa and Hannah continue to whisper while Alyssa does Hannah's eyebrows.

Hannah plans to use the veto on Xavier if she wins it, she doesn't want him on the block at the end of the week.  She says the vote could be 2/2/1 and the HOH would break the tie.
Hannah thinks most house guests would use the veto on Xavier.
She says two people left on the block would be less complicated.

Alyssa recommends to Hannah that she should not use the Froot Loops to study, she says using visual aids to study make it difficult later because they are not longer there to refer to.  Hannah tells her she studies with and without.

They talk about strategy in general.

Hannah starts to tell Alyssa how she got onto the show, Cameras move to the kitchen, then to Bubbles.

Kyland is in the kitchen cooking. He says the chicken is questionable and two people told him it smelled off.  Azah tells him if two people told him that not to use it.

Azah is showing Derek X how to make a roux.

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(A short hiccup with my laptop...recap)

While I was gone....Azah must have mentioned the Froot Loop study plan that Derek X shared and the fact that she is upset that her study method is being used in the house.
Derek X apologized to her.

11:38pm Big Brother Time
As the feeds came back to life Azah was telling Derek X not to worry about it, she got it off her chest and is fine now.

Sarah Beth brings her HOH basket downstairs. (She seems to have quite a bit left).
Sarah Beth says she has not had her one on one with Derek X yet, “yep, no crush there.”

Tiffany follows the smell to the kitchen, says it smells good, she is asking if she can have some.
She spots skittles and takes off with them, telling them not to tell Sarah Beth. Then she yells as she skips (yes, she did. She skipped) to the lavatory area, “I got skittles!”

Kyland asks what Sarah Beth is doing, she tells him she is going to shower and go to sleep. She tells him to wake her up and he agrees.

Tiffany comes in, Derek X tells her it will be ready in about 15 minutes, she asks him to call her when it is done.  Derek X agrees to do that.

Hannah, Azah and Tiffany are talking in the hallway bedroom.
Hannah is asking Tiffany questions about the video they saw earlier today.
Tiffany gets almost all the questions wrong.

12:00am THURSDAY MORNING Big Brother Time

(Children it is time for me to go to bed, even though I spent the afternoon snoozing.  Before puppy cuddling I think I will indulge in a bagel. No one is here to guard me, so wish me luck!! (My doctors are very mean and have forbidden me from using the beautiful ceramic top range GrandpaCoy bought me last year...something about putting things in pans then going to my room for a nap....)
Do something nice for someone today...hugs, Grannysue)

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