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Big Brother Season 23-Live Eviction Week 5 8/12

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Previously, on Big Brother, with the team twist done, the Cookout was the most powerful alliance in the house. But cracks in the Cookout were beginning to form.

After Derek X won power, he formulated a plan to take out a blue chip player. So Derek started by putting two pawns on the block. With the veto on the line, punishments were given, and power was won.

Before the veto meeting, Derek X came clean to Christian’s showmance, sending ChrisAlys and their allies scrambling and leaving Christian to plead for his life in the game.

Tonight, will Derek X back down or back door? Plus the last HG before jury will be evicted tonight. And a huge new twist is reveal where America will have a huge impact on the game. All this live, right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and it is Day 37 and we revisit whether Derek X will backdoor or not. It is the veto meeting and Britini has decided to use the POV on herself. Derek X must name a new replacement nominee and he nominates…Christian.


Derek X says it is no secret that Christian is a large competitive threat to everyone. He is sorry. The veto meeting is adjourned and Christian says Derek X is a coward for putting him up on a week when he could not compete for his safety.


Christian says he already two votes with Xavier and Alyssa, he just needs two more votes. And he is going to go get them and he is staying. Derek X says everything is going perfectly and they just need to get Christian out the door this week.


Sarah Beth says Christian is perfect to sit next to on the block and she just has to lay low. Alyssa tells Christian she tried and she asks what he wants to do. Derek F comes in to give Christian a hug, but he wants to give him his privacy.


Alyssa says it is not smart for Derek F’s game to leave a girl in the game and get rid of another guy. Derek F says he has to check in with the Jokers and the Cookout and see where everyone’s head is at.


Christian calls for the Lord of the Litrine and he thinks Sarah Beth is the reason he is on the block. He tells Derek X that SB was selfish by pleading for him not to take the $5000 and not taking the veto. Christian says they are each other’s shields.


The Duke of the Deck has to entertain and Claire heads to the DR. She has dressed as a carditard and she has to wear it all week long. And when the king demands to be entertained, she has to play 52-card pickup all week.


Kyland and Derek X are playing chess and Kyland is the jackass and he has to make club sandwiches for everyone in the house when the kings demands it. He has a jackass of clubs costume and he has to wear it all week.


Kyland says his first round of sandwiches took him an hour or an hour and a half and this is the first of seven days. He says next time he will just take the $5000. He did not even know what a club sandwich was before.


Tiffany tells Christian that the nomination was a shock to everyone and she says SB was very relaxed. Christian says she does not bother him, but Claire and Tiffany worry him. Tiff says she hates to see him in that seat and she does not know where the house is.


Tiffany says she will vote with the house and Christian says she and Claire are the house and they could be the swing. Christian says he is their shield and he would be fighting for them. Tiff says she has a soft spot for Christian, but she knows he needs three votes.


Tiffany wants to tell Britini and Azah they have to tell Christian they are not voting for him to stay. Azah says that puts Britini in a difficult spot and Tiffany says she is in a difficult spot and if he asks again she will tell him she is not the swing vote.


Britini likes Christian more than SB and right now she does not really know where her vote is going. Derek F says he wants to tell everyone he does not want to be part of the alliance anymore and Azah says please do not say that.


Derek F does not want to work with Tiff anymore because she tries to tell everyone what to do. Derek says she is not his mother or God and she does not need to tell people what to do. Derek F says she is trying to play puppet master and he does not have a clown face.


Tiffany is talking to Christian and she tells him he does not need one vote. He needs three. She says not one of those Jokers is voting for him to stay. Christian believes he has two votes from the Jokers and Tiff says she is not lying.


Christian says him staying makes that entire side of the safe. He says who beats Baby D? Tiffany says he does. Tiff says it might be more beneficial to keep Christian and get rid of Sarah Beth.


Tiff is talking to Xavier and she thinks if she pushes hard enough that Christian will stay. Xavier agrees and wants to know what the argument is to take him out. Tiff says they have X who can take Christian out later in the game.


Tiff says Xavier and Alyssa are on board to keep Christian and she would only need two votes. She thinks she can make that happen. She goes to talk to Claire and they both agree it is beneficial for him to stay. Claire says it is better for everyone except DX.


Claire says she does not trust Kyland or SB. She and Tiff decide they flip. Tiff tells Xavier to send Britini up to the HOH. She thinks she can convince Britini to keep Christian. Christian goes and tells Britini to go to the HOH room and Azah wants to know who needs her.


Azah and Derek F are going to go with Britini and Christian says no just Britini. Derek F does not want Britini manipulated, especially after she was a pawn for three weeks. Derek says she wants them there. Tiff says she will wait.


Britini goes to talk to Xavier and Hannah and she tells them what Derek F just did. She says he and Azah came in like Britini’s body guards and she is mad. Hannah and Xavier are talking and they say they had one job to stick together and now they are yelling at each other.


It is time for the live eviction! Christian does shoutouts and he says he played a loyal and competitive game and he understands it is a game and he wants to be friends when they are done.


SB does shoutouts and she says she is on the block against a phenomenal person but she is not ready to go home and she promises she would give an objective vote if she made jury and she loves and respects them all.


It is time to vote!

Hannah votes to evict Christian.

Kyland sadly votes to evict super competitor Christian.

Xavier votes to evict Sarah Beth.

Alyssa votes to evict Sarah Beth.

With two votes each, we will have to see how the other five votes go.


Britini sadly votes to evict the incredible Christian.

Derek F sadly to evoke Christian.

Tiffany sadly votes to evict Christian.

Claire votes to evict Christian.


Azah votes to evict Christian.

By a vote of 7-2, Christian has been evicted from the Big Brother house! He gives hugs and dips and kisses Alyssa.


Julie says that was quite a kiss and Christian says it was a goodbye kiss. He does not know where they stand so they will see what happens after the show. Julie asks why he could not get the flip and he says he had the numbers against him with his comp wins.


Julie says Derek X told him he would not put him up as a replacement nominee, but he was gunning for him all along. Does he respect the game move? Christian says he respects the game move because he did what was best for his game, but it was not a smart decision.


Julie asks Christian his final thoughts and he says he did not come for the money, he just came for some good friends and he was disappointed he did not get to compete in the wall comp.


Julie goes to the living room for more news! They are all on jury at this point. The next big twist is America involves a new room, the high rollers room. Inside are three unique BB casino games and three game changing powers.

How would they like to take themselves off the block? Or win a second veto? Or flip the ultimate power to their favor? America will vote to give them BB bucks and the top three HG with the most votes will get $100, the next three will get $75, and everyone else gets $50.

The better the power, the more it costs to play, but they do not have to spend their cash immediately and they can bank it for later down the line.

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