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Big Brother Season 23-Veto Comp and Ceremony Week 5

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Previously, on Big Brother, with outgoing HOH Christian unable to compete, an epic battle of endurance was on, and after a seaside showdown, Derek x promised safety to both Alyssa and Xavier, allowing the former Ace to take the crown.

Post competition Xavier tried to sweeten the safety deal for his entire former team, but Derek did not feel comfortable with that arrangement.

Although Derek X had been working in the Royal Flush alliance with the former Kings and Queens he was considering taking a shot at one of them. So Derek x needed pawns and Derek’s top ally Hannah pushed hard to get Sarah Beth on the block.

At the nomination ceremony, Derek x got his pawns and Hannah got her wish. Tonight, will the POV save one of the nominees and allow Derek x to successfully backdoor Christian? Plus what punishments will be unleashed on the HG?


We pick up on Day 31 after the nomination ceremony, and Derek X tells us Britini and Sarah Beth are pawns so he can backdoor Christian. He is a comp beast and he is positive he would go home.


Sarah Beth is surprised because she didn’t think he would take a shot this early and she is in survival mode. Britini is frustrated because she was only safe for seven days and she is upset because no one knows what it feels like.


Derek F is comforting Britini and she is crying in frustration. Britini says if she does not win the veto, this is so bad. SB is talking to her team and she asked if any of them knew. Alyssa says this is stupid and Christian says this makes no sense.


Christian says what was Derek X thinking nominating a member of his own alliance. It does not make any sense. Christian promises he will fight for Sarah Beth in veto. SB says the kings say they will fight for her but she wants to talk to Derek X and see what is going on.


Derek X is talking to SB and she looks very angry and there is an awkward silence. She thinks he will not tell her what is going on and she needs him to be honest. So her plan is to sit in dead silence and let him sit in awkwardness.


Derek X says he does not want SB to go home. He says he made a deal with Xavier and Alyssa so she was going to go up and he talked to the Jokers. SB says if she is not his target, what happens if she comes off the block?


SB says if she does not come off will he put up a joker and he says no. He tells her if she picks Christian to play and he wins he is going to tell Christian that he will put up Alyssa. SB says she is not surprised he is taking a shot at Christian, but it is early.


SB says she loves her team but she has been playing an individual game and if that means betraying them then that is ok. Christian, Xavier, and Alyssa go to talk to Derek X. Derek X has to convince them SB is not the target.


Derek X says putting up two Jokers would have been bad for his personal game and he had to nominate someone from the Kings because Hannah is smart and it takes suspicion off their alliance. Xavier says to be clear Britini is your target this week and Derek X nods.


Xavier says what happens if a nominee comes off the block? Derek X says then another Joker will have to go up. Christian thinks Derek’s explanation makes sense and at this point he still trusts him.


Alyssa says she will fight for SB too. SB says if Alyssa wins veto then her best ally will go home, but she is going to have to let her make that mistake. She tells Alyssa she appreciates that she would fight for her.


It is time to pick players for the veto competition! Derek X picks Alyssa. Sarah Beth picks Claire. Britini picks Kyland. Derek X says the backdoor plan could still happen.


It is time for the veto competition! It is a gym set up and they will have to do reps on some equipment. Whoever does the fewest reps will be eliminated and open a locker for a prize.


Derek X does not want win veto. SB says she is not the target but she would still like to win veto and she will fight for it. Britini says she wants to win to get herself off the block. Alyssa wants to win to get SB off the block.


Round one is up and they have to hit two chairs with their hips while squatting and they are both moving. Claire says she does AI engineering and the most squats she does is down to her computer chair and up for a snack. She is safe until jury so she can throw it.


Round 1 is over and Claire has been eliminated and she gets the sixth place locker and she has the Viceroy of Veto. Claire says she knows that will go very soon.


Round 2 starts and now they have two minutes to get their butts off the block as much as they can. It is down to SB and Britini and Britini passes her at the last second. SB is eliminated and gets the fifth place locker. She gets Baroness of Bling and it gives her $5000.


SB chooses to keep the $5000. She says she could have taken the veto but Britini is still in the game and she would take it from her. No reason to risk getting a punishment. Alyssa says she is annoyed that SB thinks her and Kyland will work their butts off to get it.


Next they have to scoot their booty’s around in a circle. Kyland has been eliminated and he gets the fourth place locker which has Duke of the Deck which is a unitard and he has to entertain the king with a 52-card pickup whenever he asks.


Derek X, Britini, and Alyssa are left. Derek X says he cannot let Alyssa win. Alyssa says with her moves maybe Nikki Minaj will hit her up for her next music video. Derek X and Britini are close and Britini wins by 1.


Derek X has been eliminated and he gets the third place locker which has Jackass of Clubs, which makes him dress like a jackass and make club sandwiches whenever he wants it. He was going to take the money but he could not take it from he and instead takes veto.


Alyssa and Britini are up and it is the last round. Azah is surprised because Britini looks different. Britini wins and Alyssa has been eliminated and she gets the second place locker which is the Count of Communication.


Alyssa gets a phone and a tablet plus a phone call. She can keep it or trade it. She keeps up. Britini gets the first place prize. She gets Lord of the Litrine, which means she will hold the only key to the downstairs toilet and has to open it for the HG and announce it.


Britini has chosen to take the veto! She is the first female to win the POV and she is safe this week. SB says Derek X told her that if someone goes down Christian goes up so as long as that is true she is ok.


Derek X says this was the best case scenario because when Britini comes down Christian can then go up and go home. Adios Christian!


Derek X is in his costume for his punishment and he has to unlock the door and announce who is using the bathroom. We see a parade of HG gaining access and being announced. Xavier is laughing.


Derek X says he has to get up no matter what time it is, even if he is sleeping. He says it was fun for the first six hours and now he is over it. He announces someone in the middle of the night and he has to announce it louder and he does not look happy.


Derek X informs Alyssa about the backdoor plan because he wants to take a shot before Christian can. She assures him that they are not going after him and Derek X says Christian is the biggest threat to his game.


Alyssa says he was going to make her look like a fool if she had won veto. She then tells Christian and he says he could have backdoored Derek X last week but he did not. And Derek X is a coward for not giving him a fighting chance.


Xavier is talking to Derek X and he says so it is definitely a King going home? Derek X says yes. Xavier says Christian is a close ally and if he gets a chance to take a shot at Derek he will and he will not miss.


Derek X is talking to Alyssa and SB and he says he is considering other options. SB tells him to do what is good for his game. That is what you are supposed to when you are HOH and she does not want him changing his mind.


Alyssa gives Derek X a guarantee and Christian joins and he says it has to be a Joker. It could be anyone really, it does not matter. SB tells him he has to take the shot after Alyssa and Christian leave. She says they are coming after him either way.


Derek X says there is a lot of risk and if he misses he might as well pack his bags the same night and go home. Xavier says someone has gotten in his ear and if Christian goes, then Derek X lost his shield.


Christian says this is the worst position anyone could be in at this point and he has to find a way out of this or he is going up as a replacement nominee.


It is time for the veto meeting! Christian wants to talk to Derek Real quick and Hannah is in the SR with them and he wants to convince Derek X to put up Big D. He says he would a shield for Derek X. He says they have to come after each other eventually, but not now.


Derek X says what is happening here? He says the repercussions of this one move will affect his entire game this summer. Now he is questioning if backdooring Christian is the best move for his game. 


Will Derek X backdoor Christian? And who will be evicted? Find out tomorrow night on Big Brother!

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