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Saturday, August 14, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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In 2005, a fortune cookie company called Wonton Food Inc. correctly foretold lottery numbers, resulting in 110 winners and an investigation. No fraud was involved.
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1:20AM BBT

It's the wee hours of the morning and the HGs are still awake with house lights on despite their declaration they will go to sleep early. Hannah and Tiff are whispering in the parlor where Tiff says as an empath she just can't take on Azah's emotions "they are too heavy for me."

Big D is telling the YBR ladies (Brit and Azah)  goodnight and they are settling for slumber.


Kyland is talking to the cameras, so I'm going to take one for the team and listen in trying my best to decipher:


"All of us said hey, that if we find ourselves in this situation where the other members of the 6 couldn't save me, for example, I would tell them don't vote for me, don't expose yourself. The fact the we are all willing to sacrifice our own personal game should mean that we are willing to sacrifice someone else's personal game. In some ways there is absolutely no damage because we have a loyalty that is potentially stronger than any other we've seen, exception of family members and married couples. We are all playing very different games and we have other relationships with people that are stronger than some in our group....Oh, and someone said I might be the first African American male to do two HoH's in a season. I don't know if that's true. That would be exciting. Insane. I wouldn't mind three. I don't know though....someone could put two of us up (two from the Cookout together)....*mumbling and munching snackage* Wow! That is scary. *more munching snackage* Wow! I need to be on the block or..*more munching snackage*...Wow.....we need.....*more munching snackage*....Damn! DX is somebody who I want to take to 7 because he is almost probably the most dangerous to take to 7. That's the conflict. If he goes to 7...*more munching snackage*...I don't know. If DX was battle back, couldn't stay by himself. Also, what's up family? It's Friday night. I'm also HoH. You may see me on the live feeds. (he shouts out family and friends)...my accountability team...*more munching snackage*...what's up? This shit. It's insane. *more munching snackage* I miss everyone. Yeah, truly. I really do. *more munching snackage* What's up Justin? Brett, are you up on Friday night watching live feeds? *more munching snackage* I got all my team lined up. Hopefully, tonight can be the night you are up watching live feeds. *more munching snackage* Tara, this letter..*more munching snackage* means literally. You are freakin'...Oh my gosh. I hope Sarah Beth is awesome in real life. I don't know. You're gorgeous. We're gorgeous. Miss you. Tell my mom I miss her and I've been calling her out on live feeds. Oh man, next week I'm going to do this. So this...."(he begins rereading the letter)...

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Ky begins looking at the photos.

"Taraaaaaa. Tara Kelly. I love you. You're the best. You're so good. (he shows the pics to the cameras...sorry y'all, my computer is still at Geek Squad so I can't grab pics) Don't worry, Sarah Beth has not replaced you. Mom, love you. Miss you." He rereads his mom's letter aloud....

1:33AM BBT

"Okay, anyway, so more behind the scene stuff...show is fun, costume is dope, but it is messing up my hair. (shouts out his hairstylist Janaye Diggs in LA) My hair is getting long. I'm struggling. I've been here by myself for over a month. I'm trying...What else?  *more munching snackage* Um, what else is there? I hope Journey is doing well. I love you Journey. Wish I had a Journey picture. I think that Carter....I miss him. Christian and Brett....I hope you guys are doing fantastic. I hope you get to watch. It's dope. Who else to talk to who is listening. It is tough, too. None of these relationships are fake. I think it's a weird thing for people to understand. I genuinely love everyone. But someone has to leave every week. That's just how the game works. Honestly, like I said, if this was a year where the cast looked like normal (he means majority white) and we didn't have this opportunity, I wouldn't find myself in this situation. But, since...we get to be representative of the diversity within. Even within the African American community. Think about how different we all are me, Derek, Azah, X. There is vast diversity within groups. I think there are people who might be watching this season and trying to call it something negative and derogatory and say what the Cookout, what the 6 are doing is some reverse racism or something like that. I think that's extremely ignorant and hypocritical. But I understand why you might think that because if you have grown up with either internalized racism, or if you have grown up with very little awareness of racism, as most white people in America tend to in a lot of ways... I don't mean racist in the KKK sense , but the more general one; implicit bias, prejudice and racism... those cases." (Ky takes off his donkey head and uses is hair as a "perfect example" mentioning The Crown Act and how in America people can do the same thing to their hair but one wakes up with hair like Christian's and some wake up with hair like his even after treating it the exact same way with the same products, or lack of, and see one way as more acceptable than the other) "That's obviously changing which is great because we are seeing more diversity in all things. It is worth taking a look at, though, like the Fortune 500 (he brings up how tall they are because people tend to believe taller people are smarter or greater) "Anyway, my point is, when I look at this and I'm like Yo, David or Bayleigh or that's what blows my mind...if you are looking at Christian or Brent as being at a disadvantage, I mean that's like every year on the show. (meaning it's been that way for people of color) "It's not like people latch on to each other just because of race. People latch on to each other because of shared experiences, and because of getting along.  It just so happens that the 6 of us have a shared experience. That is unique. That's how we find ourselves here. And that's how we find ourselves committed to the goal. Because if this were BB24 or a past one, it would be a very different game. We would not be playing this way. We would be playing our own games. We would be happy for each other but wouldn't be locked into this purpose. But we (Cookout being POC) wanted to play for a purpose. For us, we just wanted to look into a purpose that was larger than our own individual purposes. Because I know that when I see someone achieve that looks more like me or more like Chaddha (Hannah) or more like Azah, or more like Big D, like those representations of achievement matter. And for us to collaborate like this in like one of the games where it is hardest to trust people in the world.... It's very special and damn, I'm proud to be a part of it."


1:41AM BBT

Ky has a moment of paranoia and gets up to check the shower and loo for a listening HG. He then gets more candy and says he has to get to bed because there is a veto tomorrow. He says the costume is fun but it's the worst part of the punishment. "I'm almost done. ....if my family is watching, I am sorry for the language...thank you to the friends who wrote me letters prior to me coming out here. Thank you to The Alchemist my entertainment in..."(he read it when "in isolation" before the season started)


2:15AM BBT

Ky finally settles into bed for some sleep. The house is dark and silent.


8:01AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles for Wakey Wakey


8:13AM BBT

The feeds return to HGs moaning and groaning, stretching and complaining as they try to get up out of bed and get this Power of Veto competition day started.


8:35AM BBT

Most of the HGs are still in bed. I see SB up and about in the YBR getting clothes, "You got this Big D"

Big D- thank you SB

Brit stretches in bed, "Is the veto ceremony at 9?"

Big D sighs "I don't know, you think so"

Brit says it's always been between 8 and 9:15


8:46AM BBT

Azah says the house feels like a pressure cooker "I need to go outside. Going outside calms me down."

Azah says she needs to take a shower nd Big D suggests she go lay down in the bathroom to claim her place in line. She says she needs meds for her stomach.

Big D is walking through some thoughts he has on his speech and says "I know my dad is watching over me."

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Brit- great speech

Big D asks if there will be a lockdown

Azah says it depends on the competition. Big D says this might be one they can't watch to keep everyone on pins and needles since there are bets. He asks Brit if she got music when she was by herself

Brit- no way; you sit in silence

Big D- damn

8:55AM BBT

In the living room, Xavier, Azah and Brit are talking about all wearing black 

[I think it was Big D's request as a Joker unity]

Xavier says he will go out in a red shirt.

X- only 4 people can place bets because only 4 people played...after the players are picked..alright, I guess we'll see. That's interesting though, that's it's gonna be public. A private would be...

Brit- yeah more enticing

X- a private bet would be better..the crazy thing about this power is the fact that it makes it where the two original nominees could be replaced

Brit- correct

X- and that's some basically....force the HoH to be in a position where he has to put two people he never even intended to nominate

Brit- correct; oh, it's just crazy

X- and then everybody out here lying about their money; at this point, I don't even care

Brit- I don't care either


Just an added note about Have-Nots for this week. Kyland reported that BB said no Have-Nots Thursday night but they could come into play after veto.

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9:20AM BBT  WBRB Bubbles


9:22AM BBT Feeds return (likely were out to wake up Tiffany because veto picks are soon)


9:26AM BBT

Alyssa is still asleep in the YBR when Brit starts making a lot of noise while popping her joints.

Alyssa rolls over

Brit- Oh my God, I forgot Alyssa is still sleeping

Brit puts her pink tutu on over her black athletic wear, "I love tutus"

Brit- I would 100% wear a tutu 24 hours a day in this house


Azah is removing nail polish from Xavier's nails in the bathroom. SB is doing ADLs. Someone is in the shower.

Sarge- Azah, please reposition your (inaudible but I think transmitter)

Azah- I don't know where I'm gonna put it.

She says she will ask production for help

9:32AM BBT

SB is trimming her bangs with scissors in the bathroom


X enters the YBR. X says if he doesnt get picked for veto he better get to host. They are speculating again that it will be the slip-n-slide.

Azah enters the YBR and bangs her shin. "Y'all ain't shit. Y'all didn't move one muscle"

Big D- I don't have the emotional stability to help you. I'm on the block. I'm just shocked. I'm like, alright is this a joke.  (LOL)

X- I've been sayin it since day one and no one is listening to me. Pick your own people. I think players are about to be picked here in a second.


9:41AM BBT

In the YBR, Azah, Big D and X are talking about sitting in the sun. Azah likes tanning. X says he hates tanning because half his family is white and when he was little they would go to the beach then come back and take pictures and he was just teeth. (claiming he got too dark for photos)


9:43AM BBT

We get Bubbles then quickly to RCHS for veto picks

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10:18AM BBT

The feeds return after the veto picks.

Brit and Azah are both playing in PoV

Ky chose Alyssa for houseguest choice. He is apologizing to SB

*There was a second pull and Claire and Big D might not be playing veto

Stay tuned, I'm actively investigating for veto players..

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10:41AM BBT

In the coral reef bedroom, DX and Hannah are talking about the picks (keep in mind there was a veto draw, a possible 2nd veto draw and HGs placing bets on the veto...so there is a lot to discover, here)

Hannah- I am so jealous

DX- Claire bet on Kyland, Derek F. bet on Britini

They feel like it doesn't make sense that Big D picked Britini (I saw Big D hug Brit while saying "houseguest choice")

Hannah- he should have picked Kyland

DX points out to Hannah, "Ky has never done what he's expected to do"

Hannah- yeah


DX- If we say ALyssa is  the best move....he is all about making the least obvious move. He always does random moves.

[Okay, it sounds like there are two PoV's]

Hannah- If Alyssa wins, Ky bet on Alyssa, so he would have to use the second power of veto first

DX- and use it on Claire and replace with Brit

Hannah- Brit goes home. Worst case scenario would be noms stay the same and Claire goes home. Okay, so SB bet on Azah

10:44AM BBT

Hannah- I just don't think Ky wants to take out Lyssa this week. I think he's too scared to because of X

DX says there is no way he is closer to Alyssa and X than he is to DX and Claire

Hannah- I don't think he is close to anyone. He is playing Derrick's game (she is talking about Derrick Levasseur from BB16)


Claire comes in DX tells them he was mouthing to Ky to pick Alyssa. Alyssa is the worst case scenario. Who bet on you>

Claire- no one

DX- who bet on Ky

Claire- me..I think he's gonna pick the BB Bucks or the cash prize

DX- he thinks he is gonna win the whole thing


Playing for PoV today: Kyland, Claire, Derek F. Azah, Brit, Alyssa 


Hannah- if you or DF wins the second power of veto is going to be floating in the air. You have to win.

DX- worst case scenario Azah wins. 2nd worse, Alyssa wins.

Hannah- if Alyssa wins then Ky could take you down and replace with Brit. So if Alyssa wins, Brit goes home.


10:53AM BBT

DX says the only thing he trusts in Ky is that he plays logically. "And he has a big ego"

Claire- you think

Hannah- huge ego

They all agree that Ky will go hard to win OTEV because he wants to win it.

Sarge- Derek X, please go to the diary room downstairs

DX- I'm not even playing today. WHat the heck.

DX leaves


The veto competition today is OTEV. A cash prize and a prize of BB Bucks will be included. Hannah and DX were talking about "not being a David" and taking the cash prize. Earlier Derek X said he manifested this comp today.

All of the veto players are hard core studying for the OTEV competition.

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11:30AM BBT

In the bathroom Tiffany asks ALyssa how she is feeling. Alyssa says she is nervous because she wasn't expecting anyone to bet one her. Tiff tells her she is hatin' on her (she is jealous to miss out on playing OTEV) and that after hearing the music she was thinking it would be okay because she wants to just listen to the songs


In the YBR, Azah is talking about Tiffany being bitter, "In this game, you can't expect nobody to have your back...nobody. Nobody."

Big D says he trusts her.

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12:17PM BBT

Tiff and Claire are whispering in the coral reef room about Ky and how you never know what he is going to do.

Claire- logically, it makes sense to come after me; I'm definitely coming after him

Tiff- he will lose DX and I'll pick him up; but if he loses DX will he go to the Kings

Claire- absolutely...I think the Jokers will still come to guys to go after him

Tiff- because they can't beat him

They discuss that the Jokers need to be split up. They prefer Brit go home.


Hannah joins them

Tiff- you or him need to win it

Claire- me or Ky win or that's it

Hannah- I'm pretty sure that Britini is the target after speaking with Ky

They go through each scenario together. They agree that they do not want DF to win.

Claire- I don't think he can win

Hannah tells Claire that Ky and Alyssa have been strategizing upstairs.

Claire- should I go up there?

Hannah- well, Ky did say he wants to talk to you

Hannah tells Claire that they were talking about starting in the back looking for the pieces and working their way forward "I told them to take time making their pile"

Claire- oh, so you don't think I should make a pile

Hannah- I think you should do the opposite of what they are doing

Claire says she will stay in the middle

Hannah- Oh and Alyssa is gonna hand her right pieces to Ky if she finds two

Claire- so not me *laughs* Okay 

Hannah- not you

Claire- so they want the  second veto to be used

Hannah- yeah

Claire-I am the only person playing for myself. Fuck. Maybe I should have picked myself so people would have an incentive to win


12:35PM BBT

Hannah repeats their plan: they are starting in the back corners and plan to hand off their pieces to each other if they get duplicates "they are wasting time gathering piles and you're in the middle so you can go faster"

Claire- do you think I should just go for the goop or somewhere else?

Hannah tells her to stay in the middle and do what they (Alyssa and Ky) are not doing because if she does what they are doing, Ky will be the fastest up the ramp and Alyssa the 2nd fastest. Hannah told Alyssa to use momentum to get up the wall and not use the rope, but that won't work because Alyssa doesn't weigh enough

Hannah- he has such a big ego that he is going to try and win and you are guaranteed to come off the block

Claire- I'm gonna try to win this one. I can win it. I can beat all those people in this

Tiff- there is none of them smarter or stronger than all of you



Hannah tells Tiff and Claire that Ky told her "this is what you're gonna do" and wants her to use hand signs for the answers to the questions

Tiff- he wouldn't throw it would he? It wouldn't benefit him, right?

Hannah thinks if it's down to Ky and Alyssa, he would throw it. Hannah says Alyssa doesn't know her game facts well. She tells Claire to look to her for help and she will use the same hand signs that Ky suggested.

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Hannah- you got this, and even if you don't beat Ky, you come off the block

Claire- I know

Hannah- Am I crazy or do you think DX is a little too trusting of Ky

Claire- yes, absolutely

They say they have to trust Ky because he is HoH and DX thinks Ky wants to take him to the end.

Claire tells Hannah that Ky is worried about a girl winning

Hannah- oh so he has turned into Big D

Claire- Yes, and he has been since week 2. Ky does not want to bring a girl to the end. He thinks he wn't turn on DX but will turn on all of us girls.

Hannah- Makes sense

Claire tells them that DX is convinced that if you betray or go against someone they will never vote for you in jury "I told him that's not how this works." Tiff says he only watched two seasons....the wrong seasons.


12:48PM BBT

[I'm out for now -MamaLong]

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1:03PM BBT Bid D is asleep and X is messing with him while Azah watches & laughs . He begins by trying to get something out of his pocket. Then he crawls up on the edge of the blue couch and dangles gauze over him.  He wakes up and X jumps off and starts yelling shin pain.



X: Come on now, I know someone in this house is lying about being a Doctor. I need a Doctor.  My shin, my shin. Azah, leans over and pats him and says I can’t be unsympathetic, see I am a caring person. It hurts when you get no sympathy.  Big 😧 Come on now girl I thought you hit your pinky toe. Azah: No, I hit my shin and it hurts.  Oh X you have a little skiddy.




1:12PM BBT Big D falls back to sleep and X is untying his shoe then tying the strings together then sneaks out the room then comes back in. X gets call into the DR and it wakes Big D up. Azah tells Big D can you help me with something. Brit is now there and asks what you need Azah. She says I need Big D.  Big D says she thinks I don’t know my shoes are tied together. Girl, I am from the hood I feel everything.


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3:30PM BBT

The HGs are just waiting around for the veto competition.

SB is crying to Kyland in the coral reef room. Hannah and Tiffany are whispering in the sea glass bedroom. When Ky walks through, they pretend to be asleep.


3:39PM BBT

Claire (AKA "The Duke of Decks") and Derek X (AKA "Baby D" or "DX") are in the parlor. Dx has his head in her lap and she is brushing through his hair with her fingers.


3:43PM BBT

Ky passes back through the sea glass room and stops to chat with Tiff and Hannah. They ask if Ky got a swimsuit version of his punishment costume. Ky says he isn't sure.




3:58PM BBT

Tiffany is going to braid Alyssa's hair for the comp.  

Tiff- How do you feel about playing OTEV?

Alyssa says he feels good. SHe thinks she has the running, searching and climbing. "My only concern is understanding what the fuck OTEV is saying."

Alyssa- if one of them three are in it and I don't know it, I might look to you three. I want to look out for Claire's back.

Tiff- Thank you.


4:04PM BBT

Alyssa tells Tiff she could braid her hair more now that Christian is gone. Tiff says he got her brain going coming up with new designs.

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4:06PM BBT

Back in the parlor, DX tells Claire that they have to get her off the block before Thursday. 

They are writing in the plush fabric of the parlor sofa bed

DX- this game would be easier if we had pen and paper

[That's true DX, but then we don't get to discover how creative HGs can get in trying to develop a system to study and strategize  -MamaLong]

Claire says Xavier doesn't want to have a spoken allegiance in the game

DX says X is a passive player. Claire says being friends in this game is actual strategy.

Claire says it's not good to have an alliance named after yourself because if it gets blown up you can't deny being in the alliance. They laugh about Frenchie's Kisses.

Claire asks DX what he thinks Ky's real job is. Claire thinks he is a lawyer. 

DX doesn't think so "he was just playing being a mock attorney"


4:16PM BBT

Ky- I heard it. I heard it.

Ky heads up to the parlor and tells Bay D and Claire that he heard a clothes rack in the SR

Claire- it's almost time


Brit tells Tiffany in the sea glass room that she is nervous but excited. "They brought the rack in the storage room."

Tiff is quickly braiding Britini's hair before the comp.


4:18PM BBT

Azah is trying to get in the SR. Brit yells to her that they are putting their comp clothes in there. 

Azah- oh darn

She wanted a protein shake before the comp

Tiff- drink a lot of water


The HGs begin speculating about what character OTEV will be this season. They think OTEV will be a casino dealer.

Big D tells everyone he told Azah and Brit to both wear black so they could all wear black and manifest they would all get to play today. (Well done, Big D) He has everyone laughing as he degrades himself "He can't win nothing. Stop it! Stop it! Trying to send me home. I'm like this Derek not this Derek (pointing at Baby D)."

Baby D- I am praying to the wrong God apparently


4:23PM BBT WBRB Bubbles then quickly to RCHS for the veto comp


[I'll be watching for their return and report back as quickly as possible, y'all.  -MamaLong]

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In the Storage Room, X is congratulating Alyssa, "Go ahead girl! You were first for like every one!"

Alyssa said she found all of hers in that one area.


In the YBR, Azah says this game is frustrating and says she thinks "she" will tell Ky

Big D- I'm not worried about that punk ass bitch

Azah heads off for the shower.


6:27PM BBT

In the coral reef room, Tiff, Claire and DX are pissed that Ky didn't throw at

DX- I'm pissed because ALyssa...this comp is so luck based




Ky also has a veto necklace, so there were two PoVs afterall.

6:37PM BBT

Ky assures Claire in the HoHR that he will use his veto on her.


6:40PM BBT

In the SR, Brit tells X that she is pissed because she knows the PoVs won't be used and this means that Big D will go home


6:42PM BBT

 In the HoHR, Ky tells Big D that he will have Alyssa use her veto and he will put up Azah next to Britini.

Big D- so you want to use it and take off Claire

Ky confirms and says once Brit is gone, no one is putting them up

Ky says everyone is putting him (Ky) up "no one is using you guys."

Ky is ecstatic that this power has been used up.

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6:55PM BBT

Alyssa tells Claire in the bathroom that she will not use the veto unless Ky asks her to "because I have no one now and I'm trying to build some trust."


6:58PM BBT

Big D is in the HoHR bathroom talking with Ky while Ky takes his 2nd shower. Big D tells Ky that Brit is the only girl that can beat Alyssa. Kyland strongly disagrees.


Ky bet on Alyssa, so that's why he won the second veto.


[The HGs know that Ky threw it to Alyssa so many will assume they are working together. Other than The Cookout, Ky will now be the house target. -ML] 


7:06PM BBT

Just out of the shower, Claire tells Alyssa "thank goodness the OTEV curse was broken." 

[Cody broke the OTEV curse in BB22]


7:18PM BBT

Derek X talks with Chaddha alone in the SR. He says he wants to replace Kyland with Xavier. He knows he can't trust Kyland.

DX- Honestly, I'm pissed he put up Claire

Hannah- I called it at the beginning of the week. I said the four of them have a deal. 

DX- I know


7:19PM BBT

Azah is whispering to Xavier in the YBR telling him she threw it to Britini so she could save the whole team. "I always check in with you and with people to say hey is this something. Britini said it makes sense and Derek said it makes sense. We need to leave her as an option.

Xavier- Okay, thanks for telling me

Big D walks in and X leaves

Azah- he was trying to understand why I did what I did

Big D- Oh, well everything you did was right

Sarah Beth comes into the YBR 

Azah- Sarah Beth, I'm sorry. I hope you understand me throwing it to Britini

Sarah Beth says she completely understands because it gives them safety.

Big D- I'm okay going home, if I'm leaving. I feel I did the best I could

Azah- I'm proud of you

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7:30PM BBT

Big D, SB, and Azah are talking about the OTEV accent sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger

7:35PM BBT Big D tells SB he is worried now that there are two vetoes

SB says it's good since he has two people to talk to and convince to save him

Big D says he did the best he could "If it's my time it's my time. I have no problem going and have a sip of liquor

SB- you get liquor in the jury house?

Big D- I fucking hope so

*WBRB Bubbles


7:55PM BBT

Ky and Alyssa are talking in the HoHR. Ky and Alyssa both have cuts on their knees.

Ky asks how she feels

Alyssa- as long as SB and X are good, I'm down to do what you want

Ky- okay

Alyssa says she is now a loner so she needs to align with someone.

Alyssa says it's probably better that she not know what he's doing.  

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8:02PM BBT: Brit is teary eyed while getting a pep talk from Big D where he is telling her she is never playing a character, she has been herself from day 1.  She wants to know why are the Jokers always the pawns?

8:11PM BBT: Hannah, DX and Tiff were whispering in the HNR and heard a noise so dispersed quickly. They found  X waiting outside of the HOHR and DX stopped to wait with him while the others moved on downstairs.

8:21PM BBT: The cams are all back on HOHR/Ky and Alyssa talking about the duos in the house.   Ky asked that he and SB be given consideration for safety next week.

8:25PM BBT:  X makes his way into the HOHR. (there's a line waiting) X fills him in on why Azah threw the comp to Brit  (she didn't know Big D volunteered for block, etc). lots of fast talk back and forth between the two.

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8:47PM BBT: Alyssa is talking with Big D, Azah and Britini about the showmances now how what was  told to Christian may or may not have been the same as told to others. (telephone game?) 

8:55PM BBT: Alyssa takes X to the HNR and tells him that she and Ky agreed that it was best she not know Ky's plan so she won't have to lie to anyone.  She'll find out tomorrow night if it'll be used and then Mon AM who's going up so she can prep.

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