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Big Brother Season 23-HOH and Nominations Week 5

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Previously, on Big Brother, the secret royal flush alliance of the kings and queens and a single ace were the dominant force in the game. But a seemingly more powerful group was operating undetected, and Tiffany had a master plan to get the Cookout to the end.

With Whitney and Hannah as possible targets for HOH Christian, the cookout worked to protect one of their own which Sarah Beth pushed back on putting her in Tiffanys line of fire.

At the final wild card competition, Claire secured safety until jury. It was Hannah vs Whitney at the live eviction, and the house made the makeup artist take a powder. With the team twist terminated, it was every HG for him or herself on the quest for power.

Who will win this epic battle of endurance and who will be put on the chopping block? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 30 at the start of the Head of Household competition. Britini is excited that teams are over and the wild card comp is officially banished. Christian says his HOH went exactly as planned and he is stoked and he would love Alyssa to win so he knows he is safe.


Xavier says he does not need to win this HOH, but he cannot make it look like he is not going for it. Alyssa says this is her comp and Christian is her ride or die so she has to win to secure their safety.


Derek F wants to win this HOH competition so badly and he knows this comp is for him and he slides off after 9 minutes. He hopes someone from the Cookout wins so he can feel safe this week.


Derek X says the worst part of this by far is the rain because it is so cold. He says there is a big target on his back so for his own game he is going to hold on. Tiffany is working to get the cookout and their pawns and Alyssa is not part of that group.


Azah says this competition is going to be difficult because she does terrible in the cold. Some passengers above are getting seasick and we see green goo fall on their heads. Hannah says it is a mess and she cannot see anything because stuff is filling her goggles.


Claire says it is so cold and it hurts and she is not going to stay up there because she is safe until jury. She falls at 29 minutes. Sarah Beth says everyone else is flat and calm and she thinks she is safe because the former Kings will protect her.


Hannah falls right after Sarah Beth at the 42 minute mark. Hannah is rooting for Derek X or any member of the Cookout. Kyland says this is crazy difficult because the wall will not stop leaning forward and the handle grips are slippery. Kyland falls after 57 minutes.


Tiffany, Azah, Xavier, Derek X, Alyssa, and Britini are left. Britini wants to win because she is tired of being a pawn. She is sore and in pain but she is trying to keep her mind right. She falls at 1 hour and 4 minutes and she is disappointed.


Tiffany says Alyssa is looking strong and that is making her nervous because that could jeopardize her plan. She is hoping Alyssa will just fall.


Azah falls at the 1 hour and 15 minute park and she is hoping Tiffany or Xavier win this. Derek X does not think he is a big risk this week but he does not want to take any chances and he wants control. Tiffany falls at the 1 hour and 16 minute mark and she is upset.


Alyssa, Derek X, and Xavier are the only ones left. Xavier is not here to win this competition, he is here to win this game and he had to throw this at the right moment. Alyssa promises Derek X and Hannah safety, but he does not want to give this HOH to Alyssa.


The wall tilts and Derek X says let us get through this. Alyssa says she cannot let go and she does not know how much more she can offer Derek X. Alyssa starts to struggle and she falls at 1 hour and 20 minutes and she is so disappointed because she really wanted it.


Tiffany says she is excited. She thought she was going to go have to push her off the wall. Xavier and Derek X start talking and Derek X says Xavier already had it. Xavier says it is time to officially throw the competition, but first let us make sure Xavier is safe.


Xavier falls after 1 hour and 23 minutes. Derek X wins HOH and Hannah is so excited! Derek X says this is the best he has felt in this house and it feels amazing. Xavier made a deal with Derek and he will try to make the rest of the former Kings safe.


Alyssa is so defeated. She feels good about Derek X winning and she thinks he knows the best move is to keep taking people out who are not part of the Royal Flush.


The HG head inside and Derek X is excited he has the power. He has to decide to go the easy route and put up two jokers or take a shot at the Kings. Alyssa is crying and she says she sucks at comps, but she feels good with Derek X.


Hannah and Derek X are in the SR and they celebrate and jump and hug. Hannah could not be more thrilled. She is over the moon so happy. She knows her name has been in Sarah Beth’s mouth and Christian put her on the block. She wants to be in DX’s ear.


Derek X tells Hannah about the deal he and Xavier made and then he tells her that Xavier says after they fell that the Kings should stay safe. Christian says he would not go up but he might go up as a backdoor. Alyssa says she made a deal with him.


Sarah Beth does not think DX will put any of them up and she says she cleared the air with Hannah. She is pretty sure Hannah knows about SB saying her name last week and she pitched to her about maybe working together. She thinks Hannah is a smart player.


Xavier tells Christian that he told Derek that the Kings should be safe. Christian says he feels good about that. Derek is talking to Tiffany and Claire and he explains the deals he made with Alyssa and Xavier. Tiffany says things could get a little tricky this week.


Derek X is talking to Hannah and she says they can talk. DX is thinking about going after Christian because of his competition wins. He needs to take a shot before Christian comes after him. DX says he wants to backdoor him and Tiffany mentions the Royal Flush.


Hannah says what is the Royal Flush? Talk continues about taking a shot at Christian and Tiffany says they will figure it out. DX says he cannot have Christian in the veto competition so he has to figure out nominations. When Tiff left, Hannah asks about the Royal Flush.


DX tells Hannah the flush is over and that it was just a one week thing to keep them safe. DX says he did not even reveal that, Tiff did! Hannah is talking to Tiff about the alliance and Tiff is realizing she made a mistake and she has to downplay the alliance.


Azah and Derek F are talking and Azah says her flaw is her face. Her face reveals all her emotions and she needs to work on that or it could affect her game. Derek F says her face is a book and he is teaching her to put a book covering on her book.


DX and X are talking and DX says he made a deal with X before he fell and then after he tried to make a deal to keep the Kings safe. DX wants to clarify the deal and X says he would like to keep his former team safe, but it is DX’s HOH.


X is confused because the former Kings are part of the Royal Flush so he does not understand why they are even options. X tells DX that nominations would affect the Royal Flush and DX asks what he would do if he were HOH and he tosses out Britini.


DX asks SB who she would like to see safe and she says the Royal Flush obviously. She says she also had a great conversation with Hannah this week. DX asks if he guarantees safety to SB what could she do for him and she says she is tight with everyone in the alliance.


DX pitches SB as a pawn and asks how she would feel and she would not be ok with that and she wanted to make that clear to him. DX says putting up SB as a pawn could do more harm than good and he is not there to make enemies this week.


Big D is asleep in the lounge. Xavier says he can sleep anywhere. Any place you can lie down, Big D has slept there. If there is a sleeping competition, Big D is winning it for sure. Big D thinks he can break a world record for napping.


Big D is talking to DX and he says he is nervous. DX is not sure if putting up SB is a good move and he wants to backdoor Christian. He needs to figure out the best combination of pawns that will not blow up in his face after this week. Big D says he needs to take his shot.


DX asks Big D if he would be willing to go up as a pawn. Big D says his worst fear is that someone would take advantage to get him out because of his social game. We see Azah says she would not be willing to go up as a pawn.


DX asks Britini if she would go up as a pawn. Britini says her luck might be running out so she is not crazy about that. DX does not know what he can do. He asks Britini who she would be comfortable sitting next to and she says any King.


DX is talking to Hannah. He says he has a target and he is just trying to figure out pawns. Hannah says he and Christian are the two biggest competitors and she thinks Christian would come after him. Hannah’s goal is to strongly consider SB as a pawn.


Hannah says if Christian were to stay and SB were to go, that would actually be more beneficial for her. DX says this decision is impossible to make and maybe he should have stayed on that wall. He says this could be a big move and he has no idea what the right answer is.


It is time for nominations! Derek X’s first nominee is…Sarah Beth. His second nominee is…Britini. He nominated them because he believes this is the best move for his personal game.


Sarah Beth is mad and she did not think he would take a shot this early but she will try her best to win veto. Britini says she is the only person that has been on the block three times and she wants to win veto so bad to prove she can win a competition.


DX wants to backdoor Christian and if it does not go according to plan, he is ok getting SB out. Christian does not understand why SB is on the block and he could have put up anyone not in their alliance and he took the shot.

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