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Big Brother Season 23-Veto Comp and Ceremony Week 4

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Previously, on Big Brother, the HG are playing in teams and the Royal Flush alliance between the kings and queens and one of the aces is dominating. There was also the six person Cookout alliance flying under the radar.

With targets shifting it seemed everyone wanted to gun for the Kings. But when Christian became HOH, it was the Kings who would be calling the shots. Whitney and Hannah were on Christians hitlist putting Xavier in an awkward spot.

At the final wildcard comp of the season, Clare punched her ticket to jury. With the Royal Flush wanting to solidify nominees, the Cookout tried to shield Hannah from the line of fire which raised red flags with Sarah Beth.

The King needed a pawn, so he held court with Hannah, and she made promises to made sure she wouldn’t be targeted. At the nomination ceremony, Christian had two aces up his sleeve.

Tonight, will the POV save Hannah or Whitney from the block? Plus, is the royal flush alliance beginning to crumble? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 17 after the nomination ceremony and Christian nominated Whitney and Hannah. Whitney was coming after the Kings and Hannah is her teammate so it takes away a vote to save Whitney.


Whitney feels blindsided and backstabbed and she is confused right now. She thought she had a good relationship with the kings and now she is on the block. She did not expect things to be this difficult.


Hannah says being on the block is not ideal. But she does believe she is the pawn this week and fingers crossed. If she finds out he is targeting her then he will go after her.


Derek X was expecting to see Whitney, but he didn’t expect Hannah. He says he doesn’t want to lose a teammate and he is in a tough spot. Xavier is hoping he can make it clear to Christian to keep Whitney as the target so he can keep Hannah safe.


Alyssa was hoping Christian and everyone else would target Hannah and she is hoping they will decide who is best to go home. Sarah Beth thinks Hannah is a way better target and she is going to fight for that.


Xavier says if Whitney stays she will be mad. Sarah Beth says Christian has to make the decision best for his game. Christian has decided Whitney needs to be the target because Hannah made a convincing argument.


Sarah Beth says Xavier is happy Christian made a decision and she notices Xavier wants to keep Hannah. She is not happy with the decision but she knows she has to keep the target off her back.


Hannah is talking to Christian and he reassures her that she is the pawn and Whitney is the target. Christian tells her to lay low and she says no one should ever feel too comfortable or too safe. She still needs to compete her heart out for the veto to keep herself safe.


Xavier is talking to Whitney and Whitney says she is about a 10 on the anger scale. Xavier checks in on her because they have become friends. Whitney says X has been her favorite person in the house and he asks her if she threw out targeting the Kings.


Whitney denies saying she would target the Kings and we see the clip of her saying one of the Kings has to go. Whitney says again that Xavier has been her favorite person in the house. She says she is shocked because everyone wanted to target the kings.


Whitney is talking to Christian and she tells him Xavier explained why she was on the block. She denies saying their games. We see Derek F putting Whtiney’s name out. She says she is confused and she starts to get emotional and Christian apologizes.


Christian says Whitney keeps denying she put their name out there but he knows she is lying. He says he hates to see her cry but he has to see her go. Whitney says she has to win this veto or she will be the one going home.


Britini and Sarah Beth are doing water aerobics and Christian comes out and just does a backflip. Then Britini asks if he can do burpees and do backflips and he does several. Britini says he is an athletic beast and if he is not careful, he will hit everyone’s radar.


Whitney is massaging Xavier’s hands and Hannah says she is protective of her big brother. Azah has a crush on Xavier and she does not like to share and she wants Whitney out of the house. She says maybe it is petty, but it is what she is.


Azah is talking to Xavier and she says she feels like she is in middle school and she is a kid and she is not sure she wants to tell him. She then tells him he has a crush on her and tells him she is jealous.


X says she is stunning and her personality is amazing, but he did not come here for a showmance. He cannot get caught in his feels and operation nomance has not changed.


Xavier and Azah continue talking but the topic changes to Christian’s target and that it stays on Whitney. Azah wants to play and win POV and keep nominations the same so no one on her team is at risk as a replacement nominee.


Whitney is talking to Derek X and he tells her he had no idea who would be nominated. He says he feels like their team is being targeted. Derek X wants to play and hopes to win so they have a chance of getting through the week.


Derek X says if he had a magic wand he would do everything he could to keep Hannah and Whitney safe. But the only way it happens is if he gets picked to play and if he wins veto.


Hannah tells Derek X she is on the block so she is going to mope a bit. She says if she gets HG choice she will pick him to play because she trusts him. Hannah would not want to pick someone from the Cookout because it might put them on someone’s radar.


Derek X is talking to Alyssa and he tells her he was most surprised about Hannah and Alyssa says they just wanted to target one team and Hannah was the clear pawn. Alyssa says Christian would ask him not to use veto if he were to win.


Derek X says he is in a tricky spot right now. If he does win the veto, Christian will want him to not use the veto. But his teammate, Hannah, will want him to use it to save her. But first he has to get picked to play.


It is time to pick players for the veto competition! Christian hopes Derek X will get picked to play. Christian draws Clare. She is excited to play and she does not need to win but she wants to keep noms the same and send Whitney out this week.


Hannah is hoping to pick Derek X. Hannah draws HG choice and selects Derek X. Whitney feels a little betrayed and she is on her own. Whitney draws Azah. Azah is excited to play and she really wants to keep nominations the same.


Tiffany and Hannah are talking about Sarah Beth’s reaction to not getting drawn. Tiffany says Sarah Beth was very adamant that Hannah should be a target and she wants to give Hannah a heads up to watch her back.


Tiffany tells Hannah that Sarah Beth is way smart and Hannah says hearing about SB motivates her even more to gun for that veto because she does not want to take the chance that votes could get flipped against her. She just needs to win.


It is time for the veto competition! They have to roll a volley ball up a ramp and go under a net and catch it on the other side. They will get a point every time they successfully get their ball, but if it drops they lose a point. First to 100 wins!


Whitney says winning veto is very important. Hannah does not want to have to rely on Derek X. Christian says this week, the nominations cannot change so someone he trusts needs to win and he does not trust anyone as much as he trusts himself.


The HG are trying to figure out the right rhythm to get the ball going. Derek X wants to win so he can decide what is best for his game. Azah is in the lead when she is the first to hit 10. Azah wants this so bad for her team.


Clare drops her ball and she has to start again. Sarah Beth is rooting for Whitney so it is guaranteed that Hannah will go home which is awesome for her because that is what she wanted.


Whitney drops again and has to start again. Azah is at 17 and Derek X is at 12 with Christian at 10. Hannah is struggling because this competition is physically demanding. Clare drops again and she says she is not finding her groove.


Derek X says he would rather go a little slower so he does not get his score reset. Christian has a strategy to go fast. Azah is the first to hit 20 and Derek X is 18. Azah says she feels great about this.


Christian says Azah and Derek X have a fantastic start and he is not. His new plan is to go even faster. Azah makes a great save. Azah says it is getting harder to get the ball over the ramp and she drops it.


Derek X is at 39 and Christian is at 38. Azah says there is still hope because anyone can drop at any time and she is not going to quit. Whitney drops again and she is frustrated and we see her drop again.


Derek X is at 43 and Christian is at 53. Hannah hits 20 but then drops her ball. She is mad but she says this competition is so close and unless one drops then she has no chance. She is rooting for Derek X.


Derek X says he has to speed up if he will have any chance at beating Christian. Christian is at 84 and he is so close and Derek X is at 79 and on his feels. Christian is frustrated because his ball will not go over the peak.


Derek X is catching up and hits 83 and Christian is still struggling and he says this could be the difference between first and second place. Derek X says his legs are on fire and his arms are losing strength. Christian hits 93 and Derek X hits 90.


Christian is trying to focus and finish strong. Christian needs one more and Derek X needs 7. Christian finally scores the last point and he wins the POV! He says now he has to speak with the HOH and see how he would like to use veto.


Derek X says he wanted to win but if everything goes according to plan, then Hannah should stay safe. Hannah says she is not giving up yet. She will see what happens this week.


Whitney says things change hour by hour and maybe there is still a way to get herself off the block. She just has to think of a way to get it done.


Whitney hits some of the other HG talking about next week and Whitney not being there and she says what if I am still here next week? Derek X says he is such an idiot and he wants to smooth things over, but he would not forgive himself.


Whitney says she is upset with him and Derek X apologizes. He is concerned Whitney can blow up his game and he needs to start thinking before he speaks. Whitney says she is ready to paint a big X on his back and she wants him out of the house.


Whitney talks to Christian and she needs to let him know why she is valuable and who he should really be going after. She believes there is another option and she makes the pitch because he has won a ton of comps. Christian says he is aware of his resume.


Whitney says if he decided to put Derek X up she would love to work with them and she would feel grateful and do everything she could to help him in return. Christian says Whitney is making very good points, but he is in an alliance with Derek X.


It is time for the veto meeting! Christian has decided not to use the POV. He says Whitney made a good pitch, but he is not about to turn on his alliance yet. Hannah says she knows at least one person has her name in their mouth so she does not feel safe.


Whitney says Christian is being dumb and he is losing a golden opportunity. But she is fighter and she is not going to give up. If she survives eviction, you will see a new Whitney.


Azah is not happy Hannah is on the block, but she is glad Whitney is. Sarah Beth has not given up on getting Hannah evicted and she is not safe as long as Sarah Beth is there.

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