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Big Brother Season 23-Veto Comp and Ceremony Week 3

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Previously, on Big Brother, since early in the game, Xavier was working closely with The Cookout and more recently formed the royal flush alliance with the kings and queens and Derek X. So after he was crowned with HOH, his nominee options were limited.

All the HG were annoyed by Brent, so he became Xavier’s top target. At the wildcard competition, Tiffany and Derek teamed up against Britini ultimately leading to Tiff’s victory.

X devised a plan to make Brent believe he was a pawn, but the flight attendant had a turbulent response. As part of the lawyer’s strategy, he wanted Brent to think Britini was the real target, but her teammate Azah did not want Brit on the block again.

At the nomination ceremony, X executed his plan. Tonight, will the POV save Brent or Britini. Plus, a showamnce starts to heat up.


We pick up on Day 17 after the nomination ceremony and Xavier nominated Brent and Britini because his alliances want Brent gone because he is rubbing people the wrong way and Britini is a pawn.


Brent thinks Xavier’s speech is absolute crap. He is not an idiot and it is not believable he is a pawn. It is unfortunate because he thought they were on the same page. Britini is upset, this is the second week in a row.


Azah is upset that Xavier put Britini on the block after she offered herself and after Tiffany and Derek X teamed up against her in the wildcard comp denying her a chance at safety.


X walks in and asks Azah if he can have a moment alone with Britini. He squats in front of her and apologizes and she says it does not make it easier. Xavier hates to see her on the block and cry, but from a game standpoint it is the best to move to ensure Brent goes home.


Xavier tells Britini that no one views her as a target. Britini says he does not get to feel bad, she does because she is the one on the block. She says she needs to focus on winning that POV because she is done putting her fate in other people’s hands.


Derek X is talking to Hannah and Whitney and asking if Brent knows he is the target. Hannah cannot stand him so much, she is ok taking out her own teammate. Whitney is excited for Brent to be up and she hopes he leaves.


Azah says it is hard to comfort her and tell her it is going to be ok when it is your alliance member who put her on the block. She feels like she is manipulating someone. It is difficult going between morals and the emotions of the game.


Azah is talking to Derek F and she asks why they are getting hit again. Derek F says he knows where Azah is coming from, but The Cookout is the main priority and that is what is going to the end.


Xavier is talking to Brent and he apologizes and Brent says he is not as dumb as Xavier thinks. He says numbers do not lie and he thinks he is the target. Xavier says he is just trying to keep Brent calm so there is no chaos.


Brent says he can read Xavier like a coloring book and he has the numbers to stay. He has his team and The Queens and he also have Alyssa. He says he should not be a flight attendant he should be an accountant because he is crushing the numbers.


Brent joins the Aces and he says he is not surprised and he tells them he is the target and not Britini. Brent says nothing about him screams pawn. Whitney asks why he thinks he is the target and Brent says because you do not put me up as a pawn.


Brent says without him, his team would not be ok, so maybe Xavier thinks this is a good move. Hannah says sorry Brent, you are going home. Brent says because of his team’s loyalty and his numbers he is safe this week and Xavier made a catastrophic mistake.


Azah wants to go in and check to see where her alliance member is at with Xavier. He is emotional because he feels bad for putting up Britini. Azah says she does not agree with Britini going up, but she respects Xavier is doing what is best for The Cookout and his game.


Azah wants to know what Tiffany and Derek X were doing to team up on Britini in the wildcard comp and so she asks Tiffany and she says Brent is the target so it does not matter. Tiff says she is a logical player and Azah is emotional and she is holding things back.


Azah thinks Tiffany is doing what is best for The Cookout, but she might not understand the emotional turmoil it has. She says they must be playing the game differently and she will leave it at that.


Tiffany is telling Xavier about her discussion about Azah and he says she is getting emotional. Tiffany says Azah was confrontational. Xavier says there cannot be any rain on The Cookout. They have to grill everyone else, not each other.


Christian says he does not get a lot of alone time with Alyssa and they are trying to keep it on the low. Now he is alone with Alyssa in the HOH room and he wants to shoot his shot. He takes the blanket and covers himself and Alyssa and we hear them kissing.


Alyssa says Christian is a very good kisser with soft lips. Xavier comes in and catches them and leaves and says why did they have to use his bed. Christian says it is like being caught by your dad with your girlfriend.


It is time to pick players for the POV comp! Xavier draws HG choice and he draws Christian. Brent draws Derek F. Britini draws Whitney. Christian wants to win or Xavier so they can keep Brent on the block. Whitney wants to win and keep him on the block too.


Xavier is talking to Hannah and asks how she feels about veto selections. Xavier is hoping he or Christian will win so the decision stays with their team and no one else. Hannah says Brent feels comfortable and safe. Xavier likes Hannah cause she is like a little sister.


Xavier thinks Hannah is very intelligent and observant and it is good to have her as part of The Cookout. We see Tiffany asking Hannah about being with them and she says it was unspoken coming into the house.


It is time for the veto competition! It is the bowling comp with a twist. They have to spin 15 times to get the gate blocking their lane to lower. They will each have a room number and they have to knock down the numbers they do not need.


Britini is up first and she chooses to go against Brent. She needs to win this to secure her own safety and she does not like the block, especially after two weeks in a row. Brent says he does not need to win the veto because he has the numbers and support.


Brent and Britini start spinning and Brent looks a little drunk. They have room 136 and they both start rolling. Britini hits a 6 and she has to reset and go spin again. Brent did not spin enough so he has to go back again because his gate did not lower.


Brent says you see 1000 different lanes and he is just picking the middle one and aiming and hoping for the best. Britini needs one more number but has to go spin again. Brent needs one more number and is first and Brent wins and advances and Brit is eliminated.


Xavier is next and he challenges Brent because he needs him out of the competition. It is crucial he or Christian win so the veto stays in possession of the Kings. Brent says this solidifies he is indeed the fact the target and he is ready to compete.


Xavier says he or Christian need to win or his plan will come crashing down. The party is in room 256. X knocks down 5 and has to start over right away. Brent is all over the place and hoping he does not get sick.


X knocks down his numbers and he has won and Brent has been eliminated. Brent says he feels so bad and this loss sucks physically and emotionally, but he still has Whitney. She has what it takes to get things done.


Big D is up and he challenges Whitney. Derek F wants to win because Britini is on the block. The party is in room 145. Whitney wants to win because nothing would make her happier than to win and not use it on Brent so she can see the look on his face.


Whitney is off to a fast start and Derek F is very slow and Whitney has a number down before he even gets out for his first attempt. Big D says it may look easy at home, but it is not. Whitney says her bowling is terrible and she knocks down a wrong number.


Big D knocks down a wrong number and has to start again. Whitney is hoping not to throw it but she is now praying Derek will win so they can end this because it is taking forever and she is so tired. Derek wins and Whitney has been eliminated.


Brent says it does not matter that Whitney did not win because he has the numbers to stay. Christian is up and selects Big D. He wants to help Xavier out and win and he is not sure what Derek would do. Derek says he is still exhausted from the previous round.


Christian is up with the party in room 246 and he knocks down a number and the gate closes. Big D basically quits and Christian knocks down all the numbers and he wins but Big D is eliminated. He says he did the best he could do but the spins made it so hard.


It comes down to Xavier vs. Christian! Christian does not feel any pressure but he would like to win to assist in the eviction of Brent but they are just out to have fun. The party is in room 135.


Xavier says everything has gone as planned. He says he will leap over couches and work on his parkour skills and maybe get a action movie deal after Big Brother. Christian knocks all the numbers down and he has won the POV!


Christian says Xavier now has complete control over his HOH! Xavier says unfortunately, he lost the golden POV. He is so happy. He just needs to make sure his intended target leaves on eviction night.


Britini is disappointed but she still has hope the veto can be used on her. Brent says not only did he lose, but he is also very sick. He is not going to even ask Christian to use because next to Britini, he has the votes to stay.


Brent is talking to Hannah and Christian and Britini are playing pool. Brent says Britini is too happy and he is worried the veto will be used. He should have the numbers to stay the same so he needs it not to be used.


Brent is talking to Kyland and Derek X and he wants them to talk to X and he wants them to convince them to keep noms the same. Kyland says his mind is blown. Brent is pleasantly surprised how his mind is working and he thinks the fans will think this is a great BB move.


Xavier is talking to Kyland and Derek X and a few others and they are laughing at Brent for asking them to not use veto. Xavier says maybe he should have veto used to save Brent…NOT! He is going home.


It is time for the veto meeting! Christian has decided…NOT to use the POV. Brent smiles. Christian says Xavier is his teammate and he did not want him to get more blood on his hands. Now they just need to get the votes to get Brent to go home.


Britini is tired of the being on the block and she just needs Brent to go home. Xavier takes on a flight attendant voice and announces an exit for Brent to go meet Julie.


Brent cannot wait to see Xavier’s face when Britini gets evicted. He wants them to zoom in on Xavier’s face because it will be a blindside. Xavier is not the puppeteer, he is the puppet. Brent is the puppeteer.

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