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Wednesday, July 21, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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We have had a lot of WBRB Bubbles since midnight


12:52AM BBT

Baby D and Kyland are playing chess in the poker Parlor. There is some game talk but not much, as these guys prefer to wait for pivotal things to happen (HoH Comp, Wildcard, PoV) before discussing next round of play. But it should be noted, Baby D and Ky are working together.





1:25AM BBT  We get WBRB Bubbles, again


1:32AM BBT

the feeds return to HGs beginning to settle in their bedrooms for the night

In the YBR, Brit, Frenchie and Azah are talking about random things. Big D is sleeping. Earlier Big D told Frenchie that he would be working today (Wednesday) to try and get a shift going (Big D has not given up on trying, or he is just appeasing Frenchie....either way, it doesn't matter. Frenchie is going home on Thursday)


The 3 awake in the YBR begin messing with Big D

Big D- I'm gonna kill you guys. I'm trying to get some sleep. We got a big day in the morning.

Frenchie- Alright. We'll rap in the morning. Good Night. Sweet dreams.

Big D- love you guys

Big D is immediately snoring again




The Sea Glass HGs are giggling in the dark. Christian and Alyssa make a deal to take turns massaging each other to sleep (this is much more innocent than it sounds)

Sarge- Please put on your microphone

Alyssa- sorry; we'll be quiet


1:38AM BBT

In the Sea Glass Bedroom, Alyssa cannot stop giggling "We can't do this again"

Christian keeps making her giggle "okay, okay, stop....seriously....okay"

Alyssa tries to settle "you're freaking hot" (she means his body temperature, not hers)


The cameras move to Ky in the HoHR. He is the last one not settled for slumber. He talks to the cameras.





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Ky-...last week, there was some information I needed to know. I knew Frenchie was planning for a few pity votes; I just really hope Frenchie is going to tell me those votes last week. It's information I need to know because I have to figure out which people are not willing to be 100% honest with me.  I tried to figure out those votes. For my game, I need to know who will be 100% honest with me. It's that simple. I need to know. Fuck. Okay. Yeah, I got to figure out the votes and then uh... yeah, I may need to backdoor each week, they may come after me; keep things calm. Yeah, pretty Travissa did depart naked, 11-2. Cool. Alright. Well, I got no more for you. This is my last night in the HoH room. Not bad for me. We'll see how the game goes. You never want to feel good in the game. That's the scary thing. Right now I feel good, and I hate that. I hate feeling comfortable. But also, you can't let that lead you into paranoia. I'm working with some good people. Sarah Beth said she is also working with some good people. Other folks I am working with are also working with good people.  Next week, I just need to see who wins HoH....as long as it's not people I am worried about. It could be a good week. That would be amazing. Oh God. Oh, please, please, please.  I could set this up so well. I know the people they would put up..I hope that she's willing to send home....yeah...well, we got to figure that out. Can't go rogue there. That would actually support....no fear of the.... It's gonna be a physical game. I feel like the person who jumps around from place to place and likes to live carefree may not have the mental fortitude to hold out longer than some of those folks. It would be so cool for that person or that person to win.  To last in this game yeah, I am not saying any names out loud  But, you know. I will make a bold claim. Sarah Beth, Tiffany, Claire, Xavier or Alyssa will absolutely win the HoH. I would love for Sarah Beth to win for her brother's birthday. That would be my favorite.... Or Whitney...to get pictures of her kids. Or Brent; pictures would give more of an idea of who that guy is. He hasn't gotten to know me personally. I wonder if he doesn't expect me to be here that long.  I don't actually know.

Ky begins clipping his toenails. He then apologizes "yeah, uh, sorry More interesting things...I know it's probably  gross me clipping my nails. Okay, Tarah, Brett, John; who else might be watching. Justin?....Justin, in case you're watching: Get back to work. I'm just kidding. Take a break. I hope you aren't having a hard time staying focused.  Darnell, family; I send my love. If any of my family is actually watching the live feeds, I can't imagine who, but tell everyone else I said hi and I love you. And then tell Tarah that she apparently needs to accept my DMs because I hear that actually is something that matters. Yeah, they only last 30 days. I don't know if people would actually DM people in the house. In case somebody cool....I mean I am only in week two....probably won't be too many cool people yet...."

[Ahem Ky; I'm pretty cool.   -MamaLong]

"...Or maybe there is. I don't know. I'm just interested of who might be a fan of the show and want to reach out. I'm not an actor or anything, so I'm not sure what they would reach out for. I think it would be interesting. But I am enjoying the game. Hopefully, I mean, you know,  I am playing a straightforward game.  Choosing my words carefully, making sure I am not making any promises I can't keep or lie to people. I mean there is some dishonesty in here. Fakeness.  But the things I am saying are true unless I do that on purpose.  I hope everyone is enjoying the show. I hope I had a great HoH. Everyone saw that I did, but who knows in this house. I uh...I will just meet with teams tomorrow. Playing this game...hurts our odds....honesty is appreciated. I mean even if you just say hey you are not my target. That will be my question....either you are not my target or do you want to work with us. That will be my trigger reminder tomorrow. Do you want to work with us, or please don't target us. So when we get to that point.....Do you want a person on your team to win the most. I can't speak for them......don't know if there's people that will throw it. Ooh, that's what I'll say...if you are willing to share your targets to us then we would be open to sharing information...then teams on teams and then.... Do you want to work with us or not target us. Either way is fine...just for clarity. Then we could have full teams working together....Yeah, that's it. Thanks. I think that's all I got for you.


1:52AM BBT


Ky settles in bed and the Big Brother house grows dark and silent, minus snoring from Big D and Frenchie.



[I will not be around for Wakey Wakey today, but I will be back this afternoon. -MamaLong]



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9:06am BBT: Britini is up goes to the WC then changes batteries the back to bed. Azah up in the WA brushing her teeth.

9:11am BBT: Azah back in the YBR looking for clothes in the dark she cracks the BR door open for a little light but does not help her much then continues her search in the dark.

9:18am BBT: WBRB as BB wakes the HG for the day !!

9:29am BBT: Most HG in the WA waiting and yawning and rubbing their eyes while doing ADL's, Derek F still laying in his bed while Frenchie is putting clothes in his suitcase.

9:36am BBT: IN the YBR Derek F tells Frenchie he loves his shoes and Frenchie says i never got a chance to wear them, He then says you know i got to play in every single comp pick everyone of them.

9:46am BBT: Azah and Claire in the WA talking general talk while Frenchie is still packing his things in the YBR with Derek F watching.

9:50am BBT: Azah and Claire talking about  tomorrow nights comp and Azah says she hopes it is not an endurance comp, Claire says it won't be , She thinks it will be a puzzle comp.

9:52am BBT: Azah says let me go do my eyelashes and we will talk later, Azah turns and drops her eyeshadow and it goes all over the floor she is saying it cost 65 dollars and she has hardly even used it and we get WBRB.

9:56am BBT: Most HG in the KT the have nots are talking about just a few more hours on slop then they can eat.


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10:02am BBT: Hannah making slop with maple syrup in it, Xavier walking around in the KT Britini eating breakfast . Frenchie is still packing in the YBR with general talk going on with Derek F about clothes to wear for tomorrows eviction.

10:24am BBT: Most HG in the KT eating breakfast, Drinking coffee and talking general talk.

10: 39am BBT: half the HG are in the KT sitting at the table laughing and talking general talk and  Sarah, Kyland and Tiffany in the CBR just laying on the beds, Derek F in the YBR  still watching Frenchie pack,

10:41am BBT: Frenchie tells Derek F that if he takes this shot he will have the whole house behind him, Derek F says but if you leave and Frenchie says  put up Whitney. Derek F says i know but i want to think about this i do not want to blow up my game, Frenchie says if i stay i want to make big moves and i do not care that's what i will do.

10:56am BBT: HG lounging in beds or sitting in KT just talking general talk.

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11:27AM BBT We have WBRB Bubbles

11:29AM BBT

The feeds return to Frenchie talking with Big D in the YBR. Big D is coaching him to talk to all the HGs in the Have-Not room and try to flip things




In the Reef Bedroom, Brit is talking with Tiffany and SB about being put up only because of her association with Frenchie, and that Frenchie apologized to her for it.


11:42AM BBT


Britini is getting ready to start her one-on-one campaigns to make sure she is for sure staying. She wants to start with Alyssa, but she's in the shower. She starts with Azah, instead, and tells her she will offer her warm hugs and walks on the hot turf and hot tub sessions and an endless collection of athletic leisure wear. Azah tells her she is voting for her to stay. "Yeah girl, I got you."



Kyland is prepping food and having too much fun with the knife.


11:48AM BBT

Brit now meets with Hannah in the LR. Brit asks Hannah how she is doing. Hannah says Frenchie's paranoia got to her, but once she calmed down she has been good. She thinks Kyland has had a very good HoH, so she's just been chilling. "How are you?"

Brit tells Hannah it's been a very interesting week.




In the kitchen, Baby D and Claire are playing chess. Big D is chatting with Whitney and Ky as they prep stuff for breakfast.


Hannah has assured Brit she has her vote to stay.


*Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles


11:55AM BBT


Alyssa enters the YBR after showering, and Brit asks if she can speak with her next.

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Alyssa leaves the YBR telling Brit to come grab her when she's ready.

Hannah- if you were to win HoH, that would put you in a good position.

Brit asks Hannah if there is anyone she is worried about. Hannah says no, that her strategy is just to be observant and get to know the HGs.

Hannah says if she were able to win HoH, she knows everyone will come to her with information and then she could find a target.

Brit says she feels like she does the same thing. "Once I talk to everyone and I feel good that I'm staying, I will start with those thoughts" (who Brit's target would be)


*Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles, again

12:07PM BBT

The feeds return to Britini talking with Alyssa in the YBR and it's clear Brit was told she will get Alyssa's vote to stay. Alyssa tells Brit she does not have to worry about being a pawn if she won HoH. Alyssa tells Brit they have something in common because they are both associated with a guy (ChrisAlys and Brit/Frenchie) They are worried that two girls will be targeted next week. 

*Frenchie walks in and interrupts the conversation.

Brit tells Alyssa if she wins HoH, Alyssa wouldn't go anywhere near the block. Alyssa asks her who she trusts the most on her team. Brit says both Chris and Alyssa because she talks to them the most.


Alyssa assures Brit that Christian feels the same as her.

Frenchie comes back in the room and interrupts, again. "Sorry, but since I'm here can I have my one-on-one. I  would like to stay, but I'm not campaigning against her. I would be the biggest target in the house."

Alyssa tells him that she has taken into consideration that he had her back last week [whatever!  -ML]

When Frenchie leaves Alyssa repeats that Brit has her vote to stay.

Frenchie comes back in, again. [This guy! He is attention hungry.  -MamaLong]

He apologizes saying he needs his toothbrush. He adds that he is not sure which way he will vote. He is on the fence. [*sigh *rolls eyes] He leaves then Alyssa hugs Brit and tells her "no worries."


12:16PM BBT WBRB Bubbles just as Frenchie is telling Hannah and Tiff in the bathroom they need to do charity work...to give BB something recognizable to auction off


Brit is now meeting with SB in the YBR. She tells SB she feels so good with her and it's been a crazy week.


Can you believe it? Frenchie walks in and interrupts their one-on-one. He says sorry. SB chastises him in a joking way that he is interrupting their time.


[Devil's advocate here: Brit picked a bad room to have meetings since Frenchie sleeps in that room  -ML]



In the gym, Xavier and Christian have hit the bikes.


Frenchie is campaigning to Big D in a very sarcastic way in the Poker Parlor.


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12:28PM BBT Frenchie has been wandering around the house. He tells Hannah in the bathroom they need to do their one-on-one. He goes to the LR and says "I'm getting yelled at by Big D and Britini that I need to do one-on-ones. He meets with Brent in the SR.

SB told Brit she is voting for her to stay. They hug and Brit goes looking for her next HG.




Brent tells Frenchie he never betrayed him. Frenchie tells Brent he is sorry for what happened, and if he saves him, he will be a different man...quiet.


12:36PM BBT

Brit is now meeting with Derek X in the YBR. 

Baby D- I feel you are totally safe or I would have used the veto. This should be close to unanimous.


Brit asks Baby D how he is feelingl. He expresses he is nervous that he won two vetoes back to back. He tells her he will be the first one out in a memory competition because his memory is horrible

[Do any of you believe that? Not me, especially because he made not eye contact with Brit when he said that  -ML]

Brit assures him that she meant what she told him in the HoH (not going after him or Ky). He says they really appreciate that. Baby D says he is not interested in HoH and does not plan to go for it.

Brit tells Baby D he is not in danger of the block if she wins HoH. He thanks her.


*12:50PM BBT Feeds cut to WBRB

12:53PM BBT

Brit meets with Claire next. 

They are both all smiles. Brit offers Claire the same things she offered Azah (warm hugs and walks on the hot turf and hot tub sessions and an endless collection but valuable pool skills in place of athletic wear)

Brit proposes that it would be so smart for the two of them work with Big D, Azah, Tiff, Sarah Beth  "That is a beasty six" and that her target is Brent.  [She doesn't know that Claire is working with Tiff and SB in Jackpot alliance, but they have the same target, so it's all good  -ML]



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Claire agrees with Brit that it sounds good and she feels they have targets that align and there are others that will, as well.

Brit- Hannah said I'm not on her radar. I didn't confirm that back with her. You know if I win it would be be Brent and Hannah

Claire- I did not know that...good to know

Claire says if it's Brent that wins HoH it's a high probability that they could hit the block or Big D or Derek X. "You only need to worry about the next two weeks."

Brit- That girl...said she has no moves. Hannah said she has no idea who she is going after. That's a damn lie. Derek X's conversation was interesting because he said he didn't want HoH

Claire- I believe that

Brit- I believe that,

Brit adds that she did tell Derek X and Ky that she won't go after them because she wants to build trust and she feels Whitney needs to go before jury and that Derek X said that he would have used the veto on her if he thought she was in danger. She feels better about Baby D after he said that. She said Alyssa brought up the best point of the day "I'm not a pawn this week. There is no way I'm a pawn. Think about it...pawns are people that aren't going to get touched. If I was up against anyone else, strategically, both of us are not pawns. I could have gone. We are not pawns. She said I will not use you as a pawn and that is something we need to think about."

Claire says if someone tries to use either as a pawn then they must be a swing (she means swing vote)

Brit- there are pawns in this house, but we are not doing it

Claire agrees.



1:11PM BBT We have had WBRB since 1:05


1:21PM BBT The feeds return to Brit meeting with Brent in the YBR

Brent- I have no choice.....him saying verbally I was his target and then seeing him target 5 other people. How safe am I? I need to be able to be in good graces and that's where the damage control was in.  I was like Dude, I was a target for you and now you are targeting a third of the house. 

Brent says he worked hard to get Derek X out of the crosshairs. He told Frenchie if he was going to stick with a big fish narrative, he had to get Travis. He was the only one who worked. Brent continues saying that Frenchie's game got really messy and making a narrative that everybody was a bad guy.

Brent- I really don't know who to trust and what bonds have been broken; what they think of me....

Brit says that's why she was excited to talk to him


Brit tells Brent that she didn't understand the chaos last week, but after being on the block this week, she is beginning to understand that chaos.

Brent tells Brit she is completely safe this week and she hasn't "done anything but he has done everything to piss off the house."


Christian interrupts their one-on-one thinking that was where he would find Frenchie. Brit said he is in the Have-Not room so Christian apologizes and leaves. (Frenchie is actually in the HoH meeting with Xavier.)



In the HoHR, Frenchie tells Xavier if they stay together, he would have Alyssa and Christian's vote and Sarah Beth would not be afraid to vote his way (Frenchie thinks he has Sarah Beth, Big D, Tiffany, Alyssa and Christian if X votes their way, too) "I can promise there would be no rogue shit. It's in y'all's hands not mine. I would love to stay and finish what we started."

Xavier doesn't respond with anything other than "MM HMM"


1:36PM BBT WBRB Bubbles

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1:45PM BBT Brit is meeting with Whitney. They are discussing the French Kisses alliance.

Brit- I couldn't even tell you who started it because I wasn't there

Whitney- I think Frenchie just started it




Whitney tells Britini that she doesn't trust Brent. She says her team wants Brit, Azah or Claire to win HoH to take him out. [Damn! Brent's team is against him.  -MamaLong]

Brit- Thank you

Whitney- I love you

Brit- love you too



1:55PM BBT

Brit meets with Xavier in the YBR. X tells Brit that Frenchie is doing what he can to extend his game but isn't rooting against her. 'I care for you both. So, to see you both on the block....every time we get to this point, it's a realization that there are people we like that are going to go home. I keep reminding myself 'Hey, you are here to play a game.'


Xavier tells Brit he is sad he keeps beating her at pool. She laughs and tells him, "you are just better." She thanks him for his support. "It really has made a week I thought was hell a bit better. I do feel really great with you...and move forward."


2:04PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles



The feeds return to Britini meeting with Christian.

Brit- How are you feeling?

Christian says he feels good because Frenchie is going home. He tells Brit that Frenchie is not throwing her under the bus, just trying to stay.

Christian- He is  a loose cannon. You have nothing to worry about. You've got my vote to stay.

Brit- I appreciate that!

Christian tells Brit that Dominican Republic asked what animal he resembled and he said Goldendoodle or llama.

Brit-  *laughing* 'Dominican Republic.' That's hilarious. I've been saying Diana Ross. (their nicknames for production)

* WBRB Bubbles while Dominican Republic/Diana Ross have a few words regarding talking about production



2:15PM BBT

Feeds return to Frenchie telling Whitney he will hug everyone's neck and still be friends after the season. Whitney tells him that she still loves him even though he really pissed her off.

2:19PM BBT

[I'm out for a bit. -MamaLong]

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3:00pm-3:30pm BBT: Frenchie meeting with Sarah in the HOHR and tells her he hopes she wins this game but he does not want to go out with a unanimous vote this week he says that would suck. He says he will walk out with his head held high no matter what because he did what he wanted and a woman or a minority did not walk out this door first this season. Azah and Britini talking about Britini going to other HG for their votes, She says only one told her that she has their vote,

3:30-4:30 BBT:  Azah talks about Brent and how she does not like him and she wants him out and how she will make it known she does if she is HOH and how after Frenchie leaves the house they can go to all the girls and make an alliance. Britini and Kyland now talking in the HOHR and she tells him that if she stays he and Derek X will not go on the block. She says i do not break promises then ask him if he has heard anything and he says Frenchie is not campaigning. and we get WBRB.

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4:40PM BBT Claire, Kyland, Christian, Azah and Alyssa are in the kitchen with general chit chat.  Xavier, Frencie and Bid D at the KT where Britini and Tiff are still whispering in the BR

4:49PM BBT Hanna is now with Derek X and asking questions on how to play chess. He is moving pieces around trying to explain to her how to play.

4:49PM BBT Tiff is talking to the cameras. My brain is working overtime. America send me brainpower, pray for my brain please. I have to not only think about me but my group.

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 5:03PM BBT 


Whitney, Hannah and Baby D are hanging out in the Poker Parlor. Brit joins them.

Frenchie tells Azah in the YBR that several people told him if he wasn't sitting next to woman, he would be staying.




6:15PM BBT  HoHR  Ky, Claire and Tiffany

They are discussing what they will tell various HGs when asked who their targets are.


Ky says that he will say that to his knowledge there are only three HGs who have reason to put him up (The Jokers)

Tiff said she will name Britini and Azah (not her real targets)

Claire says she will name Big D and Britini

They agree they can't name Aces or Kings



6:23PM BBT

Alyssa is telling Christian and Britini that she used to always be embarrassed of her mother thinking everyone thought she was just like her mother "I don't like showing weakness in front of people." Brit says she is the same way. It looks like Christian fell asleep.



Sarge- Wakey Wakey

They all start laughing

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6:36PM BBT

The Aces gather in the bathroom and agree to go up the the HoHR together to talk game


In the HoHR, Ky, Tiff and Claire are still talking about Frenchie and his grandiose ideas about being America's favorite and being asked to come back.

Ky- he just wants to be a legend or something

The girls agree

Ky- we all know Devin's name; I think he wanted to be a hero

Claire- he wanted to be a mastermind, the good guy, a hero


They see the Aces at the door and agree they are ready to talk to them

Ky- when they come in I'm going to pee; don't tell them I already peed twice

Claire beats him to the bathroom


6:42PM BBT   

The Aces are still waiting in the Poker Parlor


6:45PM BBT HoHR  (Ky, Claire, Tiff, Brent, Hannah, Whitney, Baby D)

Ky invites the Aces inside the HoHR for the plotting convention  (they are only working with Derek X long term)

Ky- I wanted to see how you guys are feeling

Brent- we are definitely hungry

Ky- I feel I haven't heard any complaints, so congrats on that

Brent- It's easy to be Have-Not with a bunch of snacks (snacks being Hannah and Whitney)

They groups oohs and ahs

They laugh about the dust settling tomorrow when Frenchie leaves. Ky jokes that America will save him.



Ky- I just want to see where you guys sit.

Brent says they can offer protection for as long as possible.

Suddenly they all start laughing because Brent sounds like Italian Mafia


Brent continues that if they want to align with them and the stars align, the odds would be in their favor and  they will protect each other.  

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Tiffany tells  the Kings (Xavier, SB and Christian and Alyssa) what they told the Aces (Hannah, Brent, Whitney, Baby D) That it's in the best interest of the Queens to work with them. Ky tells them their loyalty is to work with the Kings. "Obviously we will tell that to every team we talk with, but if we share, we will solidify."

7:30PM BBT

Tiffany says Ky set the standard for HoH and they have a blueprint now for how to handle an HoH reign. They all agree to work together.

SB- It all sounds really good to me. I get information from around the house. It's a really good plan.

Tiff asks SB if they are cool enough to want to live with

SB- absolutely (LOL)

Tiff- who is gonna be the cook

X says he has similar views.

The group agrees to work together moving forward.

Tiff- These are the tightest teams

Alyssa- I feel like we are all in the best position. They are going after each other.

They all agree



Ky asks them if anyone else approached them to work together.

Alyssa says the other teams want to work with them but nothing has been set up

X says nothing has been verified.

Christian- the people on the block; of course they offered that

Alyssa- the Aces want to work with us because they have 4 and we have 4. I was told it would be smart.

Claire- they (the aces) just came in here and said that; and they said alliance, too

Tiff- yes, they did...it was very surprising

They all lower their voices.

Tiff- We are just being transparent with you guys, so you would know.

Ky- When we had our meeting with them, we did not tell them the Kings and Queens want to work together

Tiff- It's best for all of use to allow them to think we are working with them and get information

Xavier- make them feel comfortable

SB- worst case scenario, one of them wins and we just

Tiff- just let them decide

Christian- one of us has to win

They all mention that Derek X will not be going for the HoH

Ky- he said he would be willing for anyone in this room to win it

X- 100%

Alyssa- I feel there is someone on the Jokers I am nervous about...Azah because she doesn't talk game with me

They tell her that she doesn't talk game with anyone


Tiff wants to solidify the alliance but wants their one Ace in there (Derek X)

Ky says they will choose a name after the Hoh Comp. They start tossing around alliance names anyway. They dismiss Royal Flush since it doesn't fit the scenario. They like The Royal Court  then The Royal Family. They decide they like The Royal Family the most.


Royal Family Alliance = Claire, Tiff, Ky, Xavier, SB, Alyssa, Christian & Baby D (Derek X)



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8:40PM BBT

Derek X is talking to Azah in the LR, "Can I tell you something?" Derek tells her he has heard the names of her team dropped as targets. He tells Azah he wants her to win HoH to "shake things up.".


[I'm out for now. I'll be back tomorrow to post before initial lockdown.  -MamaLong]

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9:43PM BBT

Derek X and Christian are talking game in the Poker Parlor.

Christian catches Derek up on The Royal Family plan.


[What's the plan, you ask? Well, the Queens and The Kings formed an alliance last night that includes Baby D (from the Aces) called The Royal Family. Their first target is Brent. The plan is to to win the HoH with the preference of SB winning because it's her brother's b-day. Meanwhile, Brent is under the assumption that a new alliance called The Radicals, including the Aces and the Queens (Brent, Whitney, Hannah, Baby D, Ky,  ) is targeting the Jokers.   -MamaLong]


9:50AM BBT

They both say they feel they are the least comfortable with the Jokers and that Brit is a competitive threat. 


The HGs have been anticipating that the next  HoH Competition will be endurance.

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10:04PM BBT

Tiffany and Claire are talking in the Reef Bedroom.

Tiff- I like her. I want to work with her. But, I don't want to tell her too much. First, we try to split her team up.

Claire- I know. Next week is going to be...

Tiff- As long as she puts them on the block, our alliance is good.  (she = SB)

Claire- I feel like it's going to get blown up next week. It will be this week all over again.

Tiff- ain't nobody playing the game like us

Claire- I know, but I feel like we are playing too hard

Tiff- we not doing nothing. We're just doing us. Once French kisses goes. Once Frenchie goes....but he needs to shut up, though.

Claire- I know


*Feeds move to Azah talking to SB about what to wear to the prom then right back to the Reef Bedroom where Claire and Tiffany are cackling


Claire- they think it's real

Tiff- that's good for us

Claire is a master whisperer; it's difficult to hear her

Tiff- everybody is telling us everything. You know I've loved you Claire, from the very beginning.

Claire- We are in a good spot. We should let Britni win it

Tiff- if Britini wins it she's gonna put up Brent. I don't want Hannah to get scared. I don't want her to become Rachel. Even Ky cried when he hit the block. Azah came to me and said she's nervous. She feels like her team will be targeted if Brent or Whitney win HoH. I didn't say anything to her. I told her that the whole house is pretty much looking at Brent and the odds of them winning Hoh is very slim.


[We all know that when a target is identified, the universe makes sure they win safety. LOL  -MamaLong]


Xavier joins the conversation. They discuss the members of the Royal Family  and assign titles: Lady Alyssa, Prince Christian, Princess Sarah Beth, King Kyland, Sir X, Duke of Derek, Duchess of Claire, Queen Tiffany (but she goes by Queen Tiffy Toes)

Claire- we are so cute

Tiffany- The Royal Family of Big Brother

X- a Royal Kingdom


11:08PM BBT

Brit is getting her suitcase from the SR and begins crying. Whitney walks in and sees she is upset.

Brit- it just hit me

Whitney gives her a tight hug and consoles her through her tears

Whitney- you know you aren't going home

Brit- I don't want to go home

Whitney- you got this; I'll give you a moment, but you got this. I love you.

Brit- I love you, too

Whitney- If you need me, let me know.  *Whitney leaves

Brit talks to the camera through sobs and rants inserting the word "damn" in every sentence, saying it's just really scary because she still has to sit there tomorrow. She has to pack her suitcase "it's a lot, man. I want to be safe officially. I'm tired of waiting..... and get these freaking people and be done. I've done nothing to deserve to be here. I've been myself and I'm still here"


*cam switches to the LR




[I do not like the way Brit has handled being put on the block. I worry for her through the rest of this game.  -MamaLong]


11:14PM BBT

In the LR, Tiff is telling Xavier that she would not have done a showmance because she didn't want to embarrass her son. Xavier says that Big Brother is messing with him by putting the girls that are his type in the house. Whitney is hot, Alyssa is exactly his type and Azah is great "I'm not blind"

Tiff tells X that Azah has eyes for him. He says he really has it for Alyssa "she is just my type."

Tiffany tells Xavier that Alyssa is not interested in Christian in the same way Christian is interested in her. X says two things would hold him back from pursuing a showmance with Alyssa 1. "Showmances are death" 2. Christian is like his baby brother



The both discuss Hannah and how great she is. Tiff says she is the spitting image of her little sister (her looks and mannerisms). X says she is his "baby sister"...he feels she is just like his little sister, too "her personality is spot on to my little sister....kinda sassy but reserved with a big heart."


Brent comes out of the DR and X says "you came out of there angry. What's going on?"

Brent exaggerates that he is "tired of this...they are already asking me do this and do that"

Brent is just joking around that he goes in the DR and they ask "are you even doing anything?"


11:45PM BBT

Tiffany is cuddling with Britini in the Sea Glass Bedroom. They smell something good, and Frenchie says they are cooking steaks in the kitchen. Tiff says she needs a good husband who can cook for her.


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