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Big Brother Season 23-Live Eviction Week 1 7/15

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Previously, on Big Brother, 16 strangers began the battle for three quarters of a million dollars and a twist quickly divided them into four teams: The Jokers, The Aces, The Kings, and The Queens.


Frenchie became the first HOH of the season and promised safety to nearly the whole house. The farmer then secured a final two deal with Brent, and another with Big D. But Big D also had an alliance cooking with Kyland, Tiffany, Azah, and Xavier.


Wanting a meathead gone, Christian was Frenchie’s only option, but a new twist called the wildcard comp secured safety for Christian. After thinking Christian and Alyssa were more than friends, Alyssa found herself on the block next to a pawn.


Soon after, Frenchie learned he was mistaken about Alyssa. So after a reconnaissance mission put Derek X on Frenchie’s radar, a new target was born. With the veto on the line, Derek X got a crucial victory and Frenchie quickly put the pressure on him.


At the veto meeting, Frenchie went back on his word to the Hawaiian stallion. Tonight, either Alyssa or Travis will be the first evicted from The BB house. And with Frenchie’s reign of madness coming to an end, a new HOH will be crowned live.


Julie welcomes us to the first live eviction night of the season. Julie says there has already been enough dizzying strategy to last the entire summer. Frenchie’s nominations may finally be in place, but this HOH just will not quit.


Derek X decided to use the veto on Kyland because he should not have been on the block anyway, but also it wins favor with Frenchie. Kyland is beside himself with excitement to be safe.


Alyssa says it sucks to still be on the block, but it helps that she is against Travis who is a way bigger threat than her. Frenchie says something finally goes right. The stud bull is going home.


Travis talks about Frenchie giving his word about safety and that means he is a liar and he cannot be trusted. So if he is going out, then he is taking Frenchie down with him.


Alyssa is talking to Xavier and Christian and Christian says her team is working for her to keep her. Alyssa is worried Travis will swing votes and Xavier says they will not let that happen.


Tiffany says Frenchie’s name is a great substitute for the F-bomb. Alyssa says if she does not survive the Frenching block this week, then she is totally frenched.


Frenchie is talking to Xavier and Whitney, and he says he noticed Xavier analyzing everything and he wants to create the Slaughterhouse alliance. Xavier because he can rely on him and Whitney he can bond with.


Frenchie’s intentions are simple and he wants to get close to some threats and he brings in Kyland and Christian with Big D. Frenchie tells them they are all going to the end.


Frenchie wants to bring everyone in the room so they can make it official. Frenchie says they are all handpicked to keep him safe but he does not trust any of them.


Frenchie has Whitney, Alyssa, Brent, Kyland, Big D, Kyland, Xavier, and Christian. Big D does not know if this is going to work because it is a lot of people. He is going to fly with it for now but if it is going down he has his parachute and will be the first one off.


Alyssa says this alliance could not have come at a better time and if she can trust them then she can get the vote and stay. Frenchie is whispering that he has set himself up from all angles.


Frenchie wants to get the other side of the house too and be covered all the way around. Frenchie is talking to Azah, Sarah Beth, Britini, Hannah, and Claire and he wants an all girls alliance.


Hannah says an all girl alliance led by Frenchie who is not a girl? No. Azah says normally girls start girls alliances. Why does she need to be in a girls alliance started by a guy.


Claire says why would we trust Frenchie. Tiffany is going along with the French Kiss Alliance because how do you tell him no? He might be getting kissed goodbye by all the girls.


It is Kyland’s 30th birthday and they want to do something big so Travis is going to wear a dress and give him a lap dance. The HG are in the BY and they sing to him and Travis is stripping for him and wiggling for him.


Britini says Travis has muscles on muscles and you cannot go wrong. Travis says after that lapdance he has Kyland’s vote. Now he just needs six more birthdays before eviction night.


Travis is talking to his team, Claire, Tiffany, and Kyland. Tiffany says it is imperative that Alyssa goes home because she wants all the safety she can get and she knows Frenchie is after a big target.


Tiffany is giving advice on a pitch for Travis to go to Frenchie that he can be a shield for him, plus he will be an easy nominee for next weeks HOH and Alyssa will not be as big a shield.


Travis says Frenchie has a lot of sway and so maybe he can go sway Frenchie. Travis is talking to Brent and Frenchie and Travis says he is loyal and he would be a shield for Frenchie. He says what can Alyssa actually provide him. They hug.


Frenchie says between his two alliances he could get the numbers he needs to keep Travis and he could pull him into the Slaughterhouse which would give them a loyalty boost.


Time for the eviction. Alyssa does her shoutouts and she thanks the HG for being supportive and she would love to stay and play the game and get to know them more and it is her birthday on Saturday.


Travis takes his shirt off and gives his shoutouts. Travis says look at us. Who would have thought? They have taught him that it is possible to fall in love with 15 people at the same time and he wants them all to be wickedly successful.


It is time for the live vote!

Sarah Beth votes to evict Travis.

Xavier votes to evict Travis.

Whitney unfortunately votes to evict Travis.

Christian sadly votes to evict Travis.

Azah votes to evict Travis.

Derek F votes to evict Alyssa.


The vote is currently 5-1 in favor of evicting Travis.

Kyland sadly votes to evict his friend and teammate Travis.

Tiffany votes to evict Alyssa.

Derek X. unfortunately votes to evict Travis.


It’s official, with 7 votes to evict Travis he will be leaving.

Claire votes to evict Travis.

Hannah sadly votes to evict Travis.

Britini sadly votes to evict Travis.

Brent sadly votes to evict Travis.


All of the votes are in. By a vote of 11-2, Travis has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Travis hugs everyone and has a long hug with Frenchie before heading out the door.


Julie asks Travis what went wrong and he says he heard that the white guy with abs is the first targeted. Julie says he tried to blowup Frenchie’s game and did he think he accomplished it. Travis says Frenchie made a lot of promises and then he went back on his word.

Julie asks Travis if his strategy was not to make alliances. Travis says he wanted to pair with Xavier and Derek but they turned out to be a tough group to work with.


Tiffany hopes to see him soon and she says he is a great person. Frenchie says he made a heck of a presentation, but it is hard to stop a mack truck.


Brent says unfortunately his pitch was too late and he is the first victim of the Slaughterhouse. Derek X says he loves him like a brother and it is going to be lonely without him.


It is time for a new HOH! They are playing “Pool Sharks”. They will attempt to hit their ball into the sharks mouth. Position 1 is the easiest shot and position 20 is the most difficult shot. They must first claim a numbered spot to shoot from.


If a number is taken they have to take another number. But choose wisely. The winner of this competition will be the HG who hits their ball into the shark’s mouth from the highest number. No bank shots are allowed.


The HG have all selected their numbers. Alyssa chose number 15 and she sinks her ball and she is in the lead.


Brent is at number 16 and he hits his shot and is now in the lead.

Hannah has number 17 and she misses and has been eliminated.


Azah has number 18 and just misses to the right and is eliminated.

Xavier is at 19 and he issues just right as well and is eliminated.


Christian is at 20 and misses to the left hitting the side of the mouth and is eliminated.

Tiffany is at 21 and she misses just left as well and is eliminated.


Whitney is at 22 and it travels left and she is eliminated.

Claire is at 23 and she hits the left side of the mouth and is eliminated.


Kyland is at 24 and he sinks the ball and he is now in the lead replacing Brent.

Britini is at 25 and misses right and is eliminated.


Big D is at 26 and it looks good but travels right and he is eliminated.

Sarah Beth is at 27 and she misses left and is eliminated.


Derek X. is the last one to go and he is at 28 and he misses. Kyland is the next HOH!


Julie reminds Kyland that his team, The Queens, are safe and she also wishes him a Happy Birthday and she says his wish must have come true and he says yes it did.


Julie asks Alyssa how it feels to survive the night and she says amazing and she is so glad to be here.


Sunday, we will see who Kyland nominated. Plus, the wild card competition will be played and the winner will have to switch teams in order to earn safety.

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