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This forum is for posting updates on the events and conversations that you've seen on the Big Brother USA Season 23 live feeds.


Please use the "Big Brother International Forum" to post info about the Big Brother houses in other than USA.

Please keep all discussions in the "Big Brother Discussion Forum" and screen caps and other neat pictures in the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 23 Live Feed Screenshots Thread If you forget which forum you're in and post here by mistake, don't worry your post will be moved or deleted without prejudice, we all goof-up at times.

You cannot start new threads in this forum. A new thread will be created automatically for each day in the Big Brother house. Please post into the next day's thread starting at 12am (midnight) BBT.

By posting Live Feed Updates, you rant Morty's TV permission to use your content (in part or in full) on the Morty' TV website without credit.  Morty will try to list contributors at the end of each day’s report. Your input is vital to our success, and we really do appreciate your help.


How you can Help.

Someone else is posting, should I?

YES! The more verification we have the better and everyone sees something someone else never noticed.

I'm a what?

A Roving Reporter has no hours ... they post whenever they can ... and that's why everyone is a roving Reporter!

We need everyone!

The update page is only updated when Morty feels like it (no less than three times a day)... BUT the Live Feed Forum and Pictures Forum is always connected to the BB Page, and people will be looking for by-the-minute reports... every single post counts, even when you say "there is nothing to see".

Yes we are informal around here and invite everyone to post WHAT THEY SEE AND HEAR from the feeds! Please try to keep your feelings and observations out of the posts, however. Roving reporters should be unbiased. Are you feeling the love yet?


-- Morty


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