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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Final Veto and Special Eviction

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This house has been ruled by chaos. For over 60 days it’s been one hell of a mess. Now only four HG remain. They’ve all played hard. They’ve all played dirty. But in order to level up, now they have to win. With only veto left up for grabs, it’s go time. A place in the finale is at stake. Its time to clean house.


Arisa welcomes us to a special eviction. At this point Tychon is HOH and Kiefer and Tera are on the block. It’s time to tell the HG about this special eviction. The HG head to the living room and Arisa tells them hello and she says they knew this game was coming. The final four is about to become the final three. It’s time for the special eviction. Tonight, it’s getting real.


Arisa says while we let that news sink in, let’s get caught up. We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 63. Ty says he put Kiefer and Tera on the block because he never considered Breydon. You just don’t put people on the block that you have a final two with. Tera says she’s going to have to do what she’s done all season long which is fight for her safety. Kiefer says nominations don’t matter this week. It’s all about veto to control who goes to final three. He’s got his game face on and he’s ready for the hard work.


Tera says she doesn’t want to do this right now and she’s talking to Kiefer. He says it’s only the biggest competition of their lives. Tera says she’ll do her best. Kiefer says do better because you’re best won’t be good enough. He says none of these final four are floaters. Tera goes to brush her teeth. Kiefer is alone and says he’s been himself, and done what he needed to and he has to fight and keep pushing and continue to achieve in this game. He needs to strive for greatness.


We see the BB Canada Times. It’s an old style newspaper theme. Tera is first and the veto is called Code Veto. They’ll have to find clues to find photos and they’ll put photos on a clue board when they’ll get a call for a third mission to save the day. The HG to do all this in the fastest time will win the POV.


Tera starts and she has some keys and some filing cabinets and she has to find clues to find photos. She gets letters and unscrambles to garbage and she starts digging through the trashcans. She has a black light and she’s scanning everywhere and finds letters B3 C1 and F3 on a cardboard box and she goes to the corresponding boxes and pulls out the photos.


Tera runs to the clue board and there are clues to a HG and she has to put the HG photo on the board. She says she’s been studying all season long for this comp. she has clues evicted on an even day or evicted with an odd number of votes. Tera has the photos up and she gets her call. She has to crack a code to disarm the laser and she heads to the next room and it’s raining. There are numbers on a wall and once she thinks she has the numbers she pushes through the wall. There are dials color coded with the ropes and she puts in the first two codes and heads to the other side of the wall.


Tera puts the bricks back in but one is wrong. She has four codes right but one is wrong because of the backwards brick. She knocked out too many pieces of the puzzle because she thought she had the codes but now she’s panicking and has to do it again. She puts it back together and realizes what she’s done. She quickly heads back and fixes her code. She’s upset because she thought she crushed it but she says she got cocky and she made a mistake.


Breydon is up next and he is beginning. He wants to sit next to Ty in the final two and he needs to win this veto. He gets his code off the cardboard boxes and finds his pictures. He begins his photo board. Brey says if you haven’t been paying attention all season you are done. He thinks he’s done and his photo board is wrong. He makes a change and he’s correct this time.


Brey heads to the next room for the final puzzle and he pushes directly through the wall and uncovers the decoders. He realizes there were numbers on the wall and he’s going to have to rebuild the wall because he didn’t even try to remember the numbers.


Brey can’t believe he busted through the wall so quickly. He says the water is freezing cold and he’s shivering as he’s rebuilding the wall. He has a couple of blocks on the bottom backwards and he says he cannot stand himself. He busts through the wall and he begins to build again and he’s so frustrated. He does that and puts the codes in and he’s completed the veto. He’s so frustrated knowing his dreams could be snatched away. He’s just praying Ty wins because he’s not winning this.


Ty is in next and he says even if he wins HOH, veto holds all the power and if he or Brey wins this, then they can get rid of Kiefer. Ty is looking everywhere and he can’t find the file cabinet. He finally finds it and says you have to be kidding me. He makes quick work of the other puzzles and he’s starting on the photo board. He says he’s been studying for a comp just like this and he’s done but he can’t find the phone. He walks around the desk and looks out the door. He finally finds it.


Ty heads to the next room and immediately begins studying the numbers. He thinks he has them and he busts through the wall and he realizes it’s by color. He didn’t study the colors so he goes back to rebuild the wall. He rebuilds the wall and studies the numbers again and starts putting in the codes and he has successfully completed the veto.


Kiefer is last to compete and he says he’s terrified. He hears the horn to begin and he says he’s in an uncomfortable position and he can’t count on anyone to keep him safe. He needs to secure his spot in the final three. He makes quick work of the cues and has his photos. He’s struggling with the clues and finally finishes his photo wall and gets his call. He answers the phone and says mom I miss you.


Kiefer is in the second room and he’s studying the numbers. He tries to sing the numbers so he can remember them better. He busts through the wall and he sees starts inputting the numbers. He didn’t remember the colors so she has to go back and rebuild the wall. He’s missing a concrete block and it’s on the other side of the wall and he decides to guess what the number is and he busts through the wall and enters the codes. He can feel his heart racing inside his chest. He is wrong and he makes one adjustment and he has it. He has fought through blood, sweat, and tears to make it here.


It’s time to find out to reveal the times and see who won! Ty is in fourth place with a time of 31:30 and in third place is Brey with a time of 28:42. With a time of 16:10, Tera has won the POV! Tera says she’s a real life superhero. She won the final POV. Kiefer had a time of 24:57. Tera says this feels so special for her. She says she did this for little girls everywhere.


Brey says he had a gut feeling and he’s congratulating her. Kiefer says you just won the POV Tera! He says his heart was pounding the whole time. Tera goes upstairs and celebrates by herself. She says her kids are going to go crazy. Kiefer comes in and he congratulates her again and hugs her. He says he feels sick. He says he’ll respect whatever decision she makes and she says they’ll talk tomorrow. She says this will be a hard decision. She says it’s a huge decision. She says it will come down to who she thinks she can beat in the final HOH and who might choose her if they won. She hates that she has to choose between them.


Arisa welcomes us back and the two-hour finale will be tomorrow night. Let’s see how Beth joining Jedson goes! The HG are throwing around a football. Rohan has been working out with Jedson. Jed asks Rohan who they’ll be seeing next and Rohan is hoping for Beth. Jed takes his shirt off and says it’s getting hot and Rohan says it’s 9 degrees and raining.


Beth is ready to join jury and relax and stop thinking about the game for a minute and see Jed. She didn’t manage jury well and she hopes people aren’t mad at her. Jed sees her and says no way! She tells them Brey won HOH and she says she’s a little bitter about Ty. She was mad at Tera but now she wants her to win. Vic is happy to see them in jury.


Jed says hey Canada, has anyone ever told you they loved you and then voted you out the next day? He does like Beth and he’d like to explore it outside of Big Brother. Beth asks who they think will be walking in after her and V thinks it will be Ty.


It’s time to see how the final four are preparing for tonight’s eviction. Tera wants to talk to Ty. She says what do I do and he says he doesn’t know. He says he doesn’t want to push on either side. Ty says he wouldn’t take either one of them over her. He wants her to do what’s good for his game but he doesn’t want her to know what’s good for his game. He has to be careful. He doesn’t think there’s a wrong choice. Ty says Kiefer has skated by the whole game and he’s never been a target. Tera says the jury loves Breydon. Ty says the jury loves Kiefer too. Ty says he loves Kiefer but he has to go. Tera says she has to talk to Brey next.


Tera pulls Breydon in and he asks what she is thinking. She asks if he would cut Ty and he says yes, absolutely. Brey says they’ve been playing together for weeks, why would he throw that away at the end. He says she asks him if he’d take her to final two, and of course he’s going to tell her what she wants to hear. He says he and Ty have a final two though in reality. Tera says this is hard because Kiefer has a family and Brey says gamewise, Tera has a better shot at winning. Brey says they would all push for Kiefer to win and she thinks the jury would all vote for Ty.


Kiefer says his game is in Tera’s hands. They have a really strong connection. They are both older and both parents and even though they were on opposite sides, they maintained a strong friendship. He needs to get through to her. He says now that they are on it, he respects whatever she does. She played one heck of a game. She says would you hate me if I cut you and he says yeah. He says he thinks it’s a mistake but he can see why she would want to do it. Tera says her heart is saying don’t cut Kiefer but her game is saying cut Kiefer. Kiefer says he won’t hate her if she cuts him. He says it’s been harder for them and he has a chance to help his family out. He says this sucks. He never should have cut her in the double. It was the hardest thing he had to do in the game. Tera says her mind isn’t made up.


Arisa welcomes us back and it’s time to see what Tera’s win means. Tera will use the POV and since Brey is the only replacement option he will take the block. Which means that Tera will cast the sole vote to evict.


Brey says he’s been nothing but trustworthy and honest and his actions have spoken for his words and he’s good for her game but he loves her no matter what she decides. Kiefer says he played this game as hard as anyone could ever play. That’s all he has. He’s out of tricks.


Tera has the decision and she will now tell them who she’s evicting. She stands and says Brey’s social game is just as fierce as he is and he’s a huge competitor and she doesn’t underestimate him. She says Kiefer is a legend in this game and he’s a legend in Canada and she respects him more than she knows. She has to think about her game and she knows she can’t beat the best and so she has to evict Kiefer.


Kiefer hugs all three and he tells Ty to go get this and he has this. He heads upstairs and he heads out to Arisa. Brey thanks Tera and Ty and Tera hug. Canada gets to vote for their favorite HG!


Arisa asks Kiefer how he’s feeling and he says he’s relieved. He says he didn’t take a second off and Tera would have made a big mistake. He’s a bit salty because he’s a competitor but he feels honored to have played the game.


Arisa says Kiefer was such a joy to watch. He had so much fight and heart. Is this surreal for him? He says you’re forced to be yourself and you can be scared of what people think. He wanted to make himself and his family proud and he thinks he did.


Arisa asks what it’s been like sharing his culture with the country? He says he’s always surprised at how little people know about the indigenous culture and he enjoyed showing people they are still here and he’s honored to represent them. Arisa says it’s really special.

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