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Big Brother Canada Season 9-10th eviction to Final Four

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Arisa says there is only ONE week left to the finale and tonight, we’ll have the final four. And it’s been another wild week inside. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, Breydon pocketed a timely payday with his first HOH win of the season. Not wanting to head back to the block, Mama T appealed to Brey’s emotions, while Tychon was straight up appealing to Brey-day. Feeling the heat, the wily Bevel served a curve ball to sink Kiefer. But at the noms ceremony Brey tossed up Beth as his target next to Tera. Then things got grimy and Beth blamed her ex-allies for her bellyflop to the block.


Next, in a full tilt veto competition, Beth tried to bounce back but instead she dropped the ball and the late bloomer dug in for his third comp win in a row. With all the power in his hands, Brey stowed the veto away leaving Tera and Beth stranded on the block. Tonight, which hapless houseguest will head out the door next? Who will earn their place in the final three in the next HOH comp. and will Beth ever stop shouting?!? Earmuffs everyone! It’s Big Brother Canada!


Arisa welcomes us and she says thanks to HOH and POV wins, Brey held all the power. We’ll check in with jury tonight too. Let’s start with a look at what went down after the POV ceremony.


We pick up after the veto ceremony on Day 59 and Tera says in this game you have to expect the unexpected. She says Beth might really be the target, but she’s trusting the people who voted her out last week and they could send her packing. Brey says he wants Beth out of this house, out of his head and into jury house with Jed.


Beth says Brey had one HOH to make a really big move and he didn’t take his shot. On what planet is herself or Tera playing a better game than Kiefer. What do they have with him that is so strong that they don’t want to backdoor him. Beth is talking to Kiefer and she wants to know where the others one are? Are they celebrating and Kiefer doesn’t know. Meanwhile, Tera is hugging Brey and Ty and they are reassuring her. Beth says she absolutely knows that Ty had some sway in nominations and veto and she’s frustrated that he didn’t have her back at all.


Ty and Beth are in the kitchen and Beth tells him she’s annoyed and she says it feels personal. Ty says what do you think was personal? Beth says that she’s up and he’s not and he was part of the trio and wanted Brey up against Jed. Ty says he disagreed with Brey going and Ty says he would have stayed over Beth. Beth says he was looking out for himself and he says so was she. Ty says Beth looked too comfortable on the block and he was hearing Beth had thrown out his name if he’d been on the block. Beth says Ty was lying to her ALL last week and they are arguing and getting loud and the others can hear them. Beth says she’s a straight shooter and always has been. Ty says if this is your campaign, then you’re doing a horrible job.


Ty tells Beth that the game has changed and you can’t play as an alliance anymore. Beth is getting frustrated and she says he’s talking in circles. She leaves the kitchen mumbling and says Ty floated the entire game. Jed heads upstairs to the HOH and he tells Brey he was getting frustrated. Beth goes to the Expedia room and she’s laughing and says I’m getting voted out this week.


Arisa welcomes us back and says we will have a special eviction next Wednesday leaving us with the final three, and Thursday will be the finale where we will crown the winner of Big Brother Canada season 9! But for now, let’s check back in and see what Tera and Beth are doing to stay in the house.


Beth says she and Ty had a blow-up earlier, but she’s not out of this game yet and she needs to do damage control. She tells Ty and says he’s playing the game and he says he thinks he has a good chance to win against everyone except Kiefer. Beth says that’s why she was frustrated that it was her and Tera on the block and she doesn’t understand why they kept Kiefer here. She says she didn’t realize she didn’t have Ty anymore. She asks if he’s going to vote her out and Ty says he doesn’t know for certain if Beth would bring him to F2 and she says she swears he’s coming to the end with her. Ty thinks if Beth is still here, everyone would want to bring her to F2 and she deserves to win the game too. She says she promises with everything in her that he is coming with her to the end. She goes to get some water.


Beth heads upstairs and she’s emotional and she walks by Breydon and Tera. Tera asks if he thinks someone should go in with Beth. Beth says she’s at her absolute lowest point in this game. She can’t count on Ty’s vote this week. She’s not about to roll over and die. She’s a strong woman and a strong player. All she can do is convince Kiefer to keep her since she can’t count on Ty’s vote and then work on Brey to keep her in a tie breaker.


Kiefer is talking to Beth and he tells her he thinks Tera is better for his game than she is. Beth says she doesn’t understand that. Kiefer says Beth would never take him to the end and she says she would. She says Ty and Brey are a duo and they are absolutely taking each other. And Tera won’t bring him because she can’t beat him. Kiefer says Beth fought to get her backdoored and she says of course she did because she was fighting tooth and nail to stay. Beth says she guarantees if she stays, Kiefer will sit in final three with her. Beth says the jury loves Ty and Brey more than herself or Kiefer. Kiefer says Beth has turned people against each the entire game and this whole place could be engulfed with flames before eviction day.


Arisa welcomes us back and she can’t believe the finale is one week away. Everyone inside is used to being grilled, but this week they give the HG a different kind of grilling.


Kiefer and Beth are called to the DR and they’ve been selected for a special task. They have to spend the night on the balcony and they have to count every racoon they see and if they guess the correct number within five they win a party. They head to the chairs and their task begins. Kiefer is singing he wants to see a raccoon on the fence and they begin counting. Brey, Tera, and Ty are with them. Counting begins and they are at five. Ty, Brey, and Tera head inside and they are going to do shifts to keep them up.


Tera is called to the DR and she reads that Kiefer and Beth, but it’s up the other HG to distract them. If Beth and Kiefer get the count right they win a party, but if they are wrong the other HG will win the party. Tera says she feels bad but she doesn’t want Beth alone with Kiefer for too long.


Ty heads out to workout in front of the fence and Beth says is this guy serious right now? Kiefer starts belching. Beth says nothing is going to break her focus because she’s starving. Brey starts popping up with the raccoon and so does Tera. Kiefer says he’s locked in right now. He’s a raccoon counting machine and he won’t break for anyone.


Kiefer and Beth are alone now and Kiefer has to go use the restroom and Beth tells him to run. The count is at 414 and the raccoons go crazy popping up. Kiefer heads upstairs and heads back and Beth is counting like crazy and she’s at 459. Their task finally ends and they head to the DR and the official number of raccoons they counted on the fence is 567 and they guessed correct. The whole house will be gifted with a party. Kiefer can’t wait to grill tomorrow. The HG head out to the BY and Kiefer says he’s the grill master of the house and he’s on his element on the grill.


Let’s check in on the jury now! The jury is sitting on a dock and Victoria says look, there’s Tera floating. Rohan says the jury house is relaxing. Victoria says she’s not as much of an outdoor person as Tina. They are fishing and Rohan is fishing for Jed, Beth, or Ty to walk through the door. Jed says he’s disappointed because he got burned by his alliance, but at least he went out on a twist.


Jed goes in and Victoria and Tina are shocked and he tells them Tera won HOH and he fills them on the week and him taking Beth down and then the twist. Victoria says they did you dirty and Jed says they did me dirty. Victoria says Jed tells them it was a fake double eviction and she’s shocked he didn’t beat Tera. She says this changes a lot.


Jed says the plan was always to get the Sauce to the F3 and he’s a little salty with Ty for not telling him he was wavering. Victoria is shocked Beth didn’t vote to keep him and Jed says he does love Beth because they grew a strong connection and he’s happy to see where it goes. Rohan says everyone has a bit of a resume now and they say it’s a crapshoot from here out. Vic says anyone can win HOH now or win POV and use it…or not. They all laugh and Jed shakes his head and Vic says too soon?


Arisa welcomes us back and she just before the eviction vote, let’s take another peek inside the house. Brey is calling everyone to the LR. He reads attention have-nots. Canada has been voting to save one of the have-nots. The have-not Canada has decided to save is…Kiefer! Kiefer says he can eat again! He thanks Canada and Skip the Dishes. He can’t wait to dig into this food.


Tera and Beth are talking and Tera asks how Beth is feeling. Tera says she’s at peace and asks what about Tera? Tera says she knows flips can happen. Beth says Tera what do you need to know? She tells her she wants him to beat the boys and she offers to help her study because she knows all the HOH’s and veto winners. Kiefer was in the room and he says she probably shouldn’t have said that. Beth says anything can happen this week though.


Beth is talking to Ty and Brey and she says neither Kiefer or Beth will take him to F2. Beth is so upset that Ty won’t spend time with her and she’s played this game with him the entire game. Kiefer is listening in also. Beth says Brey has been expendable to Ty and she says she wanted Brey in his back pocket word for word and Ty says he didn’t say that. Ty says Beth has been a bus driver this whole game and he will be glad she’s gone. He just wants to get to the end and forget about Beth.


Arisa welcomes us back and she’s going to tell the HG what they are playing for and we’ll get to the live vote and eviction. Arisa greets the HG. The winner will win $100,000 cash, $10,000 worth of grills and accessories, $10,000 cash from Sunlight, and an unforgettable dream vacation for two from Expedia.


It’s time for the live eviction! Tera says to my warrior mom, thank you for showing me what it is to be a strong woman who never gives up. Tera says she fought hard to return and if they think she’s best for their game then please keep her. Beth thanks them all for helping her live with her dream. She says she has to fight and Kiefer and Ty please think what’s best for your game and I’ll be so proud to say any of your names to win.


It’s time to vote!

Ty votes to evict Beth.

Kiefer votes to evict Beth.

By a vote of 2-0, Beth will be heading to jury! Beth gives them hugs and says they all deserve to be here. She loves them and she loves Big Brother.


Beth joins Arisa and Arisa says she was final four for like an hour. What kind of rollercoaster has she been on? Beth says it’s been up and down and she’s been run over and backed over. She says keeping Kiefer in the house was a huge mistake and Jedson leaving. Arisa asks if she regretted voting Jed out and Beth says she had to. She says he’ll be disappointed but he’ll give her a hug. She thinks Kiefer will win, but she’s hoping for Tera.


The HG wanted to send Beth some messages. Ty says the game was always them but things changed. Kiefer says she came into the game guns blazing but she was aiming at him and he know that. Brey says Beth was no longer good for his game and he was in on the plan to get Jedson called the Trapdoor.


It’s time for a new HOH! This competition is called buzzer beater. They each have a monitor in front of them and they have to recall which veto competition the HG played in together. Once they think they know what competition they played in, they have to ring in and state who was evicted after that veto. There are 7 questions. Whoever has the most points will win HOH!


We see Beth, Breydon, and Rohan and Ty rings in and he answers Rohan and he is correct. Ty has 1 point.


We’ll find out who wins HOH and who gets nominated on Monday!

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