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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Nominations and Veto April 28

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, at a dramatic fake double eviction, Tera and Jed thought they were bound for jury until Big Brother sent them a sign. And in a battle to re-enter the house, the underdog ramped up here game and claimed the comeback of the season. With her growing resume in tow, big drama mama T played it cool. Meanwhile, Beth couldn’t stomach Tera’s return and the queen B courted the bishop to stay united.  Then at a high stakes competition the HG bet on the themselves and when a tie forced Beth and Breydon into overtime, Brey hit the jackpot. Tonight, who will Brey banish to the block? And who will win the POV? Let the games begin, on big brother Canada!


We pick up on Day 56 after the HOH comp and Brey says now he has an HOH like everyone else! Brey says this is his first true taste of power. He wanted Beth to go during the double but he respected Tychon’s HOH, but now they’ve been given a second chance and Beth better watch out.


Beth says Brey, are you kidding me?!? She says she spent almost all of the game on top making the decisions with the Sunsetters and now a floater is on top and in control of her game? Kiefer says he knows Brey won’t put Ty on the block and his pool of nominees is small. He has put him up as a pawn in the past and that makes him nervous. Kiefer and Ty are talking about Brey’s potential nominees and Ty says he doesn’t make emotional decisions. Kiefer says Ty won’t take over Brey’s HOH, but he’ll have some influence.


Who wants to see Brey’s HOH room?!? We see pictures of his mom and siblings and friends. His letter is from one of his friends and they are so proud of Brey and he has everyone cheering for him. They hope he makes it all the way and they love him. Brey says hearing from the outside world re-ignited a fire under his butt and he needs to show them he’s a boss.


Brey is taking Kiefer to Wendy’s and Kiefer wants to convince Brey that Tera and Beth are best for the block. He doesn’t want to go on the block at final five because there’s a good chance he could go home. They select their food and Brey goes to get it and he gets a video from his mom and siblings and they love him and congratulate him on winning HOH.


Kiefer and Brey are eating and chatting. Kiefer says he really doesn’t want to be on the block. Brey says Ty won’t be on the block on his HOH and it seems they are all in agreement that Beth needs to go this week and Brey thinks he can beat Ty in the final two.


Tera says she just made the comeback of the century but she needs to talk to Brey and see where things stands. Brey talks to her and says he hasn’t decided but he will tell her and Tera gets emotional and she says she doesn’t know if she can do this again just to stay another week. Tera says she knows if she’s on the block that Kiefer and Ty will vote her out. She thinks they’ll blindside her and him as well.


It’s Day 57 and Ty is talking to Brey. Ty says he knows Brey has had a crush on him for a long time now so he’s spent time cuddling with him and rubbing his back and they have a final two deal. He wants Brey to be emotionally connected to him and want to confide in him because that would be good for Ty’s game. Ty says his final two with Brey is real and he thinks he can beat Brey in a final two.


Beth says she has a feeling she’ll be hitting the block so she wants to be the last one to talk to Brey and be in his ear. She has a pitch to keep her off the block. She tells him she’s scared of whatever Kiefer and Tera have. Beth is terrified that if Kiefer isn’t on the block and wins veto and takes Tera down, it forces Brey to put Ty up and they can vote him out on Brey’s HOH. Brey says Beth is bringing up a valid point.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Breydon says this is his first HOH and because there are so few people left, it makes the decision harder. Everyone plays in veto this week so he had to factor that in his decision. His goal is final two so he needs to secure his spot. His first nominee is…Beth. His second nominee is…Tera. Brey says he nominated Beth because he heard the plan was to backdoor him and he loves moms, but Tera told him he wouldn’t touch the block but they seen what happened. He knows they’ll both fight for that veto so go out and do the damn thing.


Beth says it’s day 55 all over again. They just hit rewind and the same thing is happening. Beth says last week’s decision was done as a group but it’s funny she’s the one on the block because of the group decision. Tera is furious. Tera says Brey only touched the block because of the plan Kiefer and Ty cooked up and the fact they are sitting there with grins on their face is driving her insane. Brey says lots of people didn’t have an issue putting him on a block and it’s just a game.


Brey goes to talk to Tera and he wants to know if she’s ok. Tera says she was just thrown off by what Brey said in his nomination speech and she goes over how Ty and Kiefer got the plan to go for Brey to hit the block. Tera says and now they are laughing and it bothers her. Tera says after her experience, was it Jed running the house? Or was it other people? Tera no longer buys Kiefer’s emotional chat and again Ty hasn’t touched the block.


Ty goes to talk to Beth and she says she has to win veto and Ty says that’s the point in the game we’re at. Beth says she was irritated with Brey’s speech because she’s on the block for the trio. Ty says it’s not his fault Beth is on the block, she’s the one who fought to keep Jed. Brey joins Ty and Beth and Ty leaves. Beth says all of them were saying Brey should go up, even Kiefer. Brey says Beth was pitching hard for Jed to stay and Beth says what is with people saying that? She says it just sucks he can’t play next week and he’s making his number two mad. Brey tells us Beth, you’re not my number two.


Beth says these guys will do anything not to touch the block. She says it’s disgusting how they all turned against her. She says it was a group decision they wanted Jed gone and yeah she went back and forth, but in the end, SHE cut Jed. Beth talks to Ty and Kiefer and says she can’t believe they pinned it all on her. Ty says he never said Brey’s name last week. Beth says Ty was just as back and forth as her. Ty says she was Jed’s girlfriend. Beth says it was up to them too but they told her to decide.


Tera can hear Beth yelling at the guys and Brey tells Tera about their conversation. Ty says he didn’t go in and tell Brey that it was all Beth. Beth says she can’t trust anyone in this place and Ty says they’re all in the same boat so get in line. Beth says Ty isn’t in the same boat because he’s going to final four.


It’s time for the veto competition! There are pinball machines set-up. Brey gets to play in the HOH this week because there are only five people left. On go they will drop a ball in a tube and catch it when it falls and run it back up to put it in again. When the lights flash, another ball will fall. When they drop a ball, they are out of the competition. Last one standing wins!


Beth says she will never feel safe in this crazy place and she’s thinking about nobody but herself and she wants this to be her win so bad. Tera says she’s been waiting for an endurance comp. This veto is huge for her. Everyone is telling her she’s safe but they voted her out last week. She can’t trust these people, she has to win this veto.


Brey says he’s not the best at timing or endurance but he’s counting to see how long it takes the ball to get to the bottom so he can space them properly. Ty says he’s the biggest physical target now that Jed’s gone, but he feels safe with Brey, but he wants the win for his resume.


The lights flash and it’s time to add a second ball. Tera says this is about figuring out the spacing. Kiefer says a second ball makes this twice as hard. He’s going to have to hustle and he says he rushed his second ball and he rushes with his first. Beth says she has her timing dead set and she’s taking her time walking up and down and she’s feeling pretty good right now.


Brey says if he wins this week he’ll have all the power, but Beth is his target so he’s hoping she’ll drop one of her balls. The lights flash for a third time and Kiefer says he panics when putting the ball in. Tera says seeing the balls come down, she knows she’s in trouble. She wants to win this veto and not ruin her second chance.


Tera says the third ball makes the competition next to impossible and she panicked. We see her ball drop and she says epic fail. She blew it. Tera is out. Kiefer is rushing and the ball slipped through is fingers and he says that will pain him for the rest of his life. He could have kept going. Kiefer is out.


Beth is rushing down and just misses her ball. Beth is out. Brey says is this the best case scenario? Did both of his nominees just drop the ball? Holy crap! Tera is encouraging Brey and Ty. Brey says he can do this for awhile so he’s keeping his breathing on point. Kiefer says Brey is starting to slow a little and Brey just makes it back down to catch his ball. Ty is back down and he just misses his ball. Brey has won POV!


Brey says he just won! He has all the power this week! He can do whatever he wants. They head back inside Tera sees Ty in the SR and he says he hates to lose. Tera says so much for her comeback. Now she has to kiss butt. Kiefer comes in and Tera asks them to pinky swear and Kiefer says he was thrilled when Beth dropped. Tera says the guys are telling her she’s good, but they voted her out two days ago. She says please don’t send her home twice. Send her home in the four but not yet.


Brey tells Ty and Kiefer he feels bad because he wanted Ty to have his moment. Kiefer says he’s thrilled for him and wants him to do well, he’s just terrified of being backdoored. Brey asks why he would do that and Kiefer says to make a big move. Ty says Beth will pitch.


It’s Day 58 and Kiefer goes outside and he sees food setup and he wants to know if he can eat that. Big Brother would like them to let off steam in the hot tub and have some beverages. Kiefer goes to tell everyone to get into their swim stuff. Kiefer reads a congratulations for making it to final five. Kiefer says that made it more real. This game can get really stressful, so Big Brother would like them to let off some steam in the hot tub and enjoy a beverage. They say this is what they needed. Brey says the cream of the crop always rises to the top.


Beth says Brey won the veto and he has all the power this week and she’ll see if he’ll pull her down and put Kiefer up. She yells in the house where Brey is and he says HOH and she yells if he wants to join her outside and he says sure. He says he doesn’t want to be pitched to and Kiefer says don’t backdoor me Brey.


Brey is talking to Beth outside now and Beth says she is surprised Kiefer didn’t touch the block. She says Tera has a resume, but Kiefer has made a million good moves because he’s been playing since day one. Beth says she needs to get Brey to see that Kiefer is the best player in the game and Brey says he’s not sure if it’s the right move. Brey says he might just keep them the same and not make anyone else mad. Beth says everyone would see Brey have a moment.


Brey recaps his conversation with Beth to Ty. Ty says she’s good. Ty says you can credit Kiefer with early moves, but can you credit him with recent ones? Ty says it’s a good pitch. Brey says it’s up to them and he says she also says it will look like Ty ran his HOH and Ty says why would she say that? It’s like throwing him under the bus. Brey says at least the decision is his to make.


It’s time for the veto ceremony! Beth says Brey should use the veto because there are only so many opportunities to make big moves and stand out from the rest. Tera says she knows what it’s like to be underestimated in this game and she’s so proud of him for winning the veto, but she wouldn’t be mad if he saved her. Brey has decided NOT to use the POV. He says in this game, actions speak louder than words and as HOH it only make sense to stay clean from more blood and when he makes a decision he sticks to it and doesn’t buckle under the pressure.


Tera doesn’t want to be evicted in the final five two times in a row. This is her opportunity to re-write history. Beth is going to work hard to stay this week. She wants to be in the final four and she doesn’t want to follow Jed into that jury house.

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