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BBCAN9 Tuesday, April 27, 2021 Live Feed Updates

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3:48 PM BBT  Tera and Tychon start a chess game in the Expedia room.  Tera asks how Ty how he's feeling and he says good.  He has no complaints...he just wants to win the game.  Tera asks him how he thinks Beth is handling the news.  Ty says she's handling it well...she knows it's real now.  He's not sure if she will give up or keep trying.  Tera says she can't see Beth giving up.  Ty thinks Beth has given up on him.  Tera remarks that Beth is working more on Kiefer.  Ty thinks it's surprising that Beth thinks she can turn Kiefer over turning Ty.  He thinks she might think Kiefer is more emotional...Ty is more cold.  Tera says that Beth can see that Ty is in a much better position with Beth gone, and that's why Beth is focussing on Kiefer.  They don't think she will convince Kiefer.  It will come down to who people think they can beat in a comp or at the end.  Tera tells Ty that she thinks he is in the best position as far as resumes go. 

3:52 PM BBT Ty tells Tera he wants to win his way to the end.  If he loses, then there is a case for people with better resumes to take him.  He thinks he has a good chance to get to final 2.  Tera asks if he is dead set on how he gets to his end game, and he says no, not at all.  If he wins HOH, he makes it to final 3, but he won't know who ends up there unless he also wins veto.  Tera asks if he would want a say... would he gun for the veto?  He says he would...why not?  Then he would be decision-maker and that's good for the resume.  He sees several scenarios for getting to final 3.  Tera says she would be shocked if he were not in final 3.  He would either win and take himself there, and she doesn't see a scenario that someone would not take him, even if he didn't win.

3:55 PM BBT Tera and Ty talk about how Ty is actually in a better position despite the fake HOH.  At least now he is eligible to compete for the next HOH.  They talk about different ways things could have happened.  Ty feels he is in a decent position right now and it just kinda lined up.  Tera tells Ty that she sees him as someone who would be bugged to be taken.  Ty comments that Tera really was down to work with him to get Jed out.  She risked her whole game to get Jed out, and that was impressive. 

3:59 PM BBT Ty talks about advice he would give...that people playing Big Brother need to be open to seeing when they need to switch from playing for their people to playing for themselves.  Tera speculates that Ty would have stayed with his people if she hadn't won that HOH.  She wonders what he would have done if he had won HOH.  Ty isn't sure.  They talk about what an intricate game BB is.  Ty reiterates that it's really like chess.

4:02 PM BBT Tera and Ty speculate about how much Beth understood about the plans around getting Jed out.

 4:04 PM BBT  Ty tells Tera that he has never not kept a promise.  He has talked about what he believed would happen but has never said he would do something without following through and doing it. He tells Tera that he is NOT voting her out.  If others vote differently, that's them.  He is not voting her out.  It makes no sense for him [odd, considering he is the one that told Breydon and Kiefer to vote her out on his HOH! ~app].  She kept him off the block...she finessed that perfectly.  They talk about how they got Jed out and that they did it working together.  Tera still can't believe she beat Jed in the battle back.  She knows it makes her a target going into final four.  It is what it is. Ty says it's about how people see Tera vs. Kiefer and Breydon in terms of resumes.  They think Kiefer would be hard to beat in final 2.  But if he is standing there, he deserves it.  The game is not over.

4:08 PM BBT  Tera and Ty comment that no one wants Beth in final 2.  She has been involved in a lot of moves and decisions. 

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6:55 PM BBT Beth is called to the DR, leaving Breydon listening to music and Ty semi-snoozing on the HOHR bed while Beth and Tera hang out on the HOHR couch.  Tera leaves to do laundry and pack her bag. Kiefer says he was hoping Skip would be today. 


7:00 PM BBT The camera switches to Tera in the Destiny BR.  She is talking to herself saying that she doesn't even care if they send her home.  She finds it so hard to be around them.  She ponders how she can study without people knowing that she's studying.  She sighs several times then whispers that she doesn't want to pack her bags.  She can't stand these guys.  They're sitting pretty, being super annoying.  Kiefer is the biggest fouler she has met in her entire life.  He thinks she doesn't see how selfish he is.  She imitates Kiefer mockingly "your biggest mistake was putting me on the block, Jed."  Kiefer wants to take credit for taking Jed out, but Tera doesn't think he would have had the balls to do it himself.  She keeps repeating how hard it is to be around them.  They are all so fake.  All of them.

7:13 PM BBT Kiefer checks in on Tera, who explains she didn't feel like organizing her bag.  Kiefer leaves and Beth comes in.  They talk about packing their bags and doing it earlier rather than later...just in case the eviction is early. 

7:19 PM BBT In the Destiny BR, Tera and Beth talk.  Tera points out that flips happen.  Even if Beth goes, Tera isn't sure what her game plan is.  Beth conveys something Kiefer said... it was about a hypothetical secret veto and he ended up on the block, Kiefer believes he would still stay.  They talk scenarios.  Tera asks who she would be targeting, and Beth says Kiefer.  Ty and Kiefer are going together. Beth relays that Ty said earlier...that he would take Tera to final 2.  Beth says they think he didn't mean to say it. Tera says she doesn't think Ty would take her.  Beth says she would also consider taking out Breydon.  Ty is so hungry for the money, he would go with whoever is easiest to beat.  If it's Tera, Kiefer and Ty, Ty would take Tera.  Beth said Ty told her that he was planning to take Breydon.  Beth thinks Kiefer would take Tera.  Tera thinks that Kiefer just wants Tera there as a shield he can paint as a bigger target.  Beth says that taking Kiefer out would be a game-winning move.  They don't know if Kiefer is playing a boys game or not. 

7:23 PM BBT Tera is worried that she doesn't know her stuff as well as she should.  Beth offers to help..."what do you need help with?  Ask me anything, I'll give you it."   Beth says she knows she is leaving and for some reason she wants Tera to win.  Beth explains the types of things she can share, that she thinks Tera will need to know.  Kiefer comes in and paces back and forth.  They talk about the types of questions in competitions.  Tera says she doesn't know any of that stuff, but Beth says she knows all of it.  She moans that she won't get a chance to use her knowledge. 

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