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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Veto April 14

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after HOH Kiefer and his cohorts ran over Ro, the Sunsetters were steamrolling and the three outsiders faced getting flattened. But when the mullet man spilled his secret, the Sunsetter did himself dirty. At the HOH comp, the triangle was firing on all cylinders, but when they piled on Tera it sparked some serious road rage. But the trio kept on trucking and in the end, Jed beat Breydon to the winner circle.


With only a few options for nominations, the backdoor beckoned a fellow Sunsetter, and at the nomination ceremony HOH Jed kept all options in play when he put up Tera and Tina on the block. Tonight, who will win the POV? Will the Sunsetters drop another backdoor bombshell. Another sneak attack is coming on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up on Day 43 after the nomination ceremony and Jed says he just put up Tina and Tera on the block, but there’s a lot of game to play this week. This is his first HOH and he’s trying to make a resume move that will help him down the line. Tera says she’s sitting next to her best friend in the house and it’s the last person she wants to be sitting next to. She needs to get her butt off the block.


Tina says she kind of figured she’d be on the block but her gut tells her she’s going to final five with the sunsetters and see what happens from there. She’s not going home. Not yet. Kiefer joins Tychon, Jedson, and Beth and they are hugging and Beth leaves. Kiefer says he panicked in a moment when Jed look at him and he says that was the last nervous he’s ever been at a nomination ceremony. Kiefer says Tera has to go because she’s draining the house with her attitude. Jed says if she wins maybe Breydon needs to go and he’s trying to be puppy to Beth and that makes him mad. Kiefer says they just need to get to final four. Jed doesn’t think no matter what Tina won’t go home.


Kiefer says he’s positioned himself very carefully in the game. He’s working with the sunsetters and with Tina and Tera. If either side is going to take a shot, then he doesn’t think it will be him. Kiefer is talking to Tina and he’s telling her he thinks there’s a backdoor in play with Breydon as the target. Tina asks why and Kiefer says they don’t like that Breydon came to them on day 34.


Tera says Jed is in power this week which means so is Beth. She thinks Beth is behind a lot of the big decisions and that she’s playing a good game. So she needs to tell Beth why she’s good for her game. Tera says Tina isn’t strong enough to take anyone anywhere, she’ll be taken. She then says Kiefer is more loyal to the boys and Tera says the only person she sees maybe taking her to final two would be Beth and she’s not sure she could win against her. Tera tells Beth she’s the strongest player in the game and Beth says she knows. Tera says she’ll have to take out Ty and Jed in order to get the credit. Tera says she is Beth’s best shot at 100k.


After Tera leaves Beth says that is so good. She made some good points. She isn’t getting carried to the end of this game and she doesn’t want to be looked at that way because she wasn’t carried. She didn’t come just to go home with a boyfriend. She says it’s bull that Jed or Ty would get most of the credit. Beth is going to talk to Jed and she tells him Tera’s pitch. She says Tera just wants final two. She tells him the entire conversation with Tera and Jed says no one even talks to Tera. Beth says the jury won’t understand the influence she had on the game and if she has to cut Jed and Ty, then she will do it. Jed says he doesn’t want anyone getting in Beth’s head because he should be in there.


It’s time to pick players for the POV competition! Breydon says he wants to get drawn because he might be the only replacement option and he is not walking out the backdoor. Jedson draws Tychon. Tera draws HG choice and she selects Kiefer. Tina draws Beth.


It’s time for the POV competition! This is a three part competition. They saw some TikTok videos yesterday from some popular creators. It’s time to see how good they are at sleep walking. They have to blindfold themselves and stack their blocks in the same order as one of the videos. The first three to get it will move on to the next round.


Kiefer says they have to stack blocks blindfolded. They not only have to remember the order correctly, but feel the shapes and stack on a tiny peg. Tychon can’t find his other block. Beth says she’s lost and confused. She’s all over the place. She can’t see anything. Tina says it’s the first time she’s on the block and the most important thing is for one of them to come off the block. She doesn’t have any wins and this would be a good first.


Tera doesn’t trust anyone in the house except herself so this is the time to make a name for herself. Tera finishes her stack and she’s the first to complete. Ty is struggling and he knows he’s safe with Jedson, but he wants to help keep Jed’s options open. He has his blocks stacked but not all shapes are facing out.


Kiefer doesn’t have his in the right order. Tina locks in and she is correct and moves on. Beth has her blocks stacked and she will be moving on to the next round with Tina and Tera.


For the next round, they have to remember the slop cookie recipe. They will reach into a slop bowl and find numbers to fill in the recipe. But they are going to use the metric system so they will have to convert their numbers correctly. The first two HG to correctly fill out their recipe card will win move on to the final round!


Beth says she’s not a baker plus you have to convert your numbers. She says Jed and Ty want to take Tina off, but she wants to take Tera down. Tina thinks she has it and she locks in and she is incorrect. Tera wants to win this and she can’t figure out what’s wrong but then she realizes one of her conversions is wrong and she fixes it and locks in and she’s correct. Tina makes adjustments also and she moves on to the final round with Tera!


#BBCAN9 It’s time for round three! They have to place their disks so a ball will bounce off of all of them and into a glass. He hopes they remember how to set up their trick shot. The first to do it wins POV!


#BBCAN9 Tera and Tina move their disks and they start trying their shots. Tina says every placement changes how the ball bounces. Tera is close and she misses the last couple. Tina is trying and making adjustments and she’s close as well. Tera just misses the glass on her next shot and Tina just misses as well. Tera says she wants to show her kids to never give up and never stop believing in yourself. She finally hits her shot and Tera wins the POV!


#BBCAN9 Tera says she needed this. She is NOT going home this week. The HG head inside and Kiefer and Jed and Ty are in the kitchen. Kiefer says please don’t put me on the block Mr. Jed. Kiefer says he’s stoked for Tera. The backdoor plan for Breydon is on. The Sunsetters are set for the final five. He wants to be part of the greatest alliances of all time and then he wants to beat them. He wants to be one of the greatest players of all time.


#BBCAN9 Breydon is talking to himself and he says this is the worst case scenario. He’s happy for Tera but he’s in danger. He says it stinks he didn’t have a chance to save himself. Beth and Jed are in the HOH room and they are good with Tera winning. Jed says Breydon must know he’s going up, but maybe they should think about putting up Kiefer. Beth says you’d really do it? He says why wouldn’t we do it? Jed says Kiefer has the best resume and he’s said he’s going to win this game and he’s good with everyone in the house. He doesn’t want to miss a shot at someone who could beat him down the line. Beth says this is a huge move and it’s what is best for her game.


Kiefer is talking to Tina and she asks if Kiefer jokes about all his comp wins because if he does he should cut back on that. Kiefer says it doesn’t matter. Tina says do you think you’ll go up this week? Kiefer says no. Not a chance. He saved them in the double. He says Jed’s big move is Breydon. Tina says are you sure? Kiefer says he’d be mad but he won’t. Tina says don’t say I didn’t tell you.


Tychon talks to Jedson and Jed pitches putting up Kiefer. Tychon says they could. Jedson says Kiefer is wide open and Tychon says it might be harder to get him down the line. Jedson says they’ll talk about it later.


Tera and Jedson call all the HG to the living room. Tonight, the ballpit will become a bedroom ONE person will be sleeping in the ballpit for the rest of the week. As Jedson and Tera are the only two safe this week, they will help determine who will sleep in the ball pit by playing hide-n-seek. They have 100 seconds to hide.


Beth says she’s not good at hide-n-seek because she’s too loud. Beth hides under some clothes in the bedroom. Tera finds Kiefer and Jedson finds Breydon. They find Tina and they are looking for Beth and Ty. Tina advises Beth to stay where she is. Jed finds Tychon. Tera says they have one more person to find and that’s Beth and she won. Beth now has to choose who will be sleeping in the ballpit this week and she’s picking Tychon. Ty says he’s been pranking her all last week but he thought they had a truce. Beth says if there’s a power in the ballpit, she wants Ty to find it. They go down with Ty and tuck him in and he has a platform bed and he wants to know how to turn the lights off. He tries clapping his hands and the lights go down.


It’s day 44 and Breydon goes to talk to Jedson to make his pitch. Breydon says he doesn’t want to go up and he says Kiefer is positioned in the middle and he’s safe. Breydon says he’s down if Jedson wants to make a big move, then he’s down.


Kiefer is talking to Ty and he tells him Tina and Tera are getting in his head and Breydon seems too comfortable. He says he’s been a Sunsetter and he’s been loyal and he hopes that carries him through to the game. Kiefer says he’d want to be taken out by one of them, but not when there are three other people in the house. He doesn’t think Jed will do it. He says he will never falter away from the four and he doesn’t know how much more he can prove it.


Beth and Jedson are talking and they are talking about Breydon’s pitch. Tychon joins them and he asks why Beth his upset. Beth says she’s sick about it. Ty says he’s a loyal Sunsetter but he’s not the sauce and this is the sauce move. He has to go.


Kiefer says they have been talking about backdooring Breydon all week but he has a bad feeling. He needs to go to the HOH and get to the bottom of this. He comes in and Beth is in there and she says she’s pretty sure the plan is still Brey, but she knows the boys want to talk to him. Kiefer says no. It’s going to be me isn’t it. I’m going to go home. Beth leaves to go get Jedson.


Ty and Jed head upstairs and Beth is in the HOH room with Kiefer and he asks why him? Beth tells them Kiefer knows. Jed says it’s a crappy situation but when you look at Kiefer’s position in the house, it’s the only option. Kiefer says he’s been so loyal. Loyal to the soil man. As soon as he seen Breydon chilling, he knew and he could see it in Jed’s face because he’s a good dude. Kiefer says he deserves to be here. He deserves to fight with them and then against them. Ty says if you get to final two you win the game. Kiefer says he just wishes it wasn’t Jed.


Kiefer says he would have never done this to them. He says if there’s a chance, he’ll throw the next HOH. He’ll do what he can. He says this hurts. Kiefer says he can’t believe it’s him. Jed says he’ll be the best player this season and Kiefer says the best player wins. Kiefer says he’s just a kid from the res and Jedson says his story is inspiring and it’s just a game. Jed and Kiefer hug and then Ty and Kiefer. Kiefer hugs Beth and he says it’s all good. It’s just a game and he leaves the room and all four are emotional. Kiefer goes to the bedroom where Tina and Tera are they give him a hug. Tina says she figured this was what was gong to happen. Kiefer says go get those guys.


It’s time for the POV ceremony! Tera has decided to use the veto on himself. Today is the 14th anniversary of her brother’s passing and she can think of no better way to honor her big brother than to save herself. Jed says this is the hardest decision he’s had to make, but in this game loyalty in the game means loyalty to no one. He’s been an inspiration, but Kiefer needs to sit on the block.


Kiefer and Tina hug. Kiefer says he got got. He played so hard. He really envisioned a final four with the Sunsetters. Who will be evicted Tina or Kiefer?

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