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Big Brother Canad 9 - HOH and Nominations - April 12, 2021

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Arisa comes on to talk about Nikki Grahame, who was a HG on BBCAN4, and who passed away Friday April 9th.  She was a legend who, from the UK to Canada, paved the way for people to be uniquely and unapologetically themselves.  Nikki was an absolute original, who spread so much joy and laughter and love to millions of people all over the world.  We all send our love to all her family and friends and anyone whose lives she touched, even through a TV screen.  If you, or someone you know, is struggling with an eating disorder or mental health issues, please reach out.  It’s never too soon or too late.  From everyone in the Big Brother Canada family, we love you Nikki.  Rest in Peace.


Previously on Big Brother Canada, after HOH Beth laid the blueprint for Spicy V’s blindside, and Rohan followed the plan, the savvy Sunsetter sent Vic up the crick.  Shocked by the betrayal, Victoria played up the pain to prove her loyalty.  Then, Beth and the boys wanted a show of allegiance, so Vic took a big swing at Tera, but the tiny terror swung back.  But it was all for naught, and on eviction night, the new Queen B led a unanimous vote that sent Spicy V twerking her way to jury.   Then, Big Brother dropped another doozy…a double eviction.  At the flash HOH competition, history was on the line, and when Kiefer took the crown, the three-time champ nominated Breydon and Rohan as his target.  With the veto king needing to win four in a row, the stage was set, but Tychon’s amazing swordplay left Ro’s life in the Sunsetter’s hands.  When the vote went down, it was final curtains for the Ro Show.  Tonight, who’s got the balls to become the next HOH?  Can anyone topple the Sunsetter’s kingdom?  It’s sweet when you’re on top!


We pick up at Rohan’s eviction.  He says his good-byes and leaves to shouts and applause.  The remaining HGs celebrate surviving the double eviction.  Jed tells us he was terrified of when the double eviction was coming and is so glad he was able to survive with his alliance still strong.  They sent Spicy V home and sent Rohan on the road as well.  He could not have written it any better. 


Kiefer tells us that everything went according to plan.  He knew he would win that competition…he’s locked and loaded for any competition that has to do with memory.  This is why he’s in an alliance with two of the buffest guys in the house.  They can win the strength comps and he can win the strength comps.  Every eviction night they crush someone’s dreams in order to keep their dreams going. 


Breydon tells us that it’s upsetting losing Rohan.  He worked so hard this week to keep him safe.  Breydon feels good with Beth, Ty and Jed, but it’s time for Breydon to win something and be the one making the game decisions.


Beth asks us “How am I here?  How are me, Ty and Jed here?”  She add, “It’s crazy!”  Beth tells us that the night before eviction they were going back and forth on whether they should keep Victoria or not.  She was playing until the end, playing with their emotions, dragging everyone’s name through the mud.  We see Vic talking to the four Sunsetters and explaining that Breydon and Ro are working together, and that Ro is working both sides of the house.  They are his last choice and she is surprised they are okay with that.  They can’t trust Breydon, Vic advises. From the DR, Beth thanks Vic for the info.  It’s really going to help Beth moving forward, but…have fun in the jury!  There can only be one bad b*tch in this house, and it’s Beth.  We see the Sunsetters in the OLG room crowing about getting rid of two of the biggest players and congratulating themselves.  Kiefer affirms they are going final four all the way, and they are the best alliance that’s ever played this game. Beth and Jed affirm “the four of us!”  


Tina and Tera in the Destiny BR talk about surviving the double, but they are focussed on what’s next.  Tina positively states they could win HOH.  Tina tells us that even though she has been working closely with Tera, it’s important for her to maintain a certain level of presence within the Sunsetters because they are controlling the vote.  The Sunsetters talk a lot about loyalty and trust, so technically she should be good until final 5, but in the game of Big Brother, you never really know.


In the Kitchen, Ty tells Jed, Beth and Kiefer that everyone who has gone home, he didn’t trust, except Latoya.  Jed recaps what has happened since Latoya left.  Kiefer tells the trio that he knew that Victoria was the Invisible HOH.  She wanted to put up the boys but Kiefer talked about it.  Jed says he feels better about sending Vic home.  Kiefer leave and goes to the WA, congratulating himself in the mirror while the trio talks about whether Kiefer just lied to them.  Tychon tells us that Kiefer thinks he telling them this info to build trust, but it’s actually backfired.  It looks like they can’t trust Kief as much as they thought they could.  Kiefer puffs up in front of the mirrors, shouting “Let’s go!”


Breydon, Tina, and Tera chat in the OLG room.  What a day it’s been.  Tera asks how Breydon is feeling, and he says it’s a lot, but at least they’re here.  Tera feels like a fixture in the house, and so does Breydon.  Tera wonders how they can get them out…there are no numbers left.  The trio could each go to the end and never eat slop.  Breydon says it’s humiliating, and they now each have a win. Tera tells us that last week was brutal and things aren’t looking good for her side of the house.  But at the end of the day, there’s a new HOH tomorrow.  There’s always time to turn it all around.  Everyone knows that in this house, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


 Kiefer tells us that in this game, emotions are constantly running high, running low and rarely in between.  When you make it through something like the double eviction, it’s nice to take a pause and just enjoy the moment.  To sit down at a table and to be at the final 7, half-way through this game, with people you’ve made insane bonds with…it’s something truly special.  We see the HGs gathered around the dining table and talking about how far they’ve come.  Tina never expected to get this far, so she’s thrilled.  Kiefer is grateful for all the friendships and it means a lot to him to be representing indigenous people.  He’s glad he can honour them.  He was raised by a community and now they can see the fruits of their labour.  Jed really feels it’s a BBCAN family.  They will always his family and it’s an experience he won’t share with anyone else.  Ty makes a toast to Top 7 loyal real people.


Beth is talking to herself in the storage room, going through scenarios.  She thinks Kiefer is sitting pretty.  Everyone is taking Kiefer with them.  She thinks Breydon is their only hope for taking Kiefer out.  That’s the move.  He’s the next Victoria, the next big thing.


In the Expedia room, Tera is doing yoga and giving herself a pep talk.  Her vs. Her and no one else.  She needs her brother today.  She is emotional remembering the brother that she lost.  Tera tells us that this HOH is so important to her.  If she doesn’t win, she’s going back on the block.  She needs to stay calm and focussed.  She’s ready to dig deep.


Kiefer introduces the HOH competition.  The HGs are lined up behind colour down-arrow podiums.  Kiefer explains that the competition is called Ball Pit Blitz.  On go, they will race to the ball pit room and search for white balls.  Each white ball they find and place in the arrows on their podium is worth 1 point.  They may only bring five balls at a time.  The twist is that there are also white balls with red x’s on them.  Every x-marked ball they bring back and place in an opponent’s tube will take away one point from their score.  So think carefully about who you want to target.  The HG with the most points after 20 minutes will be the new HOH!


Jed tells us that the only person in his mind who can’t win this comp is Tera.  She is the only one who has been saying his name directly.  He knows that given the opportunity, Tera would take a shot at him, Ty, and Beth.  The competition begins and the HGs competing dash into the house, and dive into the ball pit.


They are madly digging in the ball pit.  Beth tells us that there are so many people in the ball pit right now.  You are digging in one spot and think you’ve found something, and someone runs through your spot that you’re digging through.  It’s not as easy as it looks.  Breydon is the first one to come back with a white ball for his podium, followed closely by Ty.


Breydon tells us that his strategy is to ignore all the x balls, because he knows it’s just who has the most balls.  Tychon tells us that this is mayhem!!  He doesn’t have the greatest eye for detail, but cardio is part of his regular workout so he thinks he has a good chance of winning this comp.  Jed tells us that he, Beth, and Tychon have the same target in Tera.  Tera is a wild card who will take a random big shot if given the opportunity.  He really can’t have her winning this week. 


Kiefer notes that Jedson and Breydon have the most white balls accumulated in their podiums.  Tera, Tychon, and Tina each bring in a batch.  Tina tells us that it definitely takes speed and endurance…something she doesn’t have.  She doesn’t want to fall and crack her neck, so she’s hesitant on diving in there. 


We see Beth and Jedson dropped x-marked balls in Tera’s tube.  Jedson tells us that Tera’s tube is filling up very quickly.  He hopes this is enough to prevent her winning the competition. Kiefer calls ten minutes remaining.  Jed adds more x-marked balls to Tera’s tube.  Tera tells us that staring this competition she’s feeling good, but the only problem is that every time she gets to her station, her red-x tube is filling up faster than she can fill up her arrow. 


Kiefer notes that Breydon might be in the lead.  Breydon tells us he was just on the block for this double eviction.  He has lost his best ally, so he needs to gun for this HOH and win this competition!  Jedson’s arrow is filled up and he has to use his overflow basket to keep collecting white balls.  Breydon also starts using his overflow basket.


We see the HGs in the ball pit…there are not many white balls left.  They find Kiefer’s glasses in the ball pit.  Tera is struggling.  It’s hard when it’s five to one.  Tera tells us she knows there is no way to catch up when she’s starting at negative 12.  She’s not wasting her energy anymore.  She leaves the ball pit and goes to stand by her podium.  Tera is pacing and shouting that everyone just gave Jed her vote.  They are all a bunch of cowards.  Jed will walk to the end and she will vote for him.  Kiefer takes exception to being called a coward.  Kiefer tells her he will win this game.  She thinks they will cut him next. 


Jed comes in and Tera tells him he has her vote….good job, four against one…they crushed it  Jed returns to the ball pit and tells the others that Tera is talking trash to him.  Kiefer calls 2 minutes left.  Tina tells us that she saw the amount of balls that Jed and Breydon had and decided to take a breather.  Tera is still pacing and now telling Tina they never stood a chance. 


Breydon tells us that he’s findindg balls left and right.  He may be doing the damn thing right now…is he going to win?  Jed tells us that Tera is out of the competition but he notices Breydon is doing surprising well.  He can’t have Breydon win either, so he needs to kick it into high gear. 


Time is up.  Big Brother has verified the count and the results are in.  In last place with 13 points, is Tera.  Tera speaks up and asks if they know they can’t win as a team.  Jed says it’s an individual game and they didn’t talk once.  Tera tries to tell the others that Jed is going to win and he has her vote.  Beth tells us that Tera hasn’t played on a team the entire season and look where that’s gotten her.  Looks like you lost the game Tera.  At their podiums, Beth comments that they should have voted Tera out before jury. 


Kiefer continues with the results. Next to last, with 26 points, is Tina.  Beth had a total of 32 points.  Tychon had 33 points.  It all comes down to Jedson and Breydon.  The winner, with a total of 64 points, is…..Jedson!!!  The trio celebrates, while Tera looks on cynically.  Jed tells us “let’s go baby!  HOH!  First one of the season!”  He is hyped right now.  Kiefer announces that there will be no have-nots this week. 


The HGs go back into the house.  Jed tells us that the Isosceles triangle (the trio) has been on fire in competitions lately, and he’s so pumped he could pull out the win for them.  Beth and Jed celebrate with kisses in the storage room, and congratulate them.  Jed thinks this IS a team game…until the end.  Beth is so proud of him.  Ty comes in and they exchange hugs.  They put their hands together with triangle hand-shapes as a sign of their alliance.


In tears, Tera tells us that Big Brother is an individual game.  She doesn’t know why everyone is playing on a team.  There was nothing individual about that competition.  She was target number 1 right from the jump.  She is emotional as she tells us she wanted her family to see something that made them proud.  She keeps hitting wall after wall after wall and it’s so hard to want to keep fighting when you’re always losing. 


Jed joins Tera, who is despondent in the Expedia room.  She explains why she is upset and Jed asks if she meant what she said.  Tera tells him he probably does have her vote.  He has played a super-impressive game.  He hasn’t even touched the block and no one has even looked at him.  People had opportunities and then those people got taken out.  She probably would advocate for him if he is in final 2.  He says that’s fair but it does paint a target on his back.  Tera really doesn’t think it matters.  She has no influence.  Tera says it’s not that she didn’t want to work with him, but she knew there was no room for her at his table.  Jed claims she is just assuming that and that he would have worked with her.


Jed comes out of the DR shouting to the other HGs about his HOH room.  They all dash upstairs and gush over all of Jed’s family pictures.  He checks out the Wendy’s tablet and the rest of his basket.  His little sister sent her blanket.  The letter is from his dad.  “First of all, sendin gcongratulations on winning the HOH.  I had no doubt that your hard work would bring you such success.  I’ve watched you become the wonderful man you are today.  Growing up as a minority in a small Ontario town, you’ve had to cope with so many unpleasant experiences, but you’ve handled it with grace and maturity, and to say I am proud of you is an understatement….”


Jed tells us that he really wasn’t expecting to get a letter from his dad. His dad is not the most emotional guy, so reading those words and hearing how proud his dad is of him means the world.  Jed continues reading…”Son, always be brave and courageous as you are.  We’ll be cheering for you just as we always were at your basketball games.  Love, Papa Joe”  The other HGs applaud and comment on what an awesome letter it is.


Beth tells Tychon that she really wants all three of them gone… Tera, Tina and Breydon.  She suddenly can’t stand Breydon lately.  Jed is glad to hear it.  She thinks Breydon is only around to get info. He has always been with those trying to get the boys out.  She’s annoyed because all three have been carried through the whole game.  Breydon has literally done nothing.  Breydon joins and there is an awkward silence.


In the OLG room, Kiefer and Tina chat.  Kiefer tells him that he talked to the trio and he think there is still a chance of keeping Tera. Tina tells us that Kiefer has given her some insight and a glimmer of hope.  She obviously doesn’t want Tera to go home this week, and she doesn’t want to hit the block either, so she needs to go talk to Jed and perhaps push Breydon a bit more as the potential target.  


Jed is reading his letter again when Tina goes to see him in the HOHR.  She asks if he has made a decision.  She assumes he will put Tera up, but asks who will be next to her.  She points out that Breydon is a very good competitor…he is always in the top two or three in competitions.  If they both stay up, it’s guaranteed…unless he plans on getting rid of a Sunsetter.  He says he does want to have Sunsetters in the final 5.  If he wants to put a bigger target up, though, he can’t put them right up, because they have potential to win (PoV).  She just has to trust. It will be unreal to all be in final 5. 


Jedson escorts Tera up the stairs as Tera tells Beth she’s going on a date with Jedson, but she doesn’t want Beth to be mad at her.  Jedson tells us that he’s taking Tera to Wendy’s because she’s had a tough time lately.  Also, she’s a bit of a wildcard in this game and he wants to see where her head is at going into this week.


Jed and Tera go through the menu and Tera tells him to enjoy his video as he goes to pick up their order.  The video is from his little sister, who is wearing rosy heart-shaped sunglasses.  She misses him and loves him so, so SO much and between him and her (she leans close) he’s the best big brother! She blows him a kiss, and he blows one back to the screen.


Jed and Tera dig in.  Tera shares that she is just so frustrated that no one seems to want to win HOH for themselves and that she was targeted.  Jed suggests that he would have put up him, Ty and Beth, and Tera corrects him, saying she would have put up Jed and Ty, but if you don’t win you can’t make those decisions.  She points out that Breydon is winning more things.  She tells Jed he’s unstoppable and playing the game she wishes she was playing.  She thinks the only person who would put her on the block is Tina.  Tina’s name hasn’t been said.


Tera tells us that she loves Tina in this house…she’s definitely her best friend in the house and they will help each other as much as they can, but Tera hears her own name ALL the time and she has never heard Tina’s name said by anyone.  That’s good for Tina, but not so great for Tera.  Jed tells Tera that while she thinks it’s a done deal, it really isn’t.


Breydon heads to the HOHR and tells us he wants to check in with Jed.  He wants to make sure they are still on the same page…the plans haven’t changed; that Tina and Tera are the targets for the week and that one of them is going.  Breydon asks Jed if Tera pitched anything during the Wendy’s talk.  Jed tells him no.  Breydon relays comments from Tera that she had speculated to Breydon that Jed might do a backdoor.  Jed insists that she didn’t pitch a thing. 


Jedson tells us that Breydon is fishing for information as usual, but what Breydon doesn’t realize is that they (the trio) are not letting Breydon in on all their plans moving forward.


In the Defender BR, Jed and Beth talk about nominations…should it be Tina and Tera or Tera and Breydon.  Jedson points out that if Tera wins PoV that she won’t vote Tina out, so it would be a low-key good opportunity to get Kiefer out.  They talk about it being hard to get Kiefer out, and everyone loves him.  Kiefer joins them and asks the plan, and Beth starts talking about Tera needing to go. 


Jedson tells us that this is a pivotal week and his decision needs to be safe but smart. By putting up TnT he has the potential to either break up a duo or backdoor a bigger player.  They have been talking about Breydon as a backdoor option, but it’s tempting to consider Kiefer as well.  At this point, if you’re not in the trio, you’re expendable.


Once again, the lights go out in the BBCAN house, and the walls glow red as Jedson comes down the stairs.  Jedson tells us that this week as HOH his goal is to take out a wild card who he thinks will be standing in the way of him, Tychon, and Beth getting to the final three.  Making the right move this week is important.  They feel like this is their game to lose and there is no room for error.


Jedson faces the assembled HGs in the living room and reminds them that as HOH it’s his duty to nominate two HGs for eviction. His first nominee is Tera.  Tera smiles knowingly as she takes her seat on the block.  Jedson’s second nominee is Tina.  Tina sits next to Tera and the two nominees hug. 


Jedson explains that he has nominated Tera because she has said his name throughout the entirety of this game.  Her actions over the last few weeks have pinned her as an emotional player and a wildcard, which are two very dangerous traits in this game.  Jedson turns to Tina and explains that he nominated her because even though they have a strong personal relationship, their game talk has been very surface level.  Seeing her closeness with Tera, he has to assume Tina would make similar decisions to Tera, and that puts his game at risk.  Jed wishes them both good luck this week, addressing them as TnT and adding “boom goes the dynamite!” and they laugh.  This nomination ceremony is complete.


Jedson tells us that he put TnT on the block this week but he may have something bigger planned up his sleeve.  Just wait and see, Canada!


Who will win the Power of Veto?  Will Tina or Tera fight their way off the block?  Find out Wednesday night, 7PM Eastern!

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