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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Sixth eviction and Double Eviction

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In a house of mirrors, it’s difficult to see straight. Illusions are everywhere and it’s impossible to know what’s coming next. They don’t know it yet, but soon they’ll be seeing double. Tonight, it’s double or nothing. It’s time for the double eviction!


Arisa welcomes us to a Big Brother Canada double eviction and both evictees will be joining the jury. Plus, we may also witness one of the biggest game moves of the season. But let’s see what happened after last night’s spicy veto ceremony.


We pick up after the veto ceremony on day 38. Vic says Beth puts her on the block and she’s confused. They are supposed to be working together and she thought they had some solid conversations but she’s not giving yet. She knows she’s a threat. She needs to come up with a campaign and do what she has to in order to stay in the game.


Tera says it’s Spicy V and she’s not sure what tricks she has up her sleeves and she won’t go out without a fight. So it might look good, but you never know. Beth says Vic is a dangerous unpredictable player and this is a great game move for her. She’s stoked!


Vic says she’s not going to blow up and ruin her game. She needs to stay calm cool and collected. She needs to be careful what she says but it’s up to Jed, Beth, and Ty in order for her to stay. She needs to convince them she’s on their side.


Beth, Breydon, Jedson, and Rohan are in the game room and they realize Vic is coming downstairs and they freak out and wonder if she’ll come in. Vic does come in and she wants to talk to Beth and they head to the HOH. Vic wants to know what happened and Beth says everything she said last week got out and Vic says what? Jed joins them and Vic says she thought she was supposed to be play both sides for them and share information.


Tychon joins Beth, Jedson, and Vic next and Vic says she’s scared. Is this not an alliance. Jed says if she was going to say their names, she should have told them. Vic says she would never have put them up and Beth says she is the best player in this house right now. Vic says there isn’t one thing she hasn’t shared with them. The other side of the house is still coming for them and she’s not. She’s still loyal, even after this.


Tera says she needs four votes. She’s banking on Tina, Rohan, Breydon, and she needs Kiefer on her side. Kiefer says this is going to be an emotional Thursday. Tera says if she stays and wins HOH, she’ll making her decision with Tina and Kiefer. Tera says it’s personal and she says if she wins HOH, then it will air on Monday and that will be the 14th anniversary of her brother’s passing and that’s what her family would be watching. Tera says that is fueling things for her. Tera says she needs to survive this week. Tina and Kiefer say they would love to see that.


Arisa welcomes us back and it’s day 39. Victoria is reflecting on things and she is with Tychon, Jedson, and Beth and she’s trying to see if they see where she’s coming from. Ty says they don’t see how she could get over this. Vic says she would be indebted to them. She says Tina and Tera are with Kiefer. She will call out Tera to prove her loyalty if she has to.


The HG are all outside and Vic wants to have a conversation. She says she couldn’t figure out the speech was the way it was. She wants to know why Tera would lie to her and why she threw Vic’s name under the bus. Tera says she didn’t she’s been clean campaigning. Vic says Tera and Kiefer says they were going after big targets. Vic says Rohan tried to flip the vote and keep Austin and get rid of Breydon and Rohan denies that. Vic says she didn’t want people to know she was the invisible HOH and Tera says then why did she try to make it look like Ty. Tera says Vic has been playing both sides of the house and she got caught. Vic says she believed them that they weren’t throwing her under the bus. Vic wants to know why Beth thinks she’s a liar and a manipulator and Beth says because she was told.


Tera says Vic started an alliance called the Oddballs and Victoria says she wasn’t even in the room when that happened. They argue over who came up with the alliance name. Tychon and Jedson wants to know who was in the Oddballs and Vic says Tina, Tera, Austin, Breydon, Rohan, Kyle, and Vic. Tera says Beth said she didn’t deserve to be here and that Vic told her that. Vic says they all feel that way. She says all Tera does is complain and she said if she didn’t win she doesn’t want to go to jury. Tera says she doesn’t want to be first in jury because that would be her alone without seeing her kids. Vic says they all have family. Vic feels bad that the only way she can stay is to throw Tera under the bus, and it sucks, but whatever.


Tychon and Beth are talking and they say that was interesting. Jedson comes in and Breydon follows and they want to know about the Oddballs alliance because Tera spills the tea. Breydon says he has to minimize the damage because he’s worked hard to gain trust with Tychon, Jedson, and Beth. Jedson says Victoria was the most honest person out there because everyone else is denying everything. Kiefer joins and they want to know if he knew about the Oddballs. They say that conversation made Vic look better and everyone else look sketch. Jedson says this is going to be a tough decision this week.


Arisa says let’s not waste anytime. Let’s head inside. Arisa says there is something she has to let them know. This week, is the beginning of the jury. She tells them congratulations and whoever is evicted tonight will be sent straight to the jury house.


It’s time for the eviction! Tera says to her tiny tribe at home and her family and friends, their love and support means the world to her. She says it’s been 41 days and it’s just a game and she hopes they vote for her to stay. Victoria says what up Hamilton and does shoutouts, and this has been a heck of a ride and she forgives them for being part of one of the dirtiest backdoors of the game because she would have won.


It’s time for the vote!

Breydon votes to evict Victoria.

Tina votes to evict Victoria.

Rohan votes to evict Victoria.

Tychon sadly votes to evict Victoria.

Kiefer votes to evict Victoria.

Jedson votes to evict Spicy V.

By a unanimous vote, Victoria has been evicted and is the first member of the jury. She says group hug and she loves them and she thanks them for the memories and she’ll be waiting for most of them in the jury house.


Arisa says Victoria left it all on the floor. That was one of the best campaigns she’s seen in years. Was there anything else she could have done and Victoria says no. she says she got sloppy and cut corners and she got caught. Arisa asks how much is karma and Victoria says a lot of it. She says she doesn’t know why she went for Austin since she wasn’t coming for her but she made jury.


Arisa asks about her experience in the house. Victoria says nothing in the house is rigged. She says it’s all real. Arisa says she’ll never be forgotten. Arisa sends Victoria on her way.


Time to head back inside and tell everyone about tonight’s double eviction. She calls them to the living room and tells them it’s a double eviction. She needs them all to head to the backyard for the next HOH challenge.


It’s time for the HOH! It’s a before and after competition. Arisa will read an item and the HG have to decide if that item happened before or after a second item. There will be five questions and whoever has the most points will win HOH.


In the competition senior’s discount, did the a HG score a 1 before or after a HG scored a 0. The answer is before. Kiefer, Tychon, Tina, and Breydon earn a point.


In his second eviction speech, did Josh say he would happily go up on the block before or after he said that a blood bath was about to unfold. The answer is before. Jedson, Rohan, Tychon, Kiefer, and Breydon get a point. Kiefer, Tychon, and Breydon have 2 points, Tina, Jedson, and Rohan each have one point.


In the competition drop in the bucket, was sludge added to Victoria’s bucket before or after sludge was added to Julie’s. The answer is after. Rohan, Kiefer, Tina, Tychon, and Tera all get a point. Kiefer and Tychon have 3 points. Breydon, Tina, and Rohan have 2 points. Jedson and Tera have 1 point.


Was Austin nominated for the second time before or after she competed in her second veto competition? The answer is after. Rohan, Kiefer, Tina, and Tera have all earned a point. Kiefer has 4 points, Tychon, Rohan, and Tina have 3 points. Breydon and Tera have 2 points. Jedson has 1 point.


During the team bingo task, was Kyle pied in the face before or after he cracked an egg on his head? The answer is after. Kiefer has a perfect score of 5 and he’s the new HOH!


Arisa says there is no time to celebrate and she tells them to head back inside immediately. The HG are in the living room and Kiefer has to now name his nominations. Kiefer’s first nominee is Rohan. Kiefer’s second nominee is Breydon.

It’s time for the veto competition! Rohan, Breydon, Tina, Beth, and Tychon will be playing. They have a sword in their stone table and they have to maneuver through a maze. The first HG to reach the end and remove their sword from the stone will win veto!


Tina is making progress. Beth is moving along. Breydon is working. Tychon seems to be in the lead. Rohan is struggling and behind. Tina is catching up to Tychon. Ty is almost at the end and Tychon reaches the end and he has won the POV! Arisa sends then HG back to the living room right away.


We see Rohan asking Ty to use veto on him and he thinks he would be a bigger target than Breydon and he could be beneficial for his game. Breydon goes to make his pitch to Tychon and he wants to stay loyal to him and Jedson and Beth and he would love to stay.


It’s time for the veto ceremony! Tychon has decided not to use the power of veto. Rohan or Breydon will be evicted and it’s time for the second vote of the night. Breydon says he loves and respects them all and he hopes they’ve seen how badly he wants to be here and he hopes he’s best for their game. Rohan says it’s been an incredible season and he’s battled as hard as he could and they are all deserving to be here and he’ll be voting for the best player.


It’s time for the vote!

Beth votes to evict Rohan.

Jedson sadly votes to evict the Ro Show.

Tera with the heaviest of heart she votes to evict Rohan.

Tina votes to evict Rohan.

Tychon votes to evict Rohan.

By a unanimous vote, Rohan has been evicted and will be the second member of the jury. He hugs everyone and heads upstairs and says what’s up block? It ain’t the Ro show!


Arisa says veto king. What happened? Ro says he was in a tough position because he lost allies and he had to win veto to save his game. She asks about evicting Victoria and she asks if that was a mistake? He says he wanted to work with her but she was too sporadic and too emotional and finding out she was the invisible HOH was too much for him. He would have loved to have work with her.


Arisa says they seen Victoria threw everything and the kitchen sink in her campaign, did he do everything he could? Rohan says he knew Tychon wouldn’t use veto and he did make an argument to him during break, but Tychon couldn’t make a choice that would go against his alliance. Arisa asks who will win and Rohan says Kiefer. He would love to see Breydon win, but he thinks it will be Kiefer.

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