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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Veto April 5

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after Beth corralled her first HOH, the savvy sunsetter was ready to make her mark. Almost immediately, Vic threw Rohan under the bus, but the new bromance was fixing to get Rohan off the radar. So Breydon sold the seeds that Vic was the right target for Beth and Beth was on the same wave length. Meanwhile, Teranoia was taking over, but Beth convinced Tera there were bigger moves in place. Next, she embroiled Rohan in her spicy conspiracy, but when the boys got wind of the plan, the two studs felt like they were getting hammered. Beth weighed her options and at the nom ceremony she put her game first and put up Tera and Rohan as pawns to backdoor V.


We pick up after the nomination ceremony on day 36, and Beth says her overall plan is to get Victoria out the door because shes’s a big player in the game. She wants to make waves in the house this week. Rohan says Beth wants him in the game and she wants to open other doors from her alliance and he hopes everything goes according to plan.


Victoria says she and Beth had a rocky past and she’s feeling good. This is why you play all sides of the house. It doesn’t matter to her who goes home this week. Vic goes and tells Beth she’s a badass and she’s playing Big Brother. Vic leaves and Beth dances and mouths that Vic’s butt is going.


Tina goes to talk to Tera and asks if she wants to be alone and she says no. Tera isn’t surprised she’s on the block and she’s not sure she trusts the plan she’s been told because she doesn’t trust them. But she needs to keep her mouth shut since she’s on the block. Tera doesn’t think they’d put up V if she took herself down and Tina says she doesn’t think they have the balls to do it.


Kiefer joins and Tera says she doesn’t want to sit next to Vic because Vic won’t go down without a fight. Kiefer says it’s a bad scenario, but she’d stay. Kiefer thinks Rohan has been cutting deals and Tera doesn’t think it’s guaranteed she’d be safe against Rohan. Kiefer says they are too trusting in Rohan and Tera says he’s too trusting in the other three. Tina says at the end of the day, she doesn’t think Tera would go home. Tina says she and Kiefer have a complicated relationship because she’s working with Tera and he seems closer with the guys and they are at a point in the game where their interests are going to clash.


Rohan and Breydon are talking and Rohan thinks Beth might be truthful because if she wanted him to go home, then she’d have put up Tina and Tera to backdoor him. Breydon says he and Ro have been working together and he’s working hard to get Victoria to get backdoored. Breydon says if Vic gets drawn and wins the veto everything gets messed up.


Beth is talking to Jedson and Tychon and Brey comes in and Beth is concerned about Rohan and Breydon says they should be concerned Vic too. He says Vic has won three HOH’s and Ro hasn’t won any HOH. Beth thinks Vic is playing the entire house. Jedson and Tychon think Vic needs them and is more likely to work with them than Rohan is. Breydon thinks Vic is too much of a wildcard. Beth says she’s looking after her game first and foremost and Vic needs to go.


Beth goes to talk to Vic and Vic says she’s good she can’t see anything getting in their way. Beth says she needs to keep Vic close since the plan isn’t set in stone plus they are in alliance with Tychon and Jedson. Vic says final four is so important and they are so close. Vic tells Beth to enjoy the HOH room. Vic says who would have thought that she’d be working with Beth. But they are her best bet to get to final four unless they stab in her in the back.


Jedson and Beth are in bed cuddling. Jed is surprised to have met someone like Beth and he’s had a crush since day one. He’s been putting in the work and he thinks he won the prize. He says he thinks he loves her as he’s leaving the room and Beth says oh my gosh Big Brother. Holy Moly.


Jedson calls all the HG to the Living Room and one of the have-nots is about to be saved. The have-not that Canada has decided to save is…Rohan! Rohan thanks Canada for voting for him again. He says the best part is that he doesn’t have to eat slop. He gets his delivery. He says he has been on slop the most out of anyone and it’s nice to have real food again.


Jedson, Tychon, and Kiefer are talking and Kiefer is telling them that Tera said he picked the wrong side. Kiefer says Tera said she doesn’t see a way to win this game, and Jedson and Tychon says she won’t. Kiefer says Beth and Breydon have a plan to backdoor Victoria, but last he checked Breydon isn’t a sunsetter. Jedson tells Beth that Kiefer feels like she’s prioritizing Breydon over him. Beth says even if they get to final four, Kiefer isn’t going to make it past final four anyway. Beth says she’ll be mad if Vic stays and she wins HOH and puts her on the block. Jed says he’ll be mad if Rohan stays and wins and he and Tychon are on the block. Jed says they need to make this decision together and make the best choice for them moving forward.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Beth draws Breydon. Rohan draws Tina. Tera draws Tychon. Beth wishes them luck. Beth is feeling relieved. She loves the players who were picked and it couldn’t be any better that Victoria wasn’t picked.


Tina asks Beth if the plan is to keep noms the same and vote out Ro or is there another plan? Beth tells her about the Vic plan. Tina says wouldn’t that mean Rohan would go after Beth and she says he would go after the boys. Tina says she wants something that will benefit both of their games. Beth says if Tera goes home, then something went very wrong. Beth says this veto competition will play a huge role in who goes home this week.


It’s time for the veto competition! The BY is set up for a BBQ. Vic is hosting and she’s an ear of corn. In this challenge, they will oepen their grill to see what’s cooking. They’ll have to remember where their food is arranged. Once they think they have it memorized, they will have to throw a pineapple on a ring toss, toss their weenie into a bun and balance their corn and throw it into the cornhole. Once they’ve done that, they will use their giant spatula to toss their food and the player with the most food in the closest correct position in the shortest amount of time wins POV AND a Weber grill.


Tera would love to win this for her husband. Breydon wants to win to make sure they can backdoor Victoria. Rohan says he’s on the block because the boys want him out. He doesn’t care because he’ll win and take himself down and send someone else home. Tina really wants to win to ensure Tera’s safety plus her own safety.


Kiefer tells the spectators that if Ty doesn’t win this, they might have to replace him with Rohan. Tychon says he sees himself as a comp beast but he hasn’t been able to win anything. If he can win this he’ll keep noms the same and make sure Rohan goes home.


Rohan is on the third part of throwing the food and it keeps rolling off the side and he’s getting frustrated. Breydon says you have to get the hang of the spatula. He says you have to lob the food high enough so it won’t roll off. Everyone is on the throwing the food part and they are all still in it!


The HG are still tossing food and Tera says she is so frustrated and she’s trying so hard not to cry. Breydon says his back is killing him and his arms are sore but he’s pushing through so he doesn’t lose another ally. Rohan has landed all his items onto the grill and now he has to rearrange the items how they were when they had to memorize the starting placement. Rohan says he doesn’t have the best memory but he’s hoping he has this right. He rings in.


Breydon has finished throwing and he has to begin moving things and there is only one minute eft to compete. Tina has 5 items. Breydon has locked in. They are on a ten second countdown and only Rohan and Breydon were able to lock in. Now we have to see if their placements were correct.


Victoria checks the grills and she says one is right and one is wrong. Congratulations…Rohan! He has won the POV! Rohan says he’s not going anywhere this week. He’s won back to back veto’s and he’s off the block and won a grill. It doesn’t get better than this.


Beth goes upstairs and freaks out and celebrates. She says Rohan won the veto and it’s what she wanted but she’s freaking out now. She says there’s a huge difference in talking about a backdoor and then actually doing it. Breydon comes in to talk to her and Beth isn’t sure if she should tell Vic and Breydon says he wouldn’t.


Jedson joins Beth and Breydon and Victoria comes in and she asks if she’s in a dream. She tells them that Tina is paranoid she’ll go up in Rohan’s place so they can break up a duo. Vic says he better enjoy it because it will be the last thing he’s winning.


Rohan is talking to Vic and Breydon and he says he wants to win this game. He says he hopes no one tries to backdoor him. Vic says she doesn’t want to be backdoored either. She says it’s heartless. She hopes they’ll tell her if they hear anything and Breydon says yeah sure. We’ll tell you. Breydon says this is classic Big Brother and good television.


Jedson and Tychon are talking and they know it’s best for Vic to go. Tychon says Tera hasn’t ever done anything. They say Vic did Latoya dirty and played them in the process. Jedson says they love her on a personal level, but they see how she’s playing the game and she’s emotional. Tychon says they didn’t forget what she did and it’s time for her to go.


Vic is talking to Tera and Tera says she feels crappy because she feels like her fate is sealed. Tera thinks Beth will put up Tina and Vic says that will be tough for her. Tera says she’s proud of how she played though. Tina comes in and Victoria says it feels like the game is about to get real. Tina asks Tera if she’s nervous and Tera says no she feels fine. She’s going to be so blindsided. Tera says she doesn’t have any control and both outcomes make her feel terrible for different reasons. Tera is crying and Tina tells her not to get upset because she came to play for her family too. Tera says she knows but it sucks Victoria is going to be blindsided.


Victoria says her alliance has promised Tina will be the replacement and she feels good about them because they’ve been loyal and pulled her into conversations. Tychon asks Victoria what she’d do next week and she says she wants to backdoor Rohan on her HOH. Tychon says he hopes she wouldn’t do them dirty. Jedson comes in and Victoria assures them that Ghost Peppers, their alliance is where she’s at. They have her vote. Victoria leaves and Jed shakes his head.


Beth is talking to Breydon and Victoria finds them and says she’s been looking for Beth so they can talk. Vic asks if Beth has talked to Tina and she says not yet. Vic says this game is so crazy and she tells them she’s so happy with them and she feels like she’s on the right side of the house. Beth says it’s all loyalty and Vic says it’s a good honest game. Vic says if she’s on the block they are going to be sick of her. Beth is going to shower and they hug and she leaves. Beth says she feels awful now. She knows it’s Big Brother and she doesn’t know who to believe. She doesn’t know what’s going on.


Beth goes to the HOH room and she’s upset and Jed and Ty ask her what’s wrong and she fills them in. Tychon says they could potentially be taking someone out that has their interests in heart. Jed says Tera would be a waste and Ty says but they aren’t our people.


It’s time for the veto ceremony! Rohan has won the POV and can take one of the nominees off the block. Rohan has decided to use the power of veto on himself! He was put in a position where he had to ensure his safety and that block ain’t the Ro show. Try to evict him? Oh heck no! Beth must now name a replacement nominee. She says some people play the game with lies, manipulation, and backstabbing and you have to take your shot first. Things are about to get spicy. V, take your seat!


Vic says she’s pretty shook. She should be really sad, angry, upset and she’s not. She recognizes good moves like this and she’s the biggest threat this season. Tera says it’s not Tina, but it’s Spicy V and she won’t go down without a fight. Beth is so stuck on herself, she feels like such a badass.

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