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Big Brother Canada 9 - Nominations - April 5, 2021

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Previously on Big Brother Canada, after a year in the dark, 14 HGs brought the game back to life.  Almost immediately, Tychon and Jed got off to a clean start (Undercover Brothers) and the studs bathed in their bromance.  The boys extended their influence with a six-person alliance, and the Sunsetters were born.  Meanwhile, their social geometry paid dividends.  With all the angles covered, the core four Sunsetters survived and thrived until eventually the Invisible HOH posed the first real threat to the triangle, but the boys magnetism lured Invisible Vic to their corner, and instead it was Breydon and Austin who hit the block.  Then, Beth’s loyalty was tested, but in the end Beth stayed loyal to the soil and did Austin dirty.  Next, at a pivotal HOH competition, the Sunsetters saw their chance to really take control and bubbly Beth squeezed out the win.  Tonight, with the Sunsetters back in the saddle, who will Beth lasso to the block?  Who will buck the odds and who will cower?  And will messages from the homestead cause a stampede of emotion??  Giddyup!  It’s Big Brother Canada!


We pick up during the HOH competition just as Breydon is eliminated, leaving Beth and Jed as the final competitors.  Beth tells us that even though she and Jed are aligned, she wants to win this HOH SO BAD.  Having this power will allow to make big moves and set up her individual game for the long run.  Beth and Jed tie on the last question and they go to a tie-breaker.  Jed tells us that now that it’s down to him and Beth, no matter what happens it’s a good week for the Sunsetters.  He doesn’t need to win and doesn’t want to.  He wants to be available for next week’s HOH.  Losing also allows him to play in Veto competition.  We see Beth win the tie-breaker to become the new HOH.


Kiefer tells Beth that she has to pick 4 HGs to be have-nots for the week.  She refuses to put the boys on slop.  Breydon volunteers, and she picks Rohan as well. She skips Victoria and picks Tina and Tera to do another week as Have-nots.  Sorry.  


Rohan tells us that as he goes back into the house, his thoughts are that he’s screwed.  As a have-not he can’t eat food.  He’ll have to put in some work.  Breydon tells us that close again, but no cigar.  This week, he’ll have to work on his relationships and reach out to people he hasn’t had the best relationship with.  The first half of this season, he’s been fading into the background, but now he needs people to know that he’s here to stay, ready to play…it’s time to do the damn thing. 


Beth runs to the Defender BR to celebrate, closely followed by Jed, Tychon and Kiefer.  Beth thought that Jed threw and he says he did.  Tychon jokes that he threw it too.  Beth tells us she really wants to make a big move in this game.  She isn’t about to put up any Sunsetters this week, so her options are pretty limited.  She’s ready for some conversations.


Rohan, Breydon, Tina and Tera are in the Storage room.  Breydon moans that he was so close.  Tera thinks it will be her and Ro.  They think Breydon is safe.  Tera thinks Beth is coming for her hard.  Ro comments snidely about Beth’s refusal to put the boys on slop.  Ro says they needed to win and they didn’t.  Tera agrees and adds that now they’ll lose another number.


Victoria goes into the WA and talks Beth.  She says it’s just sinking in that Austin is gone.  She feels bad but she’s also relieved…she chants “Final 9 of Season 9” a couple times.  Vic tells Beth that Ro is going to be working overtime.  Beth wonders what he’s going to say and Vic says she doesn’t know but that she doesn’t want Beth to get stuck in that.  They talk about it not being time.  Beth tells us that she’s keeping it super chill with Vic right now.  She needs the attention in order to stay calm. Vic is a complete wild card and Beth needs to keep her cards close to her this week. 


Rohan talks to Breydon in the Storage room.  He whispers that he is going to need Breydon’s help this week and wants to be transparent about it.  Rohan tells us that now that Kyle and Austin are gone from this game, it’s brought him and Breydon closer together.  Breydon is the only person that Rohan can fully trust, and Rohan thinks he is that person for Breydon as well.   Beth and Breydon have a great personal relationship, so for Rohan to stay this week, so if Rohan has a chance to stay this week, he needs Breydon to have the tough conversations with Beth to help her understand that she can trust Rohan going forward.  In the Storage room, they discuss the narrative with Beth…that Rohan is not coming after her.


Tina and Tera go to the OLG room to chat.  They need to remain calm.  The HOH result was worst-case scenario.  Tera thinks Tina is fine but she is going up.  She has to play it cool.  Tina suggests that Jed is controlling Beth, so they should talk to Jed.  Tera is okay going up as long as she doesn’t go.  She doesn’t want to go up beside Tina.  Tera says needs to make some muffins. 


In the Storage room, Jed warns Beth that just because she’s HOH  he’s not going to treat her differently.  Tychon comes in and gives Beth a big hug.  Jed notes that Tera is already crying.  They think she is anticipating.  They discuss scenarios…Ro and Tera. Ro doesn’t come down and goes home.  If Ro takes himself off, Jed suggests she put Breydon up.  Victoria comes in and Jed asks her to weigh in.  Victoria points out that the whole house would be involved in a back door, then leaves quickly.  Beth says she can’t do it to her (can’t backdoor Vic). 


Beth, Breydon, Jed, and Tychon are sunning outside and talking about the fact that there are no rats in AB.  Jed and Tychon are skeptical…how do they know.  They talk about other animals and Jed and Ty won’t believe Breydon that reindeer are real.  Jed says they are mythical.  Ty is not sold.


Beth comes out excitedly shouting “who want to see my HOH room???!!?”  Everyone streams upstairs to exclaim over Beth’s family pictures.  Beth is super excited as she picks up a toy alpaca.  She grabs her letter from her sister and starts reading.  “Beth, we all know you came here to play and do what it takes to win, and here you are.  Everyone, I mean everyone, at home is Team Beth. I’ve never seen Mom so happy or proud, and all the nieces and nephews are even more obsessed with Auntie Beth than they were before.  You know how to make everyone laugh and just know how to make the people around you happy…”


Beth tells us that it’s SO nice to hear from her sister, who is her rock back home.  She needed this boost from her family.  She continues reading the letter: “It’s not the same here without you, but we don’t want to see you back here without that hundy, because beers are going to be on you for the next year at least!  I love you and could not be more proud to have you as my sister and my best friend.  Enjoy that HOH suite and get yourself a spicky chicken.  Ashley.”  The HGs applaud and tell Beth that her sister is funny, like she is.


In the Expedia room, Tina and Tera are talking to Jed.  Tera says she doesn’t feel great.  She has heard she is going up, although she hasn’t heard that directly from Beth.  She asks Jed if he has some insight on how she should handle her conversations with Beth.  Tera tells us that she doesn’t have a great game relationship with Jed.  They don’t fully trust each other, but she wants to get in Jed’s ear because Beth values his opinion greatly.  Jed tells Tera that he thinks that she could go up, but would not likely go home.  Tera says she doesn’t think she is a safe pawn—people will start throwing her under the bus hard.  Jed asks who she recommends and she suggests Breydon is the safest pawn.  Tina points out there are bigger targets.  Jed says that’s why he doesn’t think Tera would go home. 


Kiefer and Victoria sit on the blue couch upstairs to chat.  Vic says she has to be good with Beth this week…Beth hasn’t been her favourite person.  She may have not been so nice to her.  Kiefer says Beth is annoying sometimes.  Vic will have to suck it up for a week.  Kiefer says he came here to play.  Victoria affirms that Real Spice is her number one.  Kiefer says he hopes they backdoor Ro.  Kiefer is glad they have another chill week this week…except Vic didn’t as Invisible HOH.


Beth, Breydon and Jed talk in the HOH room.  They talk about Tina and Tera and how Tera is always talking to Beth.  Beth never had Tera on her radar, but now she does since Tear expects it.  Beth’s target this week is Rohan.  Breydon tells us that he and Ro are working very closely in this game, so when he hears Ro’s name getting thrown out, he just has to redirect the conversation and put the spotlight on someone else.  This week it’s going to have to be Victoria.


Breydon continues… while he doesn’t know for a fact, he has a strong inkling that Victoria was the Invisible HOH last week.  He’s trying to build a stronger connection with Beth and bringing up Vic as the Invisible HOH is probably the best thing to do.  They agree that Victoria was the Invisible HOH.  We flash back to a conversation Breydon had with Victoria in which she points out that she has more wins than all three of them (Beth, Ty, Jed) combined.  Breydon relays her comment and notes that the only way she has more wins is if she won Invisible HOH.  They talk about the fact that Victoria also hasn’t touched the block once.  They realize Victoria is playing a great game.


Victoria, Jed, Tychon, and Kiefer are lounging in the Expedia room.  Victoria states that there has never been a cast like this before…the diversity, good looks, good people, the connections.  They all sit up and take notice as they begin to hear voices addressing them and recognize the voices as family members.  All over the house, HGs are gasping as they realize who is talking.   Everyone runs to the LR and the screen comes on.  Tychon’s Dad is cheering him on from his side of the couch.  He’s so proud of Ty…he’s like his third favourite on they show…nah, he’s Ty’s number 1 fan.  “Keep doing what you’re doing…we love you so much!”


Victoria hears from her best friend… she said her whole life she would be on TV and look at her now.  Everything’s good at home.  Show Canada what you’re made of.  You got this.  See you soon…but not too soon!


Next is Jed’s big brother.  It’s been so much fun to watch him.  Ever since his brother showed their dad how to watch on the Live Feeds, he’s been glued to them (Hi Beth).  The whole gang misses Jed and sends their love.  It’s been a joy to follow along on this journey with him.  He tells Jed to do his thing and he’ll do big things.  Keep it up!


Tina tears up as she hears from her partner, who is holding their dog.  They love and miss her and she’s doing great…keep up the good work!  Tina’s mom comes on telling her they are super proud of her and want her to have fun.


Breydon’s sister comes on and tells Breydon he looks amazing on TV…she approves his skin care.  He is doing amazing and she’s so glad she gets to share her big brother with everyone and she hopes everyone loves him just as much as she does.


Beth’s family is up next.  They congratulate her and tell her to keep up all the good work and going for the big “W’s.”   The kids chime in that she’s in the Big Brother House!  Jed tells us that it’s emotional experiencing everyone’s families.  Everyone has family back home.  Everyone is missing somebody.  There’s a lot of love today in the Big Brother House.


Rohan’s parents tell Rohan that it’s so great to watch him.  They miss him so much, and are so proud of him.  They love him and tell him to take it easy and do his best.  They can’t wait to see him again.


Kiefer is emotional as he hears from his family.  They love and miss him and they are proud of him.  The kids are spending more time outside than inside now, and they haven’t been on their phones.


Tera’s kids say in unison that they love and miss her.  Her husband says they are so proud of her…she is doing an unbelievable job!  Her son is wearing his “Team Tera” shirt.  She is their hero.  They send good vibes to her every day.  They love her.  Go get ‘em!


Tera tells us that sometimes you forget what you are fighting for in this house.  Seeing family cheering you on what literally what she needed.  She breaks down as she tells us she is so grateful.  All the HGs are appreciative as they bask in the joy of seeing their families.


Tera tells us that she is so frustrated. She is on slop.  She is losing everything.  Her stomach is churning at having to go and speak to Beth.  This game is not for the weak of heart.  Beth tells Tera she can see her worry.  Tera tells Beth she heard she is going up.  Beth explains she is only considering it because people tell her that Tera says her name.  Tera tells Beth that it’s beneficial for her to have Beth in the game and she doesn’t want to be in a situation of pitting women against women, especially since she has a daughter.  Beth tells her straight-up that she doesn’t want Tera to go home, but she is going up on the block.  If she goes home, it will be beyond Beth’s control.  Beth wishes she had more options.  They hug it out.


Beth chats with Breydon in the OLG room. Breydon tells us he needs to check in with Beth to make sure she is still steering away from making Rohan her target.  Rohan is Breydon’s closest ally in the house and Breydon can’t let Rohan go home this week.  Breydon has already been planting seeds of doubt about Victoria.  Now it’s time to seal the deal.


Beth expresses concern about Rohan and whether he has any deals with Tina and Tera.  Breydon agrees that Rohan is not dumb, but he would likely go after Kiefer before he would go after them or the guys. Breydon thinks Kiefer would go after Vic.  Breydon tells us that it’s important not to strong-arm Beth or be pushy.  He needs to listen and just guide the conversation.  That’s all he’s doing.  They talk about Vic being all over the map and that Vic gets jealous…especially of Beth’s relationship with the boys.  Breydon says that Vic questioned whether Breydon would put Beth or the boys up.  He told Vic he would put up the boys over Beth, but that Vic said that she would put up Beth.  Beth is now ready to backdoor Vic.  What Breydon told her made her want to do it.  


In the WA, Breydon tells Rohan that Beth wants to backdoor Vic.  They talk about whether Beth might just be saying that, but they don’t think so.  Rohan says he owes Breydon big time…”You’re GOOD” he tells Breydon.


Beth tells us that she is bringing Rohan to Wendy’s this week because she needs to build on the relationship they have started.  They have something small, it’s starting to grow, but she really needs to secure that moving forward. Beth and Rohan check out the menu…Beth says “our first date!”  They make their picks and Beth goes to the Wendy’s window in the storage room to pick it up.  Her friend tells her that they are so proud of her, she is thriving in that house, it was literally made for her.  Beth tells us she feels alive after the video from her girlfriend Brook, her person, her human.  Brook tells her to keep crushing it.  They love and miss her and are so proud of her.  


Beth takes the food upstairs and tells Rohan about the video. She’s so excited.  Beth tells us that everyone in the house thinks that Rohan is her target and they are pushing for him to go home this week, but she’s not convinced that’s best for her game.  She has other things in mind.  Beth tells Rohan that she picked him for a reason. 


Beth asks Rohan what he thought when she won HoH.  He tells her he sees a decision that’s better for her and a decision that’s better for the boys.  He is in their way, but not in her way.  He thinks that the boys expect they can beat Beth in a final two.  She agrees. She tells him she wants bigger people out of the game this week.  The easy thing is to get him or Tera out.  The boys are pushing to get Ro out, and she needs to roll with it, but she does want to do something bigger.  He needs to go on the block and win the veto in order for her to do it.  He guesses that her bigger move is Victoria.  Beth tells him that does NOT leave this room.  She points out, though, that NO ONE beats Vic in a final two.  Not a single person.  She would bet her life that Victoria was the Invisible HOH.  She and Vic would not go after the boys.  Rohan can, but he will wait for Beth to tell him when.  Rohan is on her side and she can trust him.  She does.


Beth and Jed talk in the HOHR.  She tells Jed that she wants to backdoor Victoria.  He wants to know what Rohan said.  Beth tells him there is one person saying his name…he says “and it’s Vic.”  Beth says she’s scared.  He says “Big move”.  Ty comes in.  Jed tells us that they need to get Ty in on this conversation.  This is a huge move in the game and they need to talk it out.  Jed and Ty point out that they don’t know that Rohan would not put them up next week.  Would Beth rather trust Ro or V.  They can take V our later because she’s on their side.  They can’t get Rohan out later.  V has a big mouth but she isn’t coming after them.  Ty suggests that they are being set up to take V out for them, and then Ro flows back onto their side.  Right now, V is a number for them.  Rohan is the most imminent threat.


Beth tells Jed and Ty that this conversation is awkward because they are good with Victoria and she is good with Rohan.  Ty asks what she honestly thinks and she says she doesn’t know. Jed and Ty carry on the conversation in the Defender BR.  They know what Beth is thinking…she’s excited about a big move…but it’s not in their best interests.  They think Rohan is getting in her head.  Jed tells us that he and Ty have their reservations.  On one hand, they want to support Beth and her decision as HOH, but on the other hand, they want to make sure they make the best move for the trio moving forward.  This is a big move and Jed thinks it’s way too soon.  The boys are mystified that Beth thinks she can trust Rohan.  Victoria has earned it, not Rohan.  Rohan would put up the boys.  Victoria wouldn’t because she needs the boys to get to the end.  They don’t like that Rohan could squeeze by again. 


Beth talks to herself in the HOH WA.  There are nine in the house right now.  It’s not the week to go against Jed and Ty.  Tera does nothing for her game.  She wants to see what Rohan has to offer.  Tina does NOTHING in this game.  She’s going to slide by.  Breydon … she could say the same thing.  Victoria is the most dangerous player in this game.  Relationships are everything in this game and she has them with mainly everybody.  But she doesn’t want to be looked at as if she has been shielded by the boys the whole time.  She wants to show that she’s playing.  It’s important that they are in jury and they don’t go to final three with her.  She feels in her bones that she is going to the end.  She hates saying it, but Jed and Ty can’t be there with her.  


Rohan checks in with Beth in the HOHR.  She warns him that she is going to say he is her target, and not to be spooked.  He tells her he trusts her.  He’s on board.  He has nothing else.  He’s with her.  He promises.  They hug and he tells her she’s going to kill it.


The HGs are assembled in the LR.  The lights go down and then glow red as Beth exits the HOHR and descends the stairs.  Beth tells us that while she has had some heavy influence in the game, this is the first times he has had direct power.  In order to make her plan happen this week, the entire house needs to be on board, including the nominees.  There is such a bigger plan in place as long as everything goes as planned.


Beth takes her place facing the HGs, and cites her duty to nominate two HGs for eviction.  Her first nominee is Tera.  Tera takes her place.  Beth’s second  nominee is Rohan.  Rohan sits next to Tera.  Beth has nominated Tera because this is a numbers game.  There are not many to choose from, but Tera is not her target.  Beth tells Rohan that he is her target. It’s been made clear to her that he is coming for her and the people she’s working with.  Beth says she isn’t afraid of him, but it’s an obvious issue.  She is giving them both the opportunity to fight for the veto because she thinks they are both valuable players.  But as they are creeping up to day 40, maybe they can actually start talking about some game.  The nomination ceremony is complete.


Rohan tells us that officially this is four times on the block for him.  He’s used to it.  The seat is still warm from the last time he was there.  He hopes he is not actually the target.  He is pretty confident that Beth can see that Rohan is good for her game.  Tera tells us she came her to thrive.  She wants to win the veto and take herself off the block.  The gloves are officially off.  She needs to start winning in this game.


Who will win the Power of Veto?  Will Tera or Rohan fight their way off the block?  Find out Wednesday night, 7pm Eastern!

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