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Big Brother Canada 9 - Power of Veto - March 31, 2021

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Previously on Big Brother Canada, in a shocking twist, Big Brother unveiled the invisible power of the Invisible HOH and everyone could clearly see its unrivalled potential.  The HGs were ready to rock and roll and when it counted most, Victoria silenced any doubt with a clutch win.  Then, paranoia spread like wildfire through the house, and while Spicy V dodged and weaved out of the hotseat, she dropped the act with her main man Kiefer.  Then, at an eerie nomination ceremony, Vic’s picks shocked everyone, and besties Breydon and Austin hit the block.  Tonight, will the invisible one remain invincible?  And who’s got the mental real estate to win the Power of Veto?  You have to see it to believe it…on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up at the end of the nomination ceremony.  Austin tells us that she is very angry and upset about being on the block and isn’t sure who to be upset at!  Super dirty move to put her up on the block with her best friend and putting them on slop.  Double dipping…dirty, nasty.  Breydon tells us that to wind up on the block next to your number one, your bestie, your gal pal, is really the most crushing feeling.  He has literally won nothing in the house but is somehow a big target.  Breydon is gutted…he feels ill.


Victoria tells us that she won the invisible HOH and in power once again.  Breydon and Austin were supposed to be working with her but as soon as she lost power as outgoing HOH, they completely scattered and wouldn’t even talk to Victoria, so she put them up on the block.


Breydon and Austin talk in the BR.  They speculate about who is HOH…they know it isn’t Tina because she got the letter, and they don’t think Rohan would do this.  It can’t be Kiefer…that leaves Jed, Ty, Beth, and Vic.  They don’t think it’s Jed…so Ty, Beth, or Vic.  Jed and Rohan come in to commiserate and offer hugs, which Austin and Breydon accept.  Jed swears it wasn’t him. 


Victoria comes in as Jed leaves and she says she is so sorry.  She asks what is happening right now… could this be a back door?  Are they being targeted as a duo?  She tells them she is so upset.  Breydon assumes it’s because they are a duo.  Tera and Tina come in and Tera asks if they are okay…she says she is sorry.  Both Breydon and Austin are more upset that they are also on slop.  They talk about the Invisible HOH doing a super gutless move. Beth comes in and lays on the bed between the two nominees and all but Beth and Victoria leave.  Beth asks who is the SAVAGE and Victoria echoes “savage.” Austin thinks it’s bad karma….Victoria leaves


After Victoria leaves, Breydon, Austin and Beth ask “ya think?”  Beth thinks it’s obvious (that it’s Victoria).  Beth tells them “look at me.  You KNOW it’s not me, right?” and they agree.  Beth leaves and Breydon and Austin look at each other and say they genuinely don’t know.


In the Expedia room, Beth joins Jed, Ty, and Kiefer in a celebration that they are NOT on the block.  They can’t believe they got out of that?  They think it’s Ro.  Ty takes credit saying they’ve been loyal and haven’t turned their backs on anyone.  Jed tells us he can’t believe they avoided the block this week.  He definitely thinks this was a missed opportunity for someone to get them out without getting blood on their hands. They are the biggest physical threats in this game.  Their social game has kept them off the block this entire time.


Jed, Ty, and Kiefer talk about having the numbers.  Ty just wants to have the vetos.  As they exit the Expedia room, Kiefer says “this is a WILD game!”


Kiefer goes into the WA and finds Victoria.  Kiefer advises “deny, deny, deny until the Death”  Kiefer tells us that he is the only person in the house that Victoria has told.  He’s loyal to the Sunsetters, but he is also working with Vic as well.  People are starting to think she’s the Invisible HOH.  He’s trying to support her because it’s not an easy position to be in. Kiefer tells Victoria she should never tell a soul. 


Ty and Breydon chat in the BR.  Ty doesn’t know what to say, Breydon just doesn’t know who it would be.  Breydon tells us he is suspicion of “Mr. Tychon”…he got wind that they were trying to backdoor him when Victoria was HOH, so he might harbour those feelings.  Breydon tells us Ty looks like a kid who has been caught doing something they shouldn’t.  Breydon doesn’t think Beth could be that evil.  Who could be that evil.  It could be Vic, but what did Breydon do to her?  Austin comes in again and talks about karma


In the WA, Austin and Breydon talk about who they should pick if they get HG choice.  They think Rohan for sure.  They ask him if he would use the veto on them and he says sure.  Vic comes in and Breydon tells her everyone is saying it’s her.  She denies saying they are the two people she knew for sure weren’t putting her up.  She swears on everything it wasn’t her, and she suggests it’s Beth.


Victoria tells us that she is NOT half-assing this.  She is NOT the Invisible HOH, no matter how many fingers are pointing at her.  After all the lying she has done to peoples’ faces, if this gets out, NO ONE will trust her moving forward.  Breydon wonders why Beth would ruin her own game. Breydon tells us that Victoria thinks it’s Beth, but to Breydon it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Tychon IS the Invisible HOH.  Victoria reminds Austin and Breydon to remember that this is Big Brother and everyone is lying to some extent.  Vic encourages them to play and offers to take one of them down if she wins the veto.  Austin says thank you and gives Vic a hug. 


Different HGs get called to the DR and find a message.  “Dear HGs, the only people who know what it’s like to live in the Big Brother House are those who have lived it, and now that you’ve been a HG for over a month, fans have some burning questions for you about your roommates and life in the house.  Using the Q&A feature on the @BigBrotherCA TikTok account… users ask the HGs questions.  Beth is asked who is the better kisser?  Jed or Ty?  HGs are to answer the questions in secret, without getting caught.  Breydon tells us he is not a filmmaker or an actress but will try not to let us down.  We see clips of different questions.  Beth tells us this is so crazy to have questions from Canada!  There are some real inquiring minds are out there!


The TikTok screen in the house turns on and the HGs go nuts and gather around it to see Breydon answering the question of who is the most fun person to have in the house.  They may think it’s Austin, but it’s Spicy V… followed by an impression of Victoria using her heart glasses.  Tera is next to answer…who is the messiest in the HG house.  She shows unwrapped onions in the fridge and says that has “Beth” all over it.


Next question is Beth…she waffles over the question of who is the better kisser…Ty or Jedson…ultimately, she picks….Jedson!  Jedson goes nuts, and a beat later, Beth says “but I would go back to Ty in an instant!”  Beth says that killed her and she “CRYing”


Austin and Breydon call the HGs together to pick players for the veto competition and everyone gathers in the LR.  Only five people are eligible…Austin and Breydon… and three more picked randomly.  Earlier, the invisible HOH pulled from the bag… we see a clip of Victoria pulling her own name from the bag.  Breydon announces and Victoria joins them.  Austin pulls Tychon’s name, and Breydon pulls Rohan’s name. 


Rohan tells us that he is pumped to play in this PoV competition.  He may have won one last week, but he would love to take one of his allies off the block.  The HGs wish each other good luck.


Victoria talks to the camera…What a Mess!!  But it’s okay…best case scenario Ty wins this.  Canada is gonna think shee’s hearless.  Maybe she is.  Vic is resting and Ty comes in.  He says if they win, they are keeping noms the same and they’re all safe.  They don’t even care anymore about who the HOH is.  Victoria says she is scared of Austin.  She’s a good competitor. 


 In the OLG win, Austin and Breydon asses their odds.  Austin thinks they have 4 out of 5 chances to win, because it would be wise for Ro or Vic to use the veto.  Austin is sure Vic would pull one of them down, and thinks Ro would too.  IF they are getting played…Austin says that if they’re wrong, she’s okay with it.  Rohan joins them and talk about the picks being good.  Rohan repeats twice that he will use the veto if he wins it. 


It’s time for the Veto competition.  The plays are in construction outfits with hard hats.  Victoria tells us that she’s not a builder…at least she looks cute…her butt looks good in these pants.  Kiefer comes in as host…he looks like the construction supervisor.  Breydon tells us that Kiefer is looking like the boss, but you know what, Kiefer?… Breydon’s ready to get to work, but might be a little late!


Kiefer explains the competition.  It’s called “BBCAN Condos” and here’s how it works.  On Kiefer’s “go” the HGs will start by correctly placing their I-beams to create a path from one side of the job site to the other.  Then they will carry their puzzle pieces one at a time across the beam to their platform.  Once all pieces are transferred, they can start constructing their 3-dimensional condo puzzle.  The first HG to correctly build the path and the condo puzzle will win the Power of Veto. 


Breydon reminds us that he and Austin on the block and they really need to win this one.  He has yet to win anything, but hopes he can pull this one out. 


The competition starts, and Victoria and Ty are the first to get a beam in place.  Austin tells us she knows she is going home if nominations stay the same, because people see her as a bigger threat, so she HAS TO win this one.  Someone in this house clearly has a vendetta against her, so she wants to prove to them that they can’t take her out that easily. 


Victoria tells us that she knows she is safe this week because she’s the invisible HOH.  At this point in the game, she is working with every single person in the house.  If Breydon or Austin win this, she’s screwed.  She has to pick a replacement nominee, and she doesn’t want to.  Rohan tells us that there is an Invisible HOH and you are never truly safe in this game unless you have power.  He is vulnerable to being backdoored right now.  Jed and Tychon have been coming for him this whole game.  If Ty is HOH, they could decide to take a shot at the Ro Show and he would be walking out week 5.


Austin and Victoria are one beam away from completing their I-beam puzzle.  Breydon has just one piece in place.  Breydon tells us that the I-beams should not be tricky, but they are tricky for Breydon, who is not accustomed to building sites or physical labour.  Humiliating to be the only one still stuck on the first beam.


Tychon tells us that somehow no one in his alliance is on the block.  He feels like he is being framed as the invisible HOH.  He needs to win this and make sure they are not setting him up for a back door exit.


Rohan is the first to begin assembling his puzzle. Rohan tells us all the puzzle pieces have two colours. Red and green…each colour should be opposite one another.  He also has to match the graphics on the pieces so that it builds up to the top.


Austin is close behind.  She tells us that she is pretty good at puzzles and regularly does 2000-piece puzzles.  She just needs this to click into her brain and once it does she will rip through this puzzle.


Tychon and Victoria start building their condo puzzle while Breydon still struggles with the I-beams.  Breydon tells us he has to sprint back and forth with his huge feet.  He’s out of breath and has to push himself to keep going.  He finishes his path and moves on to moving puzzle pieces.  Breydon tells us that he is not about to go home.  Once he gets his puzzle pieces to the end, it’s literally anyone’s race still


Everyone is working on their puzzles.  Kiefer calls it a dead heat.  Victoria tells us the 3D puzzle is a disaster.  Half is one colour, half another colour.  It only fits one way, and just when you think they’re lining up, they’re not.  Rohan tells us that he is using the balconies as a guideline.  He sets it up and asks for a check, but there is one piece upside-down.


 Austin tells us this is a super-difficult comp but she has all the pieces and knows how this all going to go together.  If she wants a shot at her and Breydon staying this week, she HAS to win this. 


Rohan makes adjustments and asks for another check.  This time he has it…Rohan has won the Power of Veto!  Austin runs over to congratulate him.  Rohan whoops and tells us “PoV King”  No matter who the HOH is, no matter what happens, Rohan is moving on to next week.  Austin tells us she is hopeful that Rohan is going to use that veto on her.  They will be able to get the votes for Breydon to stay, and all will be well. 


The HGS stream back into the house …all in a day’s work.  Vic , Austin and Breydon speculate in whispers about who would be the replacement nom.  Vic pretends she is worried about being replacement nom.  Austin this Tera could go up.  They can do this. 


Victoria tells us she does NOT want there to be a replacement nominee.  She knows that Rohan promised Breydon and Austin that he would use the PoV if he won, so she needs to make sure he doesn’t use it.  She’s not afraid to build a little paranoia in the house.



Victoria goes to Tina and Tera and tells them that Austin and Breydon’s campaign is that they have the numbers (with Tina, Tera, and Kiefer).  Tera says they threw them under the bus…it makes her decision easy.  People have not seen Tera’s fire yet.  She is irate… nominees should pitch themselves and not talk about other peoples’ game.  Victoria tells Tera “you go girl” and tells us she loves causing drama and chaos in the house…she’s the Invisible HOH!  When else is she going to get a chance to do this?


Victoria talks to Rohan next, telling him that everyone is saying that it would be the worst move ever if he used the PoV. Tina joins them, reinforcing Vic’s argument by asking Rohan if he’s going to put her up (by using the veto).  If it gets used, either Tina or Tera would go up.  Rohan tells us there is a big burden on him right now.  He is the first veto holder who has ever had to consider an invisible HOH.  Austin and Breydon are his two closest allies, but by using the PoV, he’s exposing a number of people to the block.  It’s going to be a tough decision.


Rohan talks to Austin and Breydon in the WA.  Austin says she will be crying and acting sad.  Rohan tells them it’s a sticky situation.  He talks about approaching Beth and asking about keeping both him and Breydon in the game if he uses the veto on Austin.  Austin focusses on the use of the word “if” and asks if there is a scenario in which Rohan does not use the veto.  Rohan says there is a chance.  He has to look at the reality of the situation right now.


Austin from the DR: “Are you serious, Rohan?  You’re having second thoughts now?   What the hell?  Why do you promise me up and down that this is going to be the case, but it’s not?” She has to trust that Rohan is going to use this PoV, but in the meantime, she says cheerfully, she is going to be turning on the waterworks and playing the pity part for the rest of the house.


 Austin cries to Beth and Jed.  This is brutal…the worst day.  Beth and Jed point out that they can’t do anything until they know.  In tears, Austin asks them if one of them comes down, Jed and Beth will vote to keep the other.  They say yes and leave.  Austin laughs with Breydon about her fake tears.  Austin tells us that she doesn’t pull out the fake tears often, but when it needs to come out, it will come out.  She demonstrates from the DR and then gives an impish smile.


Jed and Beth talk int the storage room as they eat watermelon.  Beth tells us that she is in this weird triangle thing with Ty and Jed.  Early on in the game, she had feelings for Ty, but it has now shifted to Jed.  She and Jed have a stronger personal relationship, but she also likes the way Jed is playing his game, socially, mentally, physically.  She feels she can rely on him more. 


Rohan goes up to the Destiny BR to talk to Victoria.  He tells her that the boys think it’s her.  She points out that they are trying to pin it on her.  That’s why they put her on slop.  Rohan was surprised by that… if it’s Ty he should have put one of them on slop.  Rohan tells us that he’s pretty convinced that Tychon is the Invisible HOH.  He and Jed have had a lot of sway in the house, but now Rohan has some power because he holds the PoV.


Rohan tells Victoria that it’s tough to know what to do with the PoV.  Austin is a good person.  He doesn’t want to keep playing he boys’ game.  He keeps doing favours for them.  The conversation ends when Tychon comes in and asks if they are talking about him.


In the OLG room, Victoria talks to the camera.  “As long as the PoV isn’t used, we’re good”   Kiefer and Tina join Victoria in the OLG room.  They don’t think Ro will use it.  Tera joins, noting that Ro is having conversations today.  She’s worried.  Victoria says that if you were planning on not using it, you wouldn’t be hanging out with the nominees, but he is doing the opposite.  You never know until you know.  Nothing would surprise them.


It’s time for the PoV ceremony.  The house is dark except for a brightly-lit living room.  Rohan comes out wearing the PoV necklace and takes his place in front of the assembled HGs and announces the PoV ceremony.  Austin and Breydon have been nominated by the Invisible HOH but Rohan has the power to veto one of the nominations. 


Rohan asks Breydon to tell him why Rohan should use the Power of Veto on him.  Breydon stands and addresses “Ro Show, the back-to-back champ of the veto” and tells him that have developed a really good personal relationship and Breydon would like nothing better than to have the veto used on him, but he knows it’s a very big ask, and regardless of Rohan’s decision, Breydon will respect it.


Next, Rohan asks Austin why he should use the Power of Veto on her.  Austin stands and says that in a week centred around visibility, things could not have been made more clear.  Although the HOH is invisible, character is always on full display. Everyone who played in the PoV told them to their face that they would use it if they won.  That was not the case.   Obviously she wants Rohan to use the PoV on her, but he should do what’s best for his game.


Rohan says he has decided NOT to use the PoV.  He is glad to have gotten to know Austin and Breydon on a personal level.  They are phenomenal people.  However, with an Invisible HOH at large, it’s not in Rohan’s best interest to use the Power of Veto.  The ceremony is complete.


Breydon tells us he isn’t feeling good about being on the block.  This game is hard.  Someone’s dreams are going to be crushed.  He just hopes it isn’t his dreams.  Austin tells us that Rohan is someone she really trusts in this games, but she thinks he made a mistake.  To the invisible HOH…aka, probably Ty….I am not playing nice anymore, and if I’m here next week, watch out!


Who will be evicted?  Breydon or Austin?  Find out Thursday night at the live eviction, 9 pm Eastern!

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