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Big Brother Canada 9 - HOH and Nominations - March 29, 2021

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The show opens with an intense narrative overlaid over clips of HGs.  It could be anyone.  Someone Trusted.  Someone Feared.  The Invisible HOH is HERE. The paranoia it spreads will be their weapon.  The blood they shed will not stain.  The power it holds can create a legend, but only if they can keep it hidden.  What they can’t see will change the game forever!

We go to a recap of the start of the HOH competition, as Arisa explains that the new HOH and all their powers will be “invisible.”  Nominations will be in secret, and the HOH will be eligible to play for PoV and the next HOH comp.  Tera tells us that her mind is blown.  This power couldn’t come at a more crucial time in this game.  You’re able to put up massive targets without blood on your hands??  This is an insane amount of power for one person to hold!


The HGs cannot see each other, but they can see a conveyor belt dropping rocks into the BY.  They have to count the rocks and the HG closest to the correct number will become the first ever invisible HOH.  That HG will be the HOH until the next eviction.  No one except the invisible HOH will know who holds the power this week.  The challenge begins.

Jed tells us that up until now has been peoples’ fear to take a shot at him and miss.  However, this week the HOH could take a shot and he would never know who it is.  He needs to win.  Victoria tells us that this is music to her ears.  She has won a few comps and doesn’t want to put a target on her back, but now she wants to win more than ever.


Rohan tells us that his number one ally just left the house and he was likely the target last week.  He wants to win this competition so he can put the right people on the block and no one is ever going to know who made the nomination.


Beth tells us that waiting for the rocks to come is horrible.  You are looking straight ahead with no idea when they are coming, but you can’t look away.  Austin tells us that she is scared because she has a tight duo with Breydon.  They would be an easy two to put up.  She needs to win this. 

Tera tells us that this competition requires a lot.  You have to count, you have to concentrate and stay focused.  When all the rocks are coming down in big piles, it’s pretty difficult to count them all, so you have to be very mindful about your clicks. 


Arisa tells the HGs that it’s time for a temptation.  If at least three of them turn around for just one minute, staring right now, the entire house will be reward with a feast.  Breydon tells us skeptically…”a feast, Big Brother?  You’re going to have to do a little better than that! Come on now!”  There are no takers for that temptation.


The next temptation gives one HG a chance to earn a slop pass good for any week of their choosing.  If you want it, turn and face the back wall.  Only the person who turns away the longest will get the slop pass.  Victoria tells us that being on slop is terrible.  She thinks it’s worth it to turn around for a few seconds, and we see her do so.  Tera also turns very briefly.  Arisa tells them that if the green light goes on in their booth, they have won the slop pass.  Victoria’s light goes on and she celebrates silently.  


Ty tells us it’s hard not to get distracted.  His body is tired, he’s sweating and losing concentration.  At this point, he doesn’t think his count is accurate.    568 rocks have dropped and

Arisa tells the HGs that the person who is furthest from the correct count will see the red light go on in their booth.  We see Tina getting the red light.  If she forfeits her chance at being the Invisible HOH, she could earn a letter from home.  Tina weighs the options in the DR.  Tina follows Arisa’s instruction to indicate acceptance of the temptation by resetting her counter to zero.  The temptation has been accepted.   Tina tells us she just had to accept the letter.  She misses her family so much and it will be so nice to hear what’s going on back home.


Kiefer tells us that he is nervous because he might be an target for the people he put up on the block last week.  Austin tells us she is having trouble counting the rocks when they drop in groups.  She is laser focussed and doesn’t want to miss a rock. 


The rocks stop falling and Arisa tells the HGs that all the rocks have fallen.  The correct total is 689.  Arisa tells the HGs that they can adjust their score if they wish.  A few of the HGs do.  Tera tells us that she looks at her score, which is 677, but her lucky number is 11, so she adds 11 to her total and locks it in at 688.  Victoria tells us that she HAS to win…the pressure is ON.  We see her total is also 688.  Arisa tells the HGs that there is a tie.


Arisa announces that they have to go to an invisible tie breaker.  She tells the HGs to reset their counter to zero.  For the two still in it, their light will turn yellow.  The others will turn red.  They are all participating in the tie-breaker, however, so that the results remain a secret. Victoria and Tera are still in it.  Victoria can’t believe this…her heart is racing.


Arisa explains that the answer will be a number, and the HG closest to the correct number without going over will be the invisible HOH.  The tie-breaker question: how many minutes passed between the first and last rocks falling off the conveyor belt?  Victoria says 41 and Tera says 51.  Answers are locked and Arisa tells us that it’s 42 minutes.  Victoria wins HOH!!!


In the DR, Victoria screams in celebration, saying she can’t believe she won another competition!!! She is so good at this game!


The HGs come in from the back yard.  Kiefer tells us that the mood in the house is paranoia.  Everyone but Kiefer is a suspect.  Everyone is side-eyeing everyone and it’s not a good feeling.  Victoria tells us that pretending she doesn’t have this huge power is really hard.  It’s nerve-wracking and she feels like everyone knows it’s her.


Tina and Tera talk in the BR.  Tera tells us from the DR that this is a very scary power to have floating around.  You can take a shot without getting any blood on your hands. She just hopes that whoever has the power doesn’t put her up.  In the BR, they grapple with how to approach conversations this week.  Tera thinks everyone but Jed and Ty will put Jed and Ty up.  Austin and Breydon and Beth join Tera and Tina and they joke about having to campaign to everyone.


In the WA, Breydon, Austin, and Rohan start speculating about who won.  Rohan tells us he’s not picking up a whole lot right now.  Everyone is denying being HOH, but obviously someone is telling a lie right now.  HGs talk about this being a nightmare.  Ty tells us that not knowing who the HOH is scares the hell out of him. 


Beth and Ty tell Jed they think Breydon is HOH, because he looks happy.  Kiefer, Tina and Tera talk about the game being unfair.  Victoria celebrates to the camera in the BR…first-ever Invisible HOH.  Best ever to play the game.  Things are about to get spicy!  Victoria tells us that this is an insane power.  As a superfan of the show, she knows this can change everything.  She has to make a smart move…it’s a power you don’t want to waste.  She CAN’T mess this up!


Rohan, Austin and Victoria are in the ball pit.  Rohan tells us that the Oddballs alliance is not as tight as it used to be.  He and Victoria have a good relationship, and he trusts her to some degree, but he thinks she could be playing both sides.  Rohan and Austin have a silent convo in the ball pit while Victoria is submerged… Austin thought Ro won.  He indicates maybe Vic, and Austin mouths “I don’t think so.”


Victoria asks other HGs if they know who won.  Tera tells Victoria, Tina, and Kiefer that she was second.  Victoria says she thought Tera got the letter.  Tina tells them she got the letter.  Tera goes over and gives Tina a big hug.  Vic leaves.  Tera is upset that she came so close and didn’t get it.  Tina advises her not to dwell on it. 


In the OLG room, Victoria tells us she really trusts Kiefer.  If she were to reveal it to anyone, it would be him.  We see him ask her and she says no, but then she smiles and winks.  He asks again and she shrugs.  She tells Kiefer that he is safe this week, and not to tell anyone.  They celebrate.  Kiefer tells her that she is making history and could go down as one the best BB players in history.  He asks if she is serious or is she kidding him.  She pretends that she pranked him to get a hug.  Then she flips back and tells him she won!  Then flips back and says it’s not her.  Kiefer doesn’t know what to think!


The HGs are playing baseball in the back yard.  We see Victoria go to the DR and make her Wendy’s order.  She’s so excited!  She scoots over to the Storage room for her order.  She sees a video from her best friend Natalie.  From the DR, Victoria tells Natalie she is coming home with that 100K.  Victoria goes back to the DR room to enjoy her meal. She is living the BBCAN dream right now.


Rohan tells us that he is really having a hard time deciphering who the HOH is.  He will have to study people a little longer and maybe he can narrow it down.   Rohan tells Ty and Jed that people are speculating Ty, Ro or Beth.  Jed concurs that people suspect Ro and Ty.  Jed says that Vic and Ty would both be great liars if they had it.  Rohan tells us that his conversations with Tychon are giving him a suspicious vibe.  He might be the Invisible HOH.


Tychon and Jed are still wondering.  If it’s not them, then who.  Tychon tells us that they have narrowed it down to a few candidates.  It could be Austin or Breydon.  Jed and Ty think they should strong arm them to see if they can figure it out.  They go to the Expedia room.  Austin and Breydon think it Jed or Ty, and vice versa.  Ty tells Austin and Breydon that they see themselves working with them.  Austin tells us she thinks this conversation is a cover-up for one of them being HOH.  But sure…she’ll listen to their pitch.


The two duos agree that they all need to stay.  Jed asks if they have an inkling about who it might be, and Austin says all she knows it isn’t her or Breydon.


Tychon cuddles up to Victoria on the couch and asks her why she looks stressed.  Victoria says she doesn’t like not knowing.  He asks if it’s her, and she says no. Victoria tells us that she has to lie her way through this week.  Anything to make people think she isn’t the Invisible HOH.  Whatever it takes, she’ll do it.  Ty tells her that Victoria is good regardless.  He talks about how this HOH can shift their target to hide who they are.  Victoria says she thinks Beth would do that.  Tychon talksa bout how people behave when people are watching vs. not. 


Victoria tells su that as the Invisible HOH, she has the power to make a huge move and go after Jed and Ty.  They are massive targets in this house.  Tychon and Jed talk to Victoria…”in case she’s HOH.”  Victoria says she thinks it’s Ty.  She has wanted to work with them from day 1 though.  She tells them she’s their girl in this game.  Final four with Beth.  She leaves and they wonder again if she is HOH. 


Victoria tells us this is a tough decision.  Jed and Ty are massive targets, but so is Austin.  She is supposed to be in an alliance with Austin, but as soon as she lost power as outgoing HOH, their relationship faded.


Victoria tells Austin she thinks Beth or Ty won.  Austin asks who Vic would put up and Vic says she would put up the boys.  Austin is scared that she or Victoria would be the other big move.  They would cry if they went up.  Austin wishes Victoria had it and is scared if Jed, Ty or Beth got it.  Austin is praying not to get nominated.


Kiefer comes out of the DR and calls the HGs to the LR.  As the outgoing HOH and the only person who did not compete in the HOH competition, Kiefer will reveal the Invisible HOH’s choices for Have-Nots.  They are Breydon, Austin, Victoria, and Kiefer.  Victoria says she just came off of being Have-Not and leaves looking upset as she notes that three of them haven’t even been on slop yet.  She goes off to the BR and giggles.  From the DR, Victoria tells us she is sorry to those she put on slop but this is a strategic move to try and pin this on the trio of Jed, Ty, and Beth.  She needs to sell that she is not the HOH.  She can’t use the slop pass she won.


Kiefer goes to talk to Victoria in the BR… Kiefer tells Victoria she literally might be the greatest player in the history of Big Brother.  He tells us that after the Have-Not picks, he is SURE she is the Invisible HOH.  He tells Victoria he doesn’t need to know anything.  The less he knows the better.  Kiefer tells us that with Beth, Jed, and Ty not on slop it looks like one of them might be the Invisible HOH.  Great move.


In the ball pit, Breydon tells Austin that the have-not pick is obviously a distractor that is meant to point a finger at Jed, Ty, or Beth.  They agree that Ro is suspect.  Austin doesn’t thinkit’s Beth.  Jed comes in and asks them if they put themselves on slop.  Austin denies vehemently…she would NEVER put herself on slop.  Ty and Beth join…Beth would put herself on slop, but someone 100% just tried to frame them.  They consider if Vic would do it, and Beth points out that Vic has the slop pass.  They are all mystified.


Victoria says she is trying to keep the spotlight off herself, so she needs to be careful about the nominations.  It’s a great opportunity to take out big targets, but maybe those big targets aren’t bad for her game.  She’s thrilled to win this power, but it’s hard.  She needs to make sure she makes the best move. 


Victoria goes to the OLG room and talks to videos of the different HGs.  She is considering Tychon and Austin, Beth and Breydon.  Bossy Glossy or no, Austin hasn’t said much to her lately.  Breydon is attached to Austin’s hip and that has drawn a big target on his back.  She wonders about his loyalty.  It isn’t with her.  Jed is a triple threat…he’s a big target and she has to give Canada what Canada wants.  That might be to separate Jed and Ty.  This HOH is made for getting big targets out without getting blood on her hands.  She has to think about what’s best for her game.


The lights go down in the BBCAN house.  The lights glow red, and we see that ALL the HGs are gathered in the Living Room.  The TV screen flickers and we see a vague suggestion of an invisible outline that tells us in a spooky scrambled voice…”my identity may be obscured, but I still hold all the power, and as the Invisible Head of Household, it is my duty to nominate two HGs for eviction.  My first nominee is Austin.”  Austin takes her place on the block.  The HGs are all looking at each other as the spooky voice continues… “my second nominee is …. Breydon.”  Breydon sits next to Austin.  “I have nominated each of you for very good reasons, which, unfortunately for you, will remain a mystery.  This nomination ceremony is complete.”


The lights come up and Austin is livid.  Beth goes to hug her and Austin says she doesn’t want to be touched.  Breydon tells us that whoever put him on the block a) is a coward and b) is a mean person, double dipping him on slop and the block.  He is not happy about this and “Karma is going to get you.”


Austin tells us she is not happy right now.  This is worst-case scenario.  She’s on slop and on the block with her best friend.  She just wants to be alone.  Victoria tells us that she can’t believe this.  Laughing, she tells us that this is insane!


Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Breydon or Austin fight their way off the block?  Find out Wednesday night, 7pm Eastern!



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