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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Fourth Eviction and HOH

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Arisa says tonight either Kyle or Austin will be walking out the doors? And tonight is a night you’ll have to see to believe! Previously, on Big Brother Canada, with the HOH hanging in the balance, Austin and Kiefer struck a deal and then King Kiefer slid his way into the HOH throne. With his eyes peeled for a big move, he started seeing double. So at the noms ceremony he nominated his two biggest foes, Kyle and Ro. The Showtime bros were heated.


At the veto competition, the bros were ready to blow off some steam and in a last gasp for safety, Rohan blew everyone away. Next, the king needed to find a pawn in place of Rohan and his knight Tychon pushed Austin into check. Then in a desperate move to stay alive, the rook tried to make a move to backdoor Victoria. But at the veto ceremony, Kiefer made the move to condemn Austin to the block next to Kyle. Tonight, which HG will be the next ot be evicted? The beauty or the bro? will the house still be standing after a BBCAN dash, and who will uncover the power of the invisible HOH. What you can’t see can still evict you…on Big Brother Canada!


Arisa welcomes us and she says the HG are here to play and they’re playing in duos and Kiefer finally won some power of the HOH. We pick up after the POV ceremony on Day 24 and Austin says it sucks that Kiefer put her on the block after Kiefer gave his word he wouldn’t do it and it sucks even more it’s next to Kyle.


Kiefer says he has two people from two duos on the block. Kyle and Rohan are a strong power and Austin and Breydon are a tight duo. Kiefer says just call him the grim Kiefer because he’s ripping the duos apart. Kyle says Kiefer could have put up one of the three people who voted him out, what a stupid move.


Kyle tells Kiefer he preaches respect but he gave his word to Austin and the one person he broke his word to is the person he put on the block. Victoria says he’s not one to talk because he promised to work with Victoria but he’s been dragging her name through the house. Victoria says he’s toast and Kyle says he already knows.


Tera says Kyle has made himself a target. She says he’s the sacrificial lamb. She’s talking to Tera and Kiefer and they are surprised that was all Kyle gave them. Kiefer says he’s gotten close with Tera and Tina. Kiefer says their names haven’t been floating around at all. He says all they need is an HOH win and they can change things. Kiefer says why lie about the target? He says he’s having the best week ever.


Breydon and Austin are in the kitchen and he says her jacket is cute. Victoria joins them and she says she knows they are close with Kyle and they’re friends, but he hasn’t been loyal to her. Austin says she appreciates Vic having her back. Vic says no problem, its’ her pleasure. Vic says there is nothing Kyle and Rohan could say to make her believe them. Austin says she has Victoria and she says she has Austin.


Kyle and Rohan are in the ballpit and Kyle says there is so much hypocrisy around here. Kyle says he doesn’t even know what that word means. Victoria comes in and she says she knows they’ve been dragging her and she’s so mad. Kyle tells her about them talking to Jed and Ty and they fill in Victoria on what has been happening. Rohan says Beth and Jed said they would throw the veto, but he realized once they started the competition they were gunning for it. Vic says she believes them, but she doesn’t care. She’s on her own island and playing her own game.


Tychon and Beth are talking and Ty can’t believe Kyle is just laying down and taking it. He says it doesn’t make sense for him to give up his game for Austin. Beth wants to send Austin home and Ty agrees and says that’s what it should be. Beth says Austin is waiting to get one of them three out. Ty says Austin is the most dangerous and Beth says Kyle isn’t even that good. Ty says people will have a harder time sending Austin home later.


Arisa welcomes us back and she says the house is still in flux on who to evict. Tina is called to the DR and Tera is called as well. They have a card and they read and they are going to host a party. They are in charge of food and alcohol but first they can sneak into the pantry undetected and chug a beer themselves.


Tina and Tera go and celebrate and they grab drinks and Rohan listens at the door and then tells the others Tina and Tera went into the pantry and now the door is locked. They bring out beer and wine and food. Victoria says this is everything Spicy V needs to have a good time. Jedson says they are having fun and Breydon says Victoria is going wild in the house. She’s that girl. Tina says people are letting loose and having fun. Tera says the kids are going crazy.


It’s Day 25 and Kyle tells Austin as serious as the game is, it’s fun to laugh at what is going on. He says he thought he’d come in and dominate all the challenges. Austin says she has had actual, genuine conversations with. He’s emotional and sweet and charming and a fantastic person. Austin says her strategy was to be in the big alliance from the beginning. Kyle says he wanted to crack jokes and be well liked and be himself. Kyle says he thought Austin was super hot and she wasn’t feeling anyone off the jump because she couldn’t read him. But when she started to get to know him she thought he was a goofy dude. Kyle says Austin is such a sweetheart and it’s tough to have to say goodbye to her. It’s a kick in the face.


Tera says the house is in a little bit of sides. You have Beth, Ty, and Jed on one side and you have Kyle, Rohan, Austin, and Breydon on the other side. And then you have everyone else kind of in the middle. Tera says Austin isn’t even campaigning because she thinks she’s safe, but she doesn’t know which way she’s leaning. She says Kyle isn’t talking either and campaigning is great for information and the fact that neither is talking is bizarre. She has a vote, tell her why she should keep them. Are they not playing Big Brother?


Arisa welcomes us back again and before we find out who will be the fourth HG evicted, let’s head back inside and see how they are finally fighting for the Big Brother lives. Tera says it’s almost time to evict and she’s had zero pitches. She’s going to have to push the game so she can get something happening. Tina and Tera go to talk to Kiefer and she says Austin isn’t campaigning to anyone. How can you sit on the block and not try to stay. She feels very safe. Tera thinks if Kyle stays, he’d come for the boys but not Kiefer. Tera says she wants to start a war between the boys. Tera says she can’t get Breydon alone and Rohan would be ok with his number two staying. Tera says it could come down to a tie though on the vote. Kiefer trusts Jed and Ty more than Austin and Breydon. Kiefer thinks Austin is coming for him and Tera says 1000%.


Tina and Tera are talking to Rohan and saying they’ve heard rumors the other side wants to take out Austin. Rohan swears he won’t say anything and Tera and Tina wants to save Kyle, but they don’t know if they should roll with it. Rohan says he would love to keep Kyle, but it could be a set up to push a tie and then pit Austin against them. Rohan says they are going to have to do some work. Rohan says too good to be true but crazy though.


Breydon is talking to Austin and Austin tells him she doesn’t see Beth flipping because she knows she needs them. She doesn’t see Victoria or Tina flipping and that’s all she needs. She says her game depends on her staying calm and not getting emotional. She needs to put on a brave face and manifest good vibes.


Jed and Ty are talking and Kyle enters and he wants to pitch to stay. They are surprised and Kyle says he does want to stay and go as deep in the game as he can. He needs to convince them to keep him. Kyle says someone is going to have to take a shot at Kiefer. He’s an emotional guy and they won’t want to take the shot at him because they are his boys and it wouldn’t look good for them to do it. Kyle says if he or Rohan do it, then it keeps their hands clean and it makes them look good to Kiefer in jury. Kyle says no way would Kiefer vote for Kyle if he’s in jury. Jed says why should they be skeptical of keeping Austin and Kyle says he hasn’t done anything in comps and yet he and Rohan are targets. He tells them keeping him helps them because he thinks he’s got Tina and Tera and Rohan.


Arisa says we’re going to check in with everyone now. She tells the HG hi and says they’ve been in the house for almost a month. She says it’s been full of drama but it’s also been full of fun. She shows them clips of what they’ve been up to. We see Jed hiding behind a couch and scaring Kiefer, and Kiefer pouring water down his pants. Beth in the spelling contest is next for Bingo and Tera pushing food across the room and Kiefer sitting in the ice cream bucket. We see Breydon dressed as a bingo ball jumping in the ball pit and some of the guys in the women’s clothes. We see Kiefer’s reaction to the Expedia room and everyone first entering the ballpit.


Arisa says now it’s time for the vote. Kyle does shoutouts. He says it sucked to sit next to Austin, he loves everyone, and it looks the bro show is over. Austin feels like she built a genuine connection with each of them. She has a lot of fight left in her and she’s not ready to leave yet.


It’s time to vote!

Breydon sadly casts his vote to evict Kyle.

Tina unfortunately casts her vote to evict Kyle.

Tychon votes to evict Kyle.

Beth votes to evict Kyle.

Victoria votes to evict Kyle.

Jedson sadly votes to evict Kyle.

Tera very sadly votes to evict Kyle.

Rohan votes to evict Austin.

By a vote of 7-1, Kyle has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house! Kyle gives out hugs and takes his bag from Rohan and hugs him and heads upstairs.


Arisa is with Kyle on stage and she begins by asking why it felt like he didn’t fight. He says it was tough to campaign against someone he had a connection with and he did fight but it didn’t’ change the cards. Arisa asks how Rohan will do without him and he says as long as one of the six wins the next HOH and it’s smooth sailing. He says they kept Kiefer and then he won HOH and put three of the six people who saved him on the block.


Arisa asks about him and Austin and Kyle says she’s a great girl and he wants to see what happens outside of the house and he thinks Rohan will win. Tera says saying she’ll miss him is an understatement and she’ll take the shot they wanted to make. Austin says he was one of her best friends and it won’t be the same in the house without him. Rohan says he found a brother for life and that will be the best thing he takes away from this experience.


Arisa welcomes us back and it’s time to switch up the HOH. But whoever it is will be invisible. This week the HOH and all their powers will be invisible. The next HOH will make their nominations in secret and they will be eligible to play in the POV and next week’s HOH comp. The only privilege they won’t get is the HOH suite.


This HOH Comp is called the invisible HOH. Kiefer will not compete. Each of them is in a booth and can’t see their opponents but they can see a conveyor belt. They have to count the rocks that fall by hitting their button. The person who’s count is closest to the correct number will win HOH. They cannot see each other’s counters. The winner will be invisible and they can target whoever they want and get no blood on their hands.


This challenge starts now. We see rocks starting to fall and the HG are hitting their buttons. The HG are watching closely and their counters are going. We will find out the winner on Monday, but no one in the house will know who won!

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