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Big Brother Canada Season 9-Veto

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Tonight, how will Josh and Kiefer deal with being on the block. With the POV up for grabs will Destiny take a hit? We pick up at the nomination ceremony and Austin explaining her nominations of Kiefer and Josh.


It’s day 7 and everyone is hugging. Josh is nominated and he says he almost went home last week and he was the easiest option for Austin to put on the block. He feels good, but weird. He tells Austin he’s not upset and he intends on fighting for his place and he wants to prove to himself he’s a competitor.


Kiefer says that was savage and Rohan says he doesn’t ever want to be HOH because that was brutal. Kiefer didn’t realize how hard it would be to go on the block but Josh is a blessing because he’s burned bridges. He says POV is very important.


Austin says in a few weeks people will forget about her HOH and she says it’s too early to make big moves. She wanted to win HOH this week to keep her team safe. Latoya is in an alliance call the sunsetters and it’s made up of Tina, Tychon, Jed, Kiefer, and Beth. Latoya says it’s a cross team alliance because they know teams won’t last forever and they are called sunsetters because they will send people packing off into the sunset one by one. Tina and Latoya can’t believe no one suspects their alliance. Tina says no one is looking at her and Latoya agrees she’s under the radar. Tina says no one would expect the six of them working together.


Kiefer and Austin are going to talk. Austin says part of being HOH is managing HG on the block because one of them is staying. She tells Kiefer that she wants Josh to go home. Kiefer says he has nothing to lose and he’s a little intimidated because she’s smart and beautiful and strong. Kiefer wants to know if Josh wins and comes down, then who will go up. Kiefer feels like he would go home against any other of his teammates and Austin says he can’t win POV.


Josh is trying to figure out how to mastermind his way through this. He was hoping to lay low this week but he has to win POV and show he’s a competitor. He hopes it’s not a focus competition. If he doesn’t win POV, then he’ll either have to lay low or cause chaos. Maybe make up another fake alliance. Plan A is to win POV and tell everyone to suck it.


It’s Day 8 and Beth and Ty think they will make the final 6. Beth is close with Austin, but she’s also in the sunsetters and she’s close with Ty. Ty teases they are a showmance and Beth says those words can’t come out of his mouth ever again. We see a clip from last night when they were cuddling in bed. We switch to where all the HG are in the LR and they are rapping together.


Jed is talking about former HG losing weight because of the slop. Ty says it’s happening to him. They are talking about Latoya cutting their hair and doing their hair while they are in the house.


Austin says it’s time to pick players for the POV competition! The HG gather in the living room and Austin says only 5 will compete. The two nominees and three HG selected by random draw and Austin cannot compete because she’s the HOH. Rohan wants to play to keep noms the same. Austin draws Victoria. Kiefer is hoping to pull someone in his alliance and he draws Tera. Josh draws HG choice and he chooses Tina. Josh picks Tina because he thinks he can beat her and he needs all the help he can get.


Tina is talking to Latoya and Latoya asks Tina how she feels and she wishes he hadn’t chosen her. They think it’s odd he didn’t pick someone from his team. Kiefer joins them and they say Josh winning is the worst that can happen. Kiefer is nervous and Tina and Latoya tell him not to stress. Kiefer feels like it’s going to come down to him and Josh. Latoya says Kiefer going home is not going to happen as long as her and Tina are around. Latoya says worst case is Josh comes down and Rohan goes up and they still have the numbers.


Tera and Rohan are talking and he wants her to gun for the veto. Rohan says he talked to Tina and said he wanted to work with her and Tera. Rohan says he will be the replacement nominee if one of them comes down, especially Josh. Tera says she will gun for it. She is building a good relationship with Rohan and she doesn’t want him to go.


The HG hear laughing and they are all trying to figure out what’s going on. They think the have-not room is finally open and they jump in the balls and Victoria says it’s a ball pit! Latoya does not like ball pits. The HG are having fun and Victoria says she could sleep in there. Tera says sleeping in a ball pit is her worst nightmare. Latoya doesn’t think it’s just a ball pit. She thinks there’s more to it.


The POV is up for grabs! It’s time for a BBCan Farmer’s Market. The HG will have to guide their wheelbarrow down a winding path to the apple barrels. They can stack up to five apples on the wheelbarrow and go back to the start before heading back for more. Once they have all the apples they think they can handle, they lock in their score. Tina wants to keep noms the same and Kiefer wants to win to take himself down. Josh says he has a massive target on his back and the only way he stays is if he wins POV.


Tera and Josh are off to a slow start and Kiefer and Tina are stacking their first batch of apples. Tera has dropped a couple of her apples and she can’t see the wheel and she’s struggling on the track. Victoria does not want to win and she already won the first comp of the season so she doesn’t want to put a target on her back.


They have 20 minute left. Everyone is getting the hang of it except for Josh. Josh has zero apples. His technique is to build the stack before going on the wheelbarrow. He’s trying to get into the zone and become one with the apples and it’s going ok.


Kiefer has 25 apples. His technique is slow and steady. Josh is now putting his first apples on his wheelbarrow. Tina has 24 apples, but some of them fall. We’re halfway through the competition. Josh is at 13 apples. Austin says Josh winning is worst case scenario and now that he is catching up it’s making her nervous. Tera has 19 apples but loses some and then all. Kiefer thinks he has a good stack and he’s feeling comfortable and he doesn’t’ think anyone can catch him. He’s not going to lock in just yet in case someone overtakes him. Josh knows Kiefer is doing well but he’s feeling confident.


Kiefer says he can go get more. Josh has 25 apples. Kiefer starts out and drops a few apples right away. 5 minutes are left. Kiefer says if he keeps going all his apples could fall. He’s stressing and doesn’t know what to do.


It’s still anyone’s veto. Kiefer doesn’t think he can make a full trip without losing more apples, so he just has to wait and hope he has enough. Tina loses some apples. Josh drops some on his way back. Kiefer has locked in his apple count and Josh knows he’s crushing it and the spectators are making it clear they don’t want him to win. Time for them to get back and lock in their scores. Tina has locked in. Victoria has locked. Josh is making one more trip and there’s only one minute left. There’s five seconds and he locks in with only 1 second left.


Kiefer has no clue how this will play out. In fifth place is Tera with 17 apples! In fourth place is Victoria with 20 apples. There was a tie for second and third, so the winner is Kiefer with a count of 31 apples. Kiefer has won the POV! He took his safety into his own hands. Josh is happy for Kiefer, but now he has a fun filles scheming week ahead of him.


Kiefer goes to celebrate by the foosball table. He throws a pillow behind a chair and says oops. He keeps saying Let’s go and flexing. He says this is for Canada and this is for his family as he gets emotional. He says it’s crazy he never thought he’d win. Josh says congrats to Kiefer and he says he’s figuring out what he’s going to do and working with Kiefer is his only chance to stay. Kiefer says it’s not looking good, it depends on who she puts up. Josh says he’s not going to lay down and die. Kiefer says he has to do what’s best for him now and Josh says he’s happy for him.


Tera and Rohan are talking and they think Rohan is the replacement nominee. Rohan doesn’t want to touch the block and even though Tera is in his corner, he’s running out of options. Tera pitches putting up Jed as a pawn to guarantee Josh will go home. Rohan has to get in Austin’s ear but not seem desperate.


Rohan asks Austin what she might be doing and she says Jed as a pawn freaks her out. Rohan says it’s frustrating she’s afraid to put up Jed so it’s obvious she’s playing the game in fear. Austin says she doesn’t want him to go and Rohan doesn’t think he’s going to change her mind. He’s hoping Tera can do his dirty work for him.


Victoria is playing foosball by herself. She says she’s hit rock bottom. She high fives herself because she won! Josh was planning on being under the radar. His first plan of action is going to be Breydon and Austin for the replacement nominee to not be Rohan. Josh is talking to Kyle but Kyle has no allegiance to Josh. Kyle says he’s delusional. Josh promises not to say Kyle’s name. Kyle says Josh could either blow up the house or go take a nap in the ball pit.


Tera is talking to Austin and Tera is hoping to get in her ear to try and save Rohan. Tera pitches Jedson and he’s a big threat and it’s obvious he’s running their room and the house. Tera doesn’t understand why no one is trying to get him out of the house. Tera says if he is working with a group, then they have numbers, but if that’s true does it make sense to put up Rohan. Tera says it’s obvious people on team Destiny are working with players on Team Defender.


Breydon is talking to Austin and he wants to know if Kiefer has talked to Austin. Austin asks if Rohan went up and stayed would he be upset if he won HOH and put up Austin. Austin has thrown out Latoya and they talk about Jed and Ty. They talk about the potential alliance and what makes sense for Austin’s game. Austin wants to make sure she has numbers. She has to do what’s best for her.


It’s time for the veto ceremony! Kiefer comes in and he has decided to use the POV on himself. Since he’s used the POV, Austin will name a replacement nominee from Team Defender. Austin says in every game of chess there needs to be a pawn, and unfortunately that’s Rohan. She’s so sorry. This veto ceremony is complete!


Rohan says he has a small fear that Josh could survive. Austin hopes the next few days will be calm because the whole house wants Josh to go. Josh says Austin is playing a lowkey week and taking the easy route. He says it seems people are here to make best friends, but if that’s what they want, then they should go to daycare.

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