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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Eviction Week 11

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Enzo holds the HOH. Cody holds the POV. And at the end of the night, either Christmas or Nicole will hold the last final three spot. Welcome to Big Brother! Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, it was down to the final four, Christmas, Enzo, Nicole, and Cody. After Enzo checkmated his way to the top three, Christmas hoped to avoid the block. But the meow meow kept his boy Cody off instead.


With the final and most important veto of the season on the line, Cody was the Ham-Star. With Cody having final two deals with both Enzo and Nicole, it seemed like a war on Christmas was inevitable. But Cody’s decision was not set in stone. Tonight, Cody will cast the sole vote to evict. Who will be the last all-star sent packing before finale night? Plus, we check in with the first seven jurors. Plus, a special surprise awaits the final three. All this live, right now on Big Brother!


Julie welcomes us and it’s day 79 in the house and tonight the final three will be determined. Cody holds the sole vote to evict. Will he stay loyal to Nicole? Or does he think he stands a better chance keeping Christmas int eh game. But first, Cody may hold all the power, but is Enzo the key to saving Christmas?


Enzo and Christmas are talking and he says he’s trying to keep her in the house because he knows he would take her and she would take him. Enzo says against Nicole and Cody, it would be a hard argument for him with jury. Enzo does have a better chance of getting to the final two, let alone winning this thing, if Christmas stays. So he needs Christmas to pull a hail mary and do the best she can and give him a Christmas gift. Enzo says Cody is close with Nicole and she says she doesn’t know what information she can give him that would shift anything. Enzo says throw her under the bus and make whatever deals she can. Christmas says if Nicole makes final two she might not even have to make an argument to win.


Nicole and Cody are talking about how Nicole innocent she was when she was younger. She says she’s seen a lot of stuff and this BB stuff screws you up. She just recently passed 230 days in the house and that’s more than Paul and Janelle. If she can make final two, then she will be the first ever person to win twice. She needs to make sure Cody sees keeping her around is best for his game. Cody says she has the most amount of days in the BB house, but she’s not going to win this thing. Nicole says she has the most days in the house and that’s badass and Cody says she’s going home.


Enzo is pacing in the BY and Cody is in the hammock. Enzo says Nicole is working on that jury vote. Enzo says she won 10k. Enzo says Nicole knows Cody will win the first comp, but she thinks she can beat Enzo in part two. Enzo is trying to convince Cody that Christmas will be easier to beat in the final HOH comps. Cody doesn’t know if Enzo can beat Nicole in the HOH comps, but that’s not a concern of his because Nicole will take him and not Enzo. And Christmas has been smoking Enzo in comps too.


Enzo is talking to Nicole and Cody and he asks her if she thinks Cody is annoying. Enzo says do you think this is a good final three to be in and Christmas hears and says what the heck? Enzo says he made a booboo because he forgot Christmas was in the house. Christmas says what the heck dude? It’s not final three yet. She doesn’t trust Enzo. She doesn’t think he’s fighting for her. It’s pretty savage. Enzo says he just lost a vote.


Christmas is reading in bed. She says she’s going out crazy and everything she has in the game. She says she doesn’t know. She’s frustrated because she’s been burned by Enzo three times. She says it’s his fault her game was jeopardized. Christmas says he’s betrayed her. He hit her three times and she still takes him? Who’s the fool there. Christmas says her relationship with Enzo is strained and irreparable. She needs to figure out what she can do for Cody to stay in the game. This Mrs. Claws hasn’t pulled out her claws recently, but she will this week. She says don’t count me out.


Julie welcomes us back and says Christmas has some work to do with finale night only a week away. But is it too little too late?


Christmas tells Cody that Enzo wants final two with Christmas because he may not beat Cody in final two. Christmas also tells Cody about Enzo wanting Nicole out and he said he was going to vote out Nicole in the triple. Christmas promises she will take Cody to final two if he keeps her. She says she loves and adores Nicole, but could she change her mind at the end? Cody says at the end, you either win and control your own fate or it’s up to people who do win. Cody says Christmas isn’t going down without a fight and he says Enzo or Nicole could second guess whether they want to sit in final two with him.


Christmas, Enzo, and Cody are in the BY working out and Nicole is laying on the couch. She is talking to herself and says congratulations Nicole, you are the winner of Big Brother All-Stars! She keeps saying it to herself and says visualize it.


Nicole is talking to Cody and she says do you want me to pitch to you? Nicole says her pitch is that they’ve been close since day one, she can beat Enzo in the HOH comps, and she can take him to final two. Cody tells Nicole about his conversation with Christmas. Nicole says his best option is to keep her. She swears on everything that she will take him to final two. She can’t tell if Cody is messing up with her and back in season 16 they had a final four but he cut her well before that. So she’s haunted by that and she can’t tell if he’s messing with her. Cody says he feels like he’s in BB16 all over again. He can take someone he knows he can beat or someone he is loyal to. And he’s not sure he can beat Nicole. Nicole says this is really stressing her out.


Julie says some jurors are bitter and others are full of respect but they are surprised when Memphis joins the jury!


Da’Vonne says it can’t be Enzo coming in next because that’s who she’s rooting for. She thinks he will make moves when he needs to. Kevin says Cody and Ian thinks Christmas is coming soon. Dani says there will be zero percent chance it will be Cody and she thinks he’s playing the best game. She understands being bitter because they got outplayed, but as a jury member they’re supposed to vote for the best player.


Memphis comes in and Kevin says he was running things. David says he never bonded with Memphis and he’s happy he’s out of the game. Memphis thinks his eviction was a little bit of a blindside. He thinks he played a good game, but you win some and you lose some.


Memphis takes them to show them the DVD. They see Nicole win HOH and he tells them the deal he tried to make with her and Tyler asks if he told the truth and he says he didn’t know. They see the nominations and Tyler says he didn’t think it was a good move on her part. They see Nicole win the veto. Tyler says she swept the week. Da says this is what happened in 18 and that’s what Nicole and Corey did. Da says Nicole has rubbed people the wrong way, but she may still have a shot. She’s waiting for that defining moment.


Memphis tells them Christmas pressed Nicole to use the veto and backdoor Cody. Dani says realistically, Nicole needs Cody to get to the end and if she clips him at the end, then that’s a huge move. Dani says if they take Cody out that could boost them up in the rankings. They see Memphis’s eviction and Tyler asks about his goodbye messages. Memphis tells them all about The Wiseguys alliances he made. Tyler says Enzo could be blindly loyal to Cody and Da says she can’t believe Enzo would do that again.


Tyler says he thinks it’s Cody’s game to lose because he’s played a well rounded game. He’s looking at who’s willing to take that shot at Cody. Memphis thinks Christmas is the most dangerous player in the game because she’s not scared. David says Nicole could win because a former winner making it to the end is huge. Dani and Kevin and David interrupt each other. David says Nicole and Enzo are playing a similar game. Memphis says this next week and this next move will define who they think will win the game.


It’s now time for the final veto meeting of the season and the live eviction. Christmas does her shoutouts. She says this wouldn’t be a complete season without Christmas spice. She loves Nicole and she’s honored to call her a friend. She says Enzo, congratulations you got third place. Cody, you’re the man of the hour and the jury will take into consideration if he has a previous winner next to him.


Nicole says it’s crazy that six years ago they created a friendship and it’s crazy they are all-stars. She really hopes he does what’s best for his game and she hopes it’s to keep her. Enzo, he joined the very exclusive he’s so funny he made Nicole pee her pants club. She shouts out to her family.


It’s time for Cody to vote! He says he’s thoroughly enjoyed playing with the two of them and they are so close. He says he knows how hard they fought to make final three, but what’s best for him is evicting Christmas. He respects how much she fought this last week and this whole game, but this is what’s best for him.


Christmas has been evicted and she says she’s going out with grace and they are beautiful and they are getting beers. She’s not mad and she walks out the door. Nicole hugs Cody and tells him thank you.


Julie asks Christmas if she saw it coming. She says she saw that coming for weeks, but she gave it a good scrappy fight. Julie says this was a very emotional week for her. How is she feeling now? She’s a little bit in shock. She says getting evicted is still shocking. She says it’s true she’s not mad. She came to a play a game. This isn’t a mudslinging, personal fight.


Julie asks if she was being honest about taking Cody over Enzo to final two. Christmas says yes. She loves Enzo so much, but the loyalty was so shaky at the end. Julie asks if she could have beat anyone in a final two. Christmas says she’s not saying hands down, but she had a good argument against all of them. She won comps, she played a hard social game, and she made major moves that others were scared to do. She was afraid to get messy and she came out clean.


Enzo says he’s heart broken. He tried his hardest, but he couldn’t break in between Cody and Nicole. He says don’t count him. Nicole says she, Cody, and Enzo have been working together since day 2. She will miss her so much. Cody says by the second day he had three final 2’s that were key to his game: Enzo, Nicole, and Memphis. Cody tells her about Enzo telling him about the two Wiseguys alliances. He respects her.


Christmas says she saw it all. She saw Enzo, Cody, and Nicole working together weeks ago. She knew Enzo was playing other people in the house. She never paired Enzo, Cody, and Memphis but it was shocking. She says she’s flattered they came after her hard and it took four nominations to evict her.


Enzo, Nicole, and Cody are headed to finale night. Time to give them some encouraging words from home.


Cody’s girlfriend says she loves and misses him so much and she’s so excited. Only one week left until he comes home and she can’t wait to see him. She knew he would get this far because he’s amazing and she’s so proud and so his family. Everyone is doing amazing and they can’t wait to see him. Keep going and he has this. She loves him so much and she’ll see him soon.


Enzo’s kids miss and love him. His son is going to be a banana and his daughter is going to be Harry Potter for Halloween. They can’t wait to spend money on so much stuff. They love and miss him.


Victor loves and misses Nicole. It’s one of the hardest things he’s had to do and he’s so proud of her. She is loved and his puppies are here with him and he has to entice them with treats and the dogs say hello. They all love and miss her and can’t wait for her to come back home but keep kicking butt.


Nicole says it feels amazing to hear his voice and even more amazing to hear he’s proud of her. They get to see their loved ones in one week. Julie says Enzo’s kids are hilarious and adorable. Enzo says he misses them so much and he hates to cry in public and he hopes to win and bring the money back for them. Julie asks Cody how it feels to hear from his better half. He says it’s so amazing and it’s incredible to hear her voice and you take it for granted.


Julie says they have all made it to finale night. Familiar to all three of them and she hopes it gives them the strength as they prepare for the final three part competition. She tells them good night.

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