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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Veto Week 11

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, since day one Cody and Enzo were most loyal to each other, but Cody also had Nicole locked down. Meanwhile, Enzo was working with Christmas. Not to be outdone by the boys, Christmas and Nicole made a deal of their own.


After Mem-Fist got the boot, the power was back up for grabs and Enzo was Knighted. Christmas asked Enzo to keep her off the block, but the meow meow remained loyal to Cody. Tonight, a cool 10 g’s are up for grabs in a surprise luxury competition. Plus, it all comes down to the final and most important veto of the season. Who will earn a one way ticket to finale night? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 73 after the nomination ceremony. Enzo nominated Nicole and Christmas. The only other option was Cody, but he has a final two deal with him and he’s not messing that up. Enzo wants Nicole to go home because he thinks Christmas will take him to Final two and Nicole won’t. Nicole says even though she’s on the block, it all comes down to POV.


Christmas felt like she had an ally in Enzo, but now she’s feeling on the outside and she’s getting emotional. Cody says he’s not on the block and it’s amazing. He’s gone the entire season not being nominated and that’s not an easy thing to do. But he needs to stay laser focused and win the veto.


Christmas is at the DR table and Nicole is peeling potatoes and she asks Christmas if she’s ok and Christmas gives her “a look”. Nicole says it’s awkward. She’s tried to make small talk with Christmas and it’s gone nowhere. Christmas is just sitting there staring and shaking. She says it’s so much harder than she thought. She feels like she’s battling alone against three others. She feels like she’s in a snake pit. She doesn’t want to say anything she’ll regret, so she’s keeping her mouth shut until after she wins the POV.


Cody comes in after Christmas leaves and Nicole tells him that Christmas isn’t speaking to anyone. Cody doesn’t think Enzo told her she was going up. Cody says Christmas stomping around is just more proof she needs to go this week. Cody says if Christmas wins veto he knows he’s going home.


Cody heads upstairs and tells Enzo that Christmas is pissed. Enzo says if she gets lucky and wins it she will go crazy on everyone. Cody says if she wins then he’s gone. Enzo thinks he can get Christmas to cut Nicole and things will work out for the meow meow because he knows how to play this game.


Christmas is in bed crying and she covers herself with the blanket. She turns over and she’s sobbing. She thinks she’s cried herself out of tears. She’s had enough. But it does come down to the veto and she feels in a good position to kick butt and stay in this house.


The memory wall has switched to their comics. They are to get ready for a luxury competition. Each of them must draft four BB comics. After the draft, the comics will face off in head to head battles until only one BB hero is left standing. Whoever drafted that comic will win ten thousand dollars.


Cody is ready to get after it and win 10K. Enzo says you can buy a bigger tv or a motorcycle or maybe a bidet. Christmas selects Mrs. Claws. Nicole picks the Bombshell. Cody selects Cali-Fury. Enzo picks Abra-curl-dabra. Christmas got the regulator and bandanimal and King Kaysar. Nicole got cereal killer, mem-fist, and Da’Dream. Tyler has podcaster, along with Ian’s and Bayleigh’s comics. Enzo has birthday girl, David and Goliath, and The Meow Meow.


Round 1 is Bayleigh’s Comet vs the Podmaster. Cody says why are we fighting each other?!? He’s going to lose one of his in the first round. The Podmaster wins and Cody has lost Bayleigh’s comet. Dirk Spacejammer vs Mrs. Claws is next. Cody is very nervous for Dirk Spacejammer. He might want to find a new galaxy immediately. Mrs. Claws wins and Cody has lost another comic.


The Birthday Girl vs David and Goliath. Enzo will be losing a comic. David and Goliath wins! Enzo says again, she lasts five seconds. Mem-Fist vs Cereal Killer is up next and Mem-Fist wins! Da’Dream vs The Bombshell and Nicole says her whole team battled itself. Da’Dream wins!


The Regulator vs The Meow Meow. Enzo says don’t lose to a regulator. The Meow Meow wins! The Cali-fury vs The Bandanimal. Cali-Fury wins! King Kaysar vs Abra-Curl-Dabra and Abra-Curl-Dabra wins! Christmas is frustrated. Her team has let her down left and right.


The Podmaster vs Mrs. Claws is next. Christmas says if she doesn’t win then she’s down 10k and out of this game. The Podmaster wins and Christmas has been eliminated. She’s feeling pretty bummed. Her squad has been slayed out of here.


Abra-Curl-Dabra vs Da’Dream. Da’Dream wins! Cody says Da’Vonne is a force to be reckoned with. Christmas can’t believe she lost completely. The Cali-Fury vs David and Goliath. The Cali-Fury wins! Enzo says this is not once but twice David cost him 10k. Enzo says his team is getting knocked out.


The Meow Meow vs Mem-Fist. If the Meow Meow loses then he’s out and he can’t buy his bidet. Mem-Fist wins! Enzo has been eliminated. Enzo says The Meow Meow looked like a little kitten in this fight.


The Podmaster vs Mem-Fist and Mem-Fist wins! Cody is down to one comic. The Cali-Fury vs Da’Dream. Christmas says bye Cali and Cody says what are you doing? You’re rooting against me so I’m the underdog. Da’Dream wins! Cody has been eliminated. Cody says Da was a beast! Where was she in the house?!?


Final round Da’Dream vs Mem-Fist! The battle starts now! Mem-Fist wins! Nicole has won Clash of the Comics! Nicole says Mem-Fist, who she just evicted, just won her 10k. She’s super excited. It’s a nice cherry on top.


Christmas is in the lounge and she says hands down she doesn’t care she didn’t win 10k. She’s upset she went against her intuition and betrayed Memphis because she didn’t pick him. She misses her friend. She feels like she betrayed him by not even picking him. She knew she should have picked him and she doesn’t want him to feel a certain way. She says it’s painful not to be here with your best friend. She’s crying and says this house sucks.


Christmas is waxing Enzo’s eyebrows. He’s never had his eyebrows waxed. He says it feels ok. He hasn’t been touched by a woman in so long. Cody asks if he’s ok and Christmas says he could use a little cleaning up. Cody says why not get a first in the BB house and get his eye brows a little touched up. Enzo says it doesn’t hurt by Cody screams when she rips it off. Enzo says he can’t do just one eye, he has to have it evened out. Cody asks if he’s bleeding. Enzo says Christmas is going in on Cody. Cody feels like Christmas is taking out the frustration in the game on his eye brows.


Enzo is listening to music and Cody comes in. Christmas is cooking. Cody says if Nicole or Christmas win the veto, then he’s going on the block. So he or Enzo need to win so he can stay off the block and pick who goes home. Enzo says Christmas is focused.


Cody leaves the room and Enzo watches on the TV. He says Christmas is eating grilled cheese and coffee. Protein and energy, she’s ready. Cody’s pants are too tight and he’s wearing ankle socks with shoes. She’s laid back and he’s too tense. Christmas has this. Enzo likes that she’s cool as a cucumber and she has her head in the game. He thinks he can convince Christmas to cut Nicole, so he’s secretly rooting for Christmas on this one.


Nicole is in the lounge and she’s talking to herself. She’s psyching herself up. She needs to remain calm. She wants to win so bad. It may be the last one of the summer, but it’s so important and you have so much power with this veto and it could look good to jury at final two. She whispers to herself not to give up now.


It’s time for the veto competition and the BY looks like a hamster cage. There are four hamster wheels in the backyard. Christmas says it’s win or go home and she’s not interested in seeing the jury. Cody says this is crucial. He hasn’t been on the block all season so he needs to win.


This competition will be played over several rounds. In each round, they’ll be given in an event and they have to figure out what day it happened. In order to answer, they will spin their wheel to add a day and go in reverse to add five days. Once they think they have the answer correct, they ring in. If they are incorrect, the answer will reset and they have to try again. The last to ring in each round gets a strike. Three strikes and you’re out. Enzo is going to fight for this veto.


What day is it in the BB house today? They begin running and Nicole says she knows for a fact it’s day 74. She hit 75 and she has to reset and start from zero. Cody does the same thing and so does Enzo. Christmas this 74 but then she was going too fast and so she hits 75 and has to start again. Nicole hits 74 and rings in with Cody right behind and Enzo hits his. Christmas is last and has earned a strike.


On what day did exactly 4 HG redeem their safety suite pass. Cody knows this was the third safety suite when only four people played on day 17. Cody hits his first with Nicole behind. Christmas hits hers and Enzo has earned a strike. Enzo says he knew the answer but he has to figure it out faster.


On what day was the triple eviction? Christmas knows what day because it’s burned into her brain. Day 58. Christmas is first in. Cody gets his with Nicole behind. Enzo now has two strikes.


On what day did they enter the BB basement? Nicole says she can’t forget the BB basement because she got stuck in the goo and lost her pants. That was day 31. Nicole is in first. Cody gets his second. Enzo goes over and has to reset. Christmas says she has one strike and she needs to make sure she gets to day 31 before Enzo. Christmas gets day 31 and hits her button. Enzo has been eliminated with his third strike.


On what day was it announced to the house that the replay power was activated? Christmas totally remembers when the replay power was activated because it was on day 48 when Memphis was HOH. Christmas says that was a mistake! It was on day 51. She has to go again. Cody is in first and Nicole second. Christmas has gotten her second strike. She needs to make sure she stays in this game no matter what.


On what day was the POV first used to remove someone from the block? Christmas remembers this day!  It was day 27 when Kevin saved himself. Christmas gets the answer first and then Cody and Nicole earns her first strike. Christmas says she smoked them. No problem. Nicole says she’s going to shake that one off.


On what day was the POV last used to remove someone from the block. Christmas says it was day 41 when Da’Vonne saved Kevin. Cody gets it first and Nicole is at 40 and Christmas is at 36. Nicole hits 41 and she rings in. Christmas has earned her third strike and has been eliminated. She says it hurts. This could be the end of her game.


Nicole says it’s down to Cody and her. She doesn’t want another so this is important. On what day did Dr. Will tell them to “think three moves ahead’. Cody says he knows that was near the triple eviction so he’s thinking Day 55 but he’s not sure. We see the clip and it’s day 56. Nicole is in first and Cody has earned his first strike. It’s tied up.


On what day was it announced to the house that the disruptor power was activated. Nicole says that was day 38. Nicole has her wheel going too fast and she hits 40. Cody hits 38 and he’s correct. Nicole has earned her second strike.


On what day did they meet OTEV, the psychedelic salamander. Cody says he was met on day 53. Cody hits 50 and stops his wheel quickly and goes to get the day. Nicole keeps saying don’t go over, don’t go over and she goes over and hits 55. Cody hits 53 and he wins the final POV!


Cody is swinging it around and says it’s his and he hits himself in the face. HE gets to pick who is coming to final three. Nicole says this stinks and she’s mad at herself. She knew all the answers and she’s not sure how to feel. Christmas says how many different ways can you say this sucks. Not winning the veto means not controlling her own fate and that’s hard to accept.


The HG come in from outside and Enzo says he went over every round. Christmas says this is heartbreaking because she came here for her family. She says winning makes it worth it, otherwise what is she doing here. She’s crying and says it’s been a long week.


Cody says he just won the last POV and he put himself in the final three and gets to decide who’s coming along with him and Enzo. Cody says he’s walking out on finale night. Nicole is talking to herself and says she’s not sure he’ll keep her or not. She says that’s how crazy this game is. She thinks Enzo will want Cody to keep Christmas. Nicole says she didn’t want to be taken to final three, she wanted to take herself there and she just lost her chance.


Enzo says he’s safe and Cody is safe now. He’d love for Cody to get rid of Nicole this week. She’s a champion. Christmas says you never want to have your life in someone else’s hands and now she’s at the mercy of Cody. But it’s not over until she’s evicted. Cody says he has to think hard about who he’s keeping. He says keeping Nicole would show loyalty, but last time he was loyal and it got him second place. He didn’t come back to fall short of winning.

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