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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-HOH and Nominations Week 10

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, on day two Memphis and Cody formed a final two and it evolved into the powerful six person Committee alliance. Cody also had a final two with Nicole, but his ultimate loyalty was with Enzo. Not knowing of the Root, Memphis pulled Enzo into two final threes, one with Cody and the other with Christmas. But Enzo quickly let the miao miao out of the bag. During the triple eviction, Christmas and Tyler tried and failed to take out their ally Nicole.


With Cody in power, lines were drawn in the sand. Although Tyler was the target, Cody worried about Memphis being close with Christmas. But ultimately, they decided Tyler was the bigger threat. With only five all-stars remaining a pumpkin patch battle began. Who will carve out victory and which HG will jack-o-land on the block.


We pick up on day 65 at the start of the Pumpkin Patch competition. Christmas says she survived the block and she’s terribly sad to see Tyler go. But she’s ready to play this HOH and if she wins she has to nominate Nicole and Cody and as much as she wants Nicole to go home, Cody is the bigger threat.


Cody says he’s glad to see Tyler go, but he needs Enzo or Nicole to win this HOH because otherwise he might be in trouble. Memphis says Nicole is the only one in the house he doesn’t have a deal with and he doesn’t want her to win. Nicole is glad Tyler is gone, but from now on her fate is in her own hands.


Nicole explains that they have to put 25 pumpkins in their basket on the other end of a see-saw. If they drop any pumpkins, then they have to start all over again. Enzo is having trouble because of his knees and he says this isn’t his competition. Nicole says she’s clumsy. She breaks two pickle jars a month. Memphis says this competition is no joke and the hardest part is staying balanced and you land softly.


Six minutes in and Memphis is starting over. Christmas has 4 pumpkins. Nicole has realized it’s not the pumpkins, it’s the speed walking on the see-saw so she’s shifting her weight slowly and cautiously and it seems to be working. Enzo is dropping some of his pumpkins. Christmas has a plan, she thinks the bigger pumpkins are less bouncy so she thinks they won’t fall off as much.


Twelve minutes in and Christmas is in the lead with Enzo in second. Enzo drops and he has to pick up his pumpkins. He says this is way messier than him carving pumpkins with his kids. He’s running amuck because of the see-saw and he can feel Cody watching him. Cody rolls his eyes and he can’t believe he’s aligned with someone who can’t even…there’s…he’s a lost cause. If his life were on the line and he were the only one here, he’d be going home this week. He’s so bad at this competition.


18 minutes in and Christmas is still in the lead with 9 of 25. Nicole is now in second. Christmas says she’s found her rhythm. She’s placed pumpkins in her basket and they stay and she’s cruising. Cody says he’s frustrated seeing Christmas do so well. He’s one pumpkin closer to being on the block and he needs Nicole to pick it up.


Memphis has his rhythm down now he just needs to pick up the pace. Nicole notices Christmas is doing well and she knows she needs to pick up the pace. 24 minutes have passed and Christmas now has 23 of 25 pumpkins and Cody is nervous because if she wins he’s going to be sitting on the block so he hopes it’s warm.


Memphis has caught up with Memphis and Nicole has 18 of 25 pumpkins. She says if either of them win this, she’s in trouble and so is Cody. Christmas says she’s so close to winning this she can taste it. All she has to do is put two more pumpkins in her basket and she’s taking this one home. She tips the seesaw and one pumpkin falls off and she has to begin again. She’s crying and she says to have it in her hands and watch that pumpkin roll out of the basket is devastating. She couldn’t even breathe. Cody tells her to stay in it Christmas.


Cody says this was great for him and he needs her not to win. Memphis has 23 of 25 pumpkins and Nicole is at 20. Enzo has four pumpkins in and drops again. He says no way is he going to win this, so he needs Nicole to win and go after Memphis and Christmas for him. Memphis says no that Christmas has dropped her pumpkins, it falls on him to win this. One pumpkin falls out and he didn’t see it and Cody says he dropped a pumpkin.


Nicole says hallelujah. Memphis says no way will he catch up so he has to hope Nicole makes a mistake. Nicole is moving slowly and she’s whispering she can taste Victor’s letter. She’s moving slow and bumps her seesaw and she freaks out and stops. She’s on the last pumpkin and she says this is so scary. She walks the last one down and her legs are shaking. She’s moving back very slowly trying not to bump her seesaw. She gets off and slowly sets the see saw back and crawls under the fence and hits her button and says yeah baby! Nicole is the new HOH!


Nicole says she’s so excited. She never wanted an HOH more. She’s going to the final four! No one has ever won this game twice and she could be the first person to do so. Christmas says it was in her hands and she’s crying. She doesn’t want to be here for three months and miss all of that time with Loyal and not win.


The HG are heading inside from the HOH competition and Memphis says Nicole, finally! Christmas says that’s a good one. Nicole says she was the only one left who hadn’t won. She couldn’t be happier, she needed this one so bad. She goes to the BR and she does a celebration dance and then Christmas comes in and she’s crying. She says it’s not towards Nicole, it’s just been a rough week. Christmas says it’s super bittersweet and she tells herself to pull her crap together.


Christmas says not being able to secure her safety in this game…she’s never felt like she failed anything and she felt like she failed in that moment. She’s sobbing in the DR. Memphis goes in and he consoles her and hugs her. Christmas says it was just such a stupid mistake. Memphis says that was brutal. Christmas says that was the comp she was looking forward to the most. Memphis says this is terrible. Someone in The Wiseguys is going to be taking a walk. Christmas says she’s not mad she didn’t win, she’s disappointed because she was there and there was no way to catch up. Memphis says she’ll be ok and he hugs her again.


Cody and Enzo are in the SR and they are celebrating and they said that couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. Enzo says during the triple eviction he saved Nicole and she owes him and now she can do some dirty work for him. He’s in the alliance with Memphis and Christmas and Nicole is going to take one of them out and he’s not going to get his hands dirty.


Cody and Memphis are talking and Memphis says it’s about to get real. Memphis says he knew the game was going to get difficult at some point and here it is. He knows one of the Wiseguys is leaving this week and his objective is to make sure it’s not him. Cody says he’s playing along with Memphis still, but he might decide he wants him out this week.


Cody tells Nicole he’s so excited. Nicole asks if Memphis knows he’s going up. Nicole says Memphis put her on the block during the triple eviction and Christmas voted her out. Nicole wants the nominations to stay the same. Enzo says Memphis has to go because he’s so pompous. Cody says it wouldn’t have been easy for him or Enzo to put up Memphis, so for Nicole to win this week, it couldn’t have worked out any better. Nicole says her target is Memphis. She wants her HOH to be impressive and people to be shocked in the jury house. Nicole says she can’t play next week in HOH so one of them has to win and Enzo says he wants to win.


Cody is in the shower and Enzo goes into the WC and Christmas opened the door on him. Cody says Enzo has no bathroom etiquette and not yelling out that he’s in the WC. He comes out and Cody says why do you do that? Enzo says every time he is in the bathroom someone comes in. That’s his office space. They need to give him a heads up a knock or an animal call. Anything.


Who wants to see Nicole’s HOH room?!? She’s so excited and nervous. She has a present wrapped and it’s her HOH basket. Nicole shows her pictures and Cody says Vic is a stud. Cody says Vic should grow his hair back. Nicole gets her letter and she reads. He updates her on her family and says he’s doing lots of things so he doesn’t have to be alone without her. Plus, he might have broken his toe. Cody wants to know what happened to Vic from BB18 to now?


Nicole is so happy she won HOH and she talks about how good it is to hear about her family and their wedding plans. She says this is for their future. Christmas comes to the HOH and she says lots of options for Nicole. She asks Nicole how she feels knowing she has to nominate half the house. Nicole wants to find out if Christmas has any information that could benefit her moving forward. Nicole says she doesn’t have a reason to put Cody or Enzo up, but she doesn’t want Christmas to go home.


Christmas says she believes Nicole and these guys have nice jury management and it’s nice to have a girl on your side. Christmas says 2 of the 3 remaining guys are loved by the jury. Christmas says the hierarchy is Cody, Memphis, Enzo, then Nicole for people she’d be targeting. Nicole says from that conversation that means she would have been on the block that Christmas had she won, but Cody would have been the target.


Cody interrupts the Christmas and Nicole conversation and she thanks Cody for saving her. She wants to tell Cody that he’s Christmas’s target so it will bring them closer and Cody will fight harder in the next HOH. She tells him and Cody says well now he’s not sending Memphis home. He’s going to send Christmas home. Cody says he’s laughing and joking, but knowing this information isn’t good. Nicole says now she’s mad that she told him because he didn’t take the information the way she thought he would. She doesn’t want Cody to switch gears and go after Christmas.

Memphis, Christmas, and Enzo are talking and Enzo has a foot stalker. He says he cuts a little hole in his sock so he can show some of his feet. Christmas says Enzo doesn’t have attractive feet, but this girl seems to get something ok out of it. Enzo says his feet are disgusting, but she’s in love with them. Enzo says it’s weird and sweet, but a little bit psycho. He says if his feet were a person, it would be like a bearded lady at a county fair. He takes his shoe off and shows his foot. He says his feet look like they got talons. When he gets out he’s charging $500 per picture.


Memphis goes to talk to Nicole and asks how she’s feeling. Nicole says excited, but she doesn’t like what comes with it. Memphis tells her he didn’t make any deals outside of The Committee because he didn’t want to make any final twos. Nicole tells us that’s such a joke. Memphis says if she keeps him off the block, he’ll vote however she wants him to vote and if he wins veto he won’t use it. Memphis says this is a business deal and she would be crazy not to take it. Nicole says she sees Memphis and Christmas and then Cody and Enzo and she’s in the middle. Nicole says Memphis’s offer is terrible and he’d have to come up with something much better than that to keep himself safe. He tells her she doesn’t have to tell him if she agrees or not, but if he’s not on the block, then he’ll take that as an agreement.


Enzo is walking through the house headed to the WC. Christmas comes along and she heads to WC and opens the door and Enzo is there again. She starts laughing and Enzo says she scared the crap out of him. That time she got him!


It’s time for nominations! Nicole’s first nominee is…Christmas. Nicole’s second nominee is…Memphis. She says it’s final five and she has to make a move that might further her game. Christmas voted against her in the triple and Memphis put her up and she wishes them the best of luck.


Nicole says she didn’t take Memphis’s deal because it was a terrible deal. She wants nominations to stay the same and Memphis to go home. Memphis says he considers the deal null and void with Nicole, but he built the wiseguys and hopefully that’s enough. Christmas says the only way to make sure she’s safe is to win veto and she performs well in pressure situations. Enzo says if he wins veto, then he’ll have to show his cards on where he stands, but at this point it’s kill or be killed.

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