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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Eviction Week 9

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All season long, The Committee alliance has dominated the game. But now it’s every man and woman for themselves. Welcome to Big Brother! Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, from the jump Jersey boys Cody and Enzo were aligned. With the end in sight, Memphis pulled Enzo into two final three deals, one with Cody and the other with Christmas. But Enzo’s true loyalty was with The Root. At a history making triple eviction, Kevin went first, then Christmas and Tyler made themselves targets when they tried and failed to take out Nicole. But with Tyler securing power, it was Dani who would be the third eviction of the night.


With only six left in the game, Cody took control and he went after two former allies. Knowing she was closet to Memphis, Cody wanted to cut Christmas, but after Tyler lied to Enzo about Cody, Cody’s target shifted. With Cody winning veto, his nominations were signed, sealed, delivered. Tonight, either Christmas or Tyler will be the next sent to jury. Plus the first five jurors react to the first ever triple eviction.


It’s day 65 inside the house and the house is reeling after last week’s triple eviction. At this point, who has who’s back? We pick up on day 62 after the veto meeting and Cody decided not to use the veto because the only people not on the block he has a final two with. Right now he’s leaning towards Tyler because he’s too good not to take a shot at.


Tyler says they’d be silly not to take a shot at him. He thinks he has Enzo though, so he just needs to work on Nicole and Memphis. He has work to do with Nicole. Christmas says she’s got some work to do. She left her family and child and she’s not going out at number 6.


Enzo and Cody are talking about how happy Christmas is and she’s too comfortable being on the block with Tyler. Enzo says her days are numbered. Nicole says if they change their minds at the last minute to let her know, but she thinks strategically Tyler should go.


Tyler asks Memphis if he is voting him out and Memphis says he’s leaning that way because Tyler is just too much of a beast to keep. Memphis says he’ll let Tyler know. Tyler goes to Cody and tells him about the conversation and he says if Memphis wins next HOH, Christmas won’t go on the block and vice versa. Tyler thinks Enzo and Cody would be the ones on the block. Cody says he’s leaning towards Tyler, but right now he’s telling him what he needs to in order to keep him at bay.


Memphis is talking to Cody and he says Christmas is losing it. Memphis says he has an alliance with Christmas so he wants her to stay. Cody says Christmas is just thinking about the big moves. Memphis says that vote just showed him that they are working together. Cody says he’s either or. He thinks Christmas is a little frantic. Cody says Tyler could beat everyone. Memphis says it’s hard not to jump on the opportunity. Memphis says if he won HOH, then Christmas is going on the block. Cody says he knows Memphis is full of it about Christmas to a certain degree. Cody says Memphis is a snake in the game and he doesn’t really trust him.


Memphis and Enzo are talking. Memphis says we are there and we have a good chance of winning HOH with Tyler not here. Enzo says the Wiseguys was never real to him, but it is to Memphis and he’s trying to use it to get to the end of the game. Right now Enzo is just trying to milk all the information he can out of Memphis. Enzo goes to talk to Cody and he says he’s confused now. Enzo says Cody is his number one and he says he’s going to share all the information with Cody.


Cody says just as he suspected Memphis is trying to pull a fast one. He knew people would have their own agendas at this point in the game and it’s not easy. Cody thinks he could go on the block next week and Christmas could be the one vote to tie and Memphis will break the tie. Enzo says he must have a final two with Christmas and he’s getting stressed out. Cody says if Christmas wins HOH, Memphis stays off the block and that’s trouble for them. Cody says he’s not going to let Memphis keep Christmas. Cody says Memphis doesn’t know how easy Christmas could go, he could just snap his fingers and he’s gone.


Last week’s first ever triple eviction took the BB house by surprise, but in the jury house the surprises were just getting started.


Ian is naming some turtles in a pond and he’s setting up pool balls. He says if he’d played better he might not be sitting here but it’s definitely lonely. If he had to guess who would be walking in the door, it would be David. Da’Vonne comes in and she says she’s relieved because it’s heavy in there. She says she has all the tea for Ian. Da’Vonne tells Ian about the Slick Six. Ian says he had an alliance with Dani, Nicole, and Cody. They think Dani is playing the best game. Ian thinks Dani is running things. Da says she was mad because she thought David flipped and Nicole swore she didn’t but then her good-bye message she did flip. Ian doesn’t hold that against Nicole, but he doesn’t begrudge anyone for playing well. Da says she’s struggling on a personal level.


Da and Ian take a break and we move to the next week and their detox from the game. Da thinks Kevin might be coming and Ian agrees. Kevin comes in and says hi and Da asks why he’s here? Kevin says when he was evicted it felt like a weight was lifted. Kevin tells him there was a new twist and tells them about the neighbor’s house and Dr. Will. Kevin thinks there’s a double eviction and he thinks David or Enzo will be behind.


David comes in and he says he was one vote away from staying. David says he feels like he got redemption thought. He tells them someone else is coming. Da says her mind is blown. Julie tells Dani was shocked by her eviction, and so was the jury house. Then either Tyler or Christmas will be the next HG evicted.


Julie welcomes us back and says there are less than three weeks before we crown a winner and they are starving for information. Dani has plenty of that. Dani comes in and everyone is shocked. Dani says she has all the information they want to know. She says the reason she’s in the jury house is because she was playing a better game than Nicole and she’s not a threat to anyone. Da says tonight is a mess and a nightmare. Dani says she’s done for the night and she wants to rest and chat tomorrow.


Dani has video for them to watch. We see the golf HOH, OTEV and David taking the money. Da asks if he felt safe and David says he saw the money and panicked. Dani says if either one of them had won Christmas would have gone home and it would have changed the game. David says he wasn’t sure if he should keep fighting a losing fight or take the money. We see Kevin’s eviction and Memphis winning HOH, his nominations, the puzzle veto and Christmas winning.


We then see David’s eviction by a vote of 3-2. Dani says let’s be real, is Nicole playing a winning game. Kevin says there’s still a lot of game left. Kevin says Enzo had said he would take a shot but didn’t and now he’s losing respect for people’s games. David says Enzo, come on. We see Tyler win the HOH for the third eviction. Da says Tyler had been waiting for this moment. Da says Nicole wants to be the last girl standing and Dani says that’s her goal for sure. We see Tyler win the veto and Dani didn’t want Tyler or Christmas to win because she knew she was doomed if they did.


Da asks Dani how she feels being there and Dani says she feels betrayed more than she ever has. Da says Cody had Nicole in one hand and Dani in the other and he was going to have to let one go. Dani thought she was closer than Nicole was. Da says she was glad she wasn’t there for that because it shook them. Dani says she’s disappointed in herself. Kevin says Tyler is playing a great game. Da says Cody has Nicole and Tyler has Christmas, who will win. Dani says it depends on who wins HOH. Dani says even though she feels betrayed by Cody, she thinks he’s playing the best game and deserves to win.


It’s time for the live vote and eviction! Christmas wishes Loyal a happy birthday. She does more shoutouts. HG, she is standing in front of them and consider what type of player she has been from day one and she hopes they vote for her to stay. She says this is the best top 6 of all time and she’s humbled to be among it.


Tyler says he’s spent 164 days in the house and none of them have been better than the first 91 because of Angela. He loves her and is proud and thankful for her. He’s thankful to be considered an all-star and he’s not done yet and it’s not going to be good for any of their games if they evict him.


Time to vote!

Enzo sadly, sadly votes to evict Tyler.

Nicole votes to evict Tyler.

Memphis votes to evict Tyler.

By a vote of 3-0, Tyler has been evicted from the BB house. He says it was worth a shot. He gives hugs and puts on his mask and makes sure his hair looks ok. He tells them to kill it and walks out the door.


Julie asks Tyler about his speech and what he meant. Tyler says he was just trying to scare or confuse them. Julie asks for their game did they evict the right person. Tyler says for sure because he was coming after Memphis and Cody.


Julie says Christmas is good at competitions too, so did they really make the right choice and Tyler says yes. Julie says Tyler worked with Enzo and Cody so why didn’t they bring him along longer. Tyler says they saw him as a threat and he thinks Nicole is Cody’s number one and sit next to her in the end.


Julie asks about the move Christmas and Tyler tried to make in the triple eviction. Tyler says it was a last minute thing and he’d been planting seeds in Enzo’s head about how close Nicole and Cody were. Tyler says they didn’t really get to finish the conversation with Enzo and he didn’t come through.


Julie asks Tyler what it was about David. Tyler says it was just his story and he wanted to see him do well this year. Tyler was hoping to get to a point where they were forced to work together and it made it easier to vote out Nicole even though it messed up his game.


Julie asked about some of Tyler’s tactical errors. Tyler says he got in his own head and reckless and it caught up to him.


Enzo says the house wanted Tyler out because he was a better player. Nicole says he’s a great person and a great game player and they just didn’t trust each other and she couldn’t miss this opportunity to get them out. Memphis says 99% of what he told Tyler was true and then he tells him about the two wiseguys alliance. Cody tells Tyler about his final two with Memphis. Christmas says Tyler is a legend and hopefully she’ll see him not too soon.


Final thoughts: Tyler says a lot of people were double and triple dipping. He did that last time and didn’t want to do it this time.


HOH is up for grabs. This competition is called Stashing Pumpkins. They must transfer pumpkins across their teeter totter one at a time to the basket on the other end. If they fall or drop a pumpkin, they must completely start over. The competition has a begun.


The HG get started. Nicole starts and hers slides off. Enzo, Memphis and Christmas each have one. Christmas says this is going to be hard. We’ll find out who wins HOH on Monday and we’ll see nominations. We eavesdrop on the HOH competition. Nicole now has two pumpkins. Everyone else has one. Memphis is breathing hard.

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