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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Veto Week 8

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, with only nine remaining in the battle for a half million dollars a neighbor moved in next door to twist up the game. The Committee alliance along with their close ally Enzo were completely domination, and with HOH up for grabs their winning streak continued. Dani wanted to take a shot at The Committee’s own, but fellow ally Nicole wasn’t ready to cancel Christmas. However, Cody made it clear to his number one Enzo that Christmas was in his crosshairs and she wasn’t the only one on the naughty list.


Knowing he was in danger, Kevin went to Cody, but he only made himself a bigger target. At the nomination ceremony put up the only two people he’s not aligned with. Tonight, will the POV save one of the nominees, plus what prizes lay hidden in OTEV’s party pad. All this tonight on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 52 after the nomination ceremony and Cody nominated Kevin and David because they are the only two people he’s not aligned with and after their conversation, Kevin is his number one target. But if one comes off the block he might have to take a shot at one of his allies and it might be Christmas.


Kevin says shocker! I’m nominated the fifth time and it’s obvious he’s the target. All he can do now is win veto. David says there are other targets in the house and he doesn’t win comps. He just has to win veto. Tyler says noms are set but he’s curios about the other prizes Dr. Will mentioned and he’s curious how the veto will play out.


Dani and Nicole are talking about who they should vote out. Dani says if one comes down, then Christmas will go up. Dani is hoping she gets picked to play veto so she can win more prizes and maybe David or Kevin can win and Christmas can go up. Nicole says there would only be two girls and Dani says she knows but she thinks Christmas will come after them and not the guys. Nicole doesn’t want to go along with anymore of Dani’s plans that will help Dani but hurt her own game.


Christmas and Memphis are talking and she’s excited to play in veto together. Memphis says he won’t go for prizes because he wants nominations to stay the same. Christmas says she’s not here for extra prizes, she’s here to win comps. She thinks if the veto is used she might be the option to go on the block. Christmas says even though Cody and her are in The Committee, but she feels like he is closer to others. So she wants to play in the veto and take her game into her own hands, but first she has to get picked to play in the veto.


Kevin and David are talking and Kevin tells David about the conversation he had with Cody and he tells him that he is the target and he thinks David is safe. David says it’s survival mode and their back is against the wall. David says the only way to make sure he’s safe is to win and he wants to go out and get that comp win. Enzo comes in and Kevin leaves and Enzo tells David he’s not a rookie anymore and he needs to go out and win because there might be some cracks in that big alliance. Enzo says he doesn’t understand why they’re going after David and Kevin when there are bigger targets. He says it’s time to shake things up.


Kevin is talking to David and Kevin is curious what he would consider Kevin. Would he consider him as mixed? David says it depends on his profile because it’s not obvious in his appearance. Kevin tells us his dad is black and his mom is Asian. He feels invisible to both groups, but he wants to work to fit in with them. Kevin says even Da’vonne didn’t include him as black and he says it’s isolating to get put into an “other” category. He says it’s lonely to fit in because of a mixed race background because he doesn’t always fit in in either group. David says he would say that he is Kevin. That’s who he is.


Christmas is going to talk to Nicole and they Nicole says her mind has been racing so much and she feels like a war is about to start. Christmas says it’s important to reconnect. Nicole says she really likes Christmas and she does have her back and she shuts it down if her name is in question. Nicole says she comes to her defense a lot and she wants Christmas to know that. Christmas asks if it’s Dani. Nicole knows Dani wants Christmas to be backdoored this week, but she doesn’t agree. Nicole says that way Dani will be ahead of herself on Christmas’s hitlist. She knows it’s time to start looking out for herself.


Christmas says she appreciates Nicole coming to her and knowing her name is out there means people will look at her and that’s concerning. She says it almost makes her sick to her stomach. Christmas says she’s not surprised Dani is targeting her and she’s not afraid to take a shot at Dani. Christmas says she wants to win veto and keep from being backdoored because if Dani wants her on the block, then she needs to win and put her there.


Memphis asks Cody what does he call him from New Jersey? Are they Jersian? Cody looks confused. Memphis says he’s Floridian and Cody says he made that up. He asks Christmas and she says she’s Carolinian. Cody says a Texan is an animal. Dani says Cody isn’t the brightest, but he always has his looks to fall back on. Cody says you don’t call people a Texan. Cody says he’s learned a lot in the house. He says Zingbot says he was around a ten, but after he’s out of the house he’ll be around 25.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Cody draws Nicole. Nicole wants to win to get a comp win and protect Christmas. Kevin draws Tyler. Christmas looks angry and she does a slow clap. She’s pleading that she gets picked to play and she might be a replacement nom. So she needs to play, win, and lock in the votes. David is hoping to pick Enzo to play. David gets HG choice and he chooses Enzo.


Christmas says call me if I’m a replacement nom, if not call me on Thursday and she gets up and leaves and goes to lay down in her bed with something over her face. Tyler says he’s just lucky and she says she’s not mad she’s just annoyed. She came here and she didn’t get picked for anything. Cody and Tyler come in and give her a hug and Memphis comes in and jumps on. Christmas says no one needs to take her attitude personally. She’s in the DR and she’s frustrated. She doesn’t want to give anyone the opportunity to backdoor and the only way to do that is to win veto. And if you don’t get picked you can’t win.


Enzo, Memphis, and Cody are talking and Memphis says nominations need to stay the same and they need to secure the veto. Enzo says just keep it the same and get rid of Kevin. In DR Enzo is just saying what they want to hear but if he wins he wants to make a move and shake up the house. There are too many alliances and he wants to start making moves.


The HG head out to the BY and there’s a tye-dye lizard with a peace sign. He welcomes the HG and he’s a psychedelic salamander. His bodacious bud, Dr. Will, let him crash at his pad and he threw a righteous party. He needs help getting back his tye-dye’d tee. They have to search the groovy yard for the correct tye-dye. If they are the last to bring a tee or bring the wrong one they’ll be declared bodacious and be eliminated. Some of his tee’s are worth $10,000, but only the first one to bring it gets the cash.


David says he needs to win because the block is hot. Kevin says he needs to win because clearly he’s the target and he wants to show Cody he can’t always get what he wants. First-Bring the tee with the HG that wore safety suite punishment costumes. David immediately thought about Janelle and Ian. Kevin says it’s not just about the right answer, it’s about being fast to get back. Cody wants to win because he doesn’t want to name a replacement nom. Ally wants to win so she can build her resume, show she’s a good ally, and keep noms the same.


Enzo is first up and Nicole is trying and she struggles. She says it’s harder to get up than she thought. She needs alcohol. David doesn’t want to lose the first round but somehow he came across this $10,000. He’d rather win money than walk away with no veto and no money. Nicole, Kevin, and Tyler are all up with Enzo. David goes up and Cody is frustrated but then he realizes David went for the money so all he has to do is find the right t-shirt. David has won The 10k, but he’s out of the game. Christmas says he’s on the block and he takes money instead of playing for safety and he expects to stay this week? Maybe not. David says other HG are going to hate, but they didn’t win 10k. They all brought The Lady Janelle and The Gentlemen Ians. They are all correct and they all stay in.


Two-The evicted HG who competed in the puppet master competition. Kevin says this is easy because he won that one and he’s looking for Kaysar and Bayleigh. Kevin grabs the shirt and is the first one up. Enzo does want to win this POV because there are people who have coasted through the game and haven’t touched the block. He wants to create some panic in the house. Tyler wants to help out Cody so he doesn’t have to name a replacement. Nicole is the second one up. Tyler says he’s going as fast as he can, but this is not easy to not trip out. Cody has a shirt and is on his way up. Enzo has one and runs for it and Tyler grabs a cow and heads up the ramp. Nicole has brought The Kaysar-ship Band and the Bayleigh-doscope. Tyler says he didn’t win veto but he saved the cow Mulan.


Three-The evicted HG who never used their safety suite pass. Nicole says easy…Nicole and Keesha. They are going through shirts and Nicole has one and heads up. Tyler tells her good job. Enzo has a shirt and he’s on his way up. Kevin looks like he’s thinking. Cody says he sees Kevin pick up a shirt at the same time. They are both running to see who gets to the top first.


So far, David has won 10k and Tyler has been eliminated. Nicole and Enzo have claimed 2 of the 3 remaining spots and Cody and Kevin both have a shirt and are racing for the final spot. Cody says he cannot let Kevin get to the top of the ramp before him. Kevin slips and Cody grabs the rope and he gets the last spot. Tyler says good job guys. It was close. Nicole brough Keesha Na Na and the Nicole A Experience. As did the others. Kevin has been eliminated. Kevin says he’s devastated. It was down to seconds. He can’t stand him.


Four-the evicted HG who competed in the microbrews competition. Enzo says he played it in and he knows it was Da’Vonne and Ian. He wishes he had a beer right now. Enzo has a shirt and is back up. Nicole has her shirt and Cody is still looking. Nicole says she is kicking butt. This is awesome. She’s trying to get up the ramp and she almost makes it and slides back down. She then tries again and is running in place and falls again. She says she feels like a cartoon character. She says she’s so mad. Cody gets his shirt and he’s working to get up there. He loves her but he will very kindly pass her by. Enzo and Cody then pull Kevin up together. The correct shirt is Eon of Ian and the Da’Vonne Dimension. Nicole has been eliminated and she says that was a bad trip. She’s upset and annoyed because she found the t-shirt first but couldn’t get up the greasy hill.


Final round-The HG who were evicted with 9 votes to evict. Enzo says it’s North Jersey vs South Jersey. Plus he wants to win so he can cause some panic. Cody say he knows Janelle went out on a 9-2 vote and Bayleigh was a 9-0. Cody gets a shirt and Enzo is confused. Cody has brought Janelle Star and Bayleigh Band. Cody is correct and he has won the POV. He’s super excited because having the power this week is huge. David says even though Cody won veto, he won 10k and Cody made it clear Kevin is the target. Kevin says hopefully other HG know he didn’t make a 10k mistake. Christmas is hoping she won’t get backdoored but until he locks in noms during the veto meeting, she just won’t know.


Enzo and Tyler are talking about David taking the money when he’s on the block. Enzo thinks he was trying to help him out and he was even willing to save him. He might have just thrown his game away for 10k. Memphis and Dani and Christmas are talking and Dani has zero respect for him. Memphis says he would have no problem saying goodbye to him. Cody asks David would go for the 10k right away. Cody says this is worst case scenario and that puts a huge target on David’s back and his HOH could be a huge fail and Kevin would be coming after him with a vengeance.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Cody has decided NOT to use the power of veto. David was feeling like he wasn’t the target but after talking to Cody he’s feeling iffy about it. He says did he make a mistake. Kevin says the veto didn’t get use and when one door closes another door slightly cracks open and David open that door a crack. Christmas is excited she’s not a replacement nominee and mama is ready to do some damage. Cody is hoping Kevin is going home this week and now things are about to get crazy.


Who will be evicted, Kevin or David? But that’s not all. For the first time in BB history it will be a triple eviction! Tomorrow is a special 2 hour episode of Big Brother!

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