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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Eviction Week 7

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Mistrust. Misreads. Missed opportunities. Tonight, one of the two nominees will miss out on a chance at a half million dollars. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, with Ian on the block David wanted to try and force a tie to make Dani a target. But after Dani found out she hatched a devious new plan with Nicole, so Nicole voted against Ian and she furthered the plot to frame David leaving Da’Vonne to confront David.


With Memphis winning HOH, he wanted to backdoor David. So he put up two pawns. While picking players, Tyler took notice of who Kevin and Da’Vonne picked to play. After Tyler became the veto king, Memphis wanted him to use it, but Tyler made a pitch to keep David safe. At the veto meeting, Da’Vonne called some people out and Tyler did as she predicted. Tonight, either Kevin or Da’Vonne will be sent to jury. Plus, a BB legend will surprise the HG and you will learn about the next mega twist.


Julie greets us and it’s day 51 inside the house and the dominant Committee alliance has managed to keep from imploding for another week. We pick up on day 48 after the veto meeting. Tyler says he didn’t use the veto because he saw too many red flags between Dani and Da. Memphis originally wanted Tyler to use David but now he thinks there’s something going on between Nicole and Dani and he wants to nip that.


Christmas says there’s something going on. First, Nicole and Dani get picked to play in veto and then Da calls out people not including Nicole and Dani? Kevin says there are lots of fake gestures and his chances of staying are 50/50. Da isn’t surprised that Tyler didn’t use the veto, she’s no dummy. She’s a little insulted they are playing her like she is one. But she’s not going to just roll over and die.


Da and Kevin are talking and Da says being in the house, she’s losing herself. She says when she played her first two season, people reached out to her to let her know she encouraged them, and she hasn’t been that person this season. She feels like she’s doing the opposite. She says this season, she kept telling herself to be quiet and to look at the bigger picture. Her mom raised a strong black queen, and she’s embarrassed that she’s stopped using her voice. She tells Kevin it’s draining her.


Dani comes in to talk to Kevin and Da. Dani really wants Da to stay in the house. She’s a number for her side and she’ll go after people that aren’t her, but she doesn’t think she has the votes. Da tells Dani she’s not going to campaign. She’s not kissing nobody’s butt and give them the satisfaction of seeing her campaign to stay when they won’t vote for her anyway. She might try with Christmas. Dani says even if you get Christmas, it’s only three votes. Da says she’ll have to check with David.


Kevin is talking to Memphis and he’s asking about Christmas. Kevin says he went to the HOH room like a little lost puppy dog, but maybe Memphis will tell him if he’s going or not. Memphis confirms that Dani and Nicole were going to keep Da, but after her speech he doesn’t think anyone will keep her. Memphis says he would be shocked if she even got one vote. Kevin says maybe it’s a sign the house is swaying in his favor.


Kevin and Da are talking and Kevin is saying he thinks Nicole voted out Ian and maybe David didn’t lie. Kevin says David has lied in the house, but if he lied this time it would be diabolical and he doesn’t think David would do that. Da thinks Nicole wouldn’t do that and she thinks Nicole would tell her that she voted out Ian. Da says she could be one million percent wrong, but she doesn’t think that happened.


Da pulls Nicole aside and she wants to ask one final time and she asks her to be honest and Nicole says yes, she did what she said she would. Nicole says she wants to tell Da the truth so bad but she doesn’t want to blow up her own game and she feels like she keeps digging a hole deeper and deeper. Da says the trust is non-existent with David, and her and Nicole have been repairing that. Da says she’s confident she can get Dani and Nicole’s votes, but she needs to figure out where the other two will come from. Nicole tells her there ‘s a really good chance. She wants to keep Da but she can only do it if it won’t screw things up with her alliance. After Da leaves she whispers she’s going to tell her, she just has to find the right time.


Soon, Da or Kevin will be evicted, but some have been plotting their next move before a single vote has been cast. Memphis is talking to Enzo and he wants to bring in two different people and make two different final threes. So they technically have four people, but they really only have a final three. Memphis says Enzo is someone he thinks he could beat with the jury. Memphis says this could guarantee our way to final two. Memphis says he needs to get to final three and win and he’s thinking about jury votes. Memphis wants to create the alliance with the exact same name.


Memphis pitched an alliance with Cody and Enzo. Cody says this is perfect because he’s already working with both of them. They are called The Wiseguys. Cody loves the name. Memphis says Wiseguys 1 is formed, now it’s time to work on the second one. Memphis is talking to Christmas. Christmas says she’s had a F2 alliance since day one and she’s loyal to Tyler. But she has to make sure if he goes she’s set up on another team. Memphis makes the pitch with Enzo and Christmas and she says she’s not a guy but she agrees. Enzo thinks he has a good chance of beating Memphis so he’s on board. Memphis says that was too easy.


Dani and Christmas are talking about who to vote out. Dani knows people want Da out, but she doesn’t because it’s not what is best for her game. Dani says Kevin has been better at comps and has been closer to wins than Da has and Da isn’t coming after them. Christmas says she’s down for either one and she can’t figure out why Da thinks she’s going home. Dani tells Christmas that Da thinks the guys are all together. Christmas says it’s obvious Dani wants Da to stay and that’s a problem. She needs to split them up.


Christmas goes to talk to Enzo. She says she was already suspicious of Dani and Nicole, but after her chat with Dani it confirmed it. Christmas says maybe they should make a deal with David and guarantee him safety to final 8 and tell him he has to put up Dani and Nicole and vote them out. Christmas says she can have a conversation with David to steer him to do what they want. Memphis says if David is going to be around then they need to make sure he’ll take shots at the Committee that isn’t them.


Christmas wants to take a leap of faith with David and she’s pitching to him the deal she discussed with Memphis. Christmas tells him that she’s safe with her. Christmas says she knows how he voted. She knows he, Kevin, and Da all voted for Ian to stay. Christmas says it burned him, specifically with Da and she didn’t think it was fair to pin it on him. She wants him to think about who Da didn’t call out in her veto speech. David now realizes that Nicole did vote out Ian and he’s glad someone is sharing game information. David says now that he knows that Nicole and Dani set him up to be the fall guy, he knows who his targets are going forward.


It’s time for the live vote and eviction! Da thanks the Lord, she says mentions Cassandra Waldren, Danielle Reyes, and Tamar Braxton and she had the desire to join that list of women. 21 seasons of winners and not one face looked like hers and she wanted to be the face to change that future individuals. It’s not impossible and she wants to acknowledge all the black people who entered the game. And she loves and admires them. HG, if her time is today to leave she has completed the journey God sent her on, but she’s not going to go out without a fight. She’s taking information to the jury house.


Kevin wants to discuss inclusion and representation matters and look up companies and support ones that support diversity. He thanks the HG and hopes to keep playing and he has enjoyed playing with Da and she has made him feel like a winner already.


It’s time to vote!

Tyler votes to evict Da’Vonne. He’s sorry Da.

Enzo votes to evict Da’Vonne.

The vote is currently 2-0 in favor of evict Da’Vonne.


The voting will now continue.

Nicole votes to evict Kevin.

David sadly votes to evict Da’Vonne.

Cody votes to evict Da’Vonne.

Dani votes to evict Kevin.

Christmas respectfully votes to evict the fiery but classy Da’Vonne.

By a vote of 5-2, Da’Vonne has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Da hugs Kevin and everyone else and she’s teary eyed. Nicole gets caught on Da’s hair and she says not to pull her weave off. Da is putting on her mask and she walks out the door.


Julie asks how Da is feeling and she says she’s relieved. She says she loves this game but sometimes being in there is a lot. Julie asks why does she think the majority of the house wanted to keep Kevin over her? Da says Kevin can be puppeted and she can’t, and when she did her veto speech that aggravated the situation.


Kevin says meeting Da and playing with her has made his time not just bearable, but a dream come true. Tyler tells Da that he and Christmas have been in a six person alliance. Tyler tells her it felt like Dani and Nicole were positioning her to come after him. David says he appreciates her. Nicole tells her about the alliance and she says she got caught in the middle of the lie and she’s so sorry and she hopes they get a chance outside of the house to be friends.


Julie asks about her thoughts about Tyler’s message. Da says she knew about the alliances, they were falling out of the sky and they were everywhere. But Nicole and Dani…Julie says given the information she now has where do things stand with her and Nicole. Da says she was asking Nicole for purposes that were not game related. She didn’t want to be on national television bashing David for something he didn’t do and that’s why she’s bothered by Nicole. Gamewise, great move. Do what you gotta do. But personally, that hurt.


It’s time to have a little fun with the HG. Julie calls the HG to the LR. They are mumbling. Julie has some news for all of them. But this news is probably best delivered by someone they all know. We see Dr. Will in a robe and he just bought the neighbors house. You didn’t think they could have allstars without him. He thought it would be a good time to put his spin on the game. For the next HOH they will need to decide if they want to go for power or prizes. And they all know what he would do. And he is living next door, so they will be seeing him.


Tune in Sunday to see if the HG play for power or prizes and if Dani will use her last chance to use her Replay power. Next week OTEV returns for veto and there will be  a TWO hour episode and THREE HG will go home in a triple eviction night.

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