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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Veto Week 7

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, in a three month power struggle for a half million dollars, The Committee alliance was dominating the game, and with Tyler on the block next to Kevin, Kevin was the clear target. But after Da’Vonne won veto and saved her friend, Ian became the Committee’s new target. Before the vote, David wanted to force a tie and save Ian, but when Dani found out she wanted to make David pay.


After Nicole’s vote officially sealed Ian’s fate, she made Da believe it was David who betrayed the plan. With the power back up for grabs, Memphis assembled a second HOH reign. Memphis wanted David out, so he made a fake deal with him. At the nomination ceremony, Memphis put up two pawns. Tonight, with the veto on the line, will Memphis succeed in backdooring David. And Zingbot is back!


We pick up on day 45 after the nomination ceremony. Memphis says his main goal for the week is to send David home. He does nothing for his game and he’s not an ally. David says he and Memphis made a deal, but if he gets picked to play in veto he’s gunning for it. It’s the only way to guarantee his safety.


Da’Vonne says she’s not surprised. She has to win veto because she’s on the block next to an ally and a friend. Kevin says he’s on the block for a fourth time. He’s a block professional and it’s getting annoying. Kevin goes to talk to Memphis and touch base with him. Memphis says Da used the power on him last week, and it was an easy excuse. You got the benefit last week and now you get the wrath.


Memphis doesn’t want anyone to know that his target is David. Memphis is trying to hint to Kevin that he’s not the target and it’s not personal. He really doesn’t want him to go this week. Dani tells Cody she told her not to use the veto. Cody says she should have known better. Dani is frustrated because she told her not to use the veto and now she’s on the block. No one listens to her. Cody says he’s happy Da and Kevin are on the block and it should be a smooth week. They just have to make sure veto doesn’t get used and noms stay the same.


Da and Kevin are talking and Kevin says they aren’t in the loop. Kevin says he thought it would be him and David. Da says one of two things is happening: David and Memphis are working together, or Memphis is trying to backdoor him. Da says she’s not surprised she’s on the block, but she is surprised Kevin is. She says David has been trying to sabotage her game and she’s hoping there’s a backdoor plan. Kevin says he’s glad he found a friend like her and she has made his dreams come true. He remembers watching her and thinking she would be an all-star and now he’s playing with her on an all-star season. Da says she watched his season and thought they would be best friends and now here they are. Kevin really does care about Da.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Memphis draws Tyler. Da’Vonne draws HG choice and she chooses Nicole. Da says to her knowledge she thinks she can still trust Nicole. Kevin draws HG choice and he selects Dani. He picked her because maybe she’ll throw it to him and maybe she’ll use it on him. There are possibilities with Dani, but everyone else is a firm no. David says both Da and Kevin got HG choice and neither rpicked him and that tells him they don’t trust him. Tyler has had suspicions that Dani has been making side deals and this has confirmed those suspicions.


Dani and Nicole are whispering about what to do. They either have to use it on Da’Vonne or throw it. She doesn’t want Da going home this week because her and Nicole are still working with her. She wants to see where Memphis’s head is. Memphis tells him the plan is to backdoor David so he wants them to throw the veto. Memphis says in an ideal world either he, Da, or Kevin can win and David can go. Tyler doesn’t want that to happen. Nicole wants to win because she hasn’t won anything yet. Dani is sick of Memphis.


Memphis goes and talks to Kevin and Da’Vonne and tells them the plan about David. Memphis says he told everyone else to throw it and to keep it between them. Da says even if it’s genuine, she doesn’t trust these people. Memphis and Tyler are talking and Tyler asks why they didn’t pick David. Memphis says David is a threat. Tyler kind of understands why Memphis wants David out, but that’s not what is good for Tyler’s game. Why wouldn’t they split up the power duo of Da and Kevin? Tyler says David is sitting on an island and Memphis says David needs gone.


Tyler goes to talk to Cody and Tyler tells him he’s annoyed with Memphis. Cody says he isn’t leaving Kevin and Da in the house together. Cody says Memphis told no one his real plan. Cody says David is a lone wolf who isn’t a huge competitive threat and Da and Kevin are a power duo. This is a disaster of a plan. Cody tells Tyler he has to gun for the veto.


Wake up losers! Zingbot calls them to the backyard. Kevin says he was eating his bowl of cereal peacefully and lowkey hes here for the HG roasting. Tyler hates this guy. Tiger Zing is the title. Da says he doesn’t look like the average Joe, he looks a little exotic.


Zingbot can’t believe he’s on All-Stars, and frankly he can’t believe you’re here either…David. Memphis says he and Zingbot are on the same page. Enzo, what’s more pathetic than a man in his 40s still calling himself the miao miao? Nothing. Zing! Enzo says everyone call him by his full government name Vincenzo.


Memphis, most people think of you as Dan’s number one, but to him he’s more of a giant number two. Cody, you are a perfect ten, but enough about your IQ. Zing! Cody asks what a high IQ score. Nicole says his vocabulary isn’t strong. She says she told him she was a Presbyterian and Cody thought that was a religion.


Dani from her first season on BB, she looked like an old pro, now she just looks old. Christmas, what’s the difference between her and the holiday season. One is cold, stress inducing, and annoying and one is the holiday season. Tyler says we have to live with Christmas after this. She has a pistol tattooed on her hip. Da says she needs to be named Halloween.


Kevin has a nickname that’s perfect and has a great ring to it…Borrrrrring. Zing. Tyler, what do you call someone who says the real winner gets the girl not the 500K? A liar! Zing! Tyler says it’s not a lie. Da’Vonne, she’s done three season of BB and 2 seasons of the challenge, which reality show does she plan to lose next? Zing! She says she almost won the challenge.


Nicole, Zingbot wrote a song for her. Here comes the bride, she loves to whine and cry. And everytime he hears her voice he wants to bleep and cry. Mazel Tav zing. Nicole says that was too mean. Zingbot is running an intergalactic tiger sanctuary. Some of his alien tigers have escaped and he needs their help. Only one person can enter at a time.


Da’Vonne is out first. The zoo is in trouble and Zingbot needs their help. They will hit a button to start their clock and then enter a maze and find the three missing alien tigers and then return them to their correct cages one at a time. When all three are returned to their correct cages, hit the button again to lock in their time. Who wants to play Tiger Zing?


Da is starting to make her way through the maze. She says she didn’t need to win last week and she did and the power tasted amazing. This week she needs it. She finds a couple of tigers and she finally comes across the first cage. She goes back to get the tiger and puts him in the cage. She finds the second one and remembers where the cage was. She is now looking for the final target and she doesn’t know where he is and she’s right around the corner form him. She finally finds him and grabs and takes him to his cage and hits her button.


Memphis is next and he enters the maze. He wants to win this veto so he can backdoor David. His strategy is to go until he hits something and go from there. He found a tiger and grabbed it. He finds a cage, but it’s not the right one so he continues looking for the cage. He finds it and he tosses it in and he’s off to grab the next one. He finally finds the last tiger and since he knows where it goes he switches it out and puts it in the cage. He goes back to get that last tiger and starts to try to find his cage.


Nicole wants to win because she wants to get her first win and she’s feeling really guilty about last week and she’d love to take Da’Vonne off the block. She reads the sign for a Spotted Pygmy Tigerhawk and she is confused. She finally finds a cage and throws the tiger in but then goes back to adjust him.


Dani is out next and she wants to win and take Da off so she can build a bond with Da. Dani finds the first tiger and doesn’t even open the cage and just throws him over. She gets the second and she feels like she did it quickly. She just needs to find the last one.


Kevin is in and he says this is his fourth time being on the block and playing for veto and he feels like he needs to save himself because his luck is running out. Kevin is moving a little slower so he can orient himself in the maze and hopefully do better.


Tyler is in the maze very quickly. He knows Memphis wants him to throw the veto so he can backdoor David. But that’s not good for his game so he’s gunning for the veto. His strategy is to run as fast as he can. He throws the first tiger he found in the first cage because he’s confused. He then finds the second tiger and realizes he has to fix it. He says this is a timed comp and a mistake like that can cost him. He’s a little winded but he has to keep going.


Zingbot says they all really sucked, but let’s see who sucked the least. Kevin finished with a time of 5:33. Memphis finished in 3:29 and he is in the lead. Dani’s time was 3:41. Nicole finished with a time of 4:22. Memphis is still in the lead. Da finished with a time of 6:53. It’s down to Tyler and Memphis. Memphis is really hoping Tyler threw this comp so he can execute his backdoor plan. Tyler’s time is 2:55. Tyler has won the POV!


Zingbot congratulates Tyler. Tyler says he got one. Finally. It took long enough but he got it. He says he put himself in a little pickle with Memphis so he has some explaining to go. Memphis says he told him to throw it. Kevin says Tyler didn’t just win, he crushed everyone. Da needed this more than anything and Tyler won it. Worst case scenario.


Da and Kevin are talking and Da says Tyler isn’t going to use it. She thinks Memphis is a big liar and she thinks Tyler and David are working with a bigger group of people. Memphis talks to them and says they didn’t throw it the way they said they should. Memphis says everything should still be ok and Da says are you sure. Memphis says he has to talk to Tyler but there’s no reason for him to keep David. Da is skeptical.


Memphis and Tyler are talking and Tyler says he wasn’t sprinting and Memphis says he almost died. Tyler says Memphis expects them to just fall in line and backdoor David. But Tyler doesn’t play that way and backdooring David is not what is best for his game. Memphis says he didn’t tell everyone the plan because they talk too much. Memphis says David is gunning for him and now it’s a hiccup that he wants to backdoor him. Memphis says if Tyler doesn’t want to send David home, then it looks like Tyler is siding with David. Tyler tells Memphis he’s skeptical that Dani and Nicole are working with Da and Kevin. Memphis says he’s questioning it. He says Dani and Nicole were definitely going for it after them saying they would be throwing it. Memphis says even though his plan was to backdoor David, but if Dani and Nicole have side deals maybe taking out Da or Kevin is best.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Tyler wants to give them a chance to tell him why they should use the veto to save them. Kevin says he’s hopeful because Tyler knows how it feels. Da says this plan has been in motion for awhile. It started back when Christmas was used to put Bayleigh up there and she’s not going to ask Tyler to use the veto. At this point, whatever is going to happen will happen. Let it ride.


Tyler has decided…NOT to use the POV. Memphis says Tyler didn’t use the veto so he can’t backdoor David. But it’s way more important to cut off Dani and Nicole’s side deal. Tyler says he prevented David being backdoored and either Kevin or Da will go home. Tyler says Memphis wants to be the Alpha and he’s nobody’s beta.


Kevin says he’s still on the block but he’s a phoenix and he’ll rise from these ashes. Christmas says Da has no idea what’s going on in the house and that’s why she’s on the block. But she’s having a great week because she didn’t have to use her blocker power so she’s just going to let it expire. Da says here she is again on the block with a friend, but you know her. She’s a fighter.

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