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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-HOH and Nominations Week 7

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, The Committee alliance was running the house and with Dani in power she put up two people they weren’t working with. But with David having the disruptor power and put on the spot, Dani did something unexpected and nominated an alliance member. David tried to pretend he didn’t have the power, while Dani convinced Tyler he was not her target.


After Da’Vonne won the veto and saved Kevin, with limited options, Dani put a former winner in The Committee’s crosshairs. Nicole wasn’t ready to let her closely ally go, so she persuaded The Committee to keep but Cody to refuse to take Tyler out, leaving Nicole to make a tough decision. At the live vote and eviction, Nicole stuck with her alliance sending the season 14 winner to the jury house. With only ten remaining a puzzling HOH began.


We pick up on day 44 at the HOH competition. Tyler says somehow he survived the block, The Committee came through and he lived to fight another day. He’s so pumped right now and he has to win this HOH. David says he doesn’t know what just happened, he wanted to create a 4-4 tie, but the votes came out 5-3. He had a plan to force Dani to break a tie. What happened?


We see David talking to Ian about him needing one more vote and David says he wanted to get more blood on Dani since she already has had to run through four nominations. Ian tells Da’Vonne about his talk with David two hours before the live eviction. Da needs to make sure David is real and she needs him to confirm it before she goes along so she doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Da goes to David and tells him what Ian said and David confirms. David says he’d rather put the vote on Dani and Da asks if he’s sure. David is sure.


Da is talking to Nicole and she says David is going to vote to keep Ian. Kevin is skeptical. Da tells Nicole and Kevin about David’s plan. Nicole says Dani will never go against The Committee, but that knowledge isn’t known to Da, Kevin, and David. Nicole says putting Dani in a bad spot also puts her in a bad spot so she just has to tell people what they want to hear.


Kevin says he has heard David is going to vote with them but his credit score is zero. Kevin says David isn’t trustworthy and he pulls David into the SR to confirm if David is really going to vote to keep Ian. Kevin wants Dani to get the blood on her hands and David says it’s done. Kevin goes to talk to Dani and tells her that David shook on it. Dani says David is so fake. Kevin asks Dani if there’s a tie vote if she’ll vote out Tyler. Dani says yes, but then tells us the audacity! She’s going to turn this around and make David public enemy number one. She says this is her third go around and technically David’s first.


Dani is talking to Nicole about David. Nicole asks how does she get out of this. Dani says Nicole is going to vote out Ian and the flip vote will be pinned on David. We’re back at the HOH and David says people are lying in this house so he needs to win HOH so he can get some information. Da says she has to win HOH. She’s so annoyed for being on the other side of the votes. This could be a bad week for her.


Kevin says if he wins power he wants to nominate people who haven’t experienced it at this point. Kevin says he wants revenge for being a pawn three times. Dani notes that David is putting his puzzle together quickly and they are setting him up to be framed and she does not want him to win.


Cody recaps the rules of the HOH that they have to put together a 3D puzzle. Cody wants to win to make sure none of his numbers go home. Dani says she has the replay power, but there was zero chance she was going to use the power on herself because she wants to creep back into the dark so she can keep whispering and planting seeds.


Memphis says he needs to get a couple things done this week and the only way to do that is win HOH. Enzo says he doesn’t even think some of his pieces fit in the puzzle. Nicole says this is not his forte and she’s looking at Kevin’s puzzle. She says he’s probably frustrated with her for looking, but she’s doing it anyway. Christmas say she tried building from the base up, so she decided to build from the top down and she’s making some major progress.


David says he’s doing good but then he sees Memphis is moving fast and he’s starting to panic. He doesn’t want Memphis to win because he put him up before. Tyler says he wants to win because three people not in The Committee voted against him and he has ever reason in the world to nominate someone now. Memphis is scrambling and he thinks he has his puzzle together and rings in and he’s wrong.


Tyler, Christmas, and David are all close to having their puzzles complete. Memphis runs back and tightens his puzzle together and rings in again and he has won the HOH! He’s stoked. This is perfect for his game. Short term goal is evict someone he’s had his eye on. He never lost control of the house, but he likes sleeping upstairs. David says here we go. Memphis won HOH. The guy who put him up the second week and he talks the least amount of game with.


We’re back after the HOH. Memphis says the goal for his HOH is simple. He needs to set himself up to make a run for the finals. David says he doesn’t know what Memphis is going to do, but he survived before. Da says the entire plan went to shambles. Someone flipped and she’s assuming it’s David. Somebody set her up and she thinks it’s David.


Dani and Nicole celebrate in the SR. She says she doesn’t know how to act. She has a hitlist and David is climbing to the top. She’s going to have to put the vote on him and it looks like he’s going to have to go soon. Dani and Nicole are figuring out how to approach setting him up. Dani says Da is hard to read and Nicole says she doesn’t think Da thinks it’s her. Dani says they need to make David look more guilty and make his target bigger.


David and Kevin are talking and he asks Kevin what happened and Kevin doesn’t know. Kevin says someone got duped. He says lies and deception and it’s David. David lied about his power and now he’s lying again. Kevin says if he’s telling the truth and David is, then either Da or Nicole are lying. David says the four of them came up with the plan to vote out Tyler, but the plan didn’t go the way it was supposed to and now people are questioning his vote.


Nicole and Da’Vonne are talking and Da tells her David played them. Nicole says she was already accepting that Ian was going but he got her hopes up and now she’s devastated. She says she hates lying and acting shot but she has to do it. She says truth in this house does not set you free, it gets people pissed off. Da says don’t give David the satisfaction. Nicole says she’s going to ignore him and try to be normal. Da doesn’t feel great because she’s pretty sure David flipped on them and she’s furious.


Da goes to talk to Dani and she’s extremely frustrated and she doesn’t understand why David sabotaged her and she doesn’t understand what his problem is. She say she didn’t realize that she was the biggest ally he had. She keeps calling him an idiot.


Da and David are in the kitchen and he says it’s quiet in here tonight. Da says why’d you flip. He says he didn’t and she says ok. He says he’s serious. Da says people told her not to trust him and she still trusted him. David says someone is using them. Da says ok. David says you don’t believe it? Da says you know how hard it is for us to play this game and he just made her game harder. David says he did what he shook on. Da says she’s been working so hard this season and doing things that contradicts her to get herself further and then he sabotages her. It’s a waste of her time.


Kevin comes into the kitchen and David says it looks like he flipped and Kevin says to who. Da says he’s being loud and she leaves. David tells Kevin that Da is pissed at him now. Kevin says don’t air this right now and David gets angry and walks away and says this is what he gets for trying to play the right way. David says he can’t even play with people he looks like without people lying on him. Dani says she hears David screaming and now he’s crumbling and she smiles while she says it. David says this came back to him and it’s not fair. Da says if she ends up in the jury house this was for nothing. She’s such an idiot. All of that was for nothing. Enzo comes in and asks what’s wrong with David and Da says he’s spiraling.


David is talking to Kevin and David says he doesn’t normally blow up like that. He says he’s trying to be honest with her and then something happens. David says he voted the way he said he was going to vote. He doesn’t like looking dumb and Nicole is probably laughing because she came up with the whole idea. David thinks Dani and Nicole are working together and he thinks Nicole flipped. David says when he tries to make a difference in the way the game goes it gets thrown in his face. Kevin says the reason he isn’t trusted is because of him lying about the power. Kevin thinks there is a small world where Nicole flipped in order to save her friend Dani. But he gives that a 5% chance.


Cody is cooking and he says it’s taco night. They have all the fixings and everyone is super stoked for these tacos. He helped cook it all and he steps back to let everyone make their plates first. Everyone is called to the LR and Memphis says they better stuff their faces now.


Have-nots, congrats on making it through your horrible week. Now they have to select a new have-not. There will be only two this week since Ian was evicted. Enzo says everyone is stuffing their faces because they know how horrible it is to be a have-not. Da has to choose first and she selects Christmas. David chooses Cody. Cody says I don’t get to eat. Christmas says she thought Da would be Kevin, but she sees how it is. Christmas says Da has been talking about Kevin all week, but it’s cool. Da says she chooses Christmas, duh! Christmas is furious. She’s a have-not because Da put her on the block? She can’t wait until next week when she can name a have-not since we don’t squash grudges and we got tit for tat.


Christmas, Dani, and Nicole are in the HOH bathtub together and Dani would love to be F3 with them and she’d love to see a female win All-Stars. Christmas and Nicole agree. Nicole gets out of the bathtub and slips and falls. She stumbles getting up and she goes into the shower and Dani and Christmas are laughing.


Da is talking to Kevin about who Memphis would nominate and Kevin thinks one of them or David or Nicole. David comes through to take a shower and Da leaves. David wants to know if she wants to talk about yesterday and Da keeps walking. David says he keeps trying and tries to tell her the truth but Da won’t listen. Kevin says tell her definitively that he voted Ian out and if she doesn’t accept it then it’s on her. David says he doesn’t care anymore. David says the others are just outplaying them. Eventually she’ll see how he voted and eventually they’ll figure it out and they’ll have a moment to talk.


Memphis is in the HOH and David comes in. Memphis says he put David on the block week 2 and he doesn’t have a relationship with him and he isn’t in an alliance with him. He wants him to go, but the only way to guarantee him to go is backdoor him. But if he gets drawn to play veto he can’t win. So Memphis wants to make a deal and shake hands. He won’t nominate him and if he gets drawn he can’t win veto. And if he does win, then he has to keep noms the same. He can’t tell anyone about the deal and if he does and Memphis hears about it, then he’ll know it came from him. It’s his seat at the table. David says sounds like a plan and shakes Memphis’ hand. David congratulates him on his win. David says he thinks he can make this happen. He needs alliances in this game even if it’s short term. He’s either made a great deal or Memphis is looking to backdoor him.


It’s time for nominations! Memphis hasn’t told anyone nominations because there are too many people with loose tongues and he wants to make sure his plan stays intact. Memphis’s first nominee is…Da’Vonne. His second nominee is…Kevin. Memphis has nominated and says the veto is the most powerful think in the house and Da exercised that last week and it was a no brainer. Memphis says it’s just game.


Memphis says they are basically just pawns so he can backdoor David. He’s not in his alliance and he does nothing for his game. Da says her intuition told her she was going to be nominated. Da says the curse broke last week and hopefully she can keep this thing going. Kevin says he’s been on the block three times and survived, maybe he can do it again? The only way he can be safe is to win veto. A girl is going to play to win, he’s going to take the earrings off and play. David says he made a deal to stay off the block, but if he gets picked to play and wins, he’s going to play to win and save a friend.

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