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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Eviction Week 6

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, with secret powers hidden in the BB basement, David won The Disruptor in the dark. At the HOH competition, Dani held on tight for power. Even though her six-person alliance was running the game she considered taking a shot at Tyler. But Cody didn’t want a committee member on the block, so Dani went for two players outside her alliance. But her nominations were quickly disrupted. With The Disruptor power saving David, Dani was forced to name a new nominee leaving the committee intent on sending Kevin packing.


At a bite sized veto competition, Da’Vonne won big. When Da made it clear she was going to save Kevin, Dani and The Committee scrambled. At the veto meeting, Da’Vonne kept her word while Dani told a lie. Will it be the former winner or the former runner-up who will be the first member of the jury? Will Dani use her replay power to play in tonight’s HOH? Find out now on Big Brother!


Julie welcomes us and it’s day 44 inside the house and we’re halfway to finale night. Tonight, the roller coaster of a week comes to an end. Could the ultimate pawn be in for the ultimate blindside?


We pick up on day 41 after the veto meeting. Da says taking Kevin off the block was good for her game because she needs people on her side with these powers in the game. Kevin is so relieved and he says he and Da needed this moment. For the first time this summer, people will shoot shots at each other and they won’t necessarily be looking at him and Da’Vonne.


Tyler says it’s sucks he’s still on the block, but he’s been in The Committee since day one and he should have the votes to stay. Nicole says her best friend is up on the block and she feels helpless. Her whole alliance wants him gone, but she’s going to try and campaign for him to stay. She can’t tell him anything this week. Ian comes out to comfort Nicole. Ian says Dani claimed he was the ultimate pawn and that concerns him. Something doesn’t quite add up. Ian is rocking the hammock while he talks to Nicole about campaigning. Ian says he needs four votes. Ian says there are 8, but 4 will make it a tie.


Da goes to talk to Dani in the HOH. Dani says putting up two nominees is hard enough, three is really hard, and four is crazy and she just showed half of her deck of cards. Da says she’s couldn’t take losing Kevin. She knows it’s going to happen at some point, but she didn’t want to lose two allies back to back. Ian talks to Dani and he says if he goes it’s ok it’s part of the game. Dani says she’s lying to Ian but she made a sub alliance with Ian so they would control numbers. Dani says Ian going to jury is not good for her game but she can’t go against The Committee.


Dani is telling Tyler that what she said during the veto meeting isn’t true. She says yes she was going to go after Tyler, but she wants to go far in the game. She wants to get Tyler completely on her side and ride it through the game. She says they are going to be best friends until she decides they don’t need to be best friends anymore. Tyler says even though he’s been super understanding, he’s not totally sure where he lays on her hit list so he definitely needs to keep her on his hit list as well.


Memphis is talking to Ian and he says he thought it would be him or Enzo. Ian feels like Memphis is playing a lone wolf sort of game and he wants to appeal to him on a level that is purely strategic. Ian pitches that Tyler is a bigger threat. Memphis says he respect Ian’s pitch, but Ian is a winner and if you get a shot you have to take it. Ian tells Nicole that this might be the end for him and he doesn’t think he’s as safe as Dani thought he was. And frankly, he’s infuriated. Nicole says she doesn’t want Ian to leave but that means breaking up her alliance.


Kevin and Da are talking and they are trying to figure out why Tyler isn’t campaigning. Da says that raises red flags. They are starting to figure out people might be more connected than they thought. Nicole is talking to Dani and she wants Ian to stay. She doesn’t want to screw up The Committee’s game because they will screw up hers. Dani tells Nicole if they go against The Committee it will put them in the worst spot in the house. Dani says if they fight for Ian it could put a target on them.


Nicole is talking to Memphis and Cody and Cody says he’s up in the air and Nicole says she wants to vote to keep Ian. Nicole says if she turns against Ian, then they will know she’s in an alliance. Memphis says if she wants to be with Ian so bad, they can make that happen. Cody tells Nicole to watch herself. Nicole asks Cody why he wants to keep Tyler? Cody says there’s no reason for him to stick his neck out for Ian to blow up an alliance that has won 5 of the 6 HOH’s. Nicole says she can’t beat Tyler in competitions and Cody asks why she sells herself short. Tyler has only won one HOH. Nicole says she will look so bad and if she can cut her best friend, then she can cut anyone at any time. Nicole says she thinks this is the right time to get Tyler out. She’s won this game and she thinks know when the time is right and the timing is now.


Ian is touching base with Dani and he says her and Nicole have been working real hard. Ian tells her he doesn’t feel safe and Dani says she didn’t think he’d be in trouble. Ian says he just doesn’t want to go and Dani says it’s her fault and he will blame her and he won’t vote for her to win. Dani says she takes all responsibility. Ian says he just needs to make sure he has four votes and it sucks for his game to end on something not his mistake. He thought his second time playing would be better than being put up by his own alliance. He says I just need four votes right and Dani gets up and says you’ll have them Ian and she walks out.


Nicole is talking to Cody and she says she’s frustrated because it could have been Enzo. Cody says Nicole has a point that if it was Enzo was in that situation he’d be doing everything he could to send Tyler home. Cody tells her it’s not the same and Nicole says it is. Nicole says this week is so frustrating because Cody gets to keep his two closest allies and she has to lose hers. She could decide to be the fourth vote to keep Ian and make Dani break the tie.


Julie greets the HG. Ian says a couple weeks ago he made a toast and they all know what it’s like after the confetti falls. He’s given a lot to the game and it’s given a lot back. He still feels like he has a lot to give to this game and he hopes if he can help their game please keep him.


Tyler says he’s honored to be sitting next to Ian because he’s an icon of the game. He says he’s had his ups and downs but he’s grateful to be here and he wants to be here. He loves Angela and he misses her so much. He says when they cast their vote to remember: Don’t be a clown. Keep Ty around.


It’s time to vote!

Christmas votes to evict the amazing and legendary Ian.

Enzo votes to evict Ian.

The vote is 2-0 in favor of evicting Ian. We’ll get the rest of the votes in a moment.


Time to get the rest of the votes.

Da’Vonne, for Bayleigh, she votes to evict the BB All-Star Tyler.

Cody votes to evict Ian.

Kevin votes to evict Tyler.

Memphis votes to evict Ian.

David votes to evict Tyler.

Nicole says this is the hardest thing she’s ever had to do. She votes to evict Ian.

By a vote of 5-3, Ian has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He says good game and shakes hands and hugs. Christmas hugs him tight and Ian tries to pull away. He gives Nicole and Dani a hug. Enzo says he’s a great champ. Ian tells them to take care and good luck.


Julie says Ian exited with class. When he hugged Dani, what did he says. Ian says it’s a blender and it happens. He says maybe it was a great play and he doesn’t realize it. It hurts. Julie asks he’s feeling? Ian says it’s a lot of new feelings. Being evicted is new.


Julie says Ian was told he was the ultimate pawn. What does he think happened? Ian says people were too smart to keep a former winner in the game. Julie asks if the 5-3 vote is a surprise to him. Ian says he tired to campaign until the last minute. Julie asks if he feels betrayed by anyone and he says absolutely not, it’s a game.


Julie asks how the game was harder. Ian says the last time, there were only really three good players and maybe only one cared. This time they are all good and most of them cared. Julie says Ian came in with a clear plan, would he play with a different strategy. Ian says no, he’d do that every time which is lay low and turn it up later.


Julie asks about Kaysar wanting to create something early on and Ian resisted. Why? Ian says he heard Janelle talking about him and Nicole and wanting them out and so he was resistant. But he loves Kaysar, he’s a great guy.


Cody says he’s so sorry. He was viewed as a huge threat as a winner, but a great winner. Da says if it was up to her he’d still be there playing with her. Tyler tells Ian about The Committee and he’s glad they battled out. Nicole says she worked so hard to keep him in and she’s working with a group of bigger people and she didn’t want her game to blow up. She’s so sorry.


Julie says Ian is so classy all the way through. Final thoughts. Ian says it was fun. Julie says he’s off to the jury house. She’s very impressed by Ian and she’s a big fan.


The next HOH competition is about to begin. Dani has chosen not to use her Replay power. This competition is called Hydrant Hustle. They will hustle across the yard to bring their hydrant puzzle pieces and bring them back to their stand. Then they will assemble their puzzle. The first to assemble their puzzle and hit their buzzer will become the new HOH!


Christmas and Nicole are grabbing most of their pieces and some HG are building as they grab. We’ll find out who wins HOH on Sunday and then we’ll see veto on Wednesday and next Thursday will be a live eviction, plus a BB legend moves into the neighbors house to shake things up. David, Cody, Memphis, and Tyler are making decent progress on their puzzles.

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