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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Veto Week 6

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, Dani told Tyler she wanted Da’Vonne out, and Tyler spread the word to Da. But when Dani and Da’Vonne compared notes, Tyler was in Dani’s crosshairs. Three secret powers were hidden in the BB basement and Christmas, David, and Dani each scored one. With the HG going on a power trip for power, Dani was hanging tough. Da’Vonne encouraged Dani to take a shot at Tyler, but Cody didn’t want the Committee to crumble leaving Dani with a tough decision.


At the nomination ceremony, Dani kept her alliance off the block, but David had a trick up his sleeve. Tonight, how will Dani react when The Disruptor power forces her to put someone new on the block? Plus, will the POV save one of the nominees? All this right now on Big Brother.


We pick up on day 38 and Dani has nominated David and Kevin because they are the only two in the house she doesn’t talk game with. If the nominations stay the same, she’d prefer David to leave, but Tyler is still in her sites. If one of the nominees is removed, then maybe she’ll pull the trigger. Tyler says this might look like he’s in the clear because he made a deal, but he still feels like there could be a backdoor Tyler plan in the works so he doesn’t feel safe right now.


David says he feels down, but not too down because he is going to use his power and Dani will have to put someone else on the block. Kevin was hoping he could convince Dani not to use him as a pawn, but apparently he’s not very persuasive and he’s overwhelmed. David is alone trying to get some fake tears going and they start falling. He wants to throw the house off so they don’t suspect he had the power. Da comes in to support David and he cries and says it’s just frustrating. Da says she believes in him.


Enzo and Cody are talking about nominations and they have to stay the same. Cody tells Enzo Dani might want to backdoor Tyler. Cody doesn’t want Tyler to go home at this point. It could be very bad. Enzo says he and Cody like Tyler a lot and he’s a shield for him too because if he goes up, there’s a good chance he’s going home.


Christmas goes to the HOH room with Cody and Dani and they are talking about who got the powers. Christmas doesn’t believe anyone got them. Cody says maybe the power has nothing to do with the noms. Dani and Nicole are talking about how clean the house is. Everyone is called to the dining room because The Disruptor power has been unleashed. Dani is freaking out and she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. She already feels bad about nominations and she’s about to feel a lot worse.


Everyone is told to take a seat. The secret power will make one of her nominees safe for the week and she has to name a new one. David says he needs to look nervous so bring on the acting skills. David has been saved by the Disruptor power. He cannot be named as a replacement nominee at the veto meeting and David is crying and everyone tells him to be happy.


Dani must now name a new nominee. She says this sucks and she has zero idea what to do at all. She says Tyler. The Disruptor power is now out of play. Dani says this couldn’t be more uncomfortable and everyone is looking at her horrified. She’s trying not to make eye contact and she’s freaking out. Kevin says now Tyler is on the block with him? He’s a comp beast. He’s going to win the veto. Why couldn’t he have been disrupted.


Cody says taking shots at their own alliance and sending home their numbers this week would be bad. Tyler says this could be a blessing in disguise because he can play in the veto and take himself off. Tyler goes to talk to Dani and she swears on everything she doesn’t want him gone. She needs to make him think he panicked. She says he can easily win the veto and take himself off. Tyler says they just made a deal and now she puts him up. There are plenty of other people that are not her allies she could have put on the block. Tyler says he sees where he stands with Dani.


David asks Enzo if it was him. Enzo says no and then asks David if he won it. David says he faked tears at the ceremony, now part two is to “figure out” who saved him. He asks Nicole and she says she wishes she’d won a power. David asks Tyler if he used it and Tyler says in what world would he save someone else when he knows the HOH is upset with him? David then goes to Cody and Cody says David is not fooling him or anyone in the house. David asks Da if it was her and Da says she’d have saved herself last week. Kevin says he’d have used it on himself.


Dani says she needs to do damage control with Christmas because she is OBSESSED with The Committee. She doesn’t want her thinking she really is breaking up the band and she likes the band, she just wants Tyler out of it. Christmas says something is going on. She wants to put up another pawn as an alliance member? She says there are non-alliance members she could put up and they are running the house so why is she acting shady?


Nicole comes out of the DR and her punishment is over and everyone can say goodbye to the slop-i-tard. She’s so excited to wear normal clothes. She takes it off and jumps in the pool.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Dani draws Da’Vonne. Tyler draws Ian. Ian is excited about playing. He didn’t like sitting out last week and if he can win veto this time he can ensure his safety. Kevin draws Enzo. Enzo says this disruptor power messed up noms and now Tyler is on the block. He wants to win and take Tyler down.


Da tells Dani she’s going to try her hardest to win it. Dani says she just wants noms to stay the same because she doesn’t want to nominate anyone else. She doesn’t want Da to put her in a bad position. Da says she wants Dani to know they are on the same page and rebuilding trust and she’s going to help her out.


Nicole says it’s time to play veto!  The players are going to head out of the house for some micro brews but the only way to get there is with a teleporter. It’s been a little glitchy, but they think it should be working. Let’s fire it up. The teleporter lasers the players and they disappear and Cody says where did they go?!?


The HG appear on the screen in separate frames. They have to use their giant tweezers to stack 15 microbrews into a pyramid. The first HG to do it wins veto. Dani wants to win so she doesn’t have to nominate anyone else. Kevin is tired of being a pawn. He says Dani will have to find someone else to be a pawn. Tyler says he ended up on the block somehow by his own alliance member. Veto is the only thing that will guarantee he won’t be on the block on eviction night.


Da says she definitely wants to win because whether she uses it or not, she wants to be safe. Enzo wants to win this to take Tyler off the block. He says it’s hard to keep it steady. Dani has 8 of hers done. Da has six but she knocks one down. She says they don’t’ want to be her friend. Ian says with all these powers floating around, the only way he can secure his safety is veto. He knows one wrong move can knock it all over.


Da is up to eight cans. Enzo is all the way down to one. Cody says if Enzo was a surgeon, his patient would be flatlining in the first three seconds. Da was up to 10 working on 11 and knocks one over. Tyler has 9 and he takes a second and exhales and everything falls and he has to start all over. Da’s cans are falling, but it’s ok. She’s just going to keep getting better and better. Kevin is up to ten. Tyler is back to 7. Kevin has 13 cans. He’s telling himself to calm down.


Day is up to 11 again. Dani is up to 12 and she says she knows she’s close and she knocks over havlf her stack. Kevin knocks a few over. Da is still working. Tyler is working on 9. Kevin is putting up another and he knocks down most of his stack and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do now. Tyler says he’s dropped his beers like 20 times now but he can’t give up. He has to win the POV and take himself off the block. Da needs one more. She says don’t breathe and stay focused, this might be her moment. Da finishes and has won the POV!


Da has a tiny veto and she’s so excited. She says it’s little and micro but it still counts! She will not be the first member of jury! She’s so excited. Nicole says let’s see if we can get them back into the house and she lasers again and they are all back. Dani is upset she lost. She needs these nominations to stay the same. She says Da told her she won’t use the veto and she hopes she meant what she said.


Kevin says he didn’t win veto, but he is close with Da so he might come down. Tyler says this sucks. He had a chance to save himself and now he has to think of a whole new strategy to save himself. Da says she promised she wouldn’t use it, but now she doesn’t know what to do. Da says Nicole zap my veto! This is my first comp win and it needs to be big!


Kevin gives Da a hug and he says he didn’t win but Da did. He needs to make sure she’ll use the veto on him because they need each other. Kevin says he would owe her huge. Da says if she uses it on him it makes them a duo and he seen what they did to her and Bayleigh. She says if she takes him down and they don’t win HOH, they will be on the block together next week. Da says she did promise not to use the veto , but she also thinks she should save Kevin.


Da goes to talk to Dani. Dani says she’s so proud of her. Da says Kevin immediately snatched her up and she doesn’t have a pact with him, but she has one with Dani. Da doesn’t want to risk throwing away a number for her. Dani says so you want to use the veto? Da says she doesn’t know but it looks like there’s a huge alliance in this house and herself, Kevin, and David are on the outside and they can get picked off one by one.


Dani says it sounds like Da wants to use the veto and she’s nervous. Christmas comes in and says it doesn’t make sense to cannibalize one of their numbers. Dani says she doesn’t know what to do. Christmas says she only has two options, Enzo and Ian. Dani doesn’t want to put either of them up but if she puts up another member of The Committee, then they will all turn against her.


Tyler is talking Cody and he says Da could use the veto on Kevin and Cody says there’s no shot that would happen. Tyler says he’s afraid she will and he needs noms to stay the same for his game. Cody just doesn’t see it happening. Cody goes to talk to Dani and she tells him Da is going to use veto. Dani says she only has one choice and it’s Ian. She thinks there would be smaller repercussions if she put up Ian versus anyone else. She asks Cody if he would vote out Tyler and there is no chance that would happen. Cody says Dani needs to convince her not to use it.


Dani is talking to Nicole and she’s having the same conversation with Nicole that she had with Cody. Nicole says she would be sad. Dani says he isn’t attached to anyone but us though. Nicole is pretty furious. If Ian goes home, she’ll be the only winner in the house and her target will get way bigger and she is not ok with this. Nicole is outside alone and she wants to know why her best ally has to go. She says it kills her to think about being in the house without Ian. She’s so frustrated she wants to cry. She doesn’t understand why he has to go this week. He’s so sensitive.


Da is talking to Dani and Dani asks who is going to help Da more this game. It will be her. Dani says Kevin is not going to be that beneficial that long for her. Da says but Kevin will watch her back. Dani says she’d be upset and if she uses it she doesn’t think it will be best for her game. Dani says she would be showing everyone that she’s tight with Kevin. Da says that is a big move in this game. Da doesn’t understand why Dani has such a problem with her using the veto. But this is her game and if she chooses to save Kevin then she needs to understand and respect it.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Da’Vonne says this has been a battle. It’s her very first win either and it sucked. She doesn’t have commitments to either one. They are not her allies but they are her friends. She has decided to use the veto on Kevin. She gives him the tiny veto and they hug. Dani must now name a replacement nominee. Dani says everyone knows that she and Tyler had issues so she will be campaigning for him to go this week but she’s so sorry…Ian.


Da says she’s sorry that this move doesn’t work for Dani’s game, but she came to play for Da. Dani says she told everyone Tyler is her number one target but she said that to convince Ian he’s safe. She would be foolish to turn against The Committee. Tyler says he hopes Ian being a former winner will help his chances. Tyler says if he stays he’ll forgive, but not forget.


Nicole is so upset because she feels Dani had other options and this just sucks. Ian says Dani says he’s the ultimate pawn but he just feels everyone will see former winner and think it’s an easy vote. How stupid can he be?!? He gets emotional.

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