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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-HOH comp and Nominations week 6

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, a new twist sent the HG looking for secret powers in the BB basement and David walked away with The Disruptor. The powerful committee alliance of Dani, Christmas, Tyler, Nicole, Memphis, and Cody was running the game so HOH Christmas went after two people not in her squad.


Dani had been after Bayleigh and Da for weeks and Tyler played both sides of the conflict. But after Dani and Da exchanged notes, Tyler was firmly on their radar. At the live eviction, Bayleigh’s game came to an end. With the power back up for grabs the HG were hanging on for dear life. The first three off will be have nots and the last player standing will be the HOH. Who will win and who will be nominated? Find out now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 37 at the HOH competition. Da says her ride or die and she was put on the block that she thought she was close to. This is a brand new game for her and a brand new game brings a brand new strategy. The rain starts and the HG are complaining about their calves. Tyler needs to win this HOH because last week was a tough week and he has to get his stuff together. He feels like this is a second chance for him to re-focus.


Christmas says she’s conflicted about her HOH. Game wise she was successful, but personally it was tough. Tensions got elevated between her and Da and she apologized to Da 23 hours before eviction. Christmas asks her a favor and she asks Da if she wins HOH If she’s safe. Da says this is pure strategic and it’s not real at all. She doesn’t want America to think she’s dumb enough to play nice with someone who just nominated her. First chance, Christmas is hers.


David is visualizing he’s on a real billboard and if he falls the game is really over. The wall tips forward and Dani says she doesn’t want to win this HOH. She feels like she’s in a good spot with everyone in the house. The one person she doesn’t want to win is Tyler because he broke her trust. Ian thinks it’s time to win because he wants to leverage that to find out who has powers and then find a way to make them benefit his game.


Kevin says everyone sees him as expendable and winning power loops you into important conversations so he needs to win this HOH. Christmas is telling them to control their breath and not hold it. Da says she’s been kept in the house because she can’t win comps. So she’s going to use that and she falls after 12 minutes. She starts crying and says she’s tired of sucking at the competitions. Then she says the tears are fake and she’s using them. Da will be a have-not for the week.


The rain is falling again and Dani says she’s so cold she’s convulsing. She says she doesn’t know where the water comes from. There’s cold water, freezing water, snow cold water, and then BB water. Nicole says Enzo is being goofy and shouting things at the wall. Cody says this is classic Enzo. He’s not taking it serious and Enzo is making it difficult for him to stay locked in. Enzo shouts again and Dani asks if she can change places.


The billboard is leaning forward again and Christmas tells them to hold on and lock in their breathing. Memphis asks what he did wrong in his life to end up here. He says he’s barely hanging on and he’s getting pelted in the face with water. Nicole’s arms are shaking and her hands are getting blisters and her whole body is trembling and she’s holding on for dear life. Enzo kind of likes the water and Dani says she will push him off.


David says this is by far the toughest competition he’s ever done. He can’t find a comfortable position, his arms and biceps are blowing up and he can’t move his fingers. It’s tough. David falls after 48 minutes and he’s so disappointed. He wanted to do better. David will be a have-not. Kevin is shaking and Ian says he’s leaning out more than everyone else and that’s very frustrating. Ian falls after 53 minutes and he is the final have-not for the week.


Memphis says as soon as Ian falls and he knows he’s not a have-not he pulls the cord and let’s go after 53 minutes. Tyler says his knees are shaking and Enzo says this is the hardest comp they’ve had so far. He says his arms are feeling good but the wall is starting to tilt and he tries to readjust and he tries to get cute and go lower on the grips and falls after 1 hour and 2 minutes. The lower grips put too much weight on his arms. He wants Cody or Tyler to win so he knows he’s safe for sure if they win.


It’s down to Kevin, Dani, Nicole, Tyler, and Cody. Kevin says this competition is difficult and this is what Big Brother is all about, pushing yourself and making it count. Kevin is grunting and hanging on and the rain starts again. Kevin is shaking and he can’t hold himself any longer. Kevin falls after 1 hour and 7 minutes. He says it’s another week of survival. He says there is no one in this house he trusts except himself.


Tyler says it’s down to himself, Cody, Nicole, and Dani and even though they are in an alliance he knows he wronged Dani. He says you don’t get too many chances to make things right so hopefully he can win and can make things right. Dani says she is going to do everything she can to outlast Tyler. You are going to have to peel her body off the wall in order for her to fall before Tyler.


It’s down to Dani, Nicole, Cody, and Tyler. Dani is chanting Tennessee and she says the only thing that cannot happen is for Tyler to win this HOH. Cody is readjusting and Tyler asks how it’s hanging everybody. The rain is pouring again. Tyler says he’s hunched off the wall like a gargoyle and he has these evil spirits coming out of his mouth. He’s holding on with all his might but his fingers are slipping and his arms are shaking. He does a sommersault and falls off after 1 hour and 16 minutes.


Dani says words cannot express how happy she is. She’s ready to throw the competition but she doesn’t want to fall right away because she doesn’t want to make it obvious she was waiting for Tyler. Cody doesn’t want to win because the girls have won nothing and he thinks it’s time they get some blood on their hands. Dani is squealing. Nicole says as much as she wants to win and she sees Dani and Cody and she trusts them and she doesn’t want to nominate anyone this week. Nicole falls and that’s Cody’s cue and he lets go right away. Dani has won HOH!


Dani is so flooded with emotions. The first thing she thinks of is her daughter and she’s so overwhelmed with joy. She really doesn’t know what happened. She wanted to throw it but then she beat everybody. Obviously, she still has it. Tyler says his mind didn’t give out his body did. He’s excited Dani won on one hand, but on the other hand Dani might want to get revenge on him. Not many have wronged her in the game, but she knows he’s someone who has.


The HG head inside from the HOH competition. Dani says she didn’t really want this but she’s the HOH this week. She’s super excited she’s finally going to get pictures and a letter from home. She’s aligned with everyone in the house and she’s going to make some people really mad this week. Tyler says with Dani being the new HOH and he did kind of throw her under the bus a couple of weeks ago.


Nicole winning Dani winning this HOH is great for her. She trusts Dani and she thinks Dani trusts her so she shouldn’t see the block this week. But she knows Dani didn’t want it. Dani hugs and Da and Da tells us her and Dani compared notes and bonded over it so she’s going to get back in her ear about Tyler being a target. Da is talking to David and he thinks Dani is close with Christmas, Memphis, and Tyler. David doesn’t feel safe, but he has his power and he can keep himself safe this week. He hasn’t told anyone about his power and he doesn’t intend to.


Ian and Kevin are talking. They both feel ok but Kevin says we’ll see. He doesn’t have an agreement with her and he has no idea who she’d put up. Kevin says out of everyone in the house, he genuinely likes Dani but she’s stone faced. He’s talked very little strategy with her and he’s a little worried. Ian says he used to be a lot better at those comps and Kevin said that was torture.


Dani and Da are in the HOH room. Dani says she’s used to hating everyone in the house and being eager to get them out, but this season is different. Da says she needs to sprinkle some magic and keep Dani from saying her name. Da pitches Christmas as pawn next to Tyler. Dani says she’s scared. She says last time she played too hard too fast and it came back to bite her.


Dani is talking to Cody and Cody suggests putting up Kevin and David. Cody says he and Dani have an alliance with almost everyone but them. He says they are the easiest targets. Cody says she has to put Kevin up. Dani says she doesn’t think he’s coming after her ever. Cody asks who she thinks is coming after her and she says Tyler. Cody says put him on the block. Then says just kidding because he’ll win the veto. Cody says she can’t put him up and blow up their alliance two straight weeks. Cody says keeping Tyler around is important for him because he’ll win a lot of competitions and he will be a bigger target. Cody says he doesn’t like Tyler going this week means the others numbers won’t be clipped. He doesn’t want anyone to come down this week because it would just be chaos.


Dani is talking to Da and Kevin and they are laughing about Dani planning to pop out and scare Cody. Da goes to get Cody after Dani hides and she jumps out and screams and Cody says that was the biggest betrayal of all time. Dani says the ultimate betrayal and they are laughing. Dani says he’s so mad.


Kevin is talking to Enzo, Dani, and David and Kevin is hoping he’s doing the LGBT community proud. He says sometimes there is criticism too. He’s a firm believer that representation matters. He became a part of the show because of the representation BB offers and he hopes his community is proud of the way he’s representing them. He was criticized last time because of the way he acted because he was “too feminine”. He’s putting his face out there for little Kevin’s of the world to know it’s ok for them to be who they are.


Dani is in the WA and Tyler comes in and says she killed that comp. He asks if she knows what she’s doing and she says I guess, it’s tough. Tyler says he wouldn’t blame her if she backdoored him, he deserves it. Tyler says he wants to be honest with Dani but he feels it would be too early and they have other fish to fry. Dani says Tyler put himself on her radar. She’s in a position where she could come after him but he could seriously hurt her game. So does she go after him or not.


Nicole is talking to Dani and she asks what she’s going to do. Dani says Kevin and David. She says Kevin is going to hate her. She wants to tell him to trust her. She feels horrible. She’s trying to decide. She’s scared to upset Christmas. Nicole says are talking about backdooring her? Dani says not her, Tyler. Dani tells her about the conversation she had with Tyler. Dani says she doesn’t trust him at all. Nicole doesn’t want this to happen. Even if Tyler is a threat to Dani’s game, that will not be good. If she swings and misses it will get ugly and The Committee will be shattered. Dani says she knows she has to take a shot but she needs it to be the right time. Nicole says she’ll support whatever she wants to do.


Kevin comes in to the HOH to talk to Dani. Kevin says he would like to keep working with her and she says she’s on the same page. He asks if he’s in trouble this week. Dani says she’s scared of the powers and she wants to name people to be pawns. She totally trusts him and she hopes he trusts her. She says if she can guarantee the votes to stay how would he feel. Kevin is not trying to be a pawn again. What can he say to convince her? He tells her that people can see him as expendable. Dani says she would never want him out of the house. Dani says he has herself and Da. Kevin doesn’t want to fee completely and utterly played. He’d be salty if he had to celebrate his birthday alone in jury. Dani doesn’t think he or David is coming after her but she’s in The Committee.


Tyler is in the HOH and Dani offers him a donut. She says if Tyler is going to stay then she needs to cover her butt and make sure he won’t come after her. Tyler says if she doesn’t put him he will be indebted to her. Dani wants to make a verbal agreement that they won’t go after each until F6 with The Committee. Tyler says he’ll go one step further and says he won’t go after her until F4. He says if the week goes by and he doesn’t end up on the block then he knows he mended things. Tyler says if she puts him or backdoors him he deserves it, but if she doesn’t then he is hers. Dani says she might not get this opportunity again, but Tyler is one of those people if you swing, then you better not miss.


It’s time for nominations! Dani’s first nominee is…Kevin. Dani’s second nominee is…David. Dani has nominated them because winning HOH was catch 22. She doesn’t want to crush anyone’s dreams of being here but she just doesn’t talk game with David or Kevin. Dani says they are the only two she doesn’t talk game with. She’s trying to dodge powers and she needs to play the game she wants to play.


Kevin says he is a pawn again. He’s disposable to these people. He must have zero persuasive skills. He just needs to go for that veto. David says he’s going to be safe. He has a power and no one knows and he will not only take himself off but he’ll be safe for the week. What will Dani do when The Disruptor power is used? And who will win the Power of Veto? Find out Tuesday!

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