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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Veto Week 5

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We pick up on day 31 after the nomination ceremony and Christmas has nominated Bayleigh and Da because they are a powerful dynamic duo and she’s heard a lot about that duo coming after members of her alliance. Da says she’s confused because she’s nominated because Bayleigh told her she was her untouchable. There are bigger more threatening pairs and she’s looking at her and Bayleigh?


Bayleigh and Da hug and Bayleigh thought her and Christmas was fine. For this to happen is really overwhelming and she doesn’t understand it. Her heart is literally broken. Da says there is a veto to be won and make her put someone bigger. Bayleigh doesn’t want to be here with these people and Da needs her to play and fight. They made an agreement to ride this thing out, so let’s ride until the wheels fall off. Bayleigh says she’ll play hard and hope she puts up someone bigger. David comes in and consoles both Bayleigh and Da.


David says this sucks. He has the disruptor power and he can remove one nominee from the block after the nomination ceremony during the next three weeks. But he’s not going to use the power. He’s going to save it in case he needs it for himself. Bayleigh says let’s fight and Da says it’s all-stars.


Bayleigh wants to talk to Christmas and figure why she wanted to nominate her. Christmas and Bayleigh hug and Christmas is crying. Bayleigh says she’s a mess. She nominated her and she’s crying in her arms. Bayleigh says it was a good game move…kind of. Bayleigh doesn’t know what she did to not understand why she didn’t want to work with her. Christmas says no matter how much they worked together Da is higher than her on the totem pole. Christmas says she knows Bayleigh thinks this is personal and she came to play BB and she had to make tough decisions. Her loyalty lies with the Committee. Christmas says she gets to play in the veto.


Dani and Nicole F are talking to Da. Da says this conversation cannot get out. Da says this is worst case scenario and she needs to create a bigger target in the house. Da says it’s time Dani knows who was talking about her to Bayleigh. Da says Bayleigh heard it from multiple sources, but she only has one and she says it’s Tyler. Dani swears she never said anything about wanting to get Da out.


Dani says great, Tyler and I are supposed to be working together and he’s the one that told them she wanted them out? She has to figure out how to twist this. She says Tyler has to be backdoored. Nicole isn’t on board with that because they are both in The Committee. Nicole says it’s a great idea though to solidify some trust with Da because she doesn’t want her to go home.


Dani goes to talk to Christmas because Tyler gave her the perfect ammunition to go after him. Dani asks Christmas if she can trust her and she says yes. Dani says Tyler is trying to pit the girls against each other. Dani says her head is spinning. Christmas says she knows Tyler has had issues with Dani and she also has had trust issues with Dani but they are in an alliance together and they can’t go after each other. Christmas says but if Tyler is talking about Dani to people outside the alliance, that could be a problem.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Bayleigh and Da join Christmas at the front of the LR. Christmas draws Nicole F. Da draws Dani. Bayleigh draws Ian. Ian didn’t want to play veto because he doesn’t feel medically up to it. He hasn’t gotten any solid sleep for two days now and his heart is pounding and he’s getting sharp pains in his chest. He’s tossing and turning and waking up other people in the room and he doesn’t feel good.


Ian goes to the HOH and talks to Enzo, Christmas, and Kevin. Kevin says he’s scared for Ian and Ian is going to talk to the medic. Christmas tells him to do what’s best for him and Enzo says it’s his health. Dani and Nicole are talking and they don’t want to play in this. Nicole says we were the worst picks. Dani would like to throw veto to Da so it was solidify trust with them and Tyler could get backdoored. Dani says she doesn’t care, she’ll throw it to Da if she can.


David blows a whistle and tells everyone to lace up and meet him in the yard. They have a mini track. Kevin says it looks like a high school track and field and he does a little cheer. It’s the BB Math-cathalon. At the start of each race, they press buttons with both hands. When they see an equation that equals lucky number 13 then they need to race down and hit their button. If they are the first person to release a button or the incorrect equation appears they will be out.


Christmas says she did what everyone else was afraid to do. She needs to win this and keep the power in the house. When they are out they get a prize. The next player will get a trophy and keep their prize or select any previously revealed prize. The last one standing will get an opportunity to take any prize including the veto. Bayleigh wants to win so she can force Christmas to put up a bigger target so both her and Da can stay in the house this week.


It’s time for the first race. Da says winning this veto is extremely important. She’s on the block with her number one and that’s not ok with her. So hopefully she can win. Dani wants to throw it to Da because if she can pull herself off the block and Christmas will have to put someone else up. If Dani had her way, it would be Tyler. They see an equation and Da has false started and she is the first eliminated. Dani says crap, there goes her plan. Now she has to win some prizes. Da has the power of veto and she knows someone is going to take it from her.


The next race is up. Bayleigh says it sucks that Da is out and now it feels like all the pressure is just on her. The trickiest part is making sure you don’t jump too soon because some of the equations come close to 13 and some of the equations are very sneaky. We see 10-2+4. Bayleigh jumps and she has false started. She can’t believe she just did the same thing she watched Da do. She gets a food and fitness plan. It gives her a home gym and a slop pass for the rest of the season. Bayleigh takes the veto from Da.


The third race is up. Dani says math is not her forte and she’s not feeling great about it. They get 6+4+2+1 and they all go. Dani is last and she gets a slop-i-tard. She sees the food and fitness plan on Da and it has her name all over it. Dani takes the home gym and slop pass and Da gets the slop-i-tard. Nicole says winning this race might not be best for her. She asks if Christmas wants it and Christmas wants to play it out. They get 100-87. She gets $5000. She says Christmas beat her in the competition and she knows she’ll take the veto. She says maybe she should give her the $5000 and save her from the slop-i-tard. She says she’ll keep up the tradition and wear it. Da says that means a lot.


Christmas gets her prize and it’s Tri-athlete. She must race to complete 500 laps on a state of the art tricycle. She says its one thing to win veto as your prize and another thing to take it away from the person you put on the block. She says it’s like rotten cherries in a cake on your birthday. She trades it with Bayleigh and Christmas has won the POV!


Bayleigh says it sucks but at the end of the day there is still so much game to be played. Hopefully, they can still both stay and play. Da says fact, I lost the veto. Fact, Bayleigh lost the veto. Fact, I’m still on the block. But we can still shake up the house and she’s going to do her best to make it happen.


Nicole is talking to Ian and he says he feels so much better today. Nicole says she was so worried. Ian says the medic says rest, food, and hydrate. Nicole says everything is good Ian. Nicole is called to the DR. Her slop-i-tard is a box of sloppies and the box says It’s Grrrrross.


Tyler comes out to the BY and Cody and Dani are talking. Cody notes that Tyler is losing weight. Ian is out there and says he looks emaciated. Tyler says he doesn’t feel right. He’s not like himself and he knows people are noticing it. He’s hoping to find a second wind and find the Big Brother love again and it’s not happening. We see him talking to David earlier in the game and he says he’s not having fun this time, the pressure is getting to him. We see him talking to Angela and he misses her. Tyler says he’s having a moral dilemma and something isn’t right.


Tyler wants to talk to Bayleigh and Da alone. He feels like he’s the cause for a lot of the stress in the house and that’s not how he wants to play. He feels like he got the house against Bayleigh and Da and he feels guilty and he wants to air some things out. They meet in the have-not room. He says he wanted to help them out and that’s why he told them about Dani, but he was also selfish because he wanted to pit them against each other. He wants to stand for something bigger and he feels guilty because he sees how bad they want to be here and he doesn’t.


Tyler’s going to ask Christmas to use veto on him because he thinks he owes them that. He says he thinks they are standing for something and he thinks they should stay. He says this is the only way he wants to go out and see them flourish. Da says he’s throwing them a life vest and that means a lot. Tyler says he knows he had a beef with Bayleigh and this is genuine and he wants to bury the hatchet. Bayleigh asks for a hug. She wasn’t expecting that. Da says this is huge! She needs this. She says if this is real then let’s do it. Before he changes his mind. Tyler says he’s going to talk to Christmas and leaves. Da says oh my God! Bayleigh says is this happening? Da says she doesn’t know and Bayleigh says she’s not getting her hopes up.


We see Tyler go to the HOH and he talks to Christmas. He says he wants to come clean about some stuff. He repeats most of what he said to Bayleigh and Da. Christmas tells Tyler he didn’t influence the decision. It was Bayleigh that told Christmas her untouchable. Tyler just doesn’t feel good about one of them going home. Tyler says there is no other way for him to get out besides for him to get out. Christmas needs him to spell it out and she says do you want me to backdoor you? Tyler says he feels like they deserve to stay and he doesn’t want to destroy her game. Christmas says him leaving would destroy a lot and she has to look at the long game. Christmas says Tyler is supposed to be her ride or die and he wants her to backdoor him? Christmas doesn’t know what to do but she’ll do what she wants.


Bayleigh and Da are talking and Da says they have a lot of work to do. Bayleigh says her last little scary thought is did he just do it for TV to make himself look good? Bayleigh says this doesn’t erase the damage Tyler did to her Da and she doesn’t trust him. A leopard does not change their spots.


Christmas is talking to Da and she says she’s exhausted. She says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do yet. Da says if she uses it and Da comes down and Tyler goes up, then they can bring Bayleigh in. Da says no one would suspect Christmas and Bayleigh would work together. Da says she needs to make Christmas feel as comfortable as possible. Da tells Christmas that Bayleigh is angry at Tyler, not her. Christmas says she was already very hesitant to put Tyler on the block, and then hearing Bayleigh is still mad at Tyler even after he tried to save her makes her want to keep noms the same.


Christmas is talking to Tyler and they are playing backgammon. She tells Tyler about her conversation with Da. She says Bayleigh wants Tyler’s head on a silver platter. Christmas says that’s between Bayleigh and Tyler, but for her game she thinks Bayleigh is a dangerous player because she takes things personally and doesn’t let things go. Tyler says he doesn’t think Bayleigh cares too much about squashing everything, so maybe he hasn’t suggested that because it sounds like a one-way street. Christmas says honestly, it’s her choice. He pitched her the deal and she can do whatever she wants because she’s HOH and veto holder.


It’s time for the veto meeting. Christmas has decided NOT to use the power of veto. Bayleigh says can we share who you said who your untouchable was? Christmas says no. This veto meeting is adjourned. Bayleigh says surprise, surprise, despite Tyler’s promises he didn’t come through. Tyler’s a snake and Christmas is a sheep.


Christmas says she isn’t going to be Tyler’s scapegoat. Christmas says she left her baby boy for the summer and she’s going to do what’s best for her game. Tyler says Bayleigh snapped that olive branch and he’s glad Christmas didn’t put him up. This might be his second chance and he’s playing for Angela. Da says it sucks she’s going to be sitting next to her number one on eviction night. She says she had hope but she just got smacked and told to wake up, she’s playing all-stars.

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