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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Nominations Week 2

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Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, on night one Cody became the first HOH. While Memphis, Kevin, Ian, and Nicole A became the first have nots. With Cody in power he secured a final two deal with Memphis. Looking to strengthen the Commissions ranks, Memphis secretly formed a six-person squad. A new twist called the Safety Suite promised to shake up the game, and after Kaysar won season he spread the wealth to Janelle leaving Cody to target two other old schoolers.


At the first live vote and eviction, the season tenner got eighty-sixed. With power back up for grabs, the renegade took control. Tonight, Memphis must nominate two houseguests for eviction. Plus, the safety suite is back open. Who will swipe in to stay in? Find out tonight, on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 9 after the eviction. Memphis says it feels amazing. This was eleven years in the making. He wants to talk to people but he wants to see them sweat. He wants to see how they react in the hot seat.


Kevin celebrates and says last week was a hot volcanic mess. He’s going to cool off this week. He’s relieved, but a little sad for Keesha. Dani says it was embarrassing she was terrible at that HOH competition. Dani says she was happy though and this is going to be a great week.


David tells us that Memphis was on person he didn’t want to win HOH. He doesn’t dislike him, but they aren’t friends. He’s glad he didn’t play in the Safety Suite last week because he thinks he’s going to need it. Bayleigh and Janelle are talking about Keesha leaving. Janelle says she is friends with Memphis in the house because they are OG players. She’s not worried with Memphis being HOH. Bay is also ok with Memphis being HOH. They aren’t in an alliance, but they aren’t against each other.


Memphis calls everyone to the LR. It’s Big Brother All-Stars and we’re doing have-nots differently this year. The outgoing have-nots have to select new have-nots to take their place. Memphis selects David and tells him to have fun buddy. Memphis chose David because he’s never been a have-not and he thinks he’s going to break down. He’s the rookie so he’s going to put him to the test.


Ian asks for volunteers and everyone laughs and Nicole F volunteers so he doesn’t stress out. Nicole A says she’s going to chose someone who will be a good sport about it and that’s Christmas. Kevin is going based on who was in the first group to be out and he selects Kaysar. Memphis tells them to remember this moving forward because they get to pick someone next week. David says he heard he’s going to be a have-not and he’s going to be nominated. He’s going to play the Safety Suite because he came too far from last year to this year to go out this soon.


Memphis and Cody are talking about nominations. Memphis says the easy way is to nominate Nicole A and David, but he’s considering other options. He tosses out Kaysar and Janelle and then tosses out Ian. Cody doesn’t think it’s a bad move for Memphis to put up easy targets, but they should also keep their eyes open. Memphis says two of their alliance needs to play in the Safety Suite.


Bayleigh, Dani, Da, and Kevin are talking about their experiences as Black women. Da says she was bullied for having such dark skin. Bayleigh grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood. Da says she had to look inside herself and figure out she was beautiful despite what other people said. She allowed people to get in her head and make her feel like she wasn’t pretty because of how dark she is. But she sees the beauty in herself and confidence. Da says she talks to her daughter about BLM and Bayleigh says she’s terrified to have black children in this world. Da says it’s very important for these conversations to happen and to learn.


Christmas, Nicole F, and Memphis are in the HOH talking about noms. Memphis says he wants to see how best to use the alliance he created to work for him. He says that way they can dictate who is safe. Memphis wants everyone to burn their safety sutie pass so only he and Cody are left and he has a better chance anyway. Christmas agrees that some of their alliance should compete so it’s not obvious they are in an alliance.


Nicole F says two of them can play the Safety Suite, but not everyone. She’s saving hers for next week. Dani says she’s not going to use the Safety Suite. How is it going to benefit her if she wins? Plus, she has to show her cards when she picks someone to be safe.


Nicole doesn’t really know where Memphis’s head is at and she goes to talk to him. She says she just wants to check-in. Memphis says he hasn’t really thought about nominations. He says he doesn’t have anyone set in mind so he’s just telling everyone they should be playing the Suite. Nicole says no! That left a bad taste in her mouth. He doesn’t tell her what to do. She doesn’t take orders from him.


Ian goes in to talk to Memphis and he says he wants to see where he stands with Memphis. Ian says he hasn’t heard from Dan in years. Memphis says Dan is a legend in Big Brother, he beat him 7-0, and Ian beat Dan in season 14. Even though Dan beat him, they’ve stayed friends and Ian is a huge threat to him and maybe he owes it to the other renegade to take Ian out. Memphis says he thinks everyone should play in the Safety Suite. Ian says Memphis isn’t showing his cards so he can get everyone to use their pass so he can play next week unimpeded. He wants everyone to fall in line.


Enzo, Cody, and David are talking about Cody being almost 30. Enzo says he wishes he’d have had his kids out of high school. He doesn’t want to get fat. The Safety Suite is now open! They have one hour to decide. Good luck houseguests! Memphis says the clock starts ticking and he has to convince as many people as he can to play. Over the next hour the house is going to be chaos.


57 minutes left on the clock. Enzo says he sees that clock and he says it’s about to get real. He says everyone is going to scamper like rats because they are scared. We see Kevin talking to Memphis and Memphis is repeating about people playing in the Safety Suite. Kevin says he was on the block last week and he regretted not playing in the Safety Suite, this week he is definitely playing.


Nicole F and Dani are talking and they are saying they aren’t going to use theirs. Nicole A tells Kevin her instinct is telling her not to play. She says her gut is telling her not to play and save it for next week. But it’s difficult because she’s not sure if she should or not.


37 minutes and Memphis is now talking to Tyler and he’s repeating what he’s telling everyone. Tyler tells us Memphis wants at least 2, but Memphis is saying the more people the better. But Tyler knows Memphis wants it easy next week and he’s going to save his for next week when it will matter.


29 minutes on the clock. David says Memphis selecting him for have-not is very telling and he’s going to play his cards. He’s not asking for permission, he’s going to play for his safety. 28 minutes and Cody asks Tyler if he’s going. Cody isn’t a huge fan of wasting his Safety Suite, but Memphis wants as many people playing in it. Bayleigh is now talking to Memphis and he’s repeating himself again. Bayleigh says Memphis is an intense guy and that conversation didn’t give her any assurance and she’s leaning towards playing so she can take her own game into her own hands.


Ian takes his just in case. Ian asks Tyler if he’s making a play or not. Ian says he’s on the fence about it. 8 minutes left and Janelle is talking to Memphis. Janelle says she feels good with Memphis and there are bigger targets in the game for him. The clock is under five minutes now and Bayleigh and Da are talking and they don’t have good vibes. Da says looks like she’s got to swipe, so let’s play.


Less than two minutes and Cody swipes, then Ian, then Kevin. Nicole A is watching and the more that swipe the less odds of you winning. Christmas swipes, followed by Da and Bay. Nicole A says she’s one of the few people that didn’t play. Is this a defining moment she’ll think about sitting next to Julie? The gut might be wrong on this one.


Ian and Christmas are talking and Ian says he doesn’t know where Memphis stands. He says he knows you don’t always need to rely on competition wins so he thought about making a deal with Christmas for him to be her plus one. Christmas doesn’t want to save anyone from their alliance and Ian is a good game player so why not. She wants to respect Memphis as HOH but she needs to make moves that benefit her.


David is in first to play. In this week’s competition they’ll be serving drinks at the BB bar, but it won’t be easy. The tables are extremely tips. They will have to deliver drinks to both tables and balance them. If anything drops they have to start over. Time to play Getting Tipsy!


David says he doesn’t feel safe with Memphis in power. He puts three drinks on the first table and has five for the second. He says the drinks are a different weight and you have to make minor adjustments. He locks in his time. Cody is in next. He served as a bartender for a little while so no way is he letting these drinks hit the floor.


Christmas says she came to play and she wants to show the team she’s loyal. She starts with the farthest table. She’s going to go in there and show the whole house she’s a real competitor and they better watch out. Da’Vonne is up next and she’s immediately frustrated. Bayleigh says she needs to win this because Memphis hasn’t made her feel safe.


We see Kevin working on his. We see Da and Bay struggling and Ian as well. Ian is a little worried his lack of serving experience might be a detriment, but he taught physics for years so maybe it will work out. Kevin says shout out to all the servers out there because this challenge is very difficult.


Da is trying to use her feet to pick up the drinks she’s dropped. Ian locks in his time. Kevin and Da lock in their times. Cody locks in his and he says he didn’t drop a single drink. Christmas says she’s the best bartender BB has ever seen. Bayleigh feels good about her time.


Time for the results! Da finished with a time of 8:41. Bayleigh finished with a time of 2:48. Christmas finished with a time of 1:38. Christmas is currently in the lead and Bayleigh says what?!? Kevin’s time is 2:22. Ian finished with a time of 3:16. Christmas is still in the lead. Cody’s time was 2:44. It comes down to David and Christmas. David’s time is 2:53. Christmas has won the Getting Tipsy Safety Suite!


Christmas now gets to pick a plus one who will get safety and a punishment. Christmas thinks she chooses…Ian. He says thank you so much. Christmas says she’s so stoked for this win. Even though she knew she was safe she wanted to use the safety suite to hide her alliance, plus she wanted to play. Ian says Christmas gave her the plus one pass and that convo must have helped keep him safe for the week. David is disappointed. He needed to be safe and he messed up. Memphis says he won’t be getting revenge for Dan Gheesling this week. He wishes Christmas had picked someone he didn’t have his eye on. Now he just has to re-evaluate and move forward.


Christmas goes to talk to Memphis and she’s excited. Memphis is glad she got to compete and Christmas says that did so much for them. She says let me tell you about Ian. She says she wanted someone who wasn’t in their alliance and if he wins next week she can be a voice in his ear. Memphis doesn’t want Ian here past week 5. Memphis says he’ll get revenge for Dan later. Now he has to figure out what the play is. He says he has five or six people he’s thinking about putting up. He’s not going to make a crazy move at this point.


Cody is talking to Memphis and Cody doesn’t understand why she saved Ian. Memphis explained why Christmas said and Cody says it took a big option off. Cody asks who would be the target, and Memphis says David or Janelle. Maybe Bayleigh, Kaysar, Da’Vonne, and Nicole A. He says he told Nicole A she should have played. Memphis says maybe he’s ruthless, but this is a game.


It’s time for nominations! Memphis calls everyone to the table. Memphis’s first nominee is…Nicole A. His second nominee is…David. Memphis has nominated Nicole because she didn’t play in the Safety Suite. Memphis says David is at the grownups table now and buddy, you’re going to have to prove yourself. Memphis says he nominated David because he’s a rookie and he has to prove he deserves to be here.


Nicole is frustrated but not surprised and she didn’t want to be next to David. It makes it so much worse. David says he’s going to win this veto and stare him in the face and tell him he came to play. He maybe HOH this week, but he’s not safe next week. Its time to play. Play or go home.

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