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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Eviction Week 1

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The all-star battle is underway and tonight, the game claims it’s first victim. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, Cody became the first HOH of the summer and he used his power to make working relationships with Memphis, Tyler, and Nicole F. He also locked in a final two deal with Enzo. With the game underway, another alliance quickly formed. At the first nomination ceremony, Cody went after two outsiders.


Looking for allies, Kevin offered his allegiance to Cody. At a totally bananas veto competition, Enzo stacked his way to gold. Cody and Enzo considered using the veto to take out a bigger target, but ultimately the root thought it was too soon to make waves. Tonight, either Keesha or Kevin will be the first all-star evicted from the game. Plus, tonight new alliances start to emerge and a new HOH will be crowned!


Julie greets us and welcomes us to Big Brother All-Stars. It’s day 8 and as soon as Janelle and Kaysar secured their safety and Cody was put in a tough spot. As a result, Keesha and Kevin’s Big Brother lives hang in the balance. As the eviction looms, some have already started building their army.


We pick up on Day 6 after the veto meeting and Enzo says he didn’t use the veto so Cody didn’t get more blood on his hands, but there are bigger threats that need to be taken care of. Kevin hopes his relationships will help him survive this week’s eviction. Keesha says she needs to stay cool and calm and she has to figure out a way to stay in the house because she doesn’t want to be the first all-star to leave.


Cody says his goal was to come out of the week with no target on his back. He wants the house to make a decision that Kevin is better to stay so he doesn’t have to tell them. Christmas and Janelle are talking and they are saying people don’t want to talk. Janelle says it’s better for her and Kaysar’s game for Keesha to stay. She says the old Janelle would shout from the balcony that Keesha needs to stay and get the numbers, but she can’t do that this time.


Cody says he and Memphis have a bond because they both were loyal to a final two and both ended up losing. Memphis pitches calling themselves The Commission. Cody likes it and he says they make it official. Bayleigh and Tyler are talking and they are trying to smooth things over. Tyler says last time they played they were on opposite sides of the house and things didn’t end well. Tyler says coming into the house he needs to make sure they are cool and she’s not gunning for him right off the bat. Tyler apologizes to Bayleigh and she says his game play was good. She says they just need to figure stuff out. Bayleigh says she doesn’t want things to be awkward, but this is a new game and all the old feelings need to go. Tyler says it could work since everyone thinks they don’t like each other.


Christmas, Janelle, and Keesha are talking and Kaysar says they have shaker bottles with their names on it. Janelle gets up and knocks stuff over because of her star. Kevin is talking to Nicole A in the hammock about the game. Kevin is making a final two with Nicole. Nicole says her and Kevin are very outcast and very rainbow and she doesn’t want him to leave this week because she wants to go to the end with him.


Memphis and Cody are talking. Memphis says he and Cody want to build another layer below them to protect The Commission. He says it’s risky to get six people together in a room without talking to them individually, so he wants to play the telephone game. He suggests Christmas, Tyler, Dani, and Nicole F. Cody says if Memphis wants to do the work and if it comes out it will be Memphis’s idea. Memphis can be Cody’s shield.


We see Memphis pitching to Tyler, then Dani, then Nicole F, and finally Christmas. Tyler says it sounds great, Dani is down with that, Christmas likes it, and Nicole F says it’s a great idea. Nicole says she wants to be a part of that.


Julie welcomes us back and says both Keesha and Kevin failed to make strong connections in the house. And now the others must decide who is best for their game. Janelle and Keesha are talking. Keesha says she needs seven votes to stay. Keesha says she might be able to get Taylor and Janelle says who? Keesha says what’s his name? Trevor? Janelle says Tyler.


Da and Cody are talking about an alliance. Cody says he likes The Commission with Memphis and he’s been working with Enzo, but he wants another side alliance and working with Enzo, Bayleigh, and Da could work for him. Da says this could be perfect because Cody and Enzo could be shields for them…and if they get chopped along the way? That’s just part of the process.


Cody says this eviction is not a slam dunk, so he’s listening to what people he’s trying to align himself with because he wants to know the ripple effects. Christmas thinks Keesha might be easier to beat in competition. Christmas doesn’t have a relationship with either, but she thinks Keesha would be easier to beat.


Da is talking to Cody and she thinks Kevin staying would be better. Memphis thinks Keesha could be good for them. Nicole F says if Memphis can control Keesha, then she might be better for their game. Cody says with The Commission and then Enzo, Bayleigh, and Da, it seems like they have the numbers and they can take the house any direction they want.


Julie greets the HG and says it’s time. It’s time for the first vote and eviction of the summer. Keesha and Kevin each have a final chance to sway votes. Keesha says it’s been great to be here with everyone. It’s been amazing and they have to do what’s best for them. She does want to say she feels some energy, that being said, she wishes most of them the best of luck.


Kevin says Alfonso, I love you and he looks forward to another 20 years together. He says coming into the house he felt like a little comet compared to some of the super novas. He says they helped him find his inner light and if they keep him, then they can let their light shine together.


Cody will not vote as HOH and Keesha and Kevin will not vote. David is up first.

David votes to evict Keesha.

Nicole A votes to evict the lovely Keesha.

Ian sadly votes to evict Keesha.

The current vote is 3-0 to evict Keesha. Clearly, she has a lot of ground to make up.  


Julie welcomes us back and it’s time to continue voting.

Nicole F. sadly votes to evict Keesha.

Tyler votes to evict Keesha.

Christmas votes to evict sweet Keesha.

Kaysar sadly votes to evict the kind Keesha.

Bayleigh sadly votes to evict Keesha.

Da’Vonne sadly votes to evict the beautiful, iconic all-star Keesha.

Janelle sadly votes to evict Keesha.

Enzo votes to evict Keesha.

Dani votes to evict Keesha.

Memphis votes to evict Keesha.

By a unanimous vote of 13-0, Keesha has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Julie asks the evicted HG to socially distance and go straight to the chair across from Julie and please put on their mask. Keesha gives everyone a hug and she’s crying. She puts her mask on she gives Da a hug and walks out the door.


Julie says Keesha shouldn’t feel bad about the 13-0 vote. Julie says she played 10 years ago and she was America’s favorite HG and made final four and she’ll always have that. Julie asks if she’s surprised by Memphis not voting to keep her and she says no, it’s early in the game.


Julie asks why Keesha wished most of the HG luck and Keesha says some avoided her and some said they were on her side or they would come to her and let her know. Julie wants to know if she wants to name names and Keesha says Cody and Enzo said they’d let her know but then they avoided her in every room.


Janelle says she had so much fun with Keesha and she loves her and they just didn’t have the votes. She will miss her so much. Memphis says this time with a lot less tears and it was great seeing her. Kevin says she’s been the sweetest person to be up against. He’s sad to see her go and he hopes to see her soon. Da says she sorry. She wanted to play with her but it didn’t work out that way. She says she’s sorry, she loves her though.


Julie says it was lovely to see Keesha and thanks her for coming back. She tells her to stay in her seat because she wants a pic with her. Up next is the HOH competition!


It’s time for the HOH competition! This competition is called Big Brother Watch Party. Julie is going to show them two videos from a family of fans taking part in a watch party. After the video, she’ll ask questions about what they saw. If they get it right, they stay in the game. Get it wrong and they are eliminated. The last all star standing after seven questions will be crowned the new HOH.


True or False, when Granny first appeared she was directly above Uncle Vito. Kaysar and David answer false and everyone else says True. Kaysar and David have been eliminated.


True or False, Billy was the first character to speak. Dani and Enzo answer true. Everyone else answers false. Enzo and Dani have been eliminated from the competition.


True or False, Uncle Vito had a beach background photo before he had a White House background photo. Nicole F and Christmas answer False. Everyone else answers true. Nicole F and Christmas are eliminated.


Time for the second video. True or False, the poster behind Billy read Hot Buns Tour. Everyone answers true except for Kevin who answers false. Kevin has been eliminated.


True or False, when Uncle Vito was recording himself singing Sexy Uncle Vito, the phone he was holding was in his left hand. Ian and Janelle answer true and everyone else answers false. Janelle and Ian have been eliminated.


True or false, there was a flower vase on the toilet behind granny. Memphis answers true and everyone else answers false. The answer is true and Memphis is the new HOH!


Julie asks Memphis how it feels and he says it feels good. Julie asks what he’s looking forward to seeing the most in his HOH. Memphis says a letter from his son and pictures and he’s never been HOH.


Julie turns to Kevin and asks how he feels and he says it was his worst nightmare but thank you! Janelle says she has her first punishment and she can’t wait to get out of it.


Julie gives a sneak peek at the Safety Suite competition and she says they’ll go to the bar. We’ll see that competition Sunday and who Memphis nominates for eviction.

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