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Big Brother Season 22 All-Stars-Nominations Week 1

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Previously, on Big Brother, in a move-in like no other, 16 all stars entered the house to compete for a half million dollars. Safely inside the bubble of the house, 6 all-stars won an initial competition to compete for the HOH. While the Jersey boy will be living large in the HOH, 4 all-stars will be the have-nots. Tonight, the safety suite is open for business. How will it impact the all-stars? Tonight, Cody will get blood on his hands. Plus, will they ever get into the have-not room? All this tonight on Big Brother!


We are on day 1 and Julie welcomes them back. Kaysar asks how much time passes before people start fighting. Cody tells us he didn’t immediately want to put a target on his back, but he didn’t want to go home week one. The HG are looking at the various photos in the house.


Da says to be in the house with people like Kaysar, Janelle, and Ian is intimidating, but she’s going to shine. She’s going to make it to the end this time. Believe that! Ian says he wanted to win HOH because coming in as one of two winners he wanted to be safe. But there’s more than one way to stay safe.


Janelle says she’s the first four time player in BB history which is pretty cool. Janelle says she and Kaysar played together back-to-back and they were aligned. She hasn’t had much of a chance to talk to him, but she can trust him. Nicole says it’s strange to be in the house as an all-star. Enzo says he’s ecstatic. It took a decade to get back in. He’s so ready to play this game again. The Miao Miao is back.


Nicole and Da are talking and Nicole thanks Da for changing her life because she was the final vote for her to win and she’s not going to forget that and she wants to make that up to her this season. Nicole leaves the room and Da rolls her eyes. Da says Nicole wasn’t her ally and she’ll never get to cross her twice.


Cody tells the have-not room is now open for them and they all head upstairs. Kevin, Nicole, Ian, and Memphis are not impressed with their room. They say it’s awful. Kaysar is talking to David and his reason to play the game is because there are no black winners. Kaysar says the players are more social and a lot more strategic and he needs to find a way to connect with people.


Nicole is talking to Cody and she says she’s not nervous with him as HOH. She thinks they could be a duo to reckon with. Cody says he feels confident with Nicole because she can get along with some people he may not. Cody says he’s thinking Keesha. Nicole says she’s so sweet, but she supports whatever he wants. Nicole says she’ll try to make a girls alliance and she’ll tell him everything. Nicole mentions Janelle and Kaysar and Cody says he is thinking about throwing them up because they both are good at comps.


Tyler is pumped Cody got HOH. They both got second place and he’s cool with Cody winning. Cody says he likes Tyler, but he needs to see if he opens up to him. Trust goes a long way in this game and Tyler has to prove he deserves the trust.


Cody calls everyone to the LR because BB has a HUGE announcement. As Julie told them, they are getting access to a new room this summer. It’s time to find out this works. For the next three weeks, the Safety Suite will be open for a limited time and inside is a special competition. You can only enter the safety suite once. Once you use your pass, you can never enter the suite again. When you enter is up to each HG. There is more at stake than just safety! The winner will get to name a plus one. They will also be safe, but they will have to endure a special all-star punishment for the entire week.


Enzo says the safety suite can be protection. If the miao miao feels he’s in trouble, then he’ll use the pass. Bayleigh says if you win, then you’re safe. But if you don’t win it could put a target on you. Cody says it’s already hard to pick two people to be noms and this safety thing takes two options off the block.


Keesha is in the restroom area and she’s sniffing the soap. She says the Safety Suite adds a new layer to Big Brother. Kaysar says she seems stressed. Keesha says it’s tough to know because if you don’t win, then you’re a sitting duck. Kaysar says he’s trying not to stick out. Kaysar tells us he has no idea what Cody has in mind. He needs to talk to him and see what he’s thinking.


The Safety Suite is now open! If you want to enter, you can swipe your VIP pass at the door. You have ONE HOUR to decide. Kevin says he wants to get a good seat to see who competes. Dani says she’s never played the game where she’s not one of the main people being targeted. She says it’s too early in the game and she just wants to lay low.


Enzo tells Cody he isn’t going to compete and Cody says he’s good. Enzo says people are shook right now. There is 53 minutes left. David says after leaving first last year, the Safety Suite is looking pretty good. David says if you swipe the card you let the house know you feel safe and you put your cards out there. Bayleigh and Da are talking about how nervous David is.


Ian says in 45 minutes everyone in the house will have made a game decision. Keesha and Janelle are saying they don’t feel safe. Janelle says she doesn’t think Keesha is on his radar, she thinks it’s her. Janelle tells us she’s freaking out. She doesn’t know if she should play this week or not.


40 minutes left. Cody is talking to Kaysar and Kaysar wants to see if there is overlap in their game play. He says he has no relationship with Cody and he has to try and build something out of thin air. Cody says he doesn’t have previous relationships and Kaysar says him and Janelle were an alliance 15 years ago. Kaysar pitches an alliance with Cody and Cody doesn’t wants to be the one starting an alliance because everyone is going to say yes since he’s HOH. Cody tells us he sees Kaysar’s brain working. Kaysar tells us he has red flags from their conversation.


21 minutes remain on the clock. Janelle is talking to Cody and she says no one wants to be the first one to talk to him. She asks him what he thinks of everyone. Cody says he doesn’t know. He says there’s a safety suite and a ton of people. Cody says Janelle is a tough competitor and she definitely raises a flag for him. Cody says it’s tough trying to form relationships right now. Janelle tells us her gut instinct is that Cody has something in the works. Janelle says Cody doesn’t give her a clear answer and she’s just not buying what he’s selling.


5 minutes on the clock. Memphis goes in to talk to Cody and Cody says they both played similar games. Memphis says if they can get through the next couple of weeks, then they can create a bigger alliance. Memphis tells us this makes sense to him. Cody and Memphis talk about Janelle and Kaysar and Memphis says Janelle scares him. Memphis says they have different game play and a different mindset.


Keesha doesn’t know if she wants to swipe her card or not because she doesn’t want to make herself a target. Keesha doesn’t think anyone is going to play. The clock is counting down and it’s less than a minute. Kaysar sees the clock at 34 seconds and he gets up and heads upstairs. Tyler is telling Kaysar there is only 5 seconds and Kaysar swipes his card and Janelle swipes right after.


Cody sees they are the two playing in the Safety Suite and he’s frustrated because he was thinking they could nominate them. Janelle says sorry to ruin your plans Cody. It’s going to take more moves than that and a better lying ability to get her out of the house.


Kaysar goes into the Safety Suite and it has  a DJ booth and some chairs and a couch. In this week’s competition, they’ll be mixing rhythm’s and dropping sick beats. When they’re ready they will their start button and it’s basically a game of Simon Says. The player who successful builds the song they hear in the quickest amount of time will win.


Kaysar says he knows Cody is up to no good, so he has to change the course of the game. He hears a remix version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. He then gets to hit each button to hear a section of the song. After he hears each one, he then gets to try. He hits the first button and then misses on the second. He starts again and misses again.


Kevin and Dani are talking with Tyler and Dani says it’s a huge target on their backs and Kevin says Janelle is an icon. We see Kaysar trying again and he says he feels the pressure of the clock, but he wants to win and send a message that he’s here to play. He gets it right and smoke comes up. Kaysar says he doesn’t’ know if he did good enough to win. He hopes he was fast enough.


Janelle enters the suite. She says winning this competition is a ton of power. She knows she’s one of the biggest targets in the house, but she didn’t leave her amazing career and family to go home week one. That is just not happening. She gets the first two buttons right but misses on the third. She says this is incredibly difficult. We see her make several attempts. She says DJing is rough! She finally gets it and she says to ensure her safety week one would be huge.


Cody calls everyone to the LR for the results of the Safety Suit competition. Kaysar finished with a time of 7:55. Janelle finished with a time of 16:36. Kaysar has won safety for the week! Cody says Kaysar gets to name a plus one and they are also safe but must endure a punishment. Kaysar stands and he chooses Janelle as his plus one.



Cody says of course Kaysar wins and picks Janelle for the week. Now he has to go in and pick two nominees and this decision is going to be even more difficult. Janelle says she’s safe for the week and she’s never had a punishment in the BB house and that makes her nervous. Kaysar says he feels like he has to teach these kids a lesson. You mess with the bull and you get the horns. He needs to take them down and he’s going to enjoy every second of it.


Kaysar is celebrating. He says he’s safe and he feels like he can think clearly again and he trusted his instincts. He sent a message he’s not going to be taken out like that. Nicole is talking to Cody and she asks what he wants to do. Cody says he’s thinking Kevin and Keesha. Cody doesn’t see himself working with Keesha and that makes her an easy choice and he and Kevin haven’t connected.


Janelle is called to the DR and she gets to be the BB All-Star mascot. She’s wearing a yellow star and yellow cone hat. She says she looks sparkly and she thinks she looks cute in yellow. She says it’s one of the cutest punishments. David says she looks like a teletubbie. Enzo says she looks good and he doesn’t want anywhere near that.


Kevin wants to talk to Cody. He’s super nervous about nominations because he doesn’t know Cody. He says Cody is so intimidating. Kevin tells Cody he was never a cool person and it’s hard for him to have conversations with people who are different than him. He says Cody is so kind and nice and Kevin is so flawed and hes getting emotional. Cody says he feels bad and he gives Kevin a hug. Kevin says he wants to get to know him and Cody hugs him again.


Cody says this is so hard. He listened to what Kevin had to say and it hit him in all the right spots. He says but to play this game, you have to separate emotions from game. He goes to sit in his HOH restroom and he sighs and thinks.


Nominations are today! Cody calls everyone in for the Nomination Ceremony. He comes in with the key block. It’s his duty as HOH to nominate two people for eviction. Cody’s first nominee is…Keesha. Cody’s second nominee is…Kevin. Cody has nominated them because as the first HOH he didn’t get a chance to form strong relationships with them.


Keesha says she thought she might be going up but it was a huge wake up call. She says it would be so devastating to be out first. Kevin says sorry Keesha, it’s going to be her not him. He needs to win veto and snatch himself off the block and then come for Cody. He’s going to get revenge. Cody says the nominations aren’t personal at all, it’s just game. He wants to get the least amount of blood on his hands and not ruffle feathers. Kaysar says he single handedly changed nominations. He says it’s been so long, but it feels good to be back in this house.


Who will win the POV? And will it be used to save either Keesha or Kevin? Find out Wednesday night on Big Brother All-Stars!

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