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Blog: Drama & Drinks by Sheldon

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Drama & Drinks by Sheldon


Join Sheldon each week for something the Big Brother USA Season 22 All-Star HG have too much of and something they can't get at all - Drama and a frothy Latte. Agree or disagree, Sheldon wants to hear what you think about what he thinks, so be sure to post comments!


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So, quickly, a little about me.  I am 30, going through a divorce and I was an avid Big Brother fan before I was married.  I am now back for this amazing All-Star Season.  I am a seminary student, a dog dad, and a lifelong Big Brother fanatic (I started watching season 1 with my mom). I served in the US Army for ten years and I was a Live Feed Updated for Seasons 9-11.


I am very opinionated about the HouseGuests, I would love to be on Big Brother someday (and yes, I have applied!). Players who actually play are my favorite and I definitely think that floating is a legit strategy. I cannot wait to spill the tea on this season with you all!  You can follow me on Twitter @WillMyers18.  I am going to say this now, but I am not afraid to post some unpopular opinions, so bear with me, I can’t wait to go on this journey this season!


Let’s break down this season's HouseGuests, shall we? I have been binging the seasons of the rumored houseguests that I didn’t watch the first time through for about three weeks now.  And let me tell you, that research paid off.  Here are my first impressions:


Christmas – I honestly didn’t watch her season.  I was a CrossFit person while I was in the Army, so I loved the thought of her, but she seems to be a little bit unlikable. I was glad she won the $5k tonight. Maybe it’ll make her a target?


David – He got absolutely robbed last season.  I am so glad that he is back.  All-Star might be pushing it for describing him, but he knew exactly what was going on in that house and called it like he saw it.  I am interested in seeing him play this season, and really get to play. 


Nicole A. – She is one of the best casted HouseGuests of the “New School” players.  She is a real person.  I loved her on her season, and I wish she would have gone all the way.  I am interested to see how she works with this cast of characters. 


Dani – People call her whiny, selfish and spoiled.  I think she is strong, independent and I LOVE that she refused to say her dad’s name in her intro.  Sometimes, parents don’t deserve to be in their children’s lives.  Good for you Dani.  I hope that you go far this season. 


Cody – Yeah!! I loved Cody on his season.  I think that he is absolutely right that Derrick couldn’t have won without him.  I think that he not only has that to compete with, but that his brother was so hated.  He has to show that his family aren’t all awful people.  In an ideal world, he would team up with Dani and they would go all the way. 


Kevin – I watched Kevin on BB11 and his gameplay was so forgettable.  The thing that I remember most about Kevin was the Jessie Funeral and how he was not understanding it.  That’s it, that’s all.  I hope that he is more explosive this time, that he starts playing before Week 10. 


Tyler – I didn’t watch Big Brother 20 in my research, so I have no impression of Tyler.  Based on his video, he seems nice enough?  Getting to second place is no easy feat, and America loved him, but does that mean he is good in the game.  I love that I know next to nothing about him.  He is my wild card pick.


Bayleigh – Because I didn’t see her play with Swaggy, I am not against Bayleigh.  I have heard that she is annoying and that she is all around unlikable, but I love that in a HouseGuest.  I am looking forward to seeing Bayleigh play.


Nicole F. – I love me some Nicole F!!!  I compare her to Michele Fitzgerald from Survivor. People didn’t think Michele deserved her win either.  The laid back type of game where you wait to play until you need to is a fantastic strategy and Nicole did that so well on Season 18.  She can win competitions, has an amazing social game, and I think she could be the first two time winner. 


Memphis – Season 10.  Arguably one of the best seasons. I am glad to see Memphis back.  This time, I hope that Memphis knows that he is a solid player, a force to be reckoned with, and takes the game by storm.   


Enzo – Enzo is one of the only players that I watched their season and when they showed up I thought, “who is that?!”  I’m going to be bold and say that Enzo is the Erika Landin of this All Stars Season.  Didn’t do a whole lot to earn a spot in the All Stars Season, will likely be played this whole time, and may make it far because he can be used easily. 


Janelle – Jedi Janie is back again?!?!  I’m so happy to see Janelle.  I really hope that 4th time is her time.  She needs to win this time, or at least make it to Final 3 again.  I am hoping that she teams up with Dani and Cody and the three of them run the house.  She seems to know everyone, and why wouldn’t she? She is BB Royalty. 


Kaysar – Y’all mght stop reading my blog after this, but Kaysar is the most overrated player in Big Brother history. He has had three shots at the game and NEVER MADE THE JURY.  Why does he count as a two time All Star? For his sake, I hope that he makes it to Jury this time.  In BB6 he played too hard, in BB7 he didn’t play hard enough, will he play it just right this season?


Da’Vonne – I am worried about Da!!! I hope that the leftover drama from BB18 doesn’t get in her way with Nicole F! First time she played she was out quick. (I didn’t watch that season…. yet) and then she made it to the Jury.  If she plays her cards right and keeps her cool, maybe she will go all the way?


Keesha – I hate to say this, but the only thing that I remember Keesha for is hearing her eat chips!  As a Life Feed Updater, I had my headphones in watching the feeds and all I would hear is her smacking away at some potato chips… Forgive me.  That’s all I think about.  I can’t remember her relationship with Memphis, but if it was/is sour, hopefully she’ll get over it and play hard. 


Ian – I have always been conflicted with Ian as a winner.  I remember seeing a backyard interview with Jen City from BB14 and she said that Dan deserved the win, but he already won once, so it was Ian’s turn.  That comment has tarnished Ian’s win for me personally.  I loved seeing him go for every punishment that was handed out that season.  I hope that his boyish charm that made him such an amazing houseguest will be back this season! 



There you have it.  My initial impressions of our All Stars.  What are your impressions?  Do you agree/disagree with any of my assessments?  I would love to hear from you!

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What a week in the Big Brother All Star House!  I have to say that I am mildly amused at how this week has shaped up.  We got a lot of chatter on the Live Feeds that "no one is talking game," but we all obviously know that isn't true.  Is this a true first week ritual that we, as viewers, are not privy to because the feeds don't normally cut on until day 11 or 12 normally?  I guess I assumed because this is an All Star season that everyone would come out of the gates swinging, but maybe that was a bad assumption because a lot of players haven't been in that house in the past 10 years. 


As I read over my initial impressions that I posted last week I realized I was so wrong about how I was hoping the season would shake out. I said that I was ok with Keesha leaving early, but now that isn't true.  She isn't playing that good of a game, let's be honest, but I am totally with Janelle.  Why give the HoH what he wants???  After the POV, the HoH has ZERO power and cannot have HoH next week, so why is he getting to decide who goes and who stays?  I like Kevin, but because he was the "pawn" I feel like the All Stars need to teach Cody a lesson and evict him. 


Cody is playing a sloppy game.  I think it is apparent that Derrick was the real driving force behind Cody's strategic success in BB16. Without someone steering Cody and utilizing him efficiently, he is all over the place and his charisma and charm go from being an asset to being a huge liability.  I do not understand his dislike of Kaysar, but maybe it is because the two are so incredibly different.  Kaysar is strategic, his charisma is almost non-existent in the Big Brother House because he is so confrontational with his strategy.  Ideally for them both, Kaysar would be the strategic mind and Cody the smooth operator, but alas, they are on opposite sides of the house. 


And finally, I am so sad that it appears that there will be no Jani/Dani Super Alliance that I was hoping for.  Two of the best women the game has ever seen aligning to take out the whole house.  But alas, Dani the POV Queen and Janie the Comp Queen are not going to dominate together... yet. I love these two players and I find it so funny that Janelle was barely in her costume several days this week. I logged onto the feeds one day at 12:00 PM BBT and she was still "in bed" meaning having conversations while laying down, so that she wouldn't have to put the star suit on. Good luck with "blending in and laying low"!  I don't think that you were successful there, Janelle. But I hope that you kick butt tonight in the HoH competition!


What are your thoughts on week 1? It feels to me like the HouseGuests have been in the house for at least three weeks, but no! I don't know about you all, but I am feeling a lot of empathy for these HGs because of our own isolation due to COVID.  Comment on this thread with any comments that you have on this week of BB!

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