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Big Brother Canada Season 8-Episode 10 Veto Competition and Ceremony

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Arisa comes on and has a message for viewers. When they started season 8 three weeks ago, they could not have seen the unfortunate events that would be coming up. The provincial government has ordered all non-essential businesses closed because of COVID-19 and that includes Big Brother Canada production. They will be closing the season with two episodes: tonight’s episode, which was recorded before the shut down, and next week’s episode for an emotional good-bye.


Previously, on Big Brother Canada, Sheldon won HOH and Carol said she wants to go home. But she doesn’t want to self-evict, she wants to be voted out. Susanne and Angie got frustrated by the lack of game play because of everyone being expelled or wanting to quit. Sheldon followed through with Carol’s wishes on nomination day and put up Carol with Minh next to her covering his bases.


We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 21. Carol is relieved that Sheldon stuck to his word. After the first POV comp, she didn’t think she’d last one more day. She’s glad she lasted a full month and she’s glad the house is going to honor her wishes and send her out the door to her family.


Sheldon says this is his second HOH and he can’t get anything done because of the nonsense around the house. If Carol wants to leave, then she needs to self-evict. But he really wants Minh to go. Minh says she’s been on the block twice now and they keep trying to get rid of her, but she’s here to stay.


Carol says she’s excited to leave in five days and see and talk to her daughter. She didn’t think she’d feel this way because she’s the strongest person she knows. Rianne says it’s hard to sympathize with someone who takes the opportunity for granted. Rianne says she hijacked Sheldon’s HOH and made herself a target. Rianne is going to head upstairs.


Minh goes to talk to Sheldon. Minh says they have a complicated relationship and she thinks he saw that she was a damsel in distress and she feels like Sheldon loves her. She thanks him for putting her on the block and allowing her to play veto. Sheldon says they are going through the process of trying to come together. Sheldon says if he was watching her on TV, he for sure would be cheering for her. Minh says diss me, then compliment me, then diss me. She said she knows he does it because she likes it.


Brooke comes in to get her water bottle and Minh spins as she walks by to leave and Brooke says style points! Brooke asks Sheldon what they are going to do this week? Sheldon is venting about Carol and wants to know why she won’t just self-evict. He says people are getting behind her and are ok with honoring her wishes. Sheldon is regretting giving his all to win that HOH and Brooke says she hates to say she told him so. Sheldon says the only thing we can say is we are one person closer to making it to final two.


Minh is talking to Chris and she says he’s so diplomatic and she is not. Chris says they aren’t in the real world and they are playing a game. Minh says she’s used to doing whatever she wants. Chris is going to coach her and keep her calm and under the radar because you never know when he might need her. Chris says she needs to turn the knob down and she says sometimes it’s good to have it turned up. Chris says she’s a cool chick, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


John Luke is complaining about being on slop. He says this is his first time as a have-not and it sucks. Susanne is complaining about slop and Brooke comforts her and says John Luke is doing much better than Susanne is.


Minh tells Rianne and Maddy that she wants Susanne out of the house because she’s so whiny about being on slop and it’s only been a day. Minh reminds them the others wanted them out. Maddy says Minh has lied to her before, but she has a point and if they can work together it would be good. Maddy says they could work together and Minh says Susanne needs to go next week.


Minh is talking to Sheldon and Brooke and she tells them she left home when she was 14. She tells us she feels like she has a tough exterior and it’s because of things she’s been through. She says she’s ran away and then got put in foster care and ran away from that too. She’s lived in group homes over the years. Brooke and Sheldon thank her for sharing and Sheldon says she’s tough because of what she went through.


Rianne says there are two sides emerging in the house and people caught in the middle, like Angie, are becoming more and more important. They are talking in the Expedia room. Rianne asks her who she wouldn’t want to win HOH and Angie says Minh. Rianne says Angie wouldn’t be a target though if she won because Minh is mad at others. Rianne says she wouldn’t want Vanessa to win. Angie says Vanessa could be a wild card.


It’s Day 22 and John Luke has 2 wooden spoons that he’s hitting together and Rianne spells out Big Brother. It’s time to draw players for the veto competition! Sheldon has decided not to play in the POV competition because he doesn’t want to make his target bigger. Minh and Carol join Sheldon. Sheldon draws Hira. Carol draws Chris. Minh draws Vanessa. The host will be John Luke.


Carol and Vanessa are in the color comic room and Minh comes in. Minh says it’s funny she chose Vanessa huh? They talk about Chris playing too and they have some strong competitors in this game. Minh says if she wins POV, maybe she doesn’t use it? Minh tells us who wins veto and doesn’t use it? Of course she’ll take herself down. Carol and Vanessa both tell Minh she has to use the veto and make Sheldon get more blood on his hands.


Hira says he has to get Minh off the block. Susanne and Chris are there and Susanne says Hira should take Carol off the block and send Minh home. Chris says yeah, Carol. Sorry girl. Hira says he would do that. Get Carol out the right way.


They are dressed up like executioners and Minh says she’s hoping there is a guillotine. Carol says this is a perfect costume for her because she’s executing herself this week. John Luke says they’ll pick up a cannon ball and walk across the draw bridge and rest a cannon ball in one of the divots. But if a cannon ball falls, they’ll have to go back and try again. The first to get them all will win the POV!


Minh says everyone is telling her she’s safe, but if she wins she can take herself off the block and force Sheldon to get more blood on his hands. Carol says if she can win, then she can keep noms the same. She’ll be the first person to win it and not use it on themselves.


Minh is working on her second cannon ball. Vanessa is working on her first. She says last week she had to throw it. But she doesn’t want to play that way and she wants to redeem herself and show she came to win. Hira says this may not be an important win this week for him, but he wants to build a resume and win as much as he can. Hira has four balls.


Carol is working on her second ball. Carol says she doesn’t have it in her to just sit down and not participate. She’s not a quitter. She will do her part. Chris is catching up with Hira and he says it’s important to be seen as a strong, stable player. Hira has to reset and Chris has moved into the lead. Chris is struggling with his cannon balls and he loses one and has to reset also.


Carol is at 4. Vanessa has five but they roll around. She saves them. Minh has taken the lead, but her cannon balls are rolling. Chris has taken the lead again and he’s up to 10 cannon balls. He says no one can match this Knight’s heart or brain. We then see him lose all of his balls and he has to begin again.


Hira now has the lead again with 10. Minh is just behind with 9. She says she was on the block last week and she knows everyone was willing to vote her out. She needs to win veto because as long as she’s on the block, she’s never safe. Hira is doing well but is shaky. Minh is in trouble and we go to commercial.


We’re back and Hira is in the lead with Minh right behind. Hira only needs three more cannon balls. He says he’s so close to winning. He just needs to take his time because if he loses his balance it’s over. Hira says everyone assumes the person with the biggest muscles will be a comp beast. You don’t need big muscles, you just need a big heart. He is on his last cannon ball and he places it and eases off the platform slowly. He makes it back to the start and Hira has won POV!


Hira says he’s king veto and he’s the one to beat this season. Minh says she’s happy for Hira, but she doesn’t know what that does for his game. That was a useless win. Hira goes to the SR and celebrates. He says it doesn’t mean much this week, but something on the resume.


Maddy, Rianne, and John Luke are in the bathtub together. Vanessa calls the HG and she thinks it’s between John Luke and Susanne. Vanessa is at the front of the living room and she has the have-nots sit on one couch. Attention, for one of them life as they know it is about to change for the better. Canada has been voting to save one of the have-nots and they’ll get a meal of their choice and they’ll also get to skip slop for the rest of the week. The have-not Canada has decided to save is…John Luke.


John Luke says not on slop baby! It feels amazing to be voted off of the slop! Big love to Canada, his home and native land. Thanks guys! He gets his delivery and it’s sitting on a podium. He says he could cry right now knowing he won’t have slop anymore.


Sheldon is asking Minh what is going on? She says what do you mean? He says what’s with the pretty cockroach look? She says she needed something to do today. He asks her to hand him something honey. She says she likes him better when he insults her. She is grossed out when someone is coming on to her and they are sweet. He says that’s why he was sweet so she’d be disgusted by him.


Susanne is talking to Brooke and Sheldon and Susanne pitches voting out Minh. She says that would be savage. Brooke thinks it’s a better move to send out Carol, because the damage control they would have to do would be difficult. Sheldon says it’s savage to hold the house hostage and tell them to vote her out. Sheldon says he has the chop a vote so he only needs four votes. He’s with Susanne that they have to get Minh out, but he knows Brooke is right.


HG are all called to the living room. Eric Brock comes on and she has an update for them. As of today, March 21, she names the number of cases and how many deaths there have been around the world and around Canada. She says they have asked all Canadians to come home and they have closed the borders to all non-essential travel. They have continued to speak with their families and they are all family. Vanessa’s family is home and self-isolating and Susanne’s Italian family is safe and healthy.


Hira asks about sporting events. Erin tells them all major sports leagues are shut down or postponed. They say the world has stopped. They say they’re safer in the house and they are fortunate to be in there. Hira says it’s hard to hear the world is shutting down for a bit. He says being isolated from the world and not knowing what is going on is weird. Susanne says this all seems pointless now and Chris is comforting her and says she couldn’t do anything if she were out in the real world. Chris says his life would be screwed if he were out in the world. Susanne says it’s hard to get your head in the game when something like this is going on. Chris says they are in their own little reality there.


It’s time for the POV Ceremony. Hira says he has three options. He can take Carol off the block, take Minh off the block, or keep nominations the same. Carol is having a hard time in the house and he can leave her on the block and respect her wishes or take her off the block and stir some chaos. Taking Minh off the block would be unexpected and he’s not afraid to do something unexpected because he’s socially strong in the game.


Hira goes to the living room for the ceremony. He asks Minh why he should save her? She congratulates him and says he looks like the POV king of the house, but she doesn’t need him to use the veto on her because she’s the roach. Carol says the HG all know how she feels and she would ask that he not use the power of veto on her and send her packing.


Hira says he knows Minh tried to butter him with that great tofu dish, but it didn’t work. He has decided not to use the power of veto. Everyone is hugging. Arisa says Season 8 has come to an early end. There will not be an episode tomorrow night, but there will be one next week. She says all the HG are now out of the house and home safe with their families. This is NOT how they expected this season to end

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