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Big Brother Canada Season 8-Episode 9 HOH and Nominations

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We pick up with the Snooze You Lose competition. They are holding on to a bar while laying at a slant in a sleeping bag. Last to hold on wins HOH! Carol is the first out, followed by Angie and then Brooke. Rianne falls next. John Luke says it’s bonkers how last week and this is a must win HOH. Sheldon says he has three targets he put on the block still in the game and he has to win this. Minh says this is her chance to take some control and have some power in the game.


Vanessa is saying its no secret she was close with Kyle. But with him gone, RIP to KVBS and her, Sheldon, and Brooke have brought in Chris and Susanne to start a new five. Chris says this is his comp to lose. We see Minh fall, followed by Maddy and Susanne. Chris is readjusting and says it’s great to have these useless biceps. John Luke, Hira, Chris, Vanessa, and Sheldon are remaining and we’re 20 minutes in.


Hira says he wants to win and get rid of Chris or Minh. John Luke says his palms are sweaty. He needs to hang on, he can’t fall right now. We then see him fall. Vanessa is readjusting. Minh says she’s the only girl and Vanessa starts to cry and her grip slips and she’s out. Brooke and Susanne go to comfort her. All that’s left is Hira, Chris, and Sheldon. Hira says he wants to outlast Chris because he put him up week one and he wants to outlast him. Sheldon wants to win this.


Sheldon tells Chris that he’s good, that Chris can hold on if he wants, but Sheldon is good. Hira finally slips and slides down and he says it’s a disappointing feeling. He feels like he let himself down. It’s down to Chris and Sheldon and one hour is passed. John Luke says Sheldon looks so relaxed. Sheldon tells Chris to let him have it and he wants to go ten more minutes.


We have 1 hour and 15 minutes by and Chris keeps saying ten more minutes and says he feels better. Sheldon is just waiting for him to drop. John Luke doesn’t know if Chris will ever let go of this bar. Chris says he’s convinced that Sheldon should win, but he just can’t let go of this bar. He’s giving the HOH to Sheldon so he can build loyalty and let him get more blood on his hands. Chris let’s go and Sheldon has become HOH!


Sheldon says Chris finally lets go of the bar and let’s go of his ego and he’s the back-to-back HOH. He has to pick the four have nots for the week and he selects John Luke, Brooke, Susanne, and Rianne volunteers for it. Chris hugs Sheldon and Susanne and says he had to swallow his ego for that and it was difficult. He needs Sheldon by his side. Minh says she feels a little insecure because Sheldon put her on the block and she thinks he could do the same thing because he’s not the type of person to get more blood on his hands. Sheldon says his goal is to get out one of the three targets he had last week.


Brooke says Chris was going to win that and would have gone after one of their three targets and got the blood on his hands, and she doesn’t think this was best for them. Sheldon and Brooke are talking in the have-not room and Sheldon realizes he’s a huge target winning back to back. Brooke would have preferred for Chris to be the one to take the shot.


Carol says she’s been really struggling in the house. She says you have nothing but time and you get in your own head.  It’s been difficult to be away from her family. When Sheldon wins HOH, she knows she has to go and talk to him. Carol goes to talk to Brooke, Chris, and Sheldon, and she asks him to put her up and she’d like to home. She doesn’t want to self-evict, and she wants to go out with her head held high. Chris says he and Sheldon made a deal and they’ve been wanting Minh out. Sheldon says he’ll put her next to Minh ask a pawn and send her next week. Carol says she’ll tough it out as long as whoever wins next will send her home.


John Luke is struggling to eat slop and Minh says he needs more spice. She says it tastes like dog food and John Luke says it is dog food. Minh says the spices will make it taste so much better. Who wants to see Sheldon’s HOH room? He gets new red Skechers. His letter is from his mom. She congratulates him and says she’s so proud and his tenacity and strength is empowering. She thanks God in Nigerian and says she loves him.


Susanne heads to the SR and she gets a card and says since it is Hira’s birthday, Big Brother thought it might be fun to celebrate. They have music and they do a Conga line. Hira thanks them and says it’s the most memorable birthday of his life.


It’s day 21 and the HG are doing ADL’s. Minh says she’s a target again and Carol is pitching to go home so she’s going to talk to everyone and make sure Carol gets what she wants. She goes to talk to John Luke and he says he could see any of the three targets last week could go up again, or maybe Carol. Minh asks if John Luke thinks Carol will go home? John Luke says he personally would, but he doesn’t think the house is thinking that way. Minh says it stinks to feel like her ass on the line constantly. John Luke says he likes her and he hopes she stays.


Minh goes to talk to Sheldon and says they should all vote for Carol to leave so it’s a neutral week. Sheldon says everyone is going to push for her to go up. Sheldon says Minh is good at manipulating people and twisting their words so it might be better to convince her she’s a pawn when really she’s the target. Sheldon says if he targets her, it’s not his intentions for her to go. He calls her a cockroach and says you can’t get rid of her. Minh says Sheldon is calling her a cockroach because she can survive anything. Which means she’ll be the last person standing in the house, not him. She tells him she thinks of herself as a cat with nine lives, but as a cockroach she’ll survive an apocalypse.


Angie is going to the Expedia room and she is staring at the boards and it looks like she’s about to nod off. She does nod off and then wakes back up. Then sits up and her eyes droop again. She gets up and leaves the room and sighs.


Rianne is going to Wendy’s with Sheldon. He says he can’t read her and she has been a target so he needs to manage this relationship. They order and Sheldon heads down to get his food and he gets a tablet with another message from home. He heads back upstairs and his message is from his brother. He says Sheldon is his teammate, his brother, and his best friend. He tells him to stay focused and keep working hard. Sheldon says he misses his brother so much.


Rianne and Sheldon eat and Rianne says she misses burgers. She asks if he’s going to put Carol and Minh up. Sheldon says that’s most likely what’s going to happen because no one will want to be a pawn. Rianne says she doesn’t want to be a pawn. Sheldon says he’s worried Carol might self-evict. Sheldon says it’s frustrating the game is going this way.


Brooke and Carol are talking and Carol says she can’t promise to not self-evict. Brooke says they really need to get Minh out, but Carol is struggling. Brooke tells Carol that Sheldon is in tough spot. Carol says she’s ok now, but she doesn’t know if she has seven days. She wants to go out on her terms with her head high and if she self-evicts she won’t get that. Brooke says she’ll talk to Sheldon and discuss it with him. Brooke says things aren’t going according to plan. Carol is deteriorating quickly and she needs to let people know.


Brooke talks to Susanne and Vanessa about her conversation with Carol. She says Carol is going to self-evict if they don’t send her out. She says it’s frustrating because they came here to play. Susanne is getting emotional and she says if Carol leaves this week then Minh has a chance to win HOH and she could be in danger. Susanne and Brooke go to the have-not room so they can talk. Susanne says she doesn’t want to go home next week because of Carol. She says it’s ridiculous this is week four of the game, and they’ve only evicted one person.


John Luke is talking to Rianne at the table and Maddy is upset and whining because all of her white clothes turned pink. She’s crying and she can’t figure out why it turned pink. She says something was expensive and it was pure white. She said it was a pure white t-shirt that cost sixty bucks. This is the worst day ever.


Carol wants to call a house meeting. She wants to let them know how serious this situation is for her in her head and her heart. She didn’t think the Big Brother experience would take such a toll. She tells them she’s been up and down with her emotional mood. She has learned when she loses her coping mechanisms she uses at home, she can’t give anything to the game. She says they are all hungry to be here and they are all fierce competitors physically and mentally. She came into the game to represent gay and lesbian families and show how normal they are, plus represent chubby people who think they can’t get there. She thinks she’s done that and she’s reaching out to ask them to help her and give her what she needs. She has asked Sheldon to give her what she needs and end her stay here.


Susanne says at the end of the day, everyone’s mental health is extremely important. But she’s so frustrated because it’s a game and she’s losing more and more people on her side. Carol asks Sheldon again to let her leave. Sheldon says he understands on a human level, but this is a game. This is the second time he’s won HOH and he feels like he can’t get any of his plans accomplished. He tells Brooke he made a terrible decision by winning this HOH. He’s trying to understand what his rationale was for winning that competition. Brooke says there’s nothing we can do for now. She says the best we can do is try and set themselves up going forward considering the circumstances.


Angie talks to John Luke, Maddy, and Rianne, and she’s feeling some kind of way. She doesn’t like the way the game is going. She thinks if Carol wants to leave, then she should just leave. Angie says she’s not going to promise to vote her out because it’s not fair. She says she doesn’t want to play the game this way and it’s not fair. She says this is a democratic game and they don’t get a choice, they just have to do what everyone says it feels like.


Sheldon goes to the HOH room and there is red buzzing light and something raises from a column. It’s got a red necklace with a Wendy’s power necklace. He can choose between two powers. He can chop a vote, and cancel one vote, or he can spice up the veto competition and play in the veto competition. The HG will not know until the power is revealed.


Sheldon says it’s difficult to navigate the game after the reset and then after Carol’s action. He came to play a game and he doesn’t want to waste his HOH on that. He can affect the vote. Just taking away one vote, he’s not sure if that will help him. He could play in the veto competition and help solidify the week. He’s thinking about his options and he’s trying to come to grips with sending someone home on his HOH that he doesn’t want to send home. He has 24 hours to decide. He can’t tell anyone about this, so he has to figure out the best plan on his own.


Sheldon says his goal coming into the house was to be one of the best player who has ever played. Last week he put three specific targets on the block and one of them go home and it didn’t happen. But the motto of the game is to be adaptable and that’s what he’s going to do. Sheldon says this house has been crazy and people can’t get their emotions in check and it’s affecting his game.


Sheldon says Carol is really throwing a wrench in his game this week. He can’t believe she’s holding them hostage like that. He wishes she respected them instead of putting them in a chokehold. Minh will do whatever it takes to further herself in the game and he will also do what it takes. He doesn’t think there is room for both of them. Rianne, he has a good read on everyone except for her and that makes him feel uncomfortable. He doesn’t want to waste his HOH when he could target someone who is coming after him. He doesn’t necessarily believe in big moves or small moves, but strategical moves.


It’s time for nominations! Sheldon’s first nominee is…Carol. Sheldon’s second nominee is…Minh. Sheldon says he’s nominated Carol who is a strong independent woman and an inspiration to everyone and he wants to respect her wishes. He nominated Minh because she is a cockroach in the game and built to survive anything. Good luck in the veto.


Minh says she’s on the block for the second time. She’d doing her duty and being a benchwarmer and she gets to sit in the spotlight a bit. But Carol wants to go home and she’s not worried. Sheldon says this isn’t the move he wanted to make, but it’s the hand he was dealt and the week isn’t over yet.

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