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Big Brother Canada Season 8-Episode 7 POV

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, at an HOH Battle Royale Kyle and Vanessa drop kicked two of the evictors sending Maddy and Rianne to the sidelines and Sheldon became the new HOH. Shrewd Sheldon went to work. With his KVBS crew in his corner, the ring leader laid out his strategy. With their game on the ropes, the Evictors launched solo missions. Meanwhile, Jamar tried to sink Kyle’s game not knowing Brooke was part of Sheldon and Kyle’s alliance. Then Minh-ly tried saving her own skin, but when it was time to make his noms the champ went for the easy knock-out and put Maddy and Rianne on the block.


We pick up after nominations on day 14. Rianne says she’s on the block beside her number one girl Maddy, which is basically the worst cased scenario. Maddy says wow Sheldon, what a move by putting up such big threats. Big move buddy. Sheldon says he’s thinking about the long game and he believes Rianne is dangerous. He thinks she’s strong socially, very smart, and he just can’t read her.


Jamar is talking to himself and says weak. He tells us everyone is playing weak right now. He wanted to see Kyle sitting on the block. Jamar and Sheldon are talking and Jamar tells him he thinks Kyle is lying to him and he thinks Kyle is lying to Sheldon too. Sheldon says he thinks if Jamar and him met before the show, then they’d be friends. They come from similar backgrounds, but for the game he’s been stringing him along because he’s loyal to the KVBS alliance. Sheldon says Kyle is overrated. He’s not smarter or faster and he’s a perfect screen in front of them. Jamar says allright, I guess I’m tripping then.


Maddy wants to talk to Sheldon and Sheldon says he didn’t want them up, but he had to do something. He says he’s telling people whatever they want to hear to keep the focus off of him. Maddy says she never had him as a target in mind. Maddy says she thinks there are bigger fish to fry other than herself who is a little girl.


Brooke and Rianne are going to talk. Rianne says she wants to talk to Brooke because she knows she’s close to Sheldon and she wants her on her side to stay safe. Rianne says she knew that Sheldon was going to do what was best for his game and hers. Brooke says she wants to be as fair and honest as possible and she thinks Rianne has a good shot at the veto, and even if not she has good bonds with people in the house. Brooke says this is a significant amount of lying. She sees her as capable physical competitor and she’s smart and she hopes if she doesn’t win veto she geos home.


Minh-ly is talking to Vanessa and Minh-ly is surprised hasn’t been on slop yet. Vanessa tells her to not volunteer for it. Minh-ly is hoping Rianne doesn’t win POV and she thinks Rianne would go home. Vanessa says she’s loyal to KVBS, but she’s also gotten close to Minh-ly. Minh-ly says Sheldon didn’t count her as a backdoor option and Vanessa wonders if he’d put up John Luke. Jamar comes in and wants to know why Minh-ly is in his bed.


Rianne is talking Angie and Maddy and she wants to know why John Luke got off scot free. Angie says this doesn’t sound like the best move for Sheldon. Maddy says she’s just as frustrated as Rianne, but she still wants to trust John Luke. Maddy says hopefully one of us will win and Sheldon will put up a bigger target. Maddy says we have to win it.


John Luke is laying on the couch talking to himself and says he’s playing Big Brother and he hasn’t seen his mother and all these people are making him feel smothered. That’s what happens when you play Big Brother.


Time to pick players for the POV! Today’s veto competition will be different because they are competing with a partner. Both players will be safe. Maddy chooses John Luke to play with her. Rianne picks Hira as her partner. She picked him because he won POV last week and she knows he can compete and he’s a trustworthy guy. Brooke is drawn by Sheldon. Maddy draws Minh-ly. Rianne draws Chris. Brooke selects Susanne. Brooke doesn’t want to pick Kyle or Vanessa because she doesn’t want to expose the alliance. Minh-ly chooses Vanessa. Minh-ly chose Vanessa over Jamar because they’ve grown close and she’s a comp beast. Chris wants to know who wants to compete and Kyle does so he chooses Kyle. Carol will be the host!


Brooke says there are ten people playing in this veto and that makes it super messy. She thinks the teams are evenly matched. Sheldon meets with KVBS and says he doesn’t want to ask them to throw a competition, but if Minh-ly wins the veto she’ll do whatever will cause the most destruction. Vanessa goes and tells Minh-ly they want her to throw the comp and she pins it on Brooke because she knows there is tension between Brooke and Minh-ly and she doesn’t want to out the entire alliance. She tells Minh-ly not to tell anyone and hopefully she can trust her not to tell anyone. Hira comes in to look for some cookies. Vanessa leaves and Minh-ly tells Hira, and Carol who has come into the SR that Brooke asked Vanessa to throw the comp.


Minh-ly then tells Kyle and he wants to know who told her that and she tells him that Vanessa told her that. Kyle then goes and talks to Sheldon and Brooke and Kyle says Vanessa is frustrated and Sheldon says Vanessa could blow them up. Kyle tells us Vanessa, what are you thinking? Sheldon says we can’t trust her. Sheldon says maybe we should confront her because she hasn’t blown us up yet. Kyle says with Minh-ly, it will happen. She can’t be trusted.


Sheldon goes downstairs to get Vanessa and Kyle tells Vanessa what Minh-ly said. Vanessa says she didn’t tell her anything like that. She says Brooke never asked her to throw the competition. Vanessa says she’s feeling like she’s getting grilled and very intimidated. Vanessa hopes they don’t trust Minh-ly over herself. Minh-ly is the most untrustworthy person in the house. She thought she could go far with Minh-ly but now she’s getting her in hot water with KVBS. Vanessa tells them it hurts that she would do that.


It’s prom night at the BB Canada house! Welcome to Big Brother’s Spring Fling! Young love is in the air for this POV competition. Together, they will have to move 50 balls across the dancefloor their glass on the bleachers. But they can only use their faces. Plus, they will also have to catch ball while it’s floating. Are you ready to get close to your partners…but not too close!


Maddy says she voted against the house last week and she wants to show she’s a competitor. Rianne says she wants to win and be safe because she doesn’t want to go home week three. Chris says he expected to roll over the competition with Kyle, not locking lips with him.


Rianne says this is so difficult and they haven’t figured the secret out. Minh-ly and Vanessa are struggling. Minh-ly and Vanessa finally get their ball, they walk through the obstacles, up the bleachers, and then to their glass but they dropped it. Maddy says she was never prom queen in high school so this might be her chance. They get their first ball. Brooke says her and Susanne should have a chance because neither of them have any shame. They get their first ball.


Rianne and Hira have two balls. Hira says he loves his wife, but it’s prom night. All the teams seem to have gotten a hang of the competition, but Chris and Kyle are still struggling. Chris says it would be nice to win this, but he thinks he’s safe with Sheldon and he’s feeling comfortable. Kyle and Chris got their first ball. Minh-ly and Vanessa are in the lead. Minh-ly says if she wins she’s going to take Maddy or Ri off the block and force Sheldon to get blood on his hands. Sheldon says this doesn’t look like throwing a competition to him. Vanessa better get her act together.


Brooke says it’s important for her to try to win so she and Sheldon can have all the power. Maddy has seen her and John Luke are behind so they change strategies and they are catching up. Carol says all the teams are crushing it except one team is more interested in the cookies. Kyle and Chris are eating cookies. Kyle says the have-nots can eat cookies so he’s going to take advantage of it since he’s safe this week.


Maddy and John Luke are neck and neck with Minh-ly and Vanessa. Rianne and Hira are close too. Rianne says it’s so close she can’t really tell who’s in the lead but she needs to make sure she wins to ensure her safety.


There are three teams in this race right now! John Luke and Madeline, Vanessa and Minh-ly, and Hira and Rianne. They are all staying focused. Vanessa and Minh-ly are still in the lead. Vanessa is thinking about her position in the game and she doesn’t trust Minh-ly and she wants to show she’s completely loyal to KVBS. Rianne and Hira aren’t far behind and John Luke and Maddy are now in the lead. Maddy and John Luke are on their last ball and they get it and they have won the POV!


Rianne is super frustrated, but she’d rather be sitting by anyone else. And since John Luke is safe too, then they could all three be there next week. Vanessa says she was a have-not for the second week in a row and now she won POV. Maddy says it’s karma. She goes and celebrates and says she feels so nice. She would win a kissing contest.


Sheldon and Brooke are talking and he says well that happened. Brooke says they have to be super careful about how they play this. Sheldon says Minh-ly has to go up, but if she goes up, then she has to go home. Brooke is afraid of Rianne and if she stays and wins HOH she could target them since they put her up. Brooke says the only person they could put up is Susanne to ensure Rianne goes home.


Minh-ly talks to Sheldon and she says he’s contemplating what the best move for his game is. Sheldon says yeah. Minh-ly asks if he wants to avoid repercussions or would he rather have respect. Sheldon says Minh-ly is very good at getting into other people’s heads. Minh-ly tells Sheldon that he said the other day if she left the house no one would be upset. Minh-ly says that was offensive and Sheldon says yeah, he doesn’t think it would upset anyone. Minh-ly says that’s because you aren’t aware of what’s going on. Sheldon says or you aren’t.


Jamar goes to talk to Sheldon in the HOH. Sheldon says he thinks he’s getting rid of Minh-ly. He wanted to tell Jamar because he wants to maintain trust him and he wants to make sure they are good. Jamar says Minh-ly will come for him too because she’ll want to know. Sheldon asks if Jamar is ok with that and he says he thinks there are bigger targets, but Sheldon should do him.


Jamar goes into the color comic room and Minh-ly is in there and she wants to know if he wants to talk. She asks who his favorite person is and he says her. She says she doesn’t think he would backdoor her. She says she doesn’t think it would be fun if she left first for him or vice versa. Jamar tells her that Sheldon doesn’t like her. He tells her to ask him.


Maddy and Rianne are gathering clothes for laundry and Rianne says they might survive the week. Rianne says she’s not going to get too excited. She says Sheldon is so sweet, but she just stroked his ego. Maddy says yeah you have to do that. Rianne says she knows Sheldon wanted her out this week and Maddy hates people lying to her face. Rianne says it’s the game.


Minh-ly wants to talk to Sheldon and she wants him to keep it between them. Minh-ly doesn’t want to go on the block so she’s going to talk to him. Sheldon says he’s made it clear to her on countless occasions that he doesn’t trust her. He says he knows he told her he wouldn’t put her up but he’s thinking about it and letting the house vote. Minh-ly says she’s upset. She worked so hard to be in this house and she didn’t think he would do that to her, put her up. She’s crying.


Minh-ly then says she’s really upset and she’s not crying and she says people want to see a big move and he’s HOH. Putting her up is not smart. Sheldon says he respects her opinion, but he thinks it is smart for him because of his position in the game and he sees her as expendable compared to other HG. Minh-ly asks if people she’s close with are people she can’t trust? Sheldon says he doesn’t think anyone trusts her. Minh-ly says no one trusts me? He says I don’t think so. Minh-ly says she’s going to go and Sheldon says he’s sorry.


POV Ceremony is today! Maddy is front and center. She has decided to use the power of veto on herself. She believes she was nominated this week because she was an easy target. Her life motto is get knocked down seven times, get up eight. That’s what she’ll be doing going forward. Sheldon must now name a new nominee. Sheldon says he has to make the best decision possible with the information he has and the replacement nominee is…Minh-ly.


Minh-ly says she’s been put on the block because her name has been run through the mud. Someone has stirred the pot on her behalf and she will wreak havoc. Rianne thinks she has a good chance against Minh-ly, but she’s also going to do what it takes to stay.

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