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Big Brother Canada Season 8-Episode 5 Eviction/HOH

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Arisa says after another wild week inside the house, we’re just moments away from the first actual eviction of the season. Will it be Brooke or Michael leaving? We see a recap of Chris winning HOH, Madeline and Michael and their puppy love, Chris’s backdoor plan, nominations and pawns of Hira and Brooke. We then see Madeline questioning Chris’s noms, and Chris telling people that Minh-ly was the real target, Michael is skeptical, Hira wins POV and removes himself from the block and Chris slamming the backdoor on Michael. Tonight, will Chris’s plan backfire and explode the house? Can The Evictors do enough to save their soldier or will it be a heartbreaking retreat from the house? It’s time to go to battle on Big Brother Canada!


Arisa acknowledges that there is no audience due to COVID-19 and they are just precautionary measures. Arisa says Chris took the reins as first HOH, Brooke and Hira became the first official noms, and Hira won the POV and Michael was backdoored.


We pick up after the veto ceremony on Day 10. Michael calls Chris a coward. John Luke says Chris is the biggest liar in the game. It seemed Minh-ly was going to be gone and instead he throws Michael up. He’s livid. John Luke goes into the black and white comic room and slams a pillow against the bed. John Luke says they are going to swing this vote and The Evictors will rise again.


Madeline tells Chris he’s a liar. He lied to everyone. Madeline wishes she would have gunned for that veto because Michael is her best friend in the house and she doesn’t want him to go. Michael says his military training has allowed him to stay calm and keep collected, but his blood is fuming under his skin right now. Chris says his goal was to shake the house and take control. He says everyone is scrambling and in a state of fear. Minh-ly says Chris just threw the entire under the bus, but little does everyone know she’s the mastermind. She was the honey trap.


Maddy is in the black and white comic room and she’s crying and saying why didn’t she gun for that veto. She says you’re a liar! You’re a F*cking liar Chris. She leaves the room and John Luke and Michael are talking and Madeline wants to speak to Chris. She asks what happened and he says he’ll be straight for her. Madeline says she didn’t gun for veto because that’s what he wanted. Chris says we’re playing the game, and you four…she says what four? Chris says you John Luke, Michael, and Rianne are a foursome and she says we’re friends! Chris says everyone seen it and worried. Maddy says Minh-ly is toxic and she’s a b*tch and now Chris is her target. Chris says he’d rather have her loyal to him without another problem and Maddy says yeah right. I’m not fake. She walks out of the HOH yelling she’ll speak her mind. She’s not scared.


Jamar asks if Chris is in the HOH and Minh-ly says she thinks he needs a break. Brooke tells Michael she wasn’t part of the plan and she says she would have a better shot on the block against Minh-ly. Michael says he doesn’t know why Brooke didn’t give them a heads up. Michael says Chris wants to get the guys out so he can compete with the girls. Maddy says he said the whole house wants this and Angie says that’s one person.


Chris asks Michael if he wants to talk and Michael says it’s up to Chris. They head up to the HOH room. Michael says there are two impressions of Chris. One is he’s a great guy, and the second one is he’s a coward. Michael says he doesn’t know if it’s an underlying insecurity thing that he targeted him. Chris says everyone knows that he, John Luke, Maddy, and Rianne area working together. Michael says why me out of the four? Chris says it’s what everyone wanted. Michael says the whole house talk crap about him. Chris says Maddy is the only one calling him a liar and Michael says several are saying Chris is a liar. Chris admits to lying to Michael and Michael says that’s where the coward comes from.


Arisa says of our two nominees one was a pawn, and the other was the backdoor plan. Can either of them ramp up their social game? Chris is talking to John Luke and he’s talking again about the four who are working together. John Luke says he sees Chris and Kyle are chatting all the time. John Luke asks Chris if he thinks Sheldon and Kyle are going to carry him to final four? John Luke says they will turn on him and he just drew a line in the sand and he doesn’t think Chris is on the right side. Chris says it was a group decision and John Luke says he guesses he’s on the outside of the group. He just hopes he’s not a target next week and hopes they don’t not give him a chance.


John Luke says he just got a ton of information and he needs to go to Kyle and see if the information adds up. John Luke confronts Kyle and Kyle says just regular chats with Chris. Kyle says now he has to double down on his lie because of Chris. John Luke tells Kyle he doesn’t think Chris is smart enough to come up with that plan himself. Kyle says of course he helped construct the plan, and he’s going to be a part of the plan to get the rest of them out in the coming weeks. Kyle tells John Luke if he can rally enough votes to get Michael to stay, then he will vote to keep Michael.


Day 11 and Chris is waking everyone up and says Big Brother has a surprise in store for all of them. HG, summer has arrived early at the Big Brother Canada. They need to get dressed and head out to the hot tub. They have to celebrate all day and they can leave when they want, but if they do, then they cannot return. The four people who last the longest will get a reward. It’s cold and rainy out and Chris says it’s going to be a test of endurance.


Sheldon, Jamar, and Minh-ly are the first three in. Angie says she’s from Winnipeg, it’s time to Cocoon. It’s 12:28 and Chris comes out with a tub. There are 8 people left and it’s going to be settled with a water balloon toss. John Luke, Angie, Vanessa, Carol, Chris, Hira, Michael, and Susanne are the remaining HG. Hira, John Luke, Michael, and Angie win and they win a barbecue.


John Luke says Angie is a wildcard this week and Hira was on the block. This is a chance to talk alone with them and see if they can get the votes. John Luke says they need 7 votes to keep Michael safe and they have three locked down. The floaters can seal Michaels fate in the game. John Luke tells Angie Kyle mentioned her name. Angie asks if she’s safe with them and they say without a doubt. Hira says Kyle isn’t trustworthy. Michael and John Luke says they’ll have the numbers and Angie would be safe.


The house has been on fire this week with so much drama. Before we get to the eviction vote, let’s had back inside one more time. Brooke says Michael is a big target and she has a solid group in her corner. So she doesn’t need to do anything flashy. Kyle and Brooke are talking in the kitchen and Sheldon join them and they are talking about their alliance and Minh-ly is on the stairs listening. Kyle says things are going to get wild and crazy, but they have each other’s backs.


Minh-ly is talking to Michael and he’s asking for her vote. Minh-ly says when you’re campaigning people will lie about who they are voting for. Minh-ly says even if he had her vote, he doesn’t think it’s looking good for him and she doesn’t think he has the numbers unless a miracle happens. Minh-ly suggests Michael start something with Kyle. She says if he has the cajones to say loudly that Kyle will be his target in front of the entire house, it might get people on his side.


Minh-ly says she wants Kyle out and so if Michael does her dirty work, it will make it easier to get him out later. She’s stirring the pot…again. Michael says he’s not to start drama, but if he has to call Kyle out, then he will. Minh-ly tells Michael not to mention her name. Michael goes to Kyle and says Kyle promised on his kids and wife to vote to keep him. Kyle says he heard that Michael and his side are dragging him through the mud. Kyle asks Michael who put him on the block? Michael says you don’t sit with someone for hours and not know the plan. Kyle says everyone knew. Michael says he’s comfortable knowing he’s leaving with his word. Kyle says it’s season 8. Learn how to play. Michael says he has everyone wrapped around his finger. Michael is disappointed.


Tonight is the first eviction vote of the season. Michael and Brooke are on the block and one of their superhero dreams is about to come to an end. Brooke says everyone is great, and Michael is great. Please vote to keep her. Thank you. That would be great. Michael says prior to his last job he spent six and a half years in the military. Moving forward he hopes people are loyal to who they said they would be, and have integrity. And if they decide to keep him, then he will try and keep Chris, Vanessa, and Kyle who don’t deserve to win from winning.


Time to vote!

Kyle votes to evict Michael! Bye!

Minh-ly votes to evict Michael.

Rianne votes to evict Brooke.

Susanne votes to evict Mike.

John Luke says these pigeons want his best friend out, but he can’t do that. He’s voting for Brooke.

Madeline votes to evict Brooke. Love you Michael.

We are tied 3-3. The remaining votes are coming up next!



We’re tied 3-3. Let’s get back to the rest of the votes!

Sheldon votes to evict Michael.

Vanessa votes to evict Michael.

Hira votes to evict Michael.

Angie votes to evict Michael.

Carol sadly votes to evict Michael.

Jamar votes to evict Mike.

By a vote of 9-3, Michael has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house!


He hugs Brooke and Carol and Jamar. Maddy is waiting upstairs by the door. John Luke hugs him at the top of the stairs and he heads toward Madeline. They hug and he dips her and kisses her and says see you guys, it was nice knowing you! Madeline tells him to call her and he heads out to Arisa.


Arisa asks about the kiss and he says it was planned. Arisa asks about The Evictors. Michael says the last few days it flip flopped and people just didn’t want to unite against Kyle and Chris.


Rianne says she’s sad to see Michael go and he’s a loyal guy. Kyle says he is the puppet master in the house and everything he’s said comes back to him. Minh-ly says he’s so naïve and she’s the one that orchestrated all of this and you don’t start talking game on day 11. John Luke says he’ll always be a best friend and he’ll miss him. Madeline says he’s been her rock and her happy place and he’s been everything and more and this game will be challenging without and she’ll miss him already.


We’re down to 14 HG and it’s time for a new HOH! This challenge is called Slippery When Wet. They will slide down to a ball pit and find yellow balls. You are NOT putting the balls in your own tube. If you get ten balls in your tube, you are eliminated from the competition. The first four HG eliminated will be the have-nots for the week.


Madeline immediately has two balls. Madeline gets a third ball added. Then a fourth. John Luke has one ball. Vanessa has four balls. Kyle has four balls. Madeline is up to six and she says really guys? Minh-ly has a ball. Madeline has 9 balls. Find out who slides their way to the HOH on Sunday.

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