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Big Brother Canada Season 8-Episode 4

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We see a recap of Chris winning HOH, Kyle pitching to Chris an alliance with Sheldon and to get rid of Michael. We see a showmance blossoming between Michael and Madeline. We see the nomination ceremony and Chris putting up Brooke and Hira as his pawns and Michael as his target. Tonight, we’ll se the POV competition and the veto ceremony!


We pick up from the end of the nomination ceremony and hugs being given and it’s Day 7. Chris says Brooke and Hira are pawns, but he wants to take out Michael because he’s in a clique with John Luke, Madeline, and Rianne. No way was he going to put Michael on the block and give him a chance to go after veto.


Susanne says her and Chris are close because of week 1 and this week she’s in the know. Brooke says she’s on the block and this is not an ideal situation. She says Chris told her she was a pawn, and she does believe him, but anything can happen. Pawns do go home.


Hira says being on the block sucks and we see Chris telling him to stay calm and cool. Hira says Big Brother is all about building relationships and he and Chris didn’t build one. He was an easy nomination for him. The only way he can control his destiny right now is to win POV. He’s going to win. 100%. He’s in the color comics bedroom and he’s hyping himself up. He says this is what we came here for. You’ll see.


Chris gives Brooke a hug and he comforts her. Brooke says Chris is an alpha bro and that is a personality irritates her. She hates having to kiss his butt, but she’ll do what she has to do. Chris tells Brooke to stay relaxed and calm and let other people have their drama and she can sleep like a baby.


Minh-ly is going to visit the HOH room. Minh-ly says Chris has let her know about the backdoor plan, but she wants to make sure no one in his alliance wins veto. Susanne joins them and Minh-ly tells them she wants to get one of the four out. Chris tells them to not be worried. Minh-ly says she is concerned if one of them wins veto, they might not use the veto. Minh-ly suggests Chris tell them there’s a backdoor plan to get rid of her so if they do win, they’ll use the veto thinking Chris is going to nominate Minh-ly.


Hira goes to talk to Chris in the HOH and Chris tells Hira he is safe this week. He tells him there’s a backdoor plan, but not who the target is. Chris says he doesn’t care if Hira leaks the plan because he’ll set up that Minh-ly is the backdoor plan. Hira says he’s on board.


Kyle is trying pick up lines on Rianne. He asks if she’s single and she says yes, I’m single. Kyle says this isn’t going well. Let’s start again. Hi my name is Kyle. I noticed you’re here alone. Do you want to get a drink? Rianne says that’s your pickup line. Carol is encouraging Rianne to pick up Kyle. Rianne says she doesn’t do this! She says to Kyle can I by you a drink?


Madeline wants to talk to Chris and she’s so thankful that none of her alliance members are on the block this week. They go to the HOH room and Madeline says she respects his mom and she wants to know who he wants to go home or is this a backdoor plan? Chris says Hira and Brooke aren’t dangerous, so he’s thinking Minh-ly. Madeline asks if he is for sure using it on Minh-ly? He says yeah. She says she likes that. Chris says he does communication and persuasion for a living. He doesn’t see it as lying, but he can’t risk her having an alliance and being loyal to other guys.


Minh-ly is talking to Jamar and she says he isn’t giving her anything. Minh-ly needs to know if she can trust him. Minh-ly says she has a lot of secrets and Jamar asks who she is. She says I don’t know. We’ll find out. He wants a preview and she puts her hood up and he’s waiting and they stare at each other. She says I’m waiting and he says for what? She says what do you think? Jamar leans in for a kiss and then says that’s all she gets for now. Minh-ly says you’re going to ration me? She wants five more minutes and he says he’ll give her five more seconds and behind her back he puts up a this rocks symbol. Bed time and Minh-ly heads out first leaving Jamar to laugh on the couch and look at the camera.


Jamar is in the airport room with Susanne and Minh-ly. He farts and Susanne says is that going to smell and Jamar leaves. Minh-ly says he’s rude and he’s always telling her to cook him stuff. Susanne says Minh-ly is full of sass and she wants her to teach her how to say no. Minh-ly says hey Sue, fill my water and she says no fill it yourself. Minh-ly smiles and nods and Susanne says that’s empowering.


Chris has Michael and John Luke in the HOH and he is telling them that Minh-ly is the biggest threat to the guys and the biggest target in the house and he pitches backdooring her. John Luke asks if Minh-ly wins if he is worried about the two targets on the block and Chris says no. Chris says their jaws will drop when they find out the actual plan he’s carrying out.


John Luke and Michael go to Rianne and they tell her about the Minh-ly backdoor plan. John Luke says he’s confident that whoever uses the veto will pull someone off and that’s a super smart plan. Rianne says that’s good. Madeline joins and they are creating a secret handshake where they stand in a square and spin out with The Evictors symbol showing.


John Luke talks to Madeline and says babies are like pets, but dumber. Chris comes out and it’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Only five people will participate in the competition, the two nominees and three people drawn at random. HOH is not eligible to compete. Chris is preferring not to have Michael play in this veto. Chris draws Vanessa. Brooke draws Carol. Hira draws Madeline. Chris says it wasn’t perfect Madeline was picked, but the plan is solid and he’s confident she’ll use the veto if she wins. Susanne will host the competition.


Madeline is so excited to get picked, but Chris is a little sketchy. She doesn’t know if she should gun for this veto or not. Madeline goes to talk to Michael and she says she doesn’t know if she trusts Chris. She says if she wins, then it’s best to keep them the same. Susanne comes in and says Minh-ly is going home this week. Susanne says Madeline and Michael are kind of sketched out and it’s her job to keep them calm. Michael says he knows Chris threw his name out earlier and he doesn’t know if Chris is trustworthy. Susanne says Chris has been solid with her that he wants Minh-ly out. Susanne says if Maddy wins the veto, they need her to use.


It’s time for the veto comp and we see dog sleds and fish name tags for each of the players. Susanne is dressed as a penguin. The first POV is called Sleigh the Veto. They will crawl over to an icy pond and bob for a fish using only their mouth. Once they get all 20 fish, they will clear some snow off and reveal a puzzle. But they’ll have more fish than they need so they’ll need to be careful. Once they think they have it, then they can hit their button and the first to do it wins POV!


Vanessa is on board with the backdoor plan and she wants to win. Brooke recaps the rules and everyone is moving. Brooke wants to win because she didn’t come here to be a block warmer. She came to make moves. Madeline says this is not only physically challenging, but mentally challenging too. She’s exhausted. Hira says this POV is extremely important. He wants this veto! Hira is off to a lead and Vanessa is right on his tail.


Vanessa says she’s working with Kyle, Sheldon, and Brooke and she’d love to take Brooke down. Carol says this is the most ridiculous things she’s ever done in her life. She says this water is real cold, like take your breath away cold. Jamar wants to hold hands with Minh-ly and he tells us they have to keep each other warm. Minh-ly says they are only holding hands because Jamar is trying to get attention and she’s board.


Brooke looks like she’s tiring out. She says she’s not the poster child for physical fitness. She’s more of a read by herself kind of chick. Michael says it’s tough not to be part of this competition, but he loves cheering for Madeline. Vanessa has collected all of her fish and she’s starting her puzzle. Hira says Vanessa is a beast and it lights a fire in him. Hira has now collected his fish. They have to memorize the order of the fish and the colors and it’s not easy. Madeline is now starting her puzzle.


Vanessa has 7 fish up so far. Kyle is rooting for Vanessa. Susanne reminds everyone to make sure they have their fish in the right spot. Brooke looks down at Vanessa and she’s still collecting fish. Hira is moving some of his fish around. IT’s anyone’s game!


Vanessa and Hira are neck and neck in the competition. Madeline is starting on her puzzle. Hira has all his fish on the rack, but is he correct? He hits his button and he is not correct. Madeline is still working. Hira makes a few changes and hits his button and is wrong again. Vanessa is going back to continue putting fish up. Hira makes a few more changes and he hits his button and he has won POV!


Hira says when he gets a chance to compete, he’s a competitor. They underestimated him and they shouldn’t do it again. Brooke says she’s happy for Hira, but she can’t help but think if anyone else had won she would have been taken down. But she is still sitting comfortable with the backdoor plan. Hira says this is exactly what he was hoping for and they’ll see now he will go really hard. John Luke goes and congratulates Hira.


Kyle tells Minh-ly to be ready for the fireworks and she says she’s ready. Kyle says Hira will pull himself off and Chris will put Michael up. Kyle says he doesn’t trust Minh-ly but he sure needs her this week. Minh-ly loves this as a big move for their season. Minh-ly says Kyle is shady and he has a good social game. She needs him this week for the plan, but after that he needs to go.


We see Madeline and Michael in the swamp. Michael says he wishes they could lock the doors. Madeline says he is a breath of fresh air for her game. She hopes they get to know each other better while in the house. She is cuddling up with him and she goes over the list of things she wants in a guy. He has to be loyal and responsible and love animals and family oriented. Michael says Madeline takes his mind off the game and he definitely has a crush on her.


It’s Day 10 and Rianne calls everyone to the living room. They have the four have-nots on one couch. For one of them, life as they know it is about to change for the better. Thanks to Skip the Dishes, Canada has been voting to save one of the have-nots. This person will win themselves a delicious meal of their choice which will be delivered right to their door. This person will also get to skip the slop for the rest of the week. The have-not Canada has decided to save is…Vanessa!


Vanessa gets emotional and she tells us she’s so happy. She thanks Canada. It means so much to her. She’s scrolling through her meal options. She says slop has been a challenge, she’s so hungry. She says she’s just a fisherman from PI. We see Kyle getting slop and the door rings and Vanessa runs upstairs. She says this is by far the best thing she could have won yet.


Sheldon is talking to Michael and John Luke and they are talking about Minh-ly. John Luke says she has no clue but she brought it on herself. Sheldon says he can’t believe Michael doesn’t understand how hard everyone is playing around him.


Vanessa and Carol and Minh-ly are in the hot tub. Minh-ly is hoping the plan is to backdoor and get Michael out the door. Minh-ly says she wants the four out, but Kyle needs to go. Minh-ly says she will nominate Angie and Madeline, but she’s going to backdoor Kyle. Vanessa says does Minh-ly not know me and Kyle are tight? Minh-ly tells them not to tell anyone.


Vanessa says she has to tell Kyle because he’s like her brother. Kyle goes to talk to Chris and tells him Minh-ly wants to backdoor him next week and he’s going to grab Vanessa and Susanne and Vanessa fills them in on Minh-ly’s plan to backdoor Kyle. Chris says let’s just think of numbers. Chris says he has Carol and Angie 100% locked down and he has Jamar in his pocket. Chris says Minh-ly is one person, but the others are in four person alliance. Let’s destroy the alliance and take the head of the snake out, then we can worry about Minh-ly.


POV Ceremony is today. Hira stands at the front of the living room and he has decided to use the power of veto on himself. He says it’s not easy being on the block, but he’s glad it gave him a chance to compete and show them he’s here to play hard. Chris now has to name a replacement nominee.


Chris says they are all amazing human beings and he’s proud to get ot know them. He wants to make a decision representative of what the house really wants. It became apparent that a clique was formed early and the house was concerned about it. So Michael…have a seat. The POV ceremony is now complete.


Madeline says Chris is a liar. He lied to everyone. Michael calls him a coward. He says if he’s just going to let this happen, he’s in for a shock. Madeline says Chris is a liar and next week he’ll be on the block. She doesn’t care what it takes. Chris says he’ll get lots of information this week and he’ll just sit back and watch it happen.

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