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Big Brother Canada Season 8-Episode 2

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Tonight, it’s an absolutely shocking ending to week one of Season 8 and it all starts now! We get a recap from our premiere episode and we see the HG getting to know each other and the first twist of the season and four ill-fated HG found out that Canada would not save them and instead, they would have to save themselves. At the first competition to escape the block, the fatal four were put to the test to save their game. Despite their flex appeal, the super dudes couldn’t hold their weight. But Minh-ly leaned in and when Susanne ran out of gas, the volatile vixen moved to safety. Tonight, three remain in jeopardy and they have to face the mental to avoid the block.


Arisa welcomes us and she reminds us we kicked off a season like never before. Minh-ly showed super human strength to stay safe which left Nico, Chris, and Susanne in jeopardy. But something happened just hours ago that has never happened in BB Canada history! Let’s go inside!


Arisa wishes everyone luck and Minh-ly says she won and she’s not going anywhere. She just proved she’s a badass b*tch and she’s going to keep doing. Susanne says she didn’t see this coming and it’s an advantage because she can play this off. Minh-ly and Susanne are talking and Minh-ly says they have strong female energy.


Nico is frustrated and he’s annoyed how much adversity he’s facing from the get go. Chris says this is a terrible situation to be in and he’s feeling off his game, but his game isn’t over. He may look like a physical beast, but his mind is where he shines. Chris and Nico join Minh-ly and Susanne and they talk about how cool and calm everyone else is.


John Luke says the first day has been kind of crazy and he loves it so far. He’s feeling it. He thinks taking a moment to himself is important on night one. It’s day 2 and the HG are up and moving around and doing ADLs. Chris says he’s in a vulnerable position in the game and he goes to talk to Madeline. Madeline says she feels like he’s a good person. Chris says he gets the same vibe with her. Madeline says Chris is just like Chris Hemsworth and Leonardo DiCaprio. Chris says he loves a lot of brain stuff and he doesn’t want her to tell anyone and she says she won’t and she loves what he does. They hug it out.


Minh-ly wants to straighten Jamar’s hair and he says she can straighten her own hair. Minh-ly says he is really boring and he says they can do anything but that. Minh-ly says he’s disgusting because he left a banana peel in the restroom and he denies it. Minh-ly says he’s arrogant and so into her and she’s going with it because she’s bored. Minh-ly says he needs to go pick up his banana peel and she won’t. Minh-ly says Jamar isn’t bad looking but mentally he’s a five year old.


John Luke and Nico are playing pool and Jamar comes out and John Luke leaves. Nico is saying he’s stressed. Nico says this game obviously started very poorly for him and it’s tough adapting under these circumstances. He just hopes this isn’t the end of the road. Arisa says coming up is the second opportunity for Chris, Nico, and Susanne to save themselves.


Three of our super heroes are in danger this week. It’s time head back inside. Chris is meditating. We see the three outside and Angie and Jamar are hosting. Are you ready to meet the action figures? Jamar turns around a John Luke in a floater box dressed as a sailor. This BB action figures thinks they’re playing a great game, but Canada thinks it’s boring. They always vote with the house.


Next up are the showmancers and it’s Madeline and Michael. Canada loves them and they’ll spend a lot of their day snuggling, but their HG are annoyed by them. However, their love story will be cut short when one turns on the other at final three.


Next is the bitter juror and it’s Vanessa and they won’t want to vote as a winner and at the finale they will make it about them. This one talks too. Jamar presses the button and she says you’ll never get my vote!


Last but not least is Kyle and he is a comp beast and they won’t study for mental comps and have no social skills and will likely leave pre-jury. This one has a karate action and Jamar hits the button.


True or False, the recommended age for the floater was 4 and up. They all answer true and they are all correct.


True or False: The price difference from the original price to the clearance price on the bitter juror is $14.98. Chris and Susanne answers false and Nico answers true. The correct answer is true. Nico has 2 points and Chris and Susanne have one point each.


True or false: She said the floater is guaranteed to drift to the final four. Nico answers true and Susanne and Chris answer false and it’s false. All of them now have 2 points.


Both the comp beast and the bitter juror both featured try me on their box. Nico and Susanne say true and Chris says false and the answer is false. Chris has 3 points and Nico and Susanne have 2 points each.


For the showmancers, she said their fellow HG are annoyed by them before she sad they’ll spend their days snuggling. Nico answers true and Chris and Susanne answer false and the answer is true. Chris and Nico have 3 points each and Susanne has 2 points.


True or False: The combined price of the comp beast and the floater is $31.77. Nico answers true and starts to switch to false but keeps true and Susanne and Chris answer false and the answer is false and Chris has earned safety.


Chris says he won his first mental comp of the season and he’s so relieved. He crushed it with his brain. Nico is very upset and Kyle gives him a hug. Nico says he lost fair and square and now he has to campaign against Susanne. We see Susanne go to the airplane room to be alone and she’s crying. She feels very defeated and she needs to remind herself why she’s here. Susanne says this is best case scenario for her and Jamar comes in and he says he’s going to make sure she’s ok but she needs to watch for the bromance. Jamar says the game starts now because of the campaigning and he tells her she needs 8 votes to stay. Arisa says Nico and Susanne are on the block this week.


Arisa welcomes us back and says Nico and Susanne will have to rely on their social game to stay in the house. Hira is asking Susanne and Brooke fashion advice for what color to wear and Susanne is confused and trying to figure out if he means a shirt.  Hira explains for his turban. They talk about him being the first Sikh player in BB Canada history. He’s confident in who he is and he wants to show people they can be themselves and they don’t have to change to conform.


Susanne goes into the kitchen and they are doing a family breakfast. Susanne is making the rounds everywhere. She says she’s been doing the work and putting trust in multiple people. She needs to make sure she makes a concrete alliance and she goes to Carol and Brooke and pitches working with Sheldon and two others because they are the “misfits” and don’t fit perfectly with anyone else.


Chris and Minh-ly and Nico are laying around and she says it’s hard to not have privacy. She wants people to whisper when they come into a room when someone is asleep. Angie is in there and she says sometimes they don’t always notice someone is sleeping. Kyle comes in and says are you for real? Do you think the whole world revolves around you? Minh-ly and Kyle bicker and she is in disbelief that he’s talking to her the way he is because he’s making her look like a trouble maker so she wants to talk to him privately.


Minh-ly goes after him and wants a private conversation. Kyle says she talks down to people and she needs to watch how she talks to others. Minh-ly can’t believe this and says he doesn’t need to be a douchebag. Arisa says it looks like the house is full of volatility already. In the end, Nico or Susanne will go home this week.


Time to head back inside. Madeline, Michael, John Luke, and Rianne are alone and talking and they want to make an alliance. They want to name it something that has to do with a super power. John Luke suggests The Evicters and Michael likes it and so does Madeline. They come up with a symbol and want to end their good-bye videos with that symbol.


Nico and Minh-ly are talking and he thinks she will vote him out. Nico says Chris and Minh-ly might have his back. Minh-ly doesn’t want the easy vote. She wants to do the unexpected and she wants to get rid of Susanne. She goes to Carol and Sheldon and Vanessa says Nico could be a puppet and she says she advised him to campaign and talk to people. Sheldon says Susanne hasn’t made an aggressive pitch. Carol says Minh-ly campaigning super hard for Nico isn’t a good decision this early in the game.


Carol tells Susanne that Minh-ly is campaigning against her and Sheldon tells Susanne to relax. Carol tells Susanne what Minh-ly said and Susanne says she’s stupid coming into her room. They are telling Susanne she can’t confront Minh-ly. Susanne says she’s delusional for coming in HER room. Susanne says she is so fake and it makes her so mad.


Coming up after the break it’s the shocking end to our first week. Either Nico or Susanne will be leaving.


Arisa welcomes us back and says the eviction this week is unprecedented. Let’s head back inside for this must see moment. Susanne is talking to Nico and Hira and Susanne is hugging Nico. Susanne asks if he’s had lunch and he says he’s not hungry. Hira says since he lost he’s been out of sorts. Nico says the eviction is tomorrow night? I have to stay until then? He says he could just leave and go home and cut his losses. He says this is a waste of time. He has no fight left in him. He’s already packed and it is what it is. It sucks man.


Hira says he feels for Nico because the mental and physical just gets to you and it’s hard to watch. Nico heads into the DR and sits down. He says he’s been miserable for four days straight and it’s pretty awful. He wants to get a good night’s rest for once and there is no point in him being here. He can tell by the way the house is voting that this is a waste of his time. Hira is talking to Sheldon and says he’s sad for Nico because he was sad and crying.


Nico is pacing around the DR and then sits back down some more and thinks. He seems to be counting. He sits up and says he’s choosing to…self-evict. He leaves the room and we hear on the speaker HG, please come to the living room. They get an update on Nico and hear he has decided to self-evict and he’s already left the house and will not be returning. It’s important they respect and support his decision and he needed to do what was best for him. They all say they love him and support him too. Tomorrow’s eviction is cancelled and Susanne is now safe for the week.


Vanessa says this is very intense and she’s feeling heavy for Nico and for someone to say they can’t do this shows how draining this is. This game is no joke. The HG all do a group hug and send love to Nico. Arisa says being in the Big Brother house and there are stresses they can’t imagine. They respect his decision and they wish him nothing but the best. The first HOH competition of the season is coming up!


#BBCAN8 Let’s dribble our way to the backyard for the first HOH comp of the season! This competition is called basketball. One at a time they’ll grab a ball, jump on a trampoline and take a shot at the baskets. The player with the highest score will be the first HOH of the season.


Sheldon is first and he hits 13. Jamar is next and he hits 24 and he is now in the lead. John Luke is up next and he hits 23. Jamar is still in the lead.


Minh-ly is up next and she hits 24 and is tied with Jamar. Arisa says we’re off to a start! Live feeds are open tonight!  We’ll see who is the HOH on Sunday night. And remember…someone is always watching!

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