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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 39

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Previously, on Big Brother, fighting to keep his showmance in the game, Jackson offered Cliff and Nicole a F3 deal. So they brought Holly to the F4. With Nicole in power, she put the lovebirds on the chopping block, but it all came down to the final POV of the season and Michie secured his fourth veto win.


Cliff assumed Michie would stick true to his word, but at the veto meeting Michie saved himself giving him the sole power to evict and he sent Cliff Hogg to the jury. Now, only three remain in the battle for the half million dollars. Tonight, part one of the three part of the HOH competition plays out. Who will win and inch closer to the BB21 crown. Plus, last year’s final three JC, Tyler, and Kaycee return. Right now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and it’s day 96 inside the BB house and the F3 are ready to push their way towards finale night. Whoever wins part one will advance to part 3 that will play out live on finale night. But after the last eviction, Nicole is faced with her worst nightmare…being left alone with Michie and Holly.


Nicole says she’s sad Cliff is gone and she now finds herself in a F3 with a showmance, but she’s going to fight. It’s an uphill battle, but she’s going to fight. Michie came to win and he came to beat 15 other people and he’s not going to let his family down. Holly says she feels like she’s dreaming, but she’s been playing in the shadows and she wants to prove she’s here to fight and she deserves to be here at the very end.


Nicole is sitting and looking at the memory wall. Michie joins her and says only 3 left. Michie says his speeches didn’t come out as personal did they? Nicole says jury management! Michie says Sis hates him, he’s dead to her. Jess hates him, Tommy hates him, and he just sent out Cliff. Nicole asks about Kat and Michie says she probably hates me. Michie says he’s trying to convince Nicole the jury hates him and maybe she’ll take him to F2 if she wins. Michie thinks he could get Nick, but not sure about Jack. Nicole says Michie is playing the no one likes me card. She sees through it and she’s over it.


Nicole and Holly are talking and Michie is praying. Nicole says she doesn’t expect either of them to take her, but she hopes they think about the F2 on a game level. Holly says Michie killed it at comps and Holly says it crosses her mind all the time. Nicole says if I’m Holly I’m thinking Michie’s my guy, but I’ll lose and I might have a better shot against Nicole. Michie joins Nicole and Holly and Michie says I love you to Nicole and she says I love you more. Nicole says Michie is good and he says what do you mean. Nicole says Michie has mastered the art of manipulation, but she sees through it. Nicole says she doesn’t think either of them will take her to F2 and she has nothing to lose so why not rattle his cage a little bit. Michie keeps saying what do you mean I’m good and Nicole just says you’re good. She doesn’t wish to elaborate.


Julie says Michie has muscled his way to the end. He says it’s a dream to make F3. He knew walking in he’d be seen as a social threat and a physical threat. Michie says he knew he needed Camp Director for safety. Michie says winning Camp Director allowed people to come to him and he could form relationships and eventually form an alliance of eight. He knew it was best to play his game in the shadows and it worked because of Gr8ful. We see Ovi, Kemi, and Sam evicted. Michie says Jack was a useful ally for his game and he was on the block twice with Jack and he wasn’t the target either time.


Michie says on day 44 Jack turned his back on him and blew up his game. Michie says when everything blew up he realized he had no bird and no bush and he didn’t have anyone in his corner except for Holly. He says it’s nice to have a partner in crime, but also a support system. Everything he’s done in this game has been to keep her safe right there with him. She’s his #1 priority. They had to win competitions to stay alive.


He has ten wins to his name and that allowed him to play the BB game he wanted to play and he locked in a F4 with Cliff and Nicole and ultimately it paid off. When Nicole won HOH on double eviction it sent Christie home. Cliff and Nicole were loyal, but it didn’t last when he heard their deal with Tommy. He has no problem lying in the house and doing what he has to do and he had no problem telling the lie on Tommy. On a game level it was a no brainer for Nicole and Cliff to break up the showmance and the fact they didn’t? He’s speechless but he’s glad. He now gets to bring Holly with him to finale night. His family and parents deserve this and he wants to do this for them.


Nicole wanted to view the house as a classroom and she wanted to assess and adapt weekly. She knew she’d have to focus on her social game. Very early she saw something with Cliff that resonated with her and she formed a F2 with him. One by one a lot of her friends were taken out of the house. She lost Ovi and Kemi. There was a huge group running the game. Her and Cliff were very patient and they saw the little cracks here and there and they were just waiting for them to burst and then her and Cliff teamed up with Jess and Kat and they became Cliff’s Angels and they were able to take out a huge threat in the game, the nucleus Jack.


Moving forward she lost Cliff’s Angels, it was tough to lose Kat, but Michie approached her and Cliff for a F4. Nicole says you do not turn down an alliance, especially someone like Michie who might get angry and come after you. Luckily, it paid off. Double eviction day was insane and one of her most notorious moments she decided to pay back Michie and Holly for all the weeks they kept her safe and sent a big target out of the house.


The following week Nicole won the BB Comics veto and with Cliff off the block Michie was forced to put up Holly. Cliff and her were faced with a big decision and they decided to vote out Tommy because they were able to make a deal with Holly which allowed her to secure a spot on the F3. Unfortunately, Michie won the veto which sent Cliff out the door and now here she is in F3 with a showmance. She doesn’t think anyone quite understands what it means for her little family. This whole things has been a dream and she wants to sit in that chair and it can happen and it will happen.


Holly has said she’s more than just the girl in the showmance. Holly says the second she walked in she knew she had to play a very careful, calculated game to survive to the end. Joining a big, strong alliance was a great way to ease into the summer and if you’re surrounded by bigger targets, they usually go before you do. She certainly wasn’t expecting to get into a relationship with someone, but Michie wasn’t the only one she was close to. Kat and her ran in similar circles, so yeah she knew her and Kat not being in the majority alliance helped to have a number on the other side. Holly says she had to separate herself from Kat in order to save her.


That’s when they knew the house had turned completely against them, but she still had Michie and that’s when their relationship started to blossom because they worked so well together. So flying under the radar went out the window. They had to compete and earn their own safety or their game was dead. Her goal coming in was to stay off the block. She lasted 83 days never seeing the block, then her worst fear came true. She saw the block as a replacement nom and it was during Michie’s HOH and Nicole and Cliff started going back on the F4 deal. Michie and her had to pull out all the stops to play in the game. She threw a comp that was made for her, but Michie won the lost veto so he had the ability to keep her safe. She came here to win BB and after the game she’s played, she feels like she deserved to be up there in the F2 chairs. And if she gets to plead her case to jury she has a shot at the half million.


Julie is joined by Kaycee, Tyler, and JC from last year’s Big Brother. Julie asks if anyone is surprised to see this F3 and Kaycee says yes, she didn’t expect Jackson and Holly would make it. Tyler says anyone who follows him on SM knows his predictions skills were bad, he thought David would win. JC says he never thought Jackson would make it to the end because he was a huge target.


Julie asks about Cliff and Nicole’s decision from last week and Tyler says Cliff was dumb. JC says you always take out the showmance, you destroy them. Julie asks how do they think about Nicole’s game play. Kaycee likes her social game and Tyler says he likes someone who went through adversity. Tyler thinks Michie does well under high pressure situations but he’s abrasive. JC says he maybe played too aggressive, but it worked for him.


Kaycee likes Holly, she doesn’t like the showmance, but she wouldn’t mind if she won. JC says avoiding the block is really hard. Tyler feels like she went with the flow and hid behind Michie, especially when he let Jackson fight for her with Tommy. Kaycee thinks Nicole should win. Tyler thinks Michie will win. JC thinks whoever wins deserves it, but he thinks Holly will win.


Julie says every former HG will tell you that you have to keep your emotions in check, but there’s one place where you can let your emotions flow. Jess doesn’t want to vote for anyone. Kemi wishes people were smarter and would use their brain. Sis asks what’s an adjective. Nicole is pissed off and then she says she’s sorry she cursed. We see Jess crying because she feels played. Ovi is crying. Sam is crying because he had dreams about his wife. Christie is crying and she’s terrified and scared and she doesn’t know who to trust and she’s hormonal. Jack is crying but he’ll be fine. Christie is not fake crying. Jack is still crying and it’s home sickness. Nicole says she has a runny nose and Bella says she’s an ugly crier. Christie is starting to feel like America hates her. Jess truly never felt this alone in her life. We see Tommy and Kat crying. Kat says she stole her man and she’ll still her tissues. Michie has tears and says here’s some tears for you. We then see the agent chasing down Zingbot emotional too.


It’s now time for part one of the final HOH competition. This competition is called Raiders of the BB Relics. On Julie’s go they’ll have to cross a rope bridge and jump across rotating pillars and once there they have to complete an ancient BB puzzle. Once they complete the puzzle, they have to take 25 gold coins back to their crate one at a time. The first to do it will win part one and automatically advance to part three on finale night.


Holly is struggling and she says she’s out for blood and no throwing this one. Michie says this HOH is the most important and it all starts here and he has a job to do. He has to get it done. Nicole says this will be a doozy. She’s in the F3 with a showmance and the only way she sees herself in the F2 chairs is when she wins herself.  Michie gets to his puzzle and puzzles are not as easy as they look on TV, but he and his mom love doing puzzles. Holly is working on hers and Nicole isn’t far behind.


Nicole says she’s a puzzle person, but this puzzle is hard and it’s the most bizarre shapes. Holly seems to have a couple of pieces in. Nicole is panicking a little bit and she has to pull it together. She knows she can do it.


Nicole is still concerned and Michie finishes his puzzle and he’s off. Holly finishes her puzzle and Nicole says this is embarrassing. Nicole finishes her puzzle and she gets to start transferring her coins. Nicole says she’s behind, but not far. All she has to do is pick up the pace and make up for lost time. Holly has caught her stride and she’s really flying and she might be the leading lady of an action film. She wants to build her resume as much as possible.


Nicole knows she’s behind and she feels like she’s falling apart, but she needs to keep moving. Michie says from day one he’s never let himself feel comfortable in this house and he needs to push through so he can make it to part three and the F2. Holly says Nicole is falling behind so it’s down to her and Michie and she wants to win. Michie says it’s between him and Holly and they are going to duke it out to the finish. Michie finally finishes and rings in and Michie has won part 1 of the HOH!


Michie just won part 1 of the final HOH and it’s awesome and he’s happy so he won’t celebrate. He still has a job to do. Holly is happy for Michie, but she wanted this win and now she has to go against Nicole and she’s the only thing standing between her to the F2 seat. Nicole says she lost to Michie, but she can beat Holly in part 2 and she won’t be brining Michie. She’s going to bring Holly to the F2 and it will happen!

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