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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 33

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Previously, on Big Brother, three power pairs were left in the game, Michie and Holly, Tommy and Christie, and Cliff and Nicole and two of the duos had a plan to make the F4 together. With Michie wielding power he wanted to take out the last loner. After Tommy found himself a veto, he saved his best friend leaving Michie to put his ally up as a pawn.


Before the live eviction, Julie gave some long expected news and soon after Jessica became the first casualty of the night. With the power on the line, the New York Islander scored big and she quickly decided to stay true to her final four alliance. With a critical bleeping veto up for grabs, Cliff manifested the win over Christie. The Texan stayed true to Nicole’s nominations, leaving the secret duo destined to be torn apart. And the universe decided it would be Christie leaving. Tonight, see all the drama you didn’t see during the epic double eviction and a new HOH will be crowned. Plus, Swayleigh is back!


We pick up with Christie leaving and Tommy says having Christie in the house was having home here. Playing this game without Christie is scary. He definitely feels like he’s alone in the game. Michie says karma finally hits and he doesn’t feel bad for her. Everytime he thought he could respect her game play and as an individual he realized she was doing things that made him lose that respect. He’s praying for her sister.


Nicole goes into the camper and she’s emotional. She says she survived double eviction and she made the top five of BB and she got herself there. She may not be the most athletic but she can do a frickin’ puzzle. She can’t believe she finally won something, during a live show, and that it led to the craziest night she’s had on Big Brother. We see her win again.


During the Double eviction, we see Nicole saying she could go along with Tommy and Christie or she could go along with Michie and Holly. This could very well be a half million dollar decision. Nicole goes to the boat room and Michie comes in and says her parents are proud of her. Michie tells her he’s had her back since day one and watching her win that was bad. Knowing Christie is going on the block for the fifth, and hopefully final time, is the best news he’s heard all season.


Nicole tells Tommy that he might see the block, but she’s trying to navigate the game as best as she can. Tommy gives her a hug. Then Tommy and Christie hug and she asks if he’s going up and he says whatever is meant to be will happen. We then see Nicole make her nominations and Nicole hopes Christie doesn’t hold it against her because she needs jury votes and Christie is going to the jury house. We see Cliff not use the veto and Tommy says he can’t believe this is how he and Christie split up…by Nicole. He’s really shocked. It’s going to be hard to be in this house with four people who backstabbed him.


Christie wants to talk to Tommy and he says and now he has to say good-bye to his Christie. He says this sucks. Christie says Tommy is going to win this game and they want to know why she did this? Christie says Michie is going to win. She can’t believe it how did this happen. They say they love each other and Christie says she wouldn’t have gotten through this without him. Christie asks what he’s going to do next and Tommy says he doesn’t know. Christie tells him he has to win the next HOH and Michie or Cliff have to go.


We then see Christie get evicted. The HG are all looking at the memory wall. Tommy says saying goodbye to Christie was lots of emotions and the biggest one was…relief. He misses Christie but it wasn’t him and his game is not over. Holly says they all now have a 20% chance to win. Michie says 11 weeks are down the hatch and a lot has been done and he’s planning on walking out of here with confetti on his shoulders and he won’t stop until it happens.


Nicole is excited she gets pictures and a letter. Holly gives her a hug and so does Michie. Michie tells her she won the most important HOH. Nicole says now that the double eviction is over, the house is split with them four and then Tommy. Tommy says he feels very alone and it’s hard. He started the game off with an army and now it’s just down to him. Tommy comes out and gives Nicole a hug and he says he’s so happy for her and he can’t wait to see her pictures.


Nicole is called to the SR and everyone comes to see. She has pictures of her family, her dog, and her grandmother, plus a basket of goodies and some unicorn slippers. She misses her family more than she cares to admit. They are her people and they are her world and she knows it’s so super lame, but…and she gets emotional again. She points out her dad Jerry, her mom Kathy, and her sisters. Cliff says he’s almost as happy as she is just to see her joy at her pictures. Nicole goes to read her letter and they are proud of her and they miss her and she gets emotional and Michie rubs her back. Tommy is crying as Nicole reads too. Cliff tells her that her parents are so proud of her. Nicole says this is all she needed to guns blazing and win this thing.


Cliff, Michie, Holly, and Nicole are in the WA and Nicole says this is what she’s sticking with and she gave her word. Holly says the same and Michie says if he dies by this sword, then he dies by it. Cliff says one of us has to go out and Michie says as long as Tommy doesn’t win. Michie says he loves Tommy, but he’s loyal to his alliance. This next HOH is crucial. Cliff says it’s three against one.


Cliff and Nicole are talking and Cliff says no one expected them to do anything. Nicole says we were the bottom feeders. Cliff asks Nicole if Tommy wins if he’ll put up Jackson and Holly and she thinks so. Cliff says if Tommy wins this HOH he thinks he’ll target the showmance couple so that’s probably good for his game. Cliff says we should continue to be friendly to Tommy and hopefully it will work out.


Tommy is sitting in the KT and Nicole is talking to him and she says she’s sorry and she hopes he’s not mad at her and he says he’s not mad. He says the hardest part isn’t going on the block or losing Christie, it’s wondering if he’s alone. Nicole says it may seem like you’re alone but I promise deep down you’re not alone. She tells him to get out and win the next HOH. Tommy says he has to. Nicole says her plan has always been to adapt and navigate. She says the best case scenario is Tommy to win HOH and put up the showmance. She needs him to take a shot at her alliance so she and Cliff don’t have to. Tommy says he’s going to go chill.


Tommy is in the boat room and he says he has to win. He has to do his best. Tommy says he can’t believe he made it to the F5. He’s proud, he’s excited, and numb, but he needs to win this HOH. He’s going to fight. He’s going to really fight. Yeah, let’s go. He’s got this!


It’s time for the HOH competition and they need to head to the Rec Room? Everyone is like what? Where the heck is that? The HG go into a Rec Room and they see Swaggy C and Bayleigh. Nicole says she saw them on her TV! She says this day just keeps on getting better for Nicole. Bayleigh says she’s so excited to be back in the house and host is HOH. Swaggy C says he is so obsessed with her and still engaged and still wedding planning.


Bayleigh and Swaggy C says they love to chill out and watch movies so they are here to host BB Flix and Chill. In each round, three movie posters will appear on the screen and they’ll hear friends talk about what movie they want to see. When they think they know the answers they should lock in their answer. But only the fastest player to ring in correctly will get the point.


Michie says he has no idea where Tommy’s head is at and he or Holly have to win HOH to guarantee safety. Cliff says he thinks Tommy will go after Michie and Holly, but he can’t leave anything to chance. Holly says she doesn’t have a choice but to win this HOH because if Tommy won her and Michie would be in hot water. Tommy says at this point of the game, he doesn’t know who’s with who and he’s not sure what’s going on. He’s pretty sure there is a four person alliance and he’s the fifth person in a four person alliance house. Let’s do this!


Round 1-We OviTheTop, Beard Science, and Austin Powerless. Cliff, Tommy, Holly all ring in Beard Science and Michie rings in with Austin Powerless. The correct answer was…Austin Powerless. Michie has one point.


Round 2-We have The Trucker with the Bad Tattoo, Once Upon a Time…in the Have Not Room, and Citizen Shane. Cliff says these people sure are picky. All the HG ring in with The Trucker with the Bad Tattoo. Cliff was first and he now has one point.


Round 3-We have A Rockstar is Born, 4 Weddings & Dan’s Funeral, and Kemi Mia! Everyone rang in with Kemi Mia except Tommy who rang in with 4 Weddings and Dan’s Funeral and Tommy is correct and he now has a point. Tommy says he can do this thing.


Round 4-We have The Quack Pack, “Cousins” The Movie, and Codyshack. Holly says she’s the only person still without a point so she needs to step it up. All HG ring in with Codyshack and they are all correct. The first person to ring in with it was Michie. Michie has 2 poitns, Cliff and tommy have one point, and Holly has zero.


Round 5- We have Hamlet Strikes Back. The Revengers: Zingfinity War and Fast and Furiously Evicted. Cliff rang in with Hamlet Strikes back and everyone else rang in with Fast and Furiously Evicted and Michie gets his third point because he was first.


Round 6-We have The Old Man & the Swaggy C, Good Bellas, and Showmancing the Stone. They all ring in with The Old Man & the Swaggy C and Michie is first again and he has four points. Tommy and Cliff have one point. Holly still has zero.


Round 7-We have Superfan-tasy Island, Pulp Eviction, and The Have Not Games. Michie and Tommy ring in with Pulp Eviction. Cliff and Holly ring in with Superfan-tasy Island and Cliff was first and gets a point.


Round 8-We have Brett & Winston’s Awesome Adventure, Saving Private Reilly, and McCrae Anything. Michie rings in with Saving Private Reilly and everyone else does too. Michie was first and Michie has now won HOH! Michie says this is unreal! He’s going to be in the F4 of BB. He and Holly aren’t going anywhere. Swaggy C tells them to have a great rest of their summer. Tommy says Michie wins and he is guessing he’ll be seeing the block for the second time. He feels like all of his allies have been evicted from the house, but he’s still here and he has to survive.


Tommy heads to the HOH room to talk to Michie. Tommy says he knows he’s going on the block this week, but he needs to plant some seeds of doubt about Cliff and Nicole. Tommy says he noticed that Cliff and Nicole would come up late at night to talk to Michie and Holly. Tommy says Cliff and Nicole made Tommy and Christie feel safe too. Michie says they all played each other. Tommy says go ahead and put me on the block because if you don’t see I’m not the biggest threat in the house, then you don’t deserve to win. Cliff is the biggest threat and if he sits next to him in F2 he doesn’t stand a chance to win. Tommy and Michie hug.


Cliff says he really wanted to win that HOH because it was the only way to secure their safety. Cliff says Michie will put up himself and Tommy. Cliff says they have to win the veto. Cliff says if he goes home he’d love to see her go forward. Cliff says Michie is smarter than he let on but they made a commitment to them. Nicole is second guessing her decision. Nicole says she hears the fans at home saying you idiot and now Michie won HOH. Nicole says it’s so, so scary that if Tommy wins veto she or Cliff will go to jury. Nicole tells Cliff she can do this.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Michie’s first nominee is…Cliff. Michie’s second nominee is…Tommy. Michie says it’s slim pickings and they are at the most important part of the game and he’s proud to be with each one of them and he wishes them the best in the veto comp. Michie says his F4 with Cliff, Nicole, and Holly is the most important thing in the game to him and Tommy is his target.


Cliff says he’s not surprised he’s nominated, but it’s all about the veto. He says Tommy can’t win veto and this veto could represent the entire season for his game. Tommy says there may be stronger competitors in the house, but nobody is going to gun for this veto as hard as he is. If this is the last comp he will play in the house he’s going to give a million percent and give it everything he’s got and go to the F4 baby!

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